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{{Infobox musical artist <!-- See Wikipedia:WikiProject_Musicians -->
|name            = Abe Laboriel Jr.
|image           = Show Paul McCartney São Paulo-26 de março de 2019 10.jpg
|image_size      = 220px 
|caption         = Playing as sideman with Paul McCartney, 2019
|background      = solo_singer
|birth_name      = Abraham Laboriel Jr.
|birth_place     = [[Los Angeles]], [[California]], United States
|birth_date      = {{Birth-date and age|March 23, 1971}}
|origin          = [[Lexington, Massachusetts|Lexington]], [[Massachusetts]]<br />[[United States]]
|instrument      = [[Drum kit|Drums]], [[singing|vocals]]<!--- If you think an instrument should be listed, a discussion to reach consensus is needed first per:>
|genre           = [[Rock music|Rock]], [[pop music|pop]]
|occupation      = Musician
|years_active    = 1980s–present
|label           = 
|website         = 

'''Abraham "Abe" Laboriel Jr.''' (born March 23, 1971) is an American [[session musician|session]] [[drummer]]. He is the son of [[Mexican people|Mexican]] [[bass guitar]]ist [[Abraham Laboriel]], nephew of Mexican rocker [[Johnny Laboriel]], and brother of record producer, songwriter, and film composer Mateo Laboriel.  He has been the drummer for [[Paul McCartney]] as well as for the French singer [[Mylène Farmer]], among others.<ref name=":0" />

== Early life ==
The son of jazz bass player Abraham Laboriel, Abe grew up playing drums starting at age four.<ref name=":0">{{cite web|title = Abe Laboriel, Jr.: Riding A Wave Of Success|url =|work = [[Modern Drummer]]|accessdate = |date = December 1, 2002}}</ref> His mother is a classically trained singer.<ref name=":1">{{Cite web|url =|title = Interview With Abe Laboriel Jnr 2007|date = |accessdate = March 22, 2015|website =|publisher = |last = Dolbear|first = Mike}}</ref>

Laboriel was mentored by well-known percussionists and drummers, including [[Jeff Porcaro]], [[Chester Thompson]], along with Bill Maxwell and [[Alex Acuña]], who had formed the band [[Koinonia (band)|Koinonia]] with his father in the 1980s.

He attended the [[Dick Grove|Dick Grove School of Music]], studying with Peter Donald, during his junior year in [[high school]]. He also attended the [[Alexander Hamilton High School (Los Angeles)|Hamilton High School]] Academy of Music in Los Angeles in his senior year. Here he first experienced the use of programming and became a member of a marching band. He formed a jazz trio with [[Vernell Brown]] and [[Mike Elizondo]].<ref name=":1" /> In 1989, he was honored by the [[National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts]] and ''[[Down Beat]]'' magazine. He then enrolled at the [[Berklee College of Music]], where he graduated in 1993.<ref name=":0" />

== Career ==
Laboriel's first break as a drummer was a tour with guitarist [[Steve Vai]]. He then toured with [[Seal (musician)|Seal]], where he was seen by [[record producer]]s around [[Los Angeles, California]] which led to session work.<ref name=":0" /> Laboriel next toured with [[k.d. lang]] where [[Sting (musician)|Sting]] saw him and invited Laboriel to join Sting's touring band. The k.d. lang connection also led Laboriel to working with Paul McCartney, including McCartney's appearance during the halftime of [[Super Bowl XXXIX]]. He also toured and recorded in studio with former [[Menudo (band)|Menudo]] member [[Robi Draco Rosa]] on his album ''Vagabundo''.

Laboriel has also recorded and performed with [[Jonatha Brooke]], [[Crystal Lewis]], [[Shakira]], [[B.B. King]], [[Steven Curtis Chapman]], [[Eric Clapton]], [[Johnny Hallyday]], [[Jenifer Bartoli|Jenifer]], [[Steve Winwood]], [[Les Paul]], [[Ashlee Simpson]], [[LeAnn Rimes]], [[Mylène Farmer]], [[Letters to Cleo]], [[Vanessa Carlton]], [[Kelly Clarkson]], [[Lady Gaga]], [[Tyler Bryant]], [[Steve Lukather]], Michael Landau and others.<ref name=":0" /> Lewis and Laboriel were also both a part of the Nickelodeon television series, ''[[Roundhouse (TV series)|Roundhouse]]'' in the 1990s.

Laboriel was part of a [[power trio]] by the name of The Raging Honkies. He is part of the collective that is [[Chocolate Genius, Inc.]]

In 2006 during the show "Avant que l'ombre... à Bercy" ("Before the shadow... at Bercy"), Laboriel sang a duet "Les Mots" ("The words")  with [[Mylène Farmer]].<ref name=":1" /> He also played with Sting at the [[Montreux Jazz Festival]] that year. Laboriel toured with Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood on their 14-date American Tour in 2009 following their Japanese tour the year before.<ref>{{Cite web|url =|title = Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood Tour Profile|date = August 1, 2009|accessdate = |website =|publisher = |last = Farinella|first = David J.}}</ref> He made his live debut with Paul McCartney at [[The Concert for New York City]] in 2001, and has played on every McCartney tour since then.<ref>{{Cite web|url =|title = Keeping The Beat for Sir Paul|date = July 4, 2013|accessdate = |website = Boston Globe|publisher = |last = Sullivan|first = James}}</ref>

{{BLP unsourced section|date=October 2018}}
Abe Laboriel Jr endorses [[Drum Workshop]] drums, [[Paiste cymbals]], Remo drumheads and [[Vic Firth]] drumsticks.

DW Collector's series drums:
*26x14" or 28x20" kick drum
*14x10" or 15x12" rack tom
*16x14" or 18x16" floor tom
*18x16" or 20x16" floor tom
*14x7" or 14x8" snare drum

Paiste cymbals:
*15" 2002 Sound Edge Hi Hats
*20" 2002 Crash
*22" 2002 Crash
*24" 2002 Ride
*24" Giant Beat Crash
*24" 2002 Crash

Abe has his own signature [[Vic Firth]] drumstick which is similar to a regular 2B wood tip drumstick but in 17" length.

== Style ==
About his playing he noted: "As much as I would love to say I have an original sound, I think the truth is I have an original filter. I’d listen so much and so hard to so many different people that what’s original about me is not necessarily what I play but how I play it, how I interpret it hasn’t already been done. It’s more about the energy and the intensity, it’s not about the specific fills, it's more about the intention."<ref name=":1" />

== Discography ==
{{main|Abe Laboriel Jr. discography}}

== References ==


== External links ==
* {{twitter|ogabejr}}
* [ Abe Laboriel Jr.] at [[Squarespace]]
* {{Allmusic|class=artist|id=mn0000585847}}
* {{Discogs artist|307118-Abraham-Laboriel-Jr}}

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