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{'query': {'search': [{'size': 25315, 'timestamp': '2017-06-24T16:42:02Z', 'snippet': 'internationally. He has been hospitalised several times with complications of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. In September 2013 he was due to receive a lifetime achievement award from', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Mighty Sparrow', 'wordcount': 2946}, {'size': 101267, 'timestamp': '2017-06-30T23:45:21Z', 'snippet': 'awareness. One organization that Hits for Kids works with is the Joslin <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Center\'s Pediatric Health Services. He has a special sensitivity about', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Kevin Youkilis', 'wordcount': 11382}, {'size': 14758, 'timestamp': '2017-04-18T12:23:08Z', 'snippet': 'their aging can lead to heart failure. Findings of the study indicate that <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> leads to premature myocyte senescence and death and together they result', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Stem cell theory of aging', 'wordcount': 1866}, {'size': 5701, 'timestamp': '2017-03-23T11:33:25Z', 'snippet': 'Bacteriology Cardiology Care of the Elderly Clinical Chemistry Dermatology <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> and Endocrinology A &amp; E ENT Gastroenterology General Surgery Haematology', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Altnagelvin Area Hospital', 'wordcount': 574}, {'size': 22154, 'timestamp': '2017-06-29T19:55:41Z', 'snippet': 'tuberculosis, malaria, urinary infections, diarrhoea, skin eruptions, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, epilepsy, eye infections, intestinal parasites, cancer, and gangrene among', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'David Tredinnick (politician)', 'wordcount': 1943}, {'size': 4202, 'timestamp': '2017-05-18T18:39:27Z', 'snippet': 'ISBN\xa00-323-03735-6.\xa0  John H. Bowker; Michael A. Pfeifer (2008). Levin and O\'Neal\'s the <span class="searchmatch">Diabetic</span> Foot. Elsevier Health Sciences. pp.\xa0535–. ISBN\xa00-323-04145-0.\xa0  Fred R', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Walking boot', 'wordcount': 466}, {'size': 8584, 'timestamp': '2017-06-27T01:57:11Z', 'snippet': 'foods help combat heart disease, cancer, chronic fatigue, depression, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and more. Orem, UT: Essential Science. ISBN\xa0978-0943685441.\xa0 Young, D.', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Donald Gary Young', 'wordcount': 774}, {'size': 5651, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T01:06:15Z', 'snippet': 'label promotion and failed to disclose the drug\'s medical risks including <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, weight gain and high blood sugar. Blizzard is currently representing dozens', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Ed Blizzard', 'wordcount': 662}, {'size': 3500, 'timestamp': '2017-03-04T16:04:14Z', 'snippet': 'Director of Surgical Education, and holds the Eris M. Field Endowed Chair in <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Research. He was previously medical director for the California Transplant', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Donald Dafoe', 'wordcount': 279}, {'size': 8061, 'timestamp': '2017-05-22T00:18:10Z', 'snippet': 'Environmental toxicants In pregnancy Prenatal  Concomitant conditions <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> mellitus SLE  Sexual activity during pregnancy   Procedures   Amniocentesis', 'ns': 0, 'title': "Naegele's rule", 'wordcount': 1157}, {'size': 8468, 'timestamp': '2017-05-31T06:16:20Z', 'snippet': 'on lifestyle based crisis intervention and training for recovery from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and life-threatening heart problems. NEWSTART is an acronym and stands', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Weimar Institute', 'wordcount': 846}, {'size': 1673, 'timestamp': '2017-06-25T18:33:39Z', 'snippet': 'for a $3 million ransom-$1 million for each of them. One of the wives, a <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span>, needs her medication or she will soon die. One of the husbands refuses', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Snatched (1973 film)', 'wordcount': 108}, {'size': 9401, 'timestamp': '2017-06-25T23:40:49Z', 'snippet': 'Polymer Obverse  Design Robert Borden Reverse  Design &quot;Medical Innovation&quot;; Discovery of insulin to treat <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>; DNA strand; ECG (electrocardiogram)', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Canadian one hundred-dollar note', 'wordcount': 982}, {'size': 58739, 'timestamp': '2017-06-03T04:23:42Z', 'snippet': 'honor of a blind Extension Student student who had cystic fibrosis and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> to recognize students who must travel a singularly difficult path to degree', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Harvard Extension School', 'wordcount': 6185}, {'size': 2957, 'timestamp': '2014-05-08T11:53:52Z', 'snippet': 'Buenos Aires province    President Ortiz takes leave from work because of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>   Construction of the first airplane made in Argentina, a curtiss 75 Ortiz', 'ns': 0, 'title': '1940 in Argentina', 'wordcount': 285}, {'size': 13114, 'timestamp': '2017-05-30T03:23:46Z', 'snippet': 'Tennessee congressman Phil Roe, and current Director of the Vanderbilt <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Center, Alvin Powers, among others. Peter C. Doherty, winner of the 1996', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'University of Tennessee College of Medicine', 'wordcount': 1271}, {'size': 36381, 'timestamp': '2017-06-12T21:14:11Z', 'snippet': 'Indy Lights road course Freedom 100   Brickyard 400   Brickyard 400 Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250   Other   U.S. Grand Prix Red Bull Grand Prix Triple Crown of Motorsport', 'ns': 0, 'title': '1985 Indianapolis 500', 'wordcount': 3728}, {'size': 82995, 'timestamp': '2017-07-02T15:56:01Z', 'snippet': 'Thorborg, operatic contralto, 73 April 20 – Shakeel Badayuni, songwriter, 53 (<span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>-related) April 21 – Earl Hooker, blues musician, 41 (tuberculosis) April', 'ns': 0, 'title': '1970 in music', 'wordcount': 5626}, {'size': 40835, 'timestamp': '2016-09-21T16:20:15Z', 'snippet': 'lentiginosis Cardiomyopathy cataract hip spine disease Cardiomyopathy <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> deafness Dilated cardiomyopathy: Cardiomyopathy dilated with conduction', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of diseases (C)', 'wordcount': 3622}, {'size': 16339, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T11:38:08Z', 'snippet': 'accident and emergency discharge times, two nurses involved in the death of a <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> patient and a nurse who physically and verbally abused a dementia patient', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Stafford Hospital scandal', 'wordcount': 1632}, {'size': 60344, 'timestamp': '2017-06-23T01:28:17Z', 'snippet': 'approval offering an alternative to injections for millions of people with <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. January 30 The White House announces that President Bush has chosen Professor', 'ns': 0, 'title': '2006 in the United States', 'wordcount': 4298}, {'size': 91941, 'timestamp': '2017-06-04T02:56:34Z', 'snippet': '4\xa0cm in diameter) or when the patient has other medical concerns such as <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> or hypertension. The partial nephrectomy involves the removal of the affected', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Renal cell carcinoma', 'wordcount': 10108}, {'size': 1768, 'timestamp': '2015-09-16T17:11:40Z', 'snippet': 'lysergic acid amides.  The leaves are traditionally used for treatment of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>.    The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants: Ethnopharmacology and Its', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Argyreia cuneata', 'wordcount': 152}, {'size': 40380, 'timestamp': '2017-06-04T19:03:48Z', 'snippet': 'Indy Lights road course Freedom 100   Brickyard 400   Brickyard 400 Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250   Other   U.S. Grand Prix Red Bull Grand Prix Triple Crown of Motorsport', 'ns': 0, 'title': '1982 Indianapolis 500', 'wordcount': 4150}, {'size': 7305, 'timestamp': '2016-08-24T13:26:48Z', 'snippet': 'close the indigenous literacy gap. Faustina is also patron of the Juvenile <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Research Foundation, has been the supporter of Girls\' Night In, World Environment', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Faustina Agolley', 'wordcount': 755}, {'size': 8932, 'timestamp': '2017-06-29T19:55:16Z', 'snippet': 'inbreeding in his constituency may have played a part in its rising number of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> cases. However, he did later apologise for these remarks, stating he did', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Ian Gibson (politician)', 'wordcount': 861}, {'size': 7665, 'timestamp': '2017-02-09T11:46:06Z', 'snippet': '20, 2008, after years of declining health resulting from a stroke and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>.    Zaloudek, Mark. &quot;Former ballplayer served as mentor in a varied career&quot;', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Joe Lutz', 'wordcount': 766}, {'size': 6222, 'timestamp': '2017-05-15T21:51:47Z', 'snippet': 'for the construction of a city hall. Unfortunately, Fern died in 1920 of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> before he could persuade residents of the need for a permanent city hall', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Honolulu Hale', 'wordcount': 590}, {'size': 19065, 'timestamp': '2017-04-17T06:37:25Z', 'snippet': 'infertility\xa0: Current Opinion in Endocrinology, <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> and Obesity&quot;. Curr Opin Endocrinol <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Obes. 14: 482–7. PMID\xa017982356. doi:10.1097/MED.0b013e3282f1d6cb', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Obesity and fertility', 'wordcount': 2168}, {'size': 19026, 'timestamp': '2017-06-20T11:36:58Z', 'snippet': 'potassium chloride to induce a heart attack. The killer placed it in the <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> MacKenzie\'s insulin, where it would be &quot;untraceable&quot;. Shortly after transferring', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'The Little Guy', 'wordcount': 2277}, {'size': 90633, 'timestamp': '2017-06-30T20:58:55Z', 'snippet': 'neighbor\'s son. A medical report states that she suffered from type 1 <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, rendering her vulnerable to psychological stress. A follow-up government', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Casualties of the Bahraini uprising of 2011 and its aftermath', 'wordcount': 3130}, {'size': 16043, 'timestamp': '2017-04-13T13:39:40Z', 'snippet': 'Intergenerational programming of diabesity in offspring of women with Gestational <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Mellitus (InDiaGDM), Role of chromatin organizer SATB1 in T cell development', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Sanjeev Galande', 'wordcount': 1336}, {'size': 15727, 'timestamp': '2017-06-24T01:27:01Z', 'snippet': 'transitional housing, and so on).   Many homeless people have health problems. <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> is a common ailment. Many homeless people do not seek or cannot afford', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Homelessness in Seattle', 'wordcount': 1829}, {'size': 43710, 'timestamp': '2017-06-21T07:15:00Z', 'snippet': '(posterior pars plana vitrectomy). Neovascular glaucoma may occur, specially in <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> patients. In some patients, the intraocular pressure may remain so high', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Cataract surgery', 'wordcount': 5796}, {'size': 35890, 'timestamp': '2017-05-08T22:04:55Z', 'snippet': 'Compounce in 2001. Portions of the proceeds are donated towards Juvenile <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> research.  Plans include doubling the size of the Crocodile Cove water', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Lake Compounce', 'wordcount': 3001}, {'size': 54689, 'timestamp': '2017-06-04T03:39:38Z', 'snippet': 'Indy Lights road course Freedom 100   Brickyard 400   Brickyard 400 Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250   Other   U.S. Grand Prix Red Bull Grand Prix Triple Crown of Motorsport', 'ns': 0, 'title': '1911 Indianapolis 500', 'wordcount': 2860}, {'size': 1975, 'timestamp': '2017-03-26T23:46:28Z', 'snippet': 'Electronics Association. He sits on the Board of Trustees of the Joslin <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Center.    Forbes  Bloomberg BusinessWeek  Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'W. Alan McCollough', 'wordcount': 156}, {'size': 6405, 'timestamp': '2017-06-28T12:28:43Z', 'snippet': 'long suffered from high blood pressure, heart disease, renal failure, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and asthma. He had a bypass operation a few years earlier and angioplasty', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'M. A. Wazed Miah', 'wordcount': 616}, {'size': 5396, 'timestamp': '2016-10-21T23:27:57Z', 'snippet': 'Entertainment Cable Network Award 1987 Third Millennium Leadership Award, American <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Association 1995 Colorado Tourism Hall of Fame Award 1999 Mayor\'s Millennium', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Donald Seawell', 'wordcount': 550}, {'size': 5860, 'timestamp': '2017-06-13T01:56:52Z', 'snippet': 'Mark play trumpet and saxophone respectively.  Having recovered from a <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> coma in 1986, he celebrated his 70th birthday in 1988 playing at his regular', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Andy Hamilton (saxophonist)', 'wordcount': 659}, {'size': 40374, 'timestamp': '2017-05-15T05:04:35Z', 'snippet': 'Retrieved 6 November 2014.\xa0  &quot;Standards of Medical Care in <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span>--2015: Summary of Revisions&quot;. <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Care. 54 (38): S4. 2015. doi:10.2337/dc15-S003. PMID\xa025537706', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Positions of medical organizations on electronic cigarettes', 'wordcount': 4644}, {'size': 284, 'timestamp': '2009-04-02T18:23:47Z', 'snippet': 'foot could mean: Charcot arthropathy in the foot, most commonly due to <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> neuropathy The characteristic foot deformity of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Charcot foot', 'wordcount': 38}, {'size': 5004, 'timestamp': '2015-09-24T10:38:42Z', 'snippet': 'is located in the neighbourhood of the North Rhine-Westphalia Heart and <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Centre of the Ruhr University Bochum, the local site of the Mühlen district', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Bad Oeynhausen Süd station', 'wordcount': 398}, {'size': 60965, 'timestamp': '2017-06-29T20:45:11Z', 'snippet': 'Institute for Plasma Physics Nuclear fusion research reactor Wendelstein 7-X <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Research Centre, Karlsburg (near Greifswald) Siemens Public Networks, Greifswald', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'University of Greifswald', 'wordcount': 6370}, {'size': 3165, 'timestamp': '2017-04-18T08:02:58Z', 'snippet': 'Holborow was born on 29 June 1930. An only child, she was diagnosed with <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> at thirteen.  Holborow became a lawyer at age 40, having completed her', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Barbara Holborow', 'wordcount': 253}, {'size': 23831, 'timestamp': '2017-06-13T18:52:14Z', 'snippet': 'important for skeletal and cellular health&quot;. Current Opinion in Endocrinology, <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> and Obesity. 9 (1): 87–98. doi:10.1097/00060793-200202000-00011.\xa0  Holick', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Health effects of sunlight exposure', 'wordcount': 2735}, {'size': 38950, 'timestamp': '2017-06-04T18:46:11Z', 'snippet': 'Indy Lights road course Freedom 100   Brickyard 400   Brickyard 400 Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250   Other   U.S. Grand Prix Red Bull Grand Prix Triple Crown of Motorsport', 'ns': 0, 'title': '2003 Indianapolis 500', 'wordcount': 3653}, {'size': 65403, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T08:45:11Z', 'snippet': 'on Juvenile Delinquency and Youth Crime, 1961–1964), complications of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. [260] Tom King, 68, American guitarist and songwriter (The Outsiders)', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Deaths in April 2011', 'wordcount': 3998}, {'size': 6242, 'timestamp': '2016-12-14T15:17:05Z', 'snippet': 'for analysis. The report which was returned warned that &quot;Your horse has <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>!&quot;. The artist and wine enthusiast Ronald Searle has produced a book of', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Wine humour', 'wordcount': 672}, {'size': 5384, 'timestamp': '2016-11-26T20:16:37Z', 'snippet': 'of the scientists who invented ELISA in 1971. Denise Faustman, Type 1 <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> William Frankland, popularisation of the UK pollen count, and prediction', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of immunologists', 'wordcount': 636}, {'size': 13774, 'timestamp': '2016-11-09T05:24:48Z', 'snippet': 'adolescent psychiatry Family medicine dental Cytopathology Internal medicine <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span>* Internal medicine/Emergency Medicine Emergency Medicine Transport* Internal', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University', 'wordcount': 1368}, {'size': 140917, 'timestamp': '2017-07-02T03:45:11Z', 'snippet': 'Kong (1933), a year after Edgar Wallace\'s death due to complications from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. Gone with the Wind (1939), nearly four months after Sidney Howard\'s death', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of works published posthumously', 'wordcount': 17099}, {'size': 131396, 'timestamp': '2017-06-20T11:27:57Z', 'snippet': 'Indy Lights road course Freedom 100   Brickyard 400   Brickyard 400 Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250   Other   U.S. Grand Prix Red Bull Grand Prix Triple Crown of Motorsport', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of Indianapolis 500 lap leaders', 'wordcount': 347}, {'size': 11879, 'timestamp': '2017-05-18T16:51:11Z', 'snippet': 'with the singer making reference to other diseases such as HIV/AIDS and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>.  