import pywikibot
from pywikibot import pagegenerators

wikidata = pywikibot.Site('wikidata', 'wikidata')
commons = pywikibot.Site('commons', 'commons')
def iter_items():
    query = r'SELECT ?item WHERE { ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q729. MINUS { ?item wdt:P18 _:b24. } ?sitelink schema:isPartOf <>. } LIMIT 500'
    gen = pagegenerators.WikidataSPARQLPageGenerator(
        query, wikidata)
    return gen
def get_commons_sitelink(item):
    sitelink = item.getSitelink(commons)
    return sitelink
def check_for_images(page):
    def check_gallery(gallery):
        return bool(gallery.page_image())
    if page.namespace().id == 14:
        #It'sa category
        cat_info = cat.categoryinfo
        if cat_info['files'] > 0:
            return True
        elif cat_info['subcats'] > 0:
            for file in cat.members(recurse=True, namespaces=6):
                return True
        elif cat_info['pages'] > 0:
            for gallery in cat.members(recurse=True, namespaces=0):
                if check_gallery(gallery):
                    return True
            return False
    elif page.namespace().id == 0:
        return check_gallery(page)
        return False
def main():  
    for item in iter_items():
        page = get_commons_sitelink(item)
        print(item, page)
        #if check_for_images(page):
        #    print(f'{item.title()} ({item.getID()}): {page.title()}')

NoPage                                    Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-17-3fcc14309193> in <module>
      6         #    print(f'{item.title()} ({item.getID()}): {page.title()}')
----> 8 main()

<ipython-input-17-3fcc14309193> in main()
      1 def main():
      2     for item in iter_items():
----> 3         page = get_commons_sitelink(item)
      4         print(item, page)
      5         #if check_for_images(page):

<ipython-input-3-e7fa190a6370> in get_commons_sitelink(item)
      1 def get_commons_sitelink(item):
----> 2     sitelink = item.getSitelink(commons)
      3     return sitelink

/srv/paws/pwb/pywikibot/ in getSitelink(self, site, force)
   4566         dbname = self.getdbName(site)
   4567         if dbname not in self.sitelinks:
-> 4568             raise pywikibot.NoPage(self)
   4569         else:
   4570             return self.sitelinks[dbname]

NoPage: Page [[wikidata:Q3006133]] doesn't exist.


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p = pywikibot.ItemPage(wikidata, 'Q3006133')
for link in p.iterlinks():
[[wikipedia:en:Elmendorf Beast]]
[[wikipedia:fr:Créature d'Elmendorf]]
[[wikipedia:pl:Bestia z Elmendorf]]