Worklog for 2016-03-25 Friday

Today's tasks for me are:

  1. Figure out a deployment strategy for kubernetes that pisses off least amount of people
  2. Help {{user}} debug LDAPAuthenticator
  3. Respond to JupyterHub vagrant questions
  4. Lay out groundwork for statsd support in JupyterHub

LDAPAuthenticator + User

A user of LDAPAuthenticator reached out with some compatibility issues, specifically JupyterHub not recognizing allowed_groups as a valid configuration object. This is probably due to me using the Union traitlet for it. The user reached out again and confirmed that this is the case - it worked with the versions of jupyterhub / traitlets I was using (0.3.0 and 4.2.1) but not the one she was using (0.5.0 and 4.2.1). It works when she gets the Union out of there.

Action items from this is:

  1. Look at why newer versions of JupyterHub aren't recognizing Unions
  2. Accept / merge patch from user to make this a simple List, and not a Union

Deployment strategy for Kubernetes

Deployment and Wikimedia! Fun topics :D Most of this was captured in (and also . If scap3 isn't ready to do binary deploys soon, I'll probably just end up with a simple curl solution run manually on the nodes until scap3 has something.

I also managed to rebase the uidenforcer admission controller patch on top of the v1.2.0 release, and make all the tests pass! I really need to spend significant time writing go at some point.

There's also now a simple build script that builds a specific tag of kubernetes.

Note: Also got a haircut! I feel a few years younger now.

Note: Also did laundry!

JupyterHub Vagrant

I got something simple going, but then tried to write a jupyter-reload command and failed miserably (so far!). Let's see how that goes. Also found out that the default is a really useless 'rsync' provider (not even VirtualBox shared folders?!), so I've to make them use the shared folder setup instead. Fun!

The statsd work got skipped today. I'll get to that tomorrow!