All tracks written by Deron Miller, except where noted.       &quot;CKY Frontman', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Tactical', 'wordcount': 916}, {'size': 6366, 'timestamp': '2016-11-14T22:17:01Z', 'snippet': 'Oxford in 1922.  Moore B, Eadie ES, Abram JH. (1906) On the treatment of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus by acid extract of duodenal mucous membrane. Bio-Chem J 1: 28–38', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Benjamin Moore (biochemist)', 'wordcount': 581}, {'size': 25483, 'timestamp': '2017-02-18T08:39:23Z', 'snippet': '(2007). &quot;Mitochondrial Haplogroup N9a Confers Resistance against Type 2 <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> in Asians&quot;. Am. J. Hum. Genet. 80: 407–415. doi:10.1086/512202.\xa0  Asari', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Haplogroup G (mtDNA)', 'wordcount': 907}, {'size': 30611, 'timestamp': '2017-06-04T18:44:54Z', 'snippet': 'Indy Lights road course Freedom 100   Brickyard 400   Brickyard 400 Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250   Other   U.S. Grand Prix Red Bull Grand Prix Triple Crown of Motorsport', 'ns': 0, 'title': '1998 Indianapolis 500', 'wordcount': 2827}, {'size': 2995, 'timestamp': '2015-06-20T08:43:29Z', 'snippet': 'the post of News Editor the following month.  Chong, who suffered from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, died of heart failure aged 39 on 1 November 2012 in his flat in Singapore', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Chong Chee Kin', 'wordcount': 313}, {'size': 54484, 'timestamp': '2017-06-23T09:52:46Z', 'snippet': 'metabolism and insulin resistance. It has some similarities to type II <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> in humans. In this syndrome, peripheral fat cells synthesise adipokines', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Laminitis', 'wordcount': 7181}, {'size': 67807, 'timestamp': '2017-06-02T16:38:59Z', 'snippet': 'relationship with daughter Amy (Chelsea Halfpenny), her struggle with <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, a relationship with Andy Sugden (Kelvin Fletcher), accidentally starting', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of Emmerdale characters (2012)', 'wordcount': 8061}, {'size': 35852, 'timestamp': '2017-07-02T13:18:41Z', 'snippet': 'Television    Pacific Magazines   Better Homes and Gardens Bride to Be <span class="searchmatch">Diabetic</span> Living Girlfriend Home Beautiful InStyle K-Zone Marie Claire Men\'s Health', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Seven Sport', 'wordcount': 2638}, {'size': 7823, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T20:59:28Z', 'snippet': 'Efferdent Gly-Oxide OraBrush The Doctor\'s Pain Relief Ecotrin Anacin BC Powder <span class="searchmatch">Diabet</span> Aid Goody\'s Powder Percogesic Stanback Pediatric Care Boudreaux\'s Butt Paste', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Prestige Brands', 'wordcount': 658}, {'size': 7385, 'timestamp': '2016-05-19T21:55:17Z', 'snippet': ' (2001). &quot;A high-resolution 6.0-megabase transcript map of the type 2 <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> susceptibility region on human chromosome 20&quot;. Genomics. 76 (1–3): 45–57', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'ACOT8', 'wordcount': 826}, {'size': 7427, 'timestamp': '2016-11-18T15:08:48Z', 'snippet': 'children\'s charities Babies Hospital at Columbia Presbyterian, the Juvenile <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Association, Junior Achievement, and the National Young Adult Institute', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Bill Evans (meteorologist)', 'wordcount': 678}, {'size': 33368, 'timestamp': '2017-05-18T21:58:25Z', 'snippet': 'connivance with Sasha because he needed to pay for her medical bills. She has <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> which causes her trouble. She has a lot of opinions, especially to Patrick\'s', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Sana Bukas pa ang Kahapon', 'wordcount': 4118}, {'size': 7286, 'timestamp': '2016-04-19T01:11:06Z', 'snippet': 'also helps with consumer education, health care professionals, and the <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> care project.  There are many student organizations in the College of Pharmacy', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Campbell University School of Pharmacy', 'wordcount': 782}, {'size': 7394, 'timestamp': '2017-06-30T22:11:13Z', 'snippet': 'U-17 (all in friendlies), U-20 and U-21 levels.    Alex Pinardi – FDG <span class="searchmatch">Diabete</span> Archived August 11, 2010, at the Wayback Machine.  &quot;Chi è Pinardi Cresciuto', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Alex Pinardi', 'wordcount': 494}, {'size': 228777, 'timestamp': '2017-06-19T02:43:47Z', 'snippet': 'although he was much older and had many ailments, including cataracts, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, and arthritis. His return brought excitement and joy to all of Pawnee', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of Parks and Recreation characters', 'wordcount': 24101}, {'size': 101147, 'timestamp': '2017-06-19T22:53:11Z', 'snippet': 'basketball, volleyball, and also took up horse riding. He suffered from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and depression in the 1960s, which flared up again in the late 1970s while', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Norodom Sihanouk', 'wordcount': 12431}, {'size': 3528, 'timestamp': '2016-06-04T07:51:00Z', 'snippet': 'stomach upset. Diagnosed too late with appendicitis, complicated by his <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, he died in the operating theatre. His friend (and former British champion)', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Gordon Crown', 'wordcount': 375}, {'size': 3908, 'timestamp': '2016-10-23T05:22:44Z', 'snippet': 'collaborates with the National IHS IRB.    Current projects: Western Tribal <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Program ([1]) Toddler Obesity and Tooth Caries Prevention Project ([2])', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board', 'wordcount': 387}, {'size': 10763, 'timestamp': '2016-05-22T19:15:42Z', 'snippet': 'cardiovascular disease or risk factors (such as hypercholesterolemia, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus, and insulin resistance). The activity of DDAH is impaired by', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Dimethylargininase', 'wordcount': 1103}, {'size': 7072, 'timestamp': '2017-06-24T17:41:33Z', 'snippet': 'resign on 15 April 1886.  Moore died in Lismore, New South Wales in 1887 of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> aged 61, having been resident at the country property Jesswoolgan, near', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'James Moore (engineer)', 'wordcount': 761}, {'size': 12123, 'timestamp': '2017-06-28T06:40:13Z', 'snippet': 'his gut — but Mac is indifferent to their opinions despite developing <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> as a result of his new eating habits. The weight gain was real. Rob McElhenney', 'ns': 0, 'title': "Mac (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)", 'wordcount': 1773}, {'size': 23128, 'timestamp': '2017-06-07T15:15:10Z', 'snippet': 'ACU—Ambulatory care unit ADA—Americans with Disabilities Act … also American <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Association ADC—Average daily census ADL activities of daily living ADR-Additional', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Acronyms in healthcare', 'wordcount': 37}, {'size': 6478, 'timestamp': '2017-06-25T02:21:41Z', 'snippet': 'glycogen storage diseases, hypothyroidism, hypoparathyroidism, nephrogenic <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> insipidus, G6PD deficiency or ectodermal dysplasia.   Mishra, A; Greaves', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Sweat test', 'wordcount': 836}, {'size': 15278, 'timestamp': '2017-04-16T04:02:01Z', 'snippet': 'Miller): married to Ellie (Elaine Cassidy), who is an insulin-dependent <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span>; the one who discovered the body and initially calls Vincent and the others', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'The Loft (film)', 'wordcount': 1931}, {'size': 5089, 'timestamp': '2017-06-29T21:06:09Z', 'snippet': 'The low carbohydrate level in plantain flour makes it a good food for <span class="searchmatch">diabetics</span> and others who need a low-carbohydrate food. Unripe plantain is peeled', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Amala (food)', 'wordcount': 620}, {'size': 10723, 'timestamp': '2016-08-29T21:41:44Z', 'snippet': '38 percent higher rates of accidental deaths 54 percent higher rates of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> 126 percent higher rates of liver disease and cirrhosis 178 percent higher', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Urban Indian', 'wordcount': 1520}, {'size': 34272, 'timestamp': '2017-06-04T19:04:45Z', 'snippet': 'Indy Lights road course Freedom 100   Brickyard 400   Brickyard 400 Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250   Other   U.S. Grand Prix Red Bull Grand Prix Triple Crown of Motorsport', 'ns': 0, 'title': '1988 Indianapolis 500', 'wordcount': 3581}, {'size': 8921, 'timestamp': '2017-06-27T09:27:39Z', 'snippet': 'vote in 1918. A son, Warwick Kenney Taylor, was born in 1921. She died of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> at the Lister Hospital in Hitchin on 9 July 1953 aged 73. Her funeral was', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Annie Kenney', 'wordcount': 1070}, {'size': 6733, 'timestamp': '2015-08-11T16:23:33Z', 'snippet': 'processes associated with aging, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Cancer, <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span>, Parkinson’s Disease, and Cardiovascular Disease. Faculty members have', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Barshop Institute', 'wordcount': 931}, {'size': 8761, 'timestamp': '2016-12-30T16:12:37Z', 'snippet': 'Cardiology. 20 (5): 503–504. doi:10.1002/clc.4960200520. ISSN\xa01932-8737.\xa0  &quot;<span class="searchmatch">Diabetologia</span> - Scipione Riva Rocci&quot;. Retrieved 2016-07-24.\xa0  &quot;Scipione', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Scipione Riva-Rocci', 'wordcount': 890}, {'size': 92069, 'timestamp': '2017-06-27T08:08:44Z', 'snippet': 'problems seen in pet slow lorises include undernourishment, tooth decay, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, obesity, and kidney failure. Infection, stress, pneumonia, and poor nutrition', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Slow loris', 'wordcount': 9664}, {'size': 21236, 'timestamp': '2017-07-02T15:55:52Z', 'snippet': 'He briefly returned to South Africa but found it too difficult with his <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> condition and increasing frailty, and returned to Mirfield. In October', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Trevor Huddleston', 'wordcount': 2363}, {'size': 96258, 'timestamp': '2017-05-05T14:57:20Z', 'snippet': 'Australia. It has also been associated with alcoholism, heavy smoking, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus, physical trauma (either penetrating in nature or due to manual', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Primidone', 'wordcount': 10066}, {'size': 10654, 'timestamp': '2017-03-04T22:47:59Z', 'snippet': 'School, New York, NY, and a fellowship in Endocrinology, Metabolism and <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> at the Clinical Center of the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda,', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'George P. Chrousos', 'wordcount': 1166}, {'size': 87618, 'timestamp': '2017-06-29T17:46:25Z', 'snippet': 'Riemann sums for numerical integration was republished in a <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> research journal, <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Care. The method is almost always taught in high school calculus', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Scholarly peer review', 'wordcount': 10221}, {'size': 23548, 'timestamp': '2017-06-26T00:29:44Z', 'snippet': 'Environmental toxicants In pregnancy Prenatal  Concomitant conditions <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> mellitus SLE  Sexual activity during pregnancy   Procedures   Amniocentesis', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Prenatal and perinatal psychology', 'wordcount': 3237}, {'size': 20087, 'timestamp': '2017-05-19T06:26:57Z', 'snippet': 'crystallography to design glycogen phosphorylase inhibitors as potential anti-<span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> compounds. Martin recently paid tribute to the positive influence that', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Jennifer L. Martin', 'wordcount': 1958}, {'size': 10841, 'timestamp': '2017-04-08T17:03:57Z', 'snippet': 'glucose transport and utilization in vitro and in vivo&quot;. <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span>. 52 (3): 588–595. doi:10.2337/<span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>.52.3.588. ISSN\xa00012-1797. PMID\xa012606497.\xa0  Brink, Susanne', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Gastruloid', 'wordcount': 1089}, {'size': 3786, 'timestamp': '2016-01-09T08:21:00Z', 'snippet': 'the holding bay in Paediatric Theatres Upgrading the Endocrinology and <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Centre The purchase of a HPLC machine for the Gastroenterology Unit The', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Little Heroes Foundation', 'wordcount': 430}, {'size': 5333, 'timestamp': '2016-12-10T18:01:39Z', 'snippet': 'being used to get stem cells with which to test in people with type 1 <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus. The stem cells from umbilical cord blood is also being used in', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Cord blood transfusion', 'wordcount': 661}, {'size': 34184, 'timestamp': '2017-06-12T14:43:19Z', 'snippet': '(i) National Inventory Control Point NIDDK – (i) National Institute of <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> and Digestive and Kidney Diseases NIDRR – (i) National Institute on Disability', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of acronyms: N', 'wordcount': 3532}, {'size': 15667, 'timestamp': '2017-04-04T19:50:49Z', 'snippet': 'effective treatment regimes is lacking.  Dysesthesia is commonly seen in <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> patients, and can be relieved by using creams containing capsaicin. Dysesthesia', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Dysesthesia', 'wordcount': 2042}, {'size': 121235, 'timestamp': '2017-05-18T04:04:01Z', 'snippet': 'history of heart disease and cancer, while Lisa tells her that she has <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, but neither tell Claire anything that explains how she got her healing', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of Heroes characters', 'wordcount': 15573}, {'size': 3539, 'timestamp': '2017-06-18T17:12:55Z', 'snippet': 'Carlton). They had five sons and three daughters. Cross suffered from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> which caused severe depression. He committed suicide by hanging in March', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'John Kynaston Cross', 'wordcount': 219}, {'size': 15125, 'timestamp': '2017-05-28T22:00:04Z', 'snippet': 'courses and Non-accredited training. Subject areas include Dentistry, <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span>, Public Health, Health Sciences, Advanced Practice, Critical Care and Health', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Warwick Medical School', 'wordcount': 1845}, {'size': 79494, 'timestamp': '2017-06-18T18:26:52Z', 'snippet': ' coloratura soprano (cancer) March 17 – Linda Jones, 27, soul singer (<span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> coma) March 27 – Sharkey Bonano, 67, jazz musician and bandleader April', 'ns': 0, 'title': '1972 in music', 'wordcount': 4687}, {'size': 110864, 'timestamp': '2017-06-17T01:49:18Z', 'snippet': 'Indo-Trinidadian chutney musician (heart an kidney ailment relating to <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>) May 13 – Cesare Valletti (77), operatic tenor May 20 – Jean-Pierre Rampal', 'ns': 0, 'title': '2000 in music', 'wordcount': 5297}, {'size': 13594, 'timestamp': '2017-06-20T11:51:09Z', 'snippet': 'medication. After developing a blood clot in his heart and complications from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> he died on 25 November 2009. The coroner recorded a verdict of death by', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Albert Goozee', 'wordcount': 1554}, {'size': 12556, 'timestamp': '2017-03-15T23:05:21Z', 'snippet': 'Children. Mahood is a supporter of the following initiatives: the Juvenile <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Research Foundation, the Alberta\'s Children\'s Hospital, the David Foster', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Beverley Mahood', 'wordcount': 790}, {'size': 34317, 'timestamp': '2017-06-04T19:01:27Z', 'snippet': 'Indy Lights road course Freedom 100   Brickyard 400   Brickyard 400 Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250   Other   U.S. Grand Prix Red Bull Grand Prix Triple Crown of Motorsport', 'ns': 0, 'title': '1971 Indianapolis 500', 'wordcount': 2507}, {'size': 66712, 'timestamp': '2017-06-25T15:06:18Z', 'snippet': 'question &quot;Does the patient have <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>?