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Hello, I started contributing to Wikipedia in December, 2014. I am a librarian and historian.


<H2>My To-Do List</H2>
* Check [[Alice Lee Jemison]] after getting two ILL books
* Work on [[Wikipedia:WikiProject_Women_scientists/Worklist#Articles_to_be_created]]
* Try to find birth day for [[Kristine Yaffe]] and [[Christy A. Tremonti]] in Biography Index or Who's Who?
* Seems like the [[Iroquois]] article could still use more about modern-day tribes, and disambiguation of present from future. 
* [[Structural Equation Modeling]]
* [[Breakup_of_the_Bell_System#Evolution_of_the_Baby_Bells]] could use more citations!

<H2>Contributions (auto-generated)</H2>
* [[Special:Contributions/Sharp-shinned.hawk|All Contributions]]
* [[Special:RecentChangesLinked/User:Sharp-shinned.hawk|Related Changes Linked to Me]]

<H2>[[User:Sharp-shinned.hawk/sandbox|My Sandbox]]</H2>
I put drafts here of articles I write / major contributions I make