&quot;, then subsequent questions about the duration of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, medications for <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, etc. must be disabled.) To', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Entity–attribute–value model', 'wordcount': 9741}, {'size': 13554, 'timestamp': '2017-05-07T20:50:50Z', 'snippet': 'health. Fante would eventually lose both his legs and his eyesight to <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, and Fenton\'s fondness for nightlife and the 19th hole (bourbon, rum and', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Frank Fenton (writer)', 'wordcount': 1913}, {'size': 119986, 'timestamp': '2017-06-25T19:29:15Z', 'snippet': 'Congressional Croatian Caucus Congressional Cystic Fibrosis Caucus Congressional <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Caucus Congressional Dietary Supplement Caucus Congressional Entertainment', 'ns': 0, 'title': '109th United States Congress', 'wordcount': 4356}, {'size': 25502, 'timestamp': '2017-06-06T21:10:52Z', 'snippet': 'put him off the road for 12 months and led to the discovery of Type 2 <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> which appeared to account for the low energy levels he had been experiencing', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Joe Dolan', 'wordcount': 2884}, {'size': 6398, 'timestamp': '2017-05-25T14:18:48Z', 'snippet': 'the vaginal and gut microbiota. They have been reported to as present in <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> skin and soft tissue infections, bone and joint infections, surgical site', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Peptoniphilus', 'wordcount': 400}, {'size': 22209, 'timestamp': '2017-03-04T19:24:19Z', 'snippet': 'expression changes as CR mice. It is already clinically approved to treat <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, and has been used for this indication for the past 40 years. It enhances', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Caloric restriction mimetic', 'wordcount': 2632}, {'size': 2727, 'timestamp': '2017-06-15T14:28:53Z', 'snippet': 'march, as actually happened, the fictional character dies after going into <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> shock following him being injected with insulin by &quot;The Clinic&quot;.    Warman', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Mike Kealy', 'wordcount': 339}, {'size': 126764, 'timestamp': '2017-06-27T15:38:34Z', 'snippet': 'soul singer (heart attack) April 6 – Babatunde Olatunji (75), drummer (<span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>) April 10 -- Little Eva (59), singer _cervical cancer) April 13 – Alex', 'ns': 0, 'title': '2003 in music', 'wordcount': 5553}, {'size': 9994, 'timestamp': '2017-04-04T01:12:30Z', 'snippet': 'In Recovery in December 2000, drummer Scott Shad died after going into <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> shock while driving his car, but the band persevered and drafted lifelong', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Peter Mosely', 'wordcount': 1142}, {'size': 37426, 'timestamp': '2017-06-14T20:12:14Z', 'snippet': 'Indy Lights road course Freedom 100   Brickyard 400   Brickyard 400 Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250   Other   U.S. Grand Prix Red Bull Grand Prix Triple Crown of Motorsport', 'ns': 0, 'title': '1930 Indianapolis 500', 'wordcount': 2677}, {'size': 3630, 'timestamp': '2017-02-17T03:19:17Z', 'snippet': ' and was President of the O\'Donnell Steel Track Company. He died from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> at his home in Brooklyn.  The New York Civil List compiled by Franklin', 'ns': 0, 'title': "John O'Donnell (Lewis County, New York)", 'wordcount': 289}, {'size': 11566, 'timestamp': '2017-05-10T21:51:58Z', 'snippet': '(April 9, 2012). &quot;Coalition members discuss value of collaboration in <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> patient care&quot;. News Medical. Retrieved April 9, 2012.\xa0  Tonia Twichell', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Interprofessional education', 'wordcount': 1127}, {'size': 32264, 'timestamp': '2017-06-14T16:00:21Z', 'snippet': 'Epidemiol. 1978] - PubMed Result  The Mind Matters - Snoek 14 (3): 116 - <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Spectrum  F. M. Cornford, Principium Sapientiae: The Origins of Greek Philosophical', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'History of science in early cultures', 'wordcount': 3901}, {'size': 4416, 'timestamp': '2017-06-24T14:26:20Z', 'snippet': 'December 1988 from cardiac arrest at the age of 64. He had long suffered from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and progressive heart disease.  In the April 1945 issue of Washington State', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'John McCallum (sports writer)', 'wordcount': 577}, {'size': 9133, 'timestamp': '2017-06-26T07:29:46Z', 'snippet': 'prevention of risk factors for heart disease such as blood cholesterol levels, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and hypertension.  There are three types of physical exercises that a person', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Active living', 'wordcount': 1024}, {'size': 20982, 'timestamp': '2017-05-31T23:28:05Z', 'snippet': 'activity, in the last few years of his life he was somewhat slowed down by <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, and in 1997, he entered a clinic and was diagnosed with a serious heart', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche', 'wordcount': 2919}, {'size': 12557, 'timestamp': '2016-11-25T00:30:45Z', 'snippet': 'in June 2005. Bobby Thomas died on May 3, 2012, from complications of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> at the age of 77. John Gregory Carroll died on January 25, 2013, in Creston', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'The Orioles', 'wordcount': 1596}, {'size': 60305, 'timestamp': '2017-05-03T23:37:09Z', 'snippet': 'convert a toolshed into a laboratory. Beckman\'s mother, Elizabeth, died of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> in 1912. Beckman\'s father sold his blacksmith shop, and became a travelling', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Arnold Orville Beckman', 'wordcount': 6559}, {'size': 29525, 'timestamp': '2017-07-02T16:41:16Z', 'snippet': 'obesity, cigarette smoking, heart disease, and small area estimation of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> rates in the United States. IHME has also worked with other organizations', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation', 'wordcount': 3290}, {'size': 30595, 'timestamp': '2017-06-04T18:47:00Z', 'snippet': 'Indy Lights road course Freedom 100   Brickyard 400   Brickyard 400 Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250   Other   U.S. Grand Prix Red Bull Grand Prix Triple Crown of Motorsport', 'ns': 0, 'title': '2004 Indianapolis 500', 'wordcount': 2941}, {'size': 108666, 'timestamp': '2017-06-30T13:55:57Z', 'snippet': 'was in good physical condition and receiving treatment for his chronic <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and hypertension; he was not in a prison or hospital but under some form', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Ai Weiwei', 'wordcount': 12387}, {'size': 50067, 'timestamp': '2017-06-22T07:28:51Z', 'snippet': 'Banting&quot; in The Canadian Encyclopedia  J. M. Fenster, &quot;The Conquest of <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span>&quot;, American Heritage of Invention &amp; Technology, Jan 1999, Vol. 14 Issue', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'History of Ontario', 'wordcount': 6673}, {'size': 48102, 'timestamp': '2017-06-28T02:37:58Z', 'snippet': 'Haywood died in a Moscow hospital from a stroke brought on by alcoholism and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. Half of his ashes were buried in the Kremlin wall; an urn containing the', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Bill Haywood', 'wordcount': 6141}, {'size': 38102, 'timestamp': '2017-05-23T09:08:13Z', 'snippet': '(June 2011). High dietary fructose intake: Sweet or bitter life?. World J <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span>. 2. pp.\xa077–81. PMID\xa021860690.\xa0 Kieschnick, John (2003). The Impact of Buddhism', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'History of sugar', 'wordcount': 4561}, {'size': 7778, 'timestamp': '2017-06-16T19:04:52Z', 'snippet': 'media interests of John C. Malone Liberty Medical, a company that sells <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> testers Liberty Mutual, a large United States insurance company Liberty', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Liberty (disambiguation)', 'wordcount': 957}, {'size': 21284, 'timestamp': '2017-06-24T01:54:25Z', 'snippet': 'and Power from Walking - How to Cure Disease (1924) Hair Culture (1921) <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span>: Its Cause, Nature and Treatment (1925) Headaches: How Caused and How Cured', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Bernarr Macfadden', 'wordcount': 2440}, {'size': 11666, 'timestamp': '2017-05-09T15:16:11Z', 'snippet': 'the data. This principle has been used successfully in creating maps of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> in Australia  and the United Kingdom  using confidential General Practice', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Privacy for research participants', 'wordcount': 1399}, {'size': 13921, 'timestamp': '2017-05-25T20:12:39Z', 'snippet': 'region’s only cochlear implant center (through the Mason Eye Institute), a <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> center, an ophthalmology institute, a sleep disorders center, the only', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'University of Missouri Hospital', 'wordcount': 1726}, {'size': 14133, 'timestamp': '2017-06-27T09:57:56Z', 'snippet': 'cytoplasm of liver cells. Abnormalities in glycogen metabolism lead to <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> in humans.  Rhamnus cathartica is shade-tolerant, moderately fast-growing', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Rhamnus cathartica', 'wordcount': 1527}, {'size': 6357, 'timestamp': '2016-11-12T23:20:43Z', 'snippet': 'feed, and in folk medicine as heart tonic and as treatment for dysentery, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, and jaundice. The oil extracted from the leaves has been claimed to have', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Stenocalyx dysentericus', 'wordcount': 658}, {'size': 7452, 'timestamp': '2016-12-22T23:42:34Z', 'snippet': 'The court accepted his lawyers\' arguments that Vitale is suffering from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, depression, and a heart condition and should no longer be kept behind', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Vito Vitale', 'wordcount': 874}, {'size': 4781, 'timestamp': '2017-02-25T13:09:32Z', 'snippet': 'Falconer 1965  &quot;The inheritance of liability to diseases with variable age of onset, with particular reference to <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus&quot;, Falconer 1967    ]]', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Douglas Scott Falconer', 'wordcount': 263}, {'size': 45008, 'timestamp': '2017-06-27T07:38:39Z', 'snippet': 'aging, but the process of decline for touch is accelerated in those with <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. Physical deterioration to the body begins to increase in midlife and late', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Adult development', 'wordcount': 6241}, {'size': 12949, 'timestamp': '2017-03-29T20:57:26Z', 'snippet': 'in 9 different medical specialties nationally including: cancer (#38) <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and endocrinology (#46) ear, nose, and throat (#25) geriatrics (#11) gynecology', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Rush University Medical Center', 'wordcount': 1534}, {'size': 5319, 'timestamp': '2017-05-30T04:59:13Z', 'snippet': 'Vikrama Cholan III\'s (1302 A.D) rule Vikrama Cholan Tirubhuvana Singhan had <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. He worshipped Arjuneswarar and donated lands to the temple. He got cured', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Arjuneswarar', 'wordcount': 573}, {'size': 62358, 'timestamp': '2017-06-24T13:36:06Z', 'snippet': 'American film actress; as Dana Lynne Goetz in Encino, California (died of <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> stroke, 1996)  Pacific Air Lines Flight 773 crashed near Concord, California', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'May 1964', 'wordcount': 8840}, {'size': 3683, 'timestamp': '2017-06-27T14:47:12Z', 'snippet': 'again imprisoned, He was released in 1983 and died of complications from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> soon after.  Krobo Edusei married three times and had numerous children', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Krobo Edusei', 'wordcount': 295}, {'size': 33389, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T00:31:53Z', 'snippet': 'healthcare for transsexual persons&quot;. Current Opinion in Endocrinology &amp; <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> and Obesity. 20 (6): 585–591. doi:10.1097/\xa0', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Transgender health care', 'wordcount': 3590}, {'size': 69879, 'timestamp': '2017-06-28T06:10:16Z', 'snippet': 'does occasionally vary compared to other countries. For example, U.S. <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus patients measure their blood sugar levels in milligrams per deciliter', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Metrication in the United States', 'wordcount': 8749}, {'size': 48184, 'timestamp': '2017-06-22T15:30:36Z', 'snippet': 'neurological defect prevents the tongue from retracting into the mouth; <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus, which may be associated with cataracts; cleft palate and umbilical', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'King Charles Spaniel', 'wordcount': 5227}, {'size': 7301, 'timestamp': '2017-05-07T17:46:49Z', 'snippet': 'medical conditions including &quot;atheroscelerotic cardiovascular disease&quot; and &quot;<span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus may have contributed to the drowning.    Staff. &quot;Ex-Motown CEO', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Jheryl Busby', 'wordcount': 779}, {'size': 8997, 'timestamp': '2017-04-11T05:31:04Z', 'snippet': 'coincidence of carbohydrate rich diets with the obesity and insulin resistant <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> epidemics of the last 5 decades, both risk factors for cardiovascular disease', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'National Heart Foundation of Australia', 'wordcount': 847}, {'size': 15542, 'timestamp': '2017-06-12T22:41:21Z', 'snippet': 'Pediatric Center for Tomorrows Children (named for Don Imus) The MOLLY <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Center for Adults The Sarkis Gabrellian Women’s and Children’s Pavilion', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Hackensack University Medical Center', 'wordcount': 1469}, {'size': 6974, 'timestamp': '2016-12-18T04:36:45Z', 'snippet': 'Vincent Chin moved to Miami before retiring, his health deteriorating due to <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. He died on 2 February 2003.  Albums A three-CD set celebrating the history', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Vincent "Randy" Chin', 'wordcount': 691}, {'size': 41096, 'timestamp': '2017-04-18T13:54:02Z', 'snippet': 'healthy and nutritious food is coupled with a trend in higher rates of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and critical health problems. Therefore, low-accessibility to healthy food', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Food desert in West Oakland', 'wordcount': 5448}, {'size': 14374, 'timestamp': '2014-07-29T15:19:53Z', 'snippet': 'supports the institutional activities of the Camminare con il <span class="searchmatch">Diabete</span> non-profit <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> association and PerLa - Associazione per l’Andrologia association', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Sigma-Tau', 'wordcount': 1927}, {'size': 12803, 'timestamp': '2016-12-13T13:41:55Z', 'snippet': 'deoxyribonuclease (DNase) - deoxyribonucleic acid - deoxyribonucleotide - <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus - dideoxy sequencing - dideoxyribonucleotide - diploid - direct', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Index of molecular biology articles', 'wordcount': 960}, {'size': 23855, 'timestamp': '2017-06-11T12:38:54Z', 'snippet': 'After some years nursing among the sick and poor in London, she died of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> at her sister’s home in Harrogate on 22 December 1891. Lucy Osburn was', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Sydney Hospital', 'wordcount': 2726}, {'size': 34233, 'timestamp': '2017-06-30T02:07:37Z', 'snippet': 'for cardiac arrhythmia and it was then discovered that he had advanced <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. He had been in and out of hospitals for heart complications for years', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Seungsahn', 'wordcount': 3162}, {'size': 32653, 'timestamp': '2017-04-11T20:22:21Z', 'snippet': 'Anschutz Medical Campus hosts the Research Complex towers, the Barbara Davis <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Center, the Nighthorse Campbell Native Health Building, centers of the', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Anschutz Medical Campus', 'wordcount': 3143}, {'size': 39336, 'timestamp': '2017-07-02T07:42:22Z', 'snippet': 'associated with several prenatal factors, including advanced parental age and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> in the mother during pregnancy. ASD is associated with several genetic', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Controversies in autism', 'wordcount': 4418}, {'size': 12283, 'timestamp': '2017-06-20T06:08:47Z', 'snippet': 'that the victims have previously suffered from incurable diseases such as <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and HIV, but were cured of them prior to their deaths. All were participants', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Reset (Torchwood)', 'wordcount': 1514}, {'size': 5332, 'timestamp': '2017-01-02T17:37:11Z', 'snippet': 'providing comprehensive health risk assessments and screenings including <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, blood pressure, cholesterol and osteoporosis. Dr. Ian has appeared extensively', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Ian K. Smith', 'wordcount': 576}, {'size': 8521, 'timestamp': '2017-05-13T12:42:20Z', 'snippet': 'Charlotte comic book convention Heroes Convention. Before he succumbed to <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>-related medical issues, Heroes Con in 1987 held a benefit auction for his', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Sam Grainger', 'wordcount': 882}, {'size': 6873, 'timestamp': '2016-09-24T08:14:59Z', 'snippet': 'oxyhyperglycemia, by two hours, the glucose not only comes back to pre-<span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> range it may even start shooting below the fasting baseline. In oxyhyperglycemia', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Oxyhyperglycemia', 'wordcount': 965}, {'size': 10972, 'timestamp': '2017-04-18T19:07:43Z', 'snippet': 'Tayyba Bano. He had three sons and two daughters.  Aali was suffering from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and respiratory illness and was admitted in a hospital in Karachi. He died', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Jamiluddin Aali', 'wordcount': 765}, {'size': 31557, 'timestamp': '2017-07-02T01:21:40Z', 'snippet': 'complications is increased in cigarette smokers and patients with hypertension and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. These strong relative contraindications consist primarily of diseases', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Rhytidectomy', 'wordcount': 3946}, {'size': 4291, 'timestamp': '2017-05-08T04:13:01Z', 'snippet': 'They are forced to break into a pharmacy to obtain insulin for Gladys\'s <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, \'do a runner\' from a petrol station and dodge police cameras on the M25', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Margery and Gladys', 'wordcount': 430}, {'size': 54320, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T01:56:48Z', 'snippet': 'lectures on his ideas. By that time, the elderly Velikovsky suffered from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and intermittent depression, which his daughter said may have been exacerbated', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Immanuel Velikovsky', 'wordcount': 6759}, {'size': 58912, 'timestamp': '2017-06-17T12:44:32Z', 'snippet': 'vascular, or cancer outcomes: A trial sequential meta-analysis&quot;. The Lancet <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> &amp; Endocrinology. 2 (4): 307–320. PMID\xa024703049. doi:10.1016/S2213-8587(13)70212-2', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Vitamin D deficiency', 'wordcount': 6980}, {'size': 16630, 'timestamp': '2016-11-28T20:48:17Z', 'snippet': 'is geared towards children with Type 1 <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> and their siblings, ages 6–12. Camp Lo-Be-Gon emphasizes <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> education and nutrition along with offering', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Camp Loughridge', 'wordcount': 2002}, {'size': 80911, 'timestamp': '2017-05-02T19:39:12Z', 'snippet': 'concentrating on activities Dysarthria (slurred, slow, or distorted speech sounds) <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> in adolescence or later Premature changes in hair and skin Many children', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Ataxia-telangiectasia', 'wordcount': 10583}, {'size': 5978, 'timestamp': '2017-06-18T13:10:44Z', 'snippet': 'belongs to a poor Maachhi Family of this village. Now she is suffering from <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> and she spent most of her time in her home with her sisters and other family', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Chak No.285-GB, District Toba Tek Singh', 'wordcount': 441}, {'size': 3204, 'timestamp': '2017-03-23T01:58:33Z', 'snippet': ' a team press release cited a lack of funding and Dick\'s diagnosis of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> as reasons to shut down. The teams assets were sold to Rick Gdovic to form', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Viva Motorsports', 'wordcount': 355}, {'size': 43749, 'timestamp': '2017-06-29T03:44:28Z', 'snippet': 'Indy Lights road course Freedom 100   Brickyard 400   Brickyard 400 Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250   Other   U.S. Grand Prix Red Bull Grand Prix Triple Crown of Motorsport', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year', 'wordcount': 1965}, {'size': 30152, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T21:00:12Z', 'snippet': 'Indy Lights road course Freedom 100   Brickyard 400   Brickyard 400 Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250   Other   U.S. Grand Prix Red Bull Grand Prix Triple Crown of Motorsport', 'ns': 0, 'title': '1978 Indianapolis 500', 'wordcount': 2937}, {'size': 231052, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T07:18:37Z', 'snippet': 'decisions that contribute to health issues such as asthma obesity and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>.    Although approximately two thirds of crack cocaine users are white', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Institutional racism', 'wordcount': 28299}, {'size': 17352, 'timestamp': '2017-04-11T06:06:56Z', 'snippet': 'Inspection 12\'s debut album, eighteen-year-old drummer Scott Shad went into <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> shock while driving alone in his car, passed out and crashed into a brick', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Inspection 12', 'wordcount': 1975}, {'size': 14535, 'timestamp': '2016-10-23T07:24:32Z', 'snippet': 'participated in the walks respectively. Proceeds went towards the American <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Foundation and the Stafford MSD Education Foundation. In 2013, the number', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Houston', 'wordcount': 1506}, {'size': 2181, 'timestamp': '2017-04-12T10:52:15Z', 'snippet': 'sexual function.  This system is a target for drugs which treat obesity, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and cachexia. Stimulation of the Melanocortin-4 receptor causes a decrease', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Central melanocortin system', 'wordcount': 295}, {'size': 14794, 'timestamp': '2017-06-09T00:33:46Z', 'snippet': 'bypass and an angioplasty. He had also lost one kidney to cancer and was a <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span>. At around 2300 hours (GMT+8) on 7 January 2015, Anandan died while warded', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Subhas Anandan', 'wordcount': 1547}, {'size': 67088, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T19:08:18Z', 'snippet': 'a broad list of conditions, including heart and circulatory diseases, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and nephritis. Initial hopes for the usefulness of vitamin E in orthomolecular', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Orthomolecular medicine', 'wordcount': 7204}, {'size': 103799, 'timestamp': '2017-05-07T22:27:52Z', 'snippet': 'diseases, e.g. cardiovascular disease (myocardial infarction, stroke), <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, cancer, Depressed subjects are prone to smoking, substance abuse, eating', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Serotonin–norepinephrine–dopamine reuptake inhibitor', 'wordcount': 12192}, {'size': 10008, 'timestamp': '2016-12-14T11:32:12Z', 'snippet': 'effects of cooking as part of his clinical research on the treatment of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. Widdowson pointed out an error in McCance\'s analysis of the fructose content', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Elsie Widdowson', 'wordcount': 1090}, {'size': 27407, 'timestamp': '2017-06-26T12:09:47Z', 'snippet': 'universe for more victims. Reed and Magneto work together, first getting <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> medicine for the young girl, then taking the civilians back to the dimensional', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Alternative versions of Magneto', 'wordcount': 4118}, {'size': 25020, 'timestamp': '2017-07-02T03:15:46Z', 'snippet': 'of their mother, Dr. Mattie Moss Clark, who died in September 1994 from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> complications.  Following their last Word Records release, Twinkie resumed', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'The Clark Sisters', 'wordcount': 2759}, {'size': 30304, 'timestamp': '2017-06-04T19:02:23Z', 'snippet': 'Indy Lights road course Freedom 100   Brickyard 400   Brickyard 400 Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250   Other   U.S. Grand Prix Red Bull Grand Prix Triple Crown of Motorsport', 'ns': 0, 'title': '1977 Indianapolis 500', 'wordcount': 2737}, {'size': 13638, 'timestamp': '2017-04-15T17:32:12Z', 'snippet': 'Center, Designated AIDS Center, Parkinson\'s Disease Center of Excellence, <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Education Center of Excellence, Behavioral Health Center (including inpatient', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'NYC Health + Hospitals/Kings County', 'wordcount': 1379}, {'size': 31568, 'timestamp': '2017-06-04T19:01:00Z', 'snippet': 'Indy Lights road course Freedom 100   Brickyard 400   Brickyard 400 Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250   Other   U.S. Grand Prix Red Bull Grand Prix Triple Crown of Motorsport', 'ns': 0, 'title': '1968 Indianapolis 500', 'wordcount': 2176}, {'size': 46831, 'timestamp': '2017-05-20T15:22:06Z', 'snippet': 'myeloproliferative disorder and has also seen cases of: hypertension, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, systemic lupus erythematosus, multiple', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Erythromelalgia', 'wordcount': 5446}, {'size': 5864, 'timestamp': '2017-06-25T14:49:45Z', 'snippet': 'regarding several health issues. He is an alcoholic, overweight, depressed and <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span>. Martin tells the concerned doctor that he is simply overworked and under', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'The Other Martin Loring', 'wordcount': 719}, {'size': 20484, 'timestamp': '2017-06-28T21:14:56Z', 'snippet': 'Paolino Bontade, stepped down because of ill-health (he suffered from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>). The Mafia went through difficult times at that moment. A bloody internal', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Stefano Bontade', 'wordcount': 2667}, {'size': 10341, 'timestamp': '2015-06-22T04:23:12Z', 'snippet': 'short-lived as Red died in 1972 at the age of 46 due to complications with <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. Don continued to perform with his sons Don Wayne and Dale along with Bill', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Reno and Smiley', 'wordcount': 384}, {'size': 65212, 'timestamp': '2017-06-19T22:14:24Z', 'snippet': 'Staiano‐Coico, L. (March 2004). &quot;025 Modulation of Wound Repair in the Obese <span class="searchmatch">Diabetic</span> Mouse: a Role for VEGF Gene Transfer&quot;. Wound Repair and Regeneration. 12', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Lisa Staiano-Coico', 'wordcount': 6751}, {'size': 19233, 'timestamp': '2017-03-26T14:35:31Z', 'snippet': 'Escobar\'s alcoholic tendencies. His alcoholism would later combine with his <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and contribute to his death when he was 66 years old. Weeks before his', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Sixto Escobar', 'wordcount': 2337}, {'size': 10796, 'timestamp': '2017-05-04T14:55:04Z', 'snippet': 'about the topic of modeling \'threshold characters\' by Cyril Clarke who had <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. An early application of liability-threshold models was to schizophrenia', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Threshold model', 'wordcount': 1242}, {'size': 34889, 'timestamp': '2017-06-21T23:09:27Z', 'snippet': 'Mickey Mouse Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 99 2009-05-18 Complications caused by <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> 3 Character recast for season 4; replaced by Bret Iwan as the current voice', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of television actors who died during production', 'wordcount': 150}, {'size': 9336, 'timestamp': '2017-05-25T00:19:28Z', 'snippet': 'Liberty University. Karen Kingsbury\'s father died due to complications from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. She chose to start eating healthier and to cut out sugar and as a result', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Karen Kingsbury', 'wordcount': 988}, {'size': 4815, 'timestamp': '2016-01-01T06:22:57Z', 'snippet': 'which can also complicate hyperglycaemia in patients with pre-existing <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>.    National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse  E Medicine Health', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Elemental diet', 'wordcount': 584}, {'size': 3938, 'timestamp': '2017-01-16T01:36:21Z', 'snippet': 'and the Salem Inspirational Choir in 1978.  Being an insulin dependent <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> for a number of years, she was also under treatment for hypertension. She', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Danniebelle Hall', 'wordcount': 438}, {'size': 4058, 'timestamp': '2016-12-26T15:39:19Z', 'snippet': 'university, where he became M.D. on 24 June 1797, writing a thesis on <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, printed at Edinburgh in the same year. He then took a house in London', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Alexander Marcet', 'wordcount': 473}, {'size': 8860, 'timestamp': '2017-06-25T21:07:46Z', 'snippet': 'Bąkiewicz, a Polish photographer for Playboy and CKM magazines. She\'s a <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span>.     1999: Cisza – film 2002: Gwiazdor – film 2003-2004: Na Wspólnej –', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Mandaryna', 'wordcount': 817}, {'size': 17680, 'timestamp': '2017-03-22T18:13:55Z', 'snippet': 'STI’S HIV/AIDS and suicide. Anaemia, malnutrition, growth retardation, and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. Limited equity in terms of access to health care and distribution of resources', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Healthcare in Belize', 'wordcount': 2354}, {'size': 32300, 'timestamp': '2017-06-07T15:57:31Z', 'snippet': 'childhood causes an increase risk of metabolic disorders, including Type II <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, as a result of permanent changes in the metabolic processing of glucose-insulin', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Fetal origins hypothesis', 'wordcount': 4180}, {'size': 10178, 'timestamp': '2017-02-11T13:42:08Z', 'snippet': 'Milstein Laboratories (1992–1993) to conduct research in Alzheimer\'s Disease, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and cancer. The Milstein family is also providing support to the National', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Paul Milstein', 'wordcount': 1103}, {'size': 23034, 'timestamp': '2017-06-22T02:55:56Z', 'snippet': '(최영복) and had one son and daughter with her. Lee died of heart disease and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> in 1998.  *Note; the whole list is referenced.  1978, the 14th Baeksang', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Lee Nak-hoon', 'wordcount': 276}, {'size': 163924, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T02:42:25Z', 'snippet': '&quot;Admixture in Mexico City: implications for admixture mapping of Type 2 <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> genetic risk factors&quot; (PDF). 2006-10-02. Retrieved 2013-09-09', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'White Latin Americans', 'wordcount': 15480}, {'size': 2829, 'timestamp': '2017-01-01T02:18:45Z', 'snippet': 'Occupational Therapy Clinical Nutrition Social Services Adult Day Clinic, <span class="searchmatch">Diabetic</span> Clinic, Meals-on-Wheels  Eastern Shore Memorial Hospital was built to serve', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Eastern Shore Memorial Hospital', 'wordcount': 171}, {'size': 3032, 'timestamp': '2017-06-09T22:47:07Z', 'snippet': 'pancreatic tissue. Despite a mild reduction in glucose excretion in one of two <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> patients transplanted with fragments of human cadaveric pancreatic tissue', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Frederick Charles Pybus', 'wordcount': 255}, {'size': 18049, 'timestamp': '2017-06-09T01:21:07Z', 'snippet': 'prescription drug program to cover more seniors and expanding cancer and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> research and education. Lesniak was the grand marshal of the Pulaski Day', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Raymond Lesniak', 'wordcount': 1507}, {'size': 30057, 'timestamp': '2017-06-20T08:48:08Z', 'snippet': 'heterozygosity is proposed to protect against high fat diet-induced obesity, type 2 <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, and pancreatitis by upregulating protective ER stress pathways. BiP is', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Binding immunoglobulin protein', 'wordcount': 3458}, {'size': 10501, 'timestamp': '2017-05-31T03:06:58Z', 'snippet': 'sentence at Marquette State Prison. Having been in failing health with <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and heart disease for several years, Fred Burke died of a massive heart', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Fred Burke', 'wordcount': 1245}, {'size': 111497, 'timestamp': '2017-07-02T15:19:08Z', 'snippet': 'Eddie\'s cheesecake, stating she was <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span>. Eddie won Hilary round when he offered to bake her a special <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> cake. Hilary appears in January 2011', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of Coronation Street characters (2010)', 'wordcount': 13246}, {'size': 16167, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T07:54:21Z', 'snippet': 'Thomas Hospitals are ranked No. 1 in the Akron metro area for cancer, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and endocrinology, gastroenterology, geriatrics, gynecology, orthopaedics', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Summa Health System', 'wordcount': 1994}, {'size': 7291, 'timestamp': '2017-06-30T14:55:24Z', 'snippet': 'aged 65 years and above, those with chronic heart and lung diseases, and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> or renal diseases, children and teenagers aged six months to 18 years,', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Singaporean measures against avian influenza', 'wordcount': 956}, {'size': 12947, 'timestamp': '2017-03-01T16:54:34Z', 'snippet': 'president and CEO of Pharmacy Wholesale Services, primarily a supplier of <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> supplies. In June 2011 conventional media outlets such as CBC and The Chronicle', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Frank (magazine)', 'wordcount': 1641}, {'size': 8076, 'timestamp': '2017-02-26T05:45:50Z', 'snippet': 'drug delivery technologies include Glucotrol, for non insulin-dependent <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>; Duragesic, for management of severe chronic pain; NicoDerm CQ, for smoking', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Alejandro Zaffaroni', 'wordcount': 630}, {'size': 10908, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T06:13:35Z', 'snippet': 'he was already on death row for his daughter\'s murder. He later died of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> complications on February 17, 1997. Maria\'s death sentence was commuted', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Honor killing in the United States', 'wordcount': 1352}, {'size': 60342, 'timestamp': '2017-05-24T10:56:40Z', 'snippet': 'and best served chilled. Infusions of the leaves have been used against <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and articular rheumatism. The fruit has anti-oxidant properties. The bark', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of Thai ingredients', 'wordcount': 282}, {'size': 16910, 'timestamp': '2017-05-17T09:38:14Z', 'snippet': 'Australia.  Monash Partners comprises of: Alfred Health Baker IDI Heart and <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Institute Burnet Institute Cabrini Health Epworth HealthCare Hudson Institute', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Monash University Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences', 'wordcount': 1542}, {'size': 2558, 'timestamp': '2016-03-28T18:04:28Z', 'snippet': 'bioenergetics. The physiologic process of aging and the pathologic process of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> have also been studied by Moreira as important risk factors for neurodegeneration', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Paula Isabel da Silva Moreira', 'wordcount': 159}, {'size': 4615, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T21:45:18Z', 'snippet': 'quartz-crushing mill for tourists. Allen died on 11 May 1982 at Sovereign Hill of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and myocardial infarction.  List of Australian Silver Star recipients ', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Bull Allen (soldier)', 'wordcount': 432}, {'size': 170302, 'timestamp': '2017-06-18T00:00:26Z', 'snippet': 'Indy Lights road course Freedom 100   Brickyard 400   Brickyard 400 Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250   Other   U.S. Grand Prix Red Bull Grand Prix Triple Crown of Motorsport', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of Indianapolis 500 winners', 'wordcount': 2121}, {'size': 10278, 'timestamp': '2016-10-21T04:19:29Z', 'snippet': 'include: cancer, arthritis, atherosclerosis, diet and health, type II <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, cardiomyopathy, deafness, muscular dystrophy, and aspects of viral, parasitic', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'UEA School of Biological Sciences', 'wordcount': 1232}, {'size': 3127, 'timestamp': '2017-05-11T18:16:37Z', 'snippet': 'Kristin Bauer. Other film credits include Man Made (2002) and Silent Crisis: <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Among Us, a television documentary which was hosted and narrated by Debbie', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Erma Elzy-Jones', 'wordcount': 237}, {'size': 36101, 'timestamp': '2017-06-18T11:12:36Z', 'snippet': 'it. Two cases show reasonably foreseeable consequences for sanctioned <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> claimants, one resorted to begging for food  whilst another who was apparently', 'ns': 0, 'title': "Jobseeker's Allowance", 'wordcount': 4074}, {'size': 46680, 'timestamp': '2017-06-21T20:40:24Z', 'snippet': ' with a black cowboy hat. In &quot;Bluff Puppy&quot;, it is revealed that he is <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span>. Wanna-Bee (voiced by Jerry Trainor in a high-pitch voice) – A bee who', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'T.U.F.F. Puppy', 'wordcount': 6874}, {'size': 16234, 'timestamp': '2017-06-11T01:06:22Z', 'snippet': 'with autoantibodies to beta1-adrenergic receptors has been documented in <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> patients. While the exact pathophysiology of Chagas disease is not completely', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Adrenergic receptor autoantibodies', 'wordcount': 1619}, {'size': 18238, 'timestamp': '2017-04-16T18:55:13Z', 'snippet': 'doctorate in pharmacology. Her research had applications in the treatment of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and certain forms of cancers. She was due to be married on September 13', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Murder of Annie Le', 'wordcount': 1820}, {'size': 3986, 'timestamp': '2017-06-17T12:46:49Z', 'snippet': 'gardening, antiques, quilts, plants, fines herbes, colours, composting, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus (an illness from which he suffers), barbecue safety, wooden annexes', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Ivo Pauwels', 'wordcount': 366}, {'size': 16249, 'timestamp': '2017-06-07T19:58:42Z', 'snippet': 'Mortality in 2013 Cause % Heart attack 32.2% <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> mellitus 10.7% Pneumonia 10.5% Stroke 9.7% Assault with firearm 9.7% Stomach cancer 6.6% Unspecified', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'El Progreso Department', 'wordcount': 1647}, {'size': 6220, 'timestamp': '2017-01-29T10:49:46Z', 'snippet': 'Prize: March 22, 2000 Los Angeles Times article by David Willman titled &quot;<span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Drug Rezulin Pulled Off the Market&quot;  Ismael Valenzuelo at the National', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Ismael Valenzuela', 'wordcount': 586}, {'size': 14398, 'timestamp': '2017-06-21T03:31:30Z', 'snippet': 'that mimic the brain The world’s oldest cave art Cells that might cure <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> Manipulating memories Rise of the CubeSat Giving life a bigger genetic', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Breakthrough of the Year', 'wordcount': 1505}, {'size': 38841, 'timestamp': '2017-05-24T17:30:22Z', 'snippet': 'to John, Oort had two younger sisters and an older brother who died of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> when he was a student. Oort attended primary school in Oegstgeest and secondary', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Jan Oort', 'wordcount': 5284}, {'size': 79858, 'timestamp': '2017-05-31T23:24:19Z', 'snippet': 'Palmer\'s funeral service. 25 April Mr Thompson Trevor Michel Mr Thompson is a <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> patient at the Northern District Hospital. Steph Green is assigned to look', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of Home and Away characters (2013)', 'wordcount': 5702}, {'size': 9649, 'timestamp': '2017-06-02T15:57:01Z', 'snippet': '2012.\xa0CS1 maint: Unfit url (link)  &quot;Clinics Offer Culturally Tailored <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Education and Culturally Appropriate Care to Ethiopian Patients, Leading', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'HealthPartners', 'wordcount': 803}, {'size': 68933, 'timestamp': '2017-06-30T20:47:35Z', 'snippet': 'beta-lactam antibiotics and the use of mechanical ventilation. Patients with <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> have also been shown to be at an elevated risk for acquiring CRE infections', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae', 'wordcount': 8419}, {'size': 16195, 'timestamp': '2017-07-02T07:10:39Z', 'snippet': 'variety of clinical services including cancer care, complementary medicine, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> care, heart care, children\'s health, home health/hospice, mental health', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Sutter Health', 'wordcount': 1742}, {'size': 5529, 'timestamp': '2017-01-12T11:03:06Z', 'snippet': 'the autonomy and the quality of life of patients.   Macular degeneration <span class="searchmatch">Diabetic</span> retinopathy Glaucoma Leber\'s hereditary optic neuropathy Retinal vein occlusion', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Vision Institute', 'wordcount': 565}, {'size': 28594, 'timestamp': '2017-06-07T12:20:23Z', 'snippet': ' such as suturing, or the management of long-term conditions, such as <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> or hypertension, than is normally permitted to the paramedic. In some jurisdictions', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Medical director', 'wordcount': 3502}, {'size': 5355, 'timestamp': '2017-01-09T15:00:41Z', 'snippet': 'Associate Head of Preventative Health Research at Baker IDI Heart and <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Institute, Eades has been the recipient of a number of grants for research', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Sandra Eades', 'wordcount': 420}, {'size': 13317, 'timestamp': '2016-11-14T17:25:09Z', 'snippet': 'lipoprotein (a) or apolipoprotein B, or decreased levels of HDL cholesterol) <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus Sedentary lifestyle stress Other important risk factors for arterial', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Arterial embolism', 'wordcount': 1379}, {'size': 6172, 'timestamp': '2017-01-31T01:35:57Z', 'snippet': 'The History of Syringes.  Time Magazine article, Innovators by Leorah Moldofsky[dead link] <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Explained, The History of Syringes Obituary: Times', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Colin Murdoch', 'wordcount': 789}, {'size': 7769, 'timestamp': '2017-04-06T09:17:41Z', 'snippet': 'Cristina G. (May 30, 2008). &quot;La dieta mediterránea también protege contra la <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>&quot; (in Spanish). Unidad Editorial Internet.\xa0  http://www.elmundo', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Miguel Ángel Martínez-González', 'wordcount': 642}, {'size': 46655, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T21:34:22Z', 'snippet': 'first had not healed and Badawi was in poor medical condition. Badawi is a <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> with a slim build. He was to receive the punishment 50 lashes at a time', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Raif Badawi', 'wordcount': 4292}, {'size': 6551, 'timestamp': '2017-04-19T14:58:06Z', 'snippet': 'white rabbits have been used to develop tests and drugs for diseases like <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, diphtheria, tuberculosis, cancer, and heart disease. The effects of skin', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'New Zealand White rabbit', 'wordcount': 1047}, {'size': 7313, 'timestamp': '2017-06-06T01:16:12Z', 'snippet': 'Atrial fibrillation Angina pectoris Myocardial ischaemia Pancreatitis <span class="searchmatch">Diabetic</span> ketoacidosis Prolonged QT interval (less common than with most other atypical', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of side effects of aripiprazole', 'wordcount': 617}, {'size': 26605, 'timestamp': '2017-04-05T16:08:08Z', 'snippet': 'People living with HIV (PLHIV), people who are malnourished, who have <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> or cancer, and people on steroid therapy should be regularly screened for', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Tuberculosis in India', 'wordcount': 3435}, {'size': 43355, 'timestamp': '2017-07-02T00:00:54Z', 'snippet': 'disease, optic disk size, smoking behavior, interleukin 18 levels, and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus type 2. Researchers found Neanderthal introgression of 18 genes—several', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Archaic human admixture with modern humans', 'wordcount': 5141}, {'size': 10950, 'timestamp': '2017-03-26T00:10:15Z', 'snippet': '00417.2002.\xa0  &quot;Cystic Fibrosis Research Directions&quot;. National Institute of <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK).\xa0  http://www.madsci', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'ΔF508', 'wordcount': 1402}, {'size': 33193, 'timestamp': '2017-02-04T10:38:49Z', 'snippet': 'Derepressed Determinant Determination Deterministic Developmental biology <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> mellitus Diakinesis Dicentric bridge Dicentric chromosome Dictyotene Dideoxy', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Index of genetics articles', 'wordcount': 2510}, {'size': 62708, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T22:41:49Z', 'snippet': '10020.\xa0  &quot;SNP-19 genotypic variants of CAPN10 gene and its relation to <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus type 2 in a population of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico&quot;, Pubmed, Retrieved', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Mexicans of European descent', 'wordcount': 6763}, {'size': 6701, 'timestamp': '2016-11-25T09:39:17Z', 'snippet': 'education aged 60 or over registered blind or partially sighted diagnosed with <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> or glaucoma aged 40 or over who is the parent, brother, sister, son or', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Eye care in the United Kingdom', 'wordcount': 879}, {'size': 15845, 'timestamp': '2017-03-14T04:06:13Z', 'snippet': 'Vidal, Ireland gave up liquor. In his final years, Ireland suffered from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, kidney disease, severe sciatica, and weakened lungs and progressive muscle', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Doug Ireland', 'wordcount': 1532}, {'size': 9730, 'timestamp': '2017-04-21T03:43:10Z', 'snippet': 'his trial, he later recanted his apology and blamed his outburst on his <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, some wine and a change in medication, a defense that was rejected by the', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'David Ahenakew', 'wordcount': 1156}, {'size': 24176, 'timestamp': '2017-04-24T17:43:01Z', 'snippet': 'WebMD Griffin P. Rodgers (MBA 2005) - Director of National Institute of <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> and Digestive and Kidney Diseases; Chief of NIH\'s Molecular and Clinical', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Carey Business School', 'wordcount': 2496}, {'size': 121020, 'timestamp': '2017-06-28T21:17:40Z', 'snippet': 'endurance. David revealed in January 2015 that he was diagnosed with Type 2 <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> a year prior. In March 2017, David revealed on his blog that he began to', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Peter David', 'wordcount': 12799}, {'size': 30530, 'timestamp': '2017-03-08T17:14:35Z', 'snippet': 'planned to work on a &quot;disease education and prevention program, focusing on <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>.&quot; The position was not without controversy. Some felt that the salary paid', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Shea Ralph', 'wordcount': 2847}, {'size': 4290, 'timestamp': '2017-05-03T16:31:24Z', 'snippet': 'Holt&quot;. Barry Hugman\'s Footballers. Retrieved 12 April 2017.\xa0  &quot;15-year-old <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> Jordan Holt from Haxby, York plays football forWales&quot;. York Press. Retrieved', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Jordan Holt', 'wordcount': 261}, {'size': 7928, 'timestamp': '2017-04-26T12:37:50Z', 'snippet': 'currently unknown. The other symptoms that arise such as bone defects and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> may be secondary to this enzymatic defect.  The exact pathophysiological', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Flynn–Aird syndrome', 'wordcount': 964}, {'size': 7426, 'timestamp': '2016-08-09T15:57:59Z', 'snippet': 'for the treatment of incurable chronic conditions such tuberculosis or <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. This involved working populations who lived in unhealthy, overcrowded', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Richard Clarke Cabot', 'wordcount': 785}, {'size': 3364, 'timestamp': '2017-06-17T19:23:03Z', 'snippet': 'later joined the American Medical Association and conducted research on <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and cancer. He also organized a school for midwives under the auspices', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Vincenzo Sellaro', 'wordcount': 481}, {'size': 72371, 'timestamp': '2017-07-02T06:03:32Z', 'snippet': 'as a result, Chris Denari took over as co-anchor with Doug Rice.  Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250 IROC at Indy    &quot;Allstate terminates Brickyard sponsorship&quot;. IndyStar', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Brantley Gilbert Big Machine Brickyard 400', 'wordcount': 5964}, {'size': 59833, 'timestamp': '2017-06-19T01:48:34Z', 'snippet': 'of the Chicago Cubs dies due to complications from bladder cancer and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> in a Scottsdale, Arizona hospital. Legendary Milwaukee Brewers baseball', 'ns': 0, 'title': '2010 in sports', 'wordcount': 6900}, {'size': 2689, 'timestamp': '2016-08-23T23:28:52Z', 'snippet': 'naming their album Massis.  Because of his unknown and therefore untreated <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> condition Massis was found by the local police in a delirium. He was admitted', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'John Massis', 'wordcount': 319}, {'size': 11817, 'timestamp': '2017-06-25T23:56:18Z', 'snippet': 'charges were dropped due to lack of evidence. He became an alcoholic and <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span>.  In January 2002, police were called to the block of flats where Hardy', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Anthony Hardy', 'wordcount': 1235}, {'size': 33885, 'timestamp': '2017-06-28T05:53:34Z', 'snippet': 'Rudolf Friedrich Rupprecht of Bavaria (30 May 1909 – 26 June 1912); died of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>.  Princess Antonia of Luxembourg, daughter of William IV, Grand Duke of', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Rupprecht, Crown Prince of Bavaria', 'wordcount': 3428}, {'size': 53678, 'timestamp': '2017-06-19T05:53:08Z', 'snippet': 'the community. Alfred Lewis McIvor – of Christchurch. For services to <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> research. Leonard James Murray – of Bronte, New South Wales, Australia', 'ns': 0, 'title': '2011 Birthday Honours', 'wordcount': 6425}, {'size': 6774, 'timestamp': '2017-04-26T12:18:05Z', 'snippet': 'Jagger), a retired medical specialist, to try and save an unidentified <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> expectant mother. 1-10 &quot;Yumiko&quot; December 3, 1970 Dr. Lincoln helps a young', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Matt Lincoln', 'wordcount': 474}, {'size': 4353, 'timestamp': '2016-08-10T12:15:40Z', 'snippet': 'identification of aqueous humor proteins with a pathophysiological role in <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> retinopathy. Much of his work employed statistic computer simulation. Currently', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Shang-Yi Chiang', 'wordcount': 553}, {'size': 35006, 'timestamp': '2017-06-20T08:08:00Z', 'snippet': 'Department of Child Services. Claire leaves after mistaking a collapsing <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> for a junkie. 10 February–5 March Anna McMahon Anna Lea Russo Anna is the', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of Home and Away characters (2003)', 'wordcount': 1797}, {'size': 73261, 'timestamp': '2017-06-26T07:01:44Z', 'snippet': 'corruption offence. The author of the book died in 2005 of complications from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> but before the High Court found that he had committed libel and awarded', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Anwar Ibrahim', 'wordcount': 6720}, {'size': 32513, 'timestamp': '2017-05-26T19:34:13Z', 'snippet': 'higher risk of developing chronic non-communicable conditions such as <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and obesity as adults. If a stunted child undergoes substantial weight', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Stunted growth', 'wordcount': 4232}, {'size': 60898, 'timestamp': '2017-06-22T03:04:01Z', 'snippet': 'Colagiuri For distinguished service to medical research in the field of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and endocrinology as an academic, clinician and author, to global health', 'ns': 0, 'title': '2017 Australia Day Honours', 'wordcount': 366}, {'size': 22507, 'timestamp': '2017-05-23T18:55:36Z', 'snippet': 'patient with acute lymphocytic leukemia  and in nosocomial urosepsis in a <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> patient from whom the organism was also subsequently isolated from bronchoalveolar', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Proteus penneri', 'wordcount': 2353}, {'size': 13816, 'timestamp': '2017-06-29T20:29:15Z', 'snippet': 'University of Wisconsin–Madison, 1993,101.  Feudtner, Chris: &quot;Bittersweet: <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span>, Insulin, and the Transformation of Illness&quot; University of North Carolina', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of Rochester Institute of Technology alumni', 'wordcount': 1229}, {'size': 16493, 'timestamp': '2017-05-12T16:01:24Z', 'snippet': 'University Hospital also contains the region’s only cochlear implant center, a <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> center, an ophthalmology institute (the Mason Eye Institute), a sleep disorders', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'University of Missouri Health Care', 'wordcount': 1937}, {'size': 42755, 'timestamp': '2017-07-02T13:50:51Z', 'snippet': 'Elokobi was aged just eleven years old when he lost both his father (to <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>) and his grandfather. He went to live with his grandmother the same year', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'George Elokobi', 'wordcount': 3629}, {'size': 3126, 'timestamp': '2017-02-10T06:37:21Z', 'snippet': 'textbooks, with particular concentration in diseases of the macula such as <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration. He is on the Board of', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Lawrence Yannuzzi', 'wordcount': 296}, {'size': 21603, 'timestamp': '2017-01-17T05:48:17Z', 'snippet': 'to her own label Charcoal Records. Despite being diagnosed with Type 1 <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> in 2008, Dillon has continued touring, recording and performing interviews', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Cara Dillon', 'wordcount': 2749}, {'size': 9457, 'timestamp': '2017-04-19T21:40:02Z', 'snippet': 'home in Geneva, Ohio on September 16, 2010 at age 84 after suffering from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and prostate cancer.  Further information: Head transplant In 1970, after', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Robert J. White', 'wordcount': 969}, {'size': 2896, 'timestamp': '2017-05-17T01:01:02Z', 'snippet': '&quot;Stapgate shows Japan must get back to basics in science&quot;.\xa0  &quot;Leading <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> researcher corrects paper as more than a dozen studies are questioned on', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'PubPeer', 'wordcount': 196}, {'size': 7408, 'timestamp': '2016-11-22T03:34:04Z', 'snippet': 'tour include T-Mobile USA, Kia Motors, and Sprite, and Dribble to Stop <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span>. The tour itinerary for the 2011 season includes:    &quot;NBA Entertainment', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'NBA Nation (tour)', 'wordcount': 737}, {'size': 14914, 'timestamp': '2016-10-13T20:36:02Z', 'snippet': 'trustee. 1932 - OSIA founder, Dr. Vincenzo Sellaro dies on November 28 of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and heart disease at age 64. OSIA enrolls 1,500 young Italian Americans', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Order Sons of Italy in America', 'wordcount': 2036}, {'size': 18921, 'timestamp': '2017-05-24T09:05:31Z', 'snippet': 'lasted until Dwire died in August 1974 from complications arising from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. In January 1982, Virginia Dwire married for the fourth and last time to', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Clinton family', 'wordcount': 2121}, {'size': 3768, 'timestamp': '2017-04-09T20:50:27Z', 'snippet': 'family feared for his health, as Tanong, age 55, was an insulin-dependent <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> who did not have his medication with him when he was last seen. His wife', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Tanong Po-arn', 'wordcount': 484}, {'size': 15126, 'timestamp': '2017-02-24T11:56:54Z', 'snippet': 'France. He was diagnosed with <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> when 21 years old, and has attributed his competitive drive to his development of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and has also supported the', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Neil Pakey', 'wordcount': 1536}, {'size': 7816, 'timestamp': '2017-05-15T02:56:33Z', 'snippet': 'Qualitative systematic reviews of treatment burden in stroke, heart failure, and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> - Methodological challenges and solutions. BMC Medical Research Methodology', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Normalization process theory', 'wordcount': 1080}, {'size': 10905, 'timestamp': '2017-07-02T08:09:50Z', 'snippet': 'its refusal to give the abbot, who has numerous health issues including <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, deep vein thrombosis and chronic leg ulcers, his charges at the temple', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Department of Special Investigation', 'wordcount': 998}, {'size': 170231, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T18:40:50Z', 'snippet': 'due to a combination of factors such as high rates of smoking, obesity, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, and alcoholism as well as poor levels of vaccination.&quot;   Energy portal', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Oil sands', 'wordcount': 21160}, {'size': 25706, 'timestamp': '2017-04-30T16:54:01Z', 'snippet': 'PMID\xa028097472.\xa0    Gao C (2016). &quot;Molecular pathological epidemiology in <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus and risk of hepatocellular carcinoma&quot;. World Journal of Hepatology', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Molecular pathological epidemiology', 'wordcount': 1945}, {'size': 4129, 'timestamp': '2016-12-20T01:45:55Z', 'snippet': 'Blues Highway. After his 70th birthday his health declined as a result of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, but he continued to play in the Chicago clubs until his death in a car', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Eddie Burks (blues musician)', 'wordcount': 377}, {'size': 12655, 'timestamp': '2017-06-23T14:22:51Z', 'snippet': 'contact lenses[12]. Possible causes also include systemic diseases such as <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>[13], multiple sclerosis or leprosy. Other, albeit less frequent, potential', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Neurotrophic keratitis', 'wordcount': 1692}, {'size': 23650, 'timestamp': '2017-04-28T20:35:48Z', 'snippet': 'died of HIV, as well as her father, who died of high blood pressure and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, and her mother who died of lung cancer, all of which, she implied, were', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Regina Benjamin', 'wordcount': 2201}, {'size': 2267, 'timestamp': '2017-06-12T10:19:31Z', 'snippet': 'contraindicated for people with hereditary fructose intolerance (HFI). In <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> patients, it can cause potentially harmful hyperglycaemia (high blood sugar)', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Glucose/fructose/phosphoric acid', 'wordcount': 95}, {'size': 6998, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T07:32:58Z', 'snippet': 'Commission on Cancer as a Comprehensive Community Cancer Program American <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Association American Medical Association through the Accreditation Committee', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Riverside Medical Center', 'wordcount': 704}, {'size': 25517, 'timestamp': '2017-06-21T11:42:15Z', 'snippet': 'and Hispanics have approximately twice the risk as whites of developing <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. Minorities also have higher rates of cardiovascular disease, HIV/AIDS', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Covert racism', 'wordcount': 2948}, {'size': 36151, 'timestamp': '2017-06-24T00:38:08Z', 'snippet': 'May 8 Carey Mulligan The Great Gatsby May 9 David Sedaris Let\'s Explore <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> with Owls. ISBN\xa0978-0316154697.\xa0 May 13 J. J. Abrams Star Trek Into Darkness', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of The Daily Show episodes (2013)', 'wordcount': 136}, {'size': 17628, 'timestamp': '2016-10-17T21:14:16Z', 'snippet': 'Genome-Wide Association Signals in UK Samples Reveals Risk Loci for Type 2 <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span>&quot;. Science. 316 (5829): 1336–1341. doi:10.1126/science.1142364. PMID\xa017463249', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Eleftheria Zeggini', 'wordcount': 1363}, {'size': 14747, 'timestamp': '2016-03-11T23:08:15Z', 'snippet': 'Heart Association, St. John\'s Council, Society for Aid to the Paralysed, <span class="searchmatch">Diabetic</span> Society of Singapore and the Singapore Academy of Medicine.  Runme Shaw', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Runme Shaw', 'wordcount': 1987}, {'size': 1114, 'timestamp': '2016-04-05T23:45:26Z', 'snippet': '(1869–1962), first doctor in the United States to specialize in the treatment of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> Jeff Joslin, retired Canadian mixed martial artist Les Joslin, former Australian', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Joslin (surname)', 'wordcount': 140}, {'size': 6161, 'timestamp': '2017-05-22T21:25:35Z', 'snippet': 'Confined and Detained&quot; Paul Almond Art Wallace April\xa025,\xa01965\xa0(1965-04-25) A <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> boy is kidnapped. 12 &quot;Any Benevolent Purpose&quot; Howard Da Silva Harold Gast', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'For the People (1965 TV series)', 'wordcount': 152}, {'size': 6582, 'timestamp': '2017-05-24T06:19:01Z', 'snippet': 'Church in greater Stockholm. Oscar Berg died due to complications caused by <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> in October that same year.    Twice-Born Hymns by J. Irving Erickson, (Chicago:', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Lina Sandell', 'wordcount': 410}, {'size': 38997, 'timestamp': '2017-06-03T20:24:12Z', 'snippet': 'for use in industry, and drugs for use against Alzheimer\'s, Parkinson\'s, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, multiple sclerosis, and cancer. It uses around 75,000 animals every year', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty', 'wordcount': 4482}, {'size': 20298, 'timestamp': '2017-05-10T03:50:21Z', 'snippet': 'for Early Childhood Studies ($4\xa0million), and Center for Alzheimer\'s, <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span>, Cancer, and Heart Disease ($5\xa0million). Juliet V. García served as UTB-TSC', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'University of Texas at Brownsville', 'wordcount': 1874}, {'size': 59690, 'timestamp': '2017-06-28T05:50:48Z', 'snippet': 'diseases and, potentially, ADRs. Others would be high blood pressure, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, possessing a specific mutated gene, for example, mutations in the BRCA1', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Pharmacovigilance', 'wordcount': 7822}, {'size': 41337, 'timestamp': '2017-03-04T19:26:12Z', 'snippet': 'SNP in a Chinese Population had a higher risk of younger onset of type 2 <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and among a Chinese Han population had a higher risk of Alzheimer\'s disease', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Epoxygenase', 'wordcount': 4848}, {'size': 45583, 'timestamp': '2017-06-25T00:16:33Z', 'snippet': 'scientists make insulin from plants: \'Bio-pharming\' poised to meet huge <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> demand at less cost. The Ottawa Citizen. February 27, 2005. Pg. A1. GM', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Pharming (genetics)', 'wordcount': 4792}, {'size': 5293, 'timestamp': '2017-06-24T19:18:47Z', 'snippet': 'Bridge link the district to the centre and the old town.  Oskar Minkowski, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> research pioneer Hermann Minkowski, mathematician, creator of Minkowski', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Aleksotas', 'wordcount': 524}, {'size': 25383, 'timestamp': '2017-06-04T16:57:40Z', 'snippet': '- Krishna Institute of Medical Science, Hyderabad Adviser - Sun valley <span class="searchmatch">Diabetic</span> and Research Centre, Guwahati President - Indian Society of Organ Transplantation', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Sarbeswar Sahariah', 'wordcount': 2315}, {'size': 5988, 'timestamp': '2016-11-09T00:55:00Z', 'snippet': 'Sahitya Sammelan (महाराष्ट्र साहित्य सम्मेलन) in 1931. Ketkar, who was a <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span>, died in Pune of a gangrenous wound. A biography has been written by D', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Shridhar Venkatesh Ketkar', 'wordcount': 584}, {'size': 16751, 'timestamp': '2016-07-10T19:38:07Z', 'snippet': 'blood mononuclear cells in healthy control subjects and patients with <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus, acute coronary syndrome, stroke, and arterial hypertension&quot;.', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Subclinical infection', 'wordcount': 1652}, {'size': 15102, 'timestamp': '2016-08-19T06:11:00Z', 'snippet': '(with Dr P. T. De Silva). He has also developed a device for screening for <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> neuropathy manufactured entirely with locally available components. He', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Desmond Fernando', 'wordcount': 1626}, {'size': 21643, 'timestamp': '2017-05-02T03:39:36Z', 'snippet': 'City Police Activities/Athletic League, American Cancer Society, American <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Association, Human Rights Campaign, the Rose Brooks Center, and many more', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Kansas City Roller Warriors', 'wordcount': 1854}, {'size': 20859, 'timestamp': '2017-06-30T21:23:00Z', 'snippet': 'Program in Acoustics, the Materials Research Institute, and the Penn State <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Center. She was promoted to full Professor in 2010. Her research concentrated', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Nadine Barrie Smith', 'wordcount': 2316}, {'size': 10726, 'timestamp': '2017-06-29T21:39:33Z', 'snippet': 'anything&quot; &quot;Sergeant, arrest most of these vicars&quot; &quot;You can\'t shoot me! I have <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>!&quot; (film version) &quot;How about The Wreck of the Hesperus?&quot; &quot;She\'s gone back', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'See How They Run (play)', 'wordcount': 1358}, {'size': 4302, 'timestamp': '2017-07-02T08:36:19Z', 'snippet': 'of the group. He has serious health issues, he lost a kidney and is a <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span>, being the most vulnerable, Carlos takes advantage of him and bullies him', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Stories from the Kronen', 'wordcount': 500}, {'size': 6840, 'timestamp': '2017-02-19T02:13:06Z', 'snippet': 'in lower socioeconomic groups (AIHW, 2011).  Cardiovascular disease and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> in Australia    &quot;LOSS OF APPETITE/NAUSEA&quot;. Heart', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Heart disease in Australia', 'wordcount': 819}, {'size': 43476, 'timestamp': '2017-06-10T17:51:37Z', 'snippet': 'infections. Pexiganan has been shown to be useful to treat infection related <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> foot ulcer. A major limitation to the therapeutic potential is the possibility', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Antimicrobial peptides', 'wordcount': 4439}, {'size': 4460, 'timestamp': '2017-02-02T10:36:58Z', 'snippet': 'the March of Dimes Telethon (Atlantic City) and was a TV Director of the <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Telethon (Atlantic City) for two years. Steiner began shooting videos of', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Atlantic City Weekly', 'wordcount': 499}, {'size': 40966, 'timestamp': '2017-07-02T04:29:57Z', 'snippet': 'concept of the use of intestinal organoids as a therapeutic approach for <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. Stomach or gastric organoid Gastric organoids recapitulate at least partly', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Organoid', 'wordcount': 4586}, {'size': 14870, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T17:15:50Z', 'snippet': 'developing therapeutic candidates for Alzheimer\'s disease, Parkinson\'s, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, asthma and certain skin conditions. Signum’s STM technology provides many', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Gregory Stock', 'wordcount': 1606}, {'size': 9969, 'timestamp': '2017-03-05T01:22:38Z', 'snippet': '2010. Pediatric obesity epidemiology Current Opinion in Endocrinology, <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span>, and Obesity (Dec 13),  Arch pediatr adolesc med-- changes', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Epidemiology of childhood obesity', 'wordcount': 1424}, {'size': 21294, 'timestamp': '2017-04-08T17:33:31Z', 'snippet': 'Tritace    Thrombosis    Plavix Clexane    Oncology    Taxotere Eloxatin    <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span>    Amaryl Apidra Lantus    Central nervous system    Depakine Chrono  ', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Roussel Uclaf', 'wordcount': 1878}, {'size': 2853, 'timestamp': '2017-01-12T11:25:59Z', 'snippet': 'available in 35 countries and 12 Therapeutic areas in Oncology, Hematology and <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span>.  Medimix Europe (London - UK) Medimix North America (Jersey City, New', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Medimix International', 'wordcount': 271}, {'size': 58252, 'timestamp': '2017-06-16T14:58:41Z', 'snippet': 'Houston, Texas, while suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. Cao almost became a Roman Catholic priest. He graduated from Jersey Village', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Joseph Cao', 'wordcount': 5839}, {'size': 1690, 'timestamp': '2015-06-21T00:03:39Z', 'snippet': 'social areas through tips and recipes for special dietary needs such as <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, celiac disease, phenylketonuria, cancer, cystic fibrosis or ostomies among', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Alícia Foundation', 'wordcount': 214}, {'size': 4197, 'timestamp': '2017-05-12T02:57:09Z', 'snippet': 'followed a night out with friends. It was suspected that he suffered a <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> attack. Ivar was married, but his wife was away at his time of death, It', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Mukhisa Kituyi', 'wordcount': 558}, {'size': 43674, 'timestamp': '2017-06-15T03:59:49Z', 'snippet': 'her husband\'s habit eating everything she cooks, he was diagnosed with <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, forced him to living separately until his blood glucose\'s level has dropped', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Working!!', 'wordcount': 5798}, {'size': 14265, 'timestamp': '2017-06-07T11:06:20Z', 'snippet': 'appear to be major regulators of adipose tissue metabolism. Obesity and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> are also related with a low activation of the immune system. Adipokines', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Normal weight obesity', 'wordcount': 1880}, {'size': 10906, 'timestamp': '2017-06-27T14:11:31Z', 'snippet': '• Alcohol and Drug Dependency  • Bloodless Medicine  • Cancer Care  • <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span>  • Endoscopy  • Heart and Vascular Care  • Home Care  • Hospice  • Mental', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Sharp HealthCare', 'wordcount': 1332}, {'size': 7751, 'timestamp': '2017-03-20T11:33:20Z', 'snippet': 'bring his music to the public.  Van der Linden had long suffered from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> with following eyesight impairment, and in 2005 had a successful eye surgery', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Rick van der Linden', 'wordcount': 875}, {'size': 39971, 'timestamp': '2017-06-22T00:58:30Z', 'snippet': 'by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These designs include <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> management tools to infusion devices, heart valves, cardiac pacemakers', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Hopkins, Minnesota', 'wordcount': 4192}, {'size': 6427, 'timestamp': '2017-06-28T22:19:08Z', 'snippet': 'away at the age of 82 in her Boston home from complications stemming from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>.    &quot;Historical Note.&quot; Archives and Special Collections Finding Aids: Elma', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Elma Lewis', 'wordcount': 592}, {'size': 37575, 'timestamp': '2017-06-26T13:53:41Z', 'snippet': 'Indy Lights road course Freedom 100   Brickyard 400   Brickyard 400 Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250   Other   U.S. Grand Prix Red Bull Grand Prix Triple Crown of Motorsport', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Indianapolis 500 pace cars', 'wordcount': 2920}, {'size': 7224, 'timestamp': '2017-03-05T02:02:49Z', 'snippet': 'nursing, end of life care, sexual health promotion, safeguarding children, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> education, audiology, speech and language therapy, dermatology, podiatry', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust', 'wordcount': 698}, {'size': 16534, 'timestamp': '2017-06-02T19:39:25Z', 'snippet': 'village, Minnesota Waldsee, German village, Minnesota   Barton Center for <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Education (including Clara Barton Camp), Massachusetts, Connecticut, and', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of summer camps', 'wordcount': 1326}, {'size': 6820, 'timestamp': '2017-06-27T12:55:06Z', 'snippet': 'physical activity. This type of conditioning can help with heart disease, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, or anxiety. Aerobic conditioning also has many non-medical benefits, such', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Aerobic conditioning', 'wordcount': 772}, {'size': 95081, 'timestamp': '2017-06-17T23:13:36Z', 'snippet': 'the punishment cell of the jail. According to Khodorkovsky, Lebedev had <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus and heart problems, and keeping him in the punishment cell would', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Mikhail Khodorkovsky', 'wordcount': 11052}, {'size': 14182, 'timestamp': '2017-05-16T00:07:56Z', 'snippet': 'Marchiafava-Bignami disease. (The disease is now known in nonalcoholic but <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> patients.) He was the first one to prove the importance of sclerosis of', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Ettore Marchiafava', 'wordcount': 1409}, {'size': 6330, 'timestamp': '2016-12-11T17:10:46Z', 'snippet': 'prescribing cortisone, morphine and benzedrine when Thomas was actually in a <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> coma. Tremlett runs the Corran Bookshop in Laugharne, &quot;a shrine to the', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'George Tremlett', 'wordcount': 640}, {'size': 35442, 'timestamp': '2017-06-15T15:58:58Z', 'snippet': 'Indy Lights road course Freedom 100   Brickyard 400   Brickyard 400 Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250   Other   U.S. Grand Prix Red Bull Grand Prix Triple Crown of Motorsport', 'ns': 0, 'title': '1976 Indianapolis 500', 'wordcount': 3542}, {'size': 26131, 'timestamp': '2017-06-28T03:28:09Z', 'snippet': 'drink, by Cubans of Haitian origin. They are also used as a treatment for <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. Fibres extracted from the leaf sheath of R.\xa0regia have been found to be', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Roystonea regia', 'wordcount': 2692}, {'size': 7959, 'timestamp': '2017-06-27T10:05:37Z', 'snippet': 'the House of Hohenzollern. During East German times, the palace housed a <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> clinic. Today the palace and its gardens belong to the Berlin-Brandenburg', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Rheinsberg Palace', 'wordcount': 804}, {'size': 6212, 'timestamp': '2017-05-20T14:09:14Z', 'snippet': 'of students over the years. She is also a spokesperson for the American <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Association, and has done radio and television commercials for New York', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Jacky Cullum Chisholm', 'wordcount': 681}, {'size': 31062, 'timestamp': '2017-04-24T17:30:59Z', 'snippet': 'effective therapy for the treatment of chronic and intractable pain including <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> neuropathy, failed back surgery syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Neurostimulation', 'wordcount': 3812}, {'size': 7475, 'timestamp': '2017-06-30T20:57:06Z', 'snippet': 'masses.  Jude had been ailing for some time with high blood pressure and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. He had been treated at the Nawaloka hospital in February 2012. On the', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Anton Jude', 'wordcount': 455}, {'size': 10448, 'timestamp': '2017-06-29T14:06:59Z', 'snippet': 'occur in patients through all age groups. Patients that smoke and have <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus are at a higher risk of developing acute limb ischaemia. Most', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Acute limb ischaemia', 'wordcount': 1250}, {'size': 149532, 'timestamp': '2017-06-30T13:12:08Z', 'snippet': 'cystic fibrosis, Huntington\'s disease, sickle-cell anemia, and type\xa0II <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. Cellular infection by viruses such as HIV and influenza also involve folding', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Folding@home', 'wordcount': 13485}, {'size': 2670, 'timestamp': '2017-04-07T20:34:03Z', 'snippet': 'time of his death in 2007. He died in Crossville from complications of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. He had a son and two daughters by a previous marriage; his daughters,', 'ns': 0, 'title': "Charles H. O'Brien", 'wordcount': 298}, {'size': 31241, 'timestamp': '2017-05-12T06:53:15Z', 'snippet': 'Indy Lights road course Freedom 100   Brickyard 400   Brickyard 400 Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250   Other   U.S. Grand Prix Red Bull Grand Prix Triple Crown of Motorsport', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Carl G. Fisher', 'wordcount': 4075}, {'size': 13179, 'timestamp': '2017-03-20T17:53:22Z', 'snippet': 'in Europe     Company\'s founder and owner Petro Poroshenko suffers from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> prohibiting him from eating confectionery.    &quot;Attitude of Russian watchdog', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Roshen', 'wordcount': 1136}, {'size': 4551, 'timestamp': '2017-06-27T01:10:48Z', 'snippet': '(aged\xa057) Hospital Selayang, Selayang, Selangor, Malaysia Cause\xa0of death   <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> kidney failure stroke   Nationality Malaysian Alma\xa0mater Berklee College', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Adnan Abu Hassan', 'wordcount': 312}, {'size': 8707, 'timestamp': '2017-06-24T01:21:08Z', 'snippet': 'the Thanksgiving food drive for underprivileged families, the Juvenile <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Walkathon, and clothing collections for the needy. Lotz received the Governor\'s', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'John Lotz', 'wordcount': 592}, {'size': 4885, 'timestamp': '2015-08-17T06:11:16Z', 'snippet': 'and obtained certifications for its Acute Myocardial Infarction (2008), <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Mellitus Type II (2009), and Chronic Kidney Disease (2009) programs. Min-Sheng', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Min-Sheng General Hospital', 'wordcount': 681}, {'size': 8748, 'timestamp': '2017-01-20T01:43:05Z', 'snippet': 'Soy Sauce Smart Telecom Lady\'s Choice Sandwich Spread Glucerna Milk for <span class="searchmatch">Diabetics</span> Vaseline Hair Shampoo for Kids Ajinomoto Bread Mix Jollibee Promo Frutos', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Carlo Lacana', 'wordcount': 302}, {'size': 7628, 'timestamp': '2017-04-09T11:18:36Z', 'snippet': 'important for skeletal and cellular health&quot;. Current Opinion in Endocrinology, <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> and Obesity. 9 (1): 87–98. doi:10.1097/00060793-200202000-00011.\xa0  Holick', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Slip-Slop-Slap', 'wordcount': 905}, {'size': 161971, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T18:27:42Z', 'snippet': 'attempted killer. He self-identifies as a sufferer of a &quot;mild&quot; case of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus in the episode &quot;In The Dark&quot;. He often seems intimidated by Gibbs', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of NCIS characters', 'wordcount': 22946}, {'size': 8525, 'timestamp': '2017-06-16T18:15:17Z', 'snippet': 'story of John Pressman (Michael Lerner), an extremely myopic, uncontrolled <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> who works as an ophthalmologist\'s assistant and is progressively growing', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Anguish (1987 film)', 'wordcount': 1040}, {'size': 8416, 'timestamp': '2017-04-26T20:15:36Z', 'snippet': 'Atrial Fibrillation   Papworth Hospital Kansai Medical University Heart and <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Center North Rhine-Westphalia Narayana Health Liverpool John Moores University', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'National Heart Institute (Malaysia)', 'wordcount': 928}, {'size': 117928, 'timestamp': '2017-06-29T04:07:35Z', 'snippet': 'diseases (NCDs) and chronic conditions that require lifelong care, such as <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, hypertension, and cancer. A healthy life is a continuum of phases from', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'UNRWA', 'wordcount': 13993}, {'size': 9127, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T19:30:20Z', 'snippet': 'known on the show for her kindness and sweet nature. Diagnosed with pre-<span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> the show has focused on her positive attitude as she gets back into shape', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Born This Way (TV series)', 'wordcount': 382}, {'size': 52513, 'timestamp': '2017-06-22T04:50:46Z', 'snippet': 'to be underestimated. These include deaths from suicides, strokes, and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. This heuristic is one of the reasons why people are more easily swayed', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Heuristics in judgment and decision-making', 'wordcount': 6405}, {'size': 4660, 'timestamp': '2017-03-17T20:33:53Z', 'snippet': 'Laban Johnson suffered from complications of congestive heart failure and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> in his later years. In 1994, he temporarily took a leave from the show', 'ns': 0, 'title': "Cookin' Cheap", 'wordcount': 447}, {'size': 16229, 'timestamp': '2017-02-03T18:40:13Z', 'snippet': 'Mahoney died months later on October 14 after an extended battle with <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. Williams occasionally performed Siege material live with the Providence', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Siege (band)', 'wordcount': 1535}, {'size': 19645, 'timestamp': '2017-04-28T20:25:01Z', 'snippet': 'illnesses. Also targeted are non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as cancer, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and heart disease, which are more prevalent in poor developing countries', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'OPEC Fund for International Development', 'wordcount': 2388}, {'size': 8138, 'timestamp': '2016-11-17T10:28:40Z', 'snippet': 'as <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Treatment Target&quot;. MedPageToday. Retrieved May 18, 2016.\xa0  &quot;Targeting glucagon pathway may offer a new approach to treating <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>&quot;. Science', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Ira Tabas', 'wordcount': 812}, {'size': 6413, 'timestamp': '2016-11-04T21:46:10Z', 'snippet': 'one of the earliest in Australia to investigate the use of insulin for <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, and in 1923 he discovered tethelin, a growth controlling substance which', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Thorburn Brailsford Robertson', 'wordcount': 935}, {'size': 22030, 'timestamp': '2017-06-02T21:25:29Z', 'snippet': 'epilepsy, and the development of the non-caloric sweetener Sucaryl for use in <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> diets. He retired in 1961. From 1958 to 1964, Volwiler served a six-year', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Ernest H. Volwiler', 'wordcount': 2105}, {'size': 926, 'timestamp': '2016-04-22T06:49:19Z', 'snippet': 'Perempuan Zainab II Hospital where he had been admitted since April for <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, heart ailments and gout. He left behind his wife, Siti Zaharah Ibrahim', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Ismail Yaacob', 'wordcount': 117}, {'size': 10300, 'timestamp': '2017-04-01T00:12:37Z', 'snippet': 'on the possibility of finding cures for Parkinson\'s disease, juvenile <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, and other diseases. In 2007, Lentini qualified to run for a second time', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Art Lentini', 'wordcount': 919}, {'size': 37561, 'timestamp': '2017-06-25T08:42:58Z', 'snippet': 'of her life, and suffered from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> although additional sources cite Diane as only having had gestational <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, a temporary condition related', 'ns': 0, 'title': '2009 Taconic State Parkway crash', 'wordcount': 4476}, {'size': 5557, 'timestamp': '2017-04-26T02:47:55Z', 'snippet': 'University of Exeter in 1987. His clinical and research interests are in <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and vascular medicine, and he built an internationally recognized research', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'John Tooke', 'wordcount': 559}, {'size': 72113, 'timestamp': '2017-06-23T13:13:29Z', 'snippet': 'Indy Lights road course Freedom 100   Brickyard 400   Brickyard 400 Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250   Other   U.S. Grand Prix Red Bull Grand Prix Triple Crown of Motorsport', 'ns': 0, 'title': '2010 Indianapolis 500', 'wordcount': 4568}, {'size': 26818, 'timestamp': '2017-05-05T14:48:53Z', 'snippet': 'Located in One of Kansas\' Least Healthy Counties, Takes on Fight Against <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span>&quot;. Indian Country. Retrieved 19 January 2015.\xa0  Sources Pritzker, Barry', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas', 'wordcount': 3122}, {'size': 30287, 'timestamp': '2017-04-16T03:58:17Z', 'snippet': 'State Tax Commissioner until his death in 1919 due to complications from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>.      Gorman\'s daughter, Bessie (1875–1959), married Wilton J. Lambert', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Arthur Pue Gorman', 'wordcount': 2916}, {'size': 4508, 'timestamp': '2017-06-14T10:19:58Z', 'snippet': 'country. The screenings include cancer checks, organ-function testing, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> checks, blood tests and associated screenings. A division of Bluecrest', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Bluecrest Health Screening', 'wordcount': 343}, {'size': 19882, 'timestamp': '2017-06-15T11:47:04Z', 'snippet': 'research. <span class="searchmatch">DiabeticLink</span> research includes information extraction, sentiment analysis, and social network analysis to be integrated into the <span class="searchmatch">DiabeticLink</span> portal', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Hsinchun Chen', 'wordcount': 2142}, {'size': 7741, 'timestamp': '2017-01-19T05:06:53Z', 'snippet': 'PatientsLikeMe HealthBoards MedHelp DailyStrength WebMD GiveForward HealthUnlocked  <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Hands Foundation (Social Networking) Community health    Online Health', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Online health communities', 'wordcount': 1018}, {'size': 526, 'timestamp': '2014-10-26T16:36:23Z', 'snippet': 'of Canterbury in the early 7th century AD. Mellitus may also refer to: <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> mellitus, a metabolic disease Pachybrachis mellitus, a leaf-beetle in the', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Mellitus (disambiguation)', 'wordcount': 61}, {'size': 3323, 'timestamp': '2015-09-04T15:38:04Z', 'snippet': 'University of Bombay. 29: 223–224.\xa0  Raman, A.; Lau, C. (1996). &quot;Anti-<span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> properties and phytochemistry of Momordica charantia L. (Cucurbitaceae)&quot;', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Charantin', 'wordcount': 343}, {'size': 15690, 'timestamp': '2017-02-22T18:42:27Z', 'snippet': 'that point. The medics offered first aid, took blood pressure, tested for <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, and asked about symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other disease. Common', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Common Ground Collective', 'wordcount': 1620}, {'size': 5045, 'timestamp': '2017-01-05T21:01:08Z', 'snippet': 'health service – particularly for people with long-term conditions such as <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> or Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, but they are concerned that digital', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Patient Online', 'wordcount': 567}, {'size': 9686, 'timestamp': '2017-05-24T18:07:42Z', 'snippet': 'Paraskos died on 4 March 2014 in Paphos, Cyprus of septicemia caused by <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>-related gangrene in his legs. He was 81 years old. A street in the village', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Stass Paraskos', 'wordcount': 1275}, {'size': 26777, 'timestamp': '2017-06-12T12:59:23Z', 'snippet': 'of several authors.[quantify] Fuchida died of complications caused by <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> in Kashiwara, near Osaka on 30 May 1976 at the age of 73.  Fuchida was', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Mitsuo Fuchida', 'wordcount': 3086}, {'size': 2491, 'timestamp': '2014-06-21T00:30:37Z', 'snippet': 'nationally. The Centre treats the most complex retinal diseases, including <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> retinopathy, retinal detachment, and macular degeneration.  The Donald', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Donald K. Johnson Eye Centre', 'wordcount': 254}, {'size': 14339, 'timestamp': '2017-05-13T17:38:04Z', 'snippet': 'Another example is automated screening tools used for the detection of <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> retinopathy as well as molecular diagnosis of cancer states, where it is', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Color normalization', 'wordcount': 1823}, {'size': 29202, 'timestamp': '2017-06-04T19:01:09Z', 'snippet': 'Indy Lights road course Freedom 100   Brickyard 400   Brickyard 400 Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250   Other   U.S. Grand Prix Red Bull Grand Prix Triple Crown of Motorsport', 'ns': 0, 'title': '1969 Indianapolis 500', 'wordcount': 2347}, {'size': 2302, 'timestamp': '2017-06-24T02:18:25Z', 'snippet': 'Regina (died in infancy). Soon after the move, Matejkowa was diagnose with <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, and in her later years mental disorder for which she was briefly hospitalized', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Teodora Matejko', 'wordcount': 221}, {'size': 20149, 'timestamp': '2017-07-02T17:20:18Z', 'snippet': 'transformation matrix, Mol. Phys. 40, 1011 (1980); M. Baer, Existence of <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> potentials and the quantization of the nonadiabatic matrix, J. Phys. Chem', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Geometric phase', 'wordcount': 2743}, {'size': 2010, 'timestamp': '2014-12-03T22:46:15Z', 'snippet': 'Discrimination Act 1995.   Mr Jones was a Royal Mail driver. He became <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> and insulin dependent and was removed from driving duties. The Post had', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Jones v Post Office', 'wordcount': 210}, {'size': 8868, 'timestamp': '2017-05-08T04:20:47Z', 'snippet': '700 punts and 179 field goals.  He died because of complications with <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> on June 5, 2007.', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Sam Baker (halfback)', 'wordcount': 967}, {'size': 36425, 'timestamp': '2017-04-22T20:22:40Z', 'snippet': '&quot;. Facebook (confirmed). Retrieved September 20, 2015.\xa0  \xa0\u2003\xa0Children\'s <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Foundation [Childrnsdiabetes] (October 7, 2015). &quot;@ForteTenors snapping', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Forte (vocal group)', 'wordcount': 3366}, {'size': 31320, 'timestamp': '2017-06-04T19:01:55Z', 'snippet': 'Indy Lights road course Freedom 100   Brickyard 400   Brickyard 400 Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250   Other   U.S. Grand Prix Red Bull Grand Prix Triple Crown of Motorsport', 'ns': 0, 'title': '1974 Indianapolis 500', 'wordcount': 3158}, {'size': 52961, 'timestamp': '2017-02-23T10:29:43Z', 'snippet': 'com/2012/02/01/transcendental-meditation-combating-<span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>-in-indian-country-95133#ixzz1pVM3w4vp TM combating <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> in Indian country Indian Country Today, retrieved', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Transcendental Meditation in education', 'wordcount': 5639}, {'size': 8437, 'timestamp': '2016-09-04T10:36:56Z', 'snippet': 'California Holy Trinity Orthodox Church of Danbury, Connecticut Juvenile <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Research Foundation New York-Presbyterian Hospital North Salem Free Library', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'The Letterman Foundation for Courtesy and Grooming', 'wordcount': 705}, {'size': 12423, 'timestamp': '2017-06-19T15:52:30Z', 'snippet': ' Following his promotion he announced that he had been suffering from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> for many years, and had devised a special diet to keep the illness under', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Takanosato Toshihide', 'wordcount': 911}, {'size': 3735, 'timestamp': '2016-06-06T21:13:11Z', 'snippet': 'of Mexico. She died on 1 November 1928 due to complications related to <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. Laura attended the Escuela de Artes y Oficios, and later taught at the', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Laura Mendez', 'wordcount': 413}, {'size': 1807, 'timestamp': '2017-04-24T08:51:10Z', 'snippet': 'of Medicine, [University of Sydney] since 2010  President, Australian <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Society 1992-1994  Fellow, Royal Australasian College of Physicians Officer', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'John Carter (endocrinologist)', 'wordcount': 128}, {'size': 101256, 'timestamp': '2017-06-24T06:30:33Z', 'snippet': 'on 1 May 1980, at Tiruvalla. For a long time the Bishop suffered from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus and died on 27 December 2015 of a cerebral hemorrhage. He was', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Mar Thoma Syrian Church', 'wordcount': 12631}, {'size': 4567, 'timestamp': '2017-04-02T12:33:51Z', 'snippet': 'illness with kidney failure for over year, as well as high blood pressure, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, and heart disease. He spent much of February 2017 hospitalized at Pacific', 'ns': 0, 'title': "Roger Hau'ofa", 'wordcount': 488}, {'size': 4939, 'timestamp': '2017-06-16T23:03:37Z', 'snippet': 'daughter Kerrin-Gai and son Kim both live in Australia. Piper suffered from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, which affected his circulation and eventually resulted in the amputation', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Gordon Piper', 'wordcount': 478}, {'size': 14165, 'timestamp': '2017-06-24T18:51:00Z', 'snippet': '(2003). &quot;A pilot study of motivational interviewing in adolescents with <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. Arch Dis Child&quot;. 88: 680–683.\xa0  Handmaker, NS; Miller WR; Manicke M (2001)', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Motivational interviewing', 'wordcount': 1747}, {'size': 170693, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T23:47:05Z', 'snippet': 'Illinois, was renamed the Fighting Foxes Invitational.  Hastert suffers from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and requires daily insulin injections. Because of his condition, he sometimes', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Dennis Hastert', 'wordcount': 18080}, {'size': 5365, 'timestamp': '2017-05-17T16:49:19Z', 'snippet': 'researcher at the National Institutes of Health (National Institute of <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> and Digestive and Kidney Diseases) in Bethesda, Maryland, where he was', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Robert Zwanzig', 'wordcount': 654}, {'size': 4508, 'timestamp': '2017-03-06T10:48:49Z', 'snippet': 'philanthropic activities include initial and ongoing support of the Alberta <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Foundation. He also contributed $1 million to establish the Waiward Centre', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Donald Oborowsky', 'wordcount': 463}, {'size': 177388, 'timestamp': '2017-06-18T01:02:48Z', 'snippet': 'the Season 3 episode &quot;Now Museum-Now You Don\'t&quot; that he was merely in a <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> coma and is still alive. He is an ethnic/gender chauvinist, and has a penchant', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of The Venture Bros. characters', 'wordcount': 27677}, {'size': 38631, 'timestamp': '2017-06-05T12:18:39Z', 'snippet': 'Prince of Chirakkal Kovilagam for having been cured of a Prameha-kuru (<span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> sore/eruption) after offering prayers at Mele-kottam. Apart from the copper', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Oorpazhachi Kavu', 'wordcount': 5440}, {'size': 4435, 'timestamp': '2017-05-28T11:08:35Z', 'snippet': '1967 she defected with her family to the US. Her first husband died from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> in 1977. She married David H Engle in 1986. At the time of her death, Fuka', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Eva Fuka', 'wordcount': 427}, {'size': 67885, 'timestamp': '2017-05-31T18:01:29Z', 'snippet': 'Dolphy, American jazz saxophonist, flautist and bass clarinettist, 36 (<span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> coma) July 1 – Pierre Monteux, French conductor, 89 July 10 – Joe Haymes', 'ns': 0, 'title': '1964 in music', 'wordcount': 6140}, {'size': 5669, 'timestamp': '2017-03-12T02:06:53Z', 'snippet': '&quot;3-n-butylphthalide (NBP) attenuated neuronal autophagy and amyloid-beta expression in <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> mice subjected to brain ischemia&quot;. Neurological research. 33 (4): 396–404', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Butylphthalide', 'wordcount': 538}, {'size': 9123, 'timestamp': '2016-05-16T13:38:40Z', 'snippet': 'divorced in 1890. The last years of his life were significantly affected by <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, as a result of which he lost sight in both eyes. He retired in 1902 and', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Gustaaf Schlegel', 'wordcount': 930}, {'size': 27569, 'timestamp': '2017-05-27T04:29:45Z', 'snippet': 'Miles Minter were released. Insulin first became broadly available for <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> patients in North America.  11 housing officials in Moscow were condemned', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'April 1923', 'wordcount': 3044}, {'size': 91168, 'timestamp': '2017-06-30T01:20:39Z', 'snippet': 'circumference with risk of hypertension and type 2 <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> in Nigerians, Jamaicans, and African-Americans&quot;. <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Care. 21 (11): 1836–42. PMID\xa09802730. doi:10', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of average human height worldwide', 'wordcount': 4243}, {'size': 10553, 'timestamp': '2017-04-10T11:34:33Z', 'snippet': 'for recombinant insulin can be explained by an increase in the number of <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> patients globally, as well as alternative delivery methods such as inhalation', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Metagenics', 'wordcount': 1290}, {'size': 11295, 'timestamp': '2017-03-09T22:07:00Z', 'snippet': 'studies looking at the risk of a high glucose diet for developing type II <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. Due to genetic or environmental factors, the true risk associated with', 'ns': 0, 'title': "Fisher's method", 'wordcount': 1377}, {'size': 22262, 'timestamp': '2017-06-30T08:04:52Z', 'snippet': 'became an advocate for the prevention of childhood obesity and juvenile <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. Her final performance occurred on September 17, 2011 in Portsmouth, Virginia', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Vesta Williams', 'wordcount': 1627}, {'size': 12917, 'timestamp': '2017-06-29T19:55:35Z', 'snippet': 'General Election. Hornby died of a chronic heart condition complicated by <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> in Maghull, near Liverpool, Lancashire,on 21 September 1936. He is buried', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Frank Hornby', 'wordcount': 1457}, {'size': 9747, 'timestamp': '2016-06-15T23:18:05Z', 'snippet': 'other than writing by hand. He suffered from various diseases including <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> in his last years, and lost his vision two and a half years before his', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Özker Yaşın', 'wordcount': 992}, {'size': 6505, 'timestamp': '2016-12-17T22:45:02Z', 'snippet': 'A, Granzotto M, et al. (2006). &quot;WNT10B mutations in human obesity&quot;. <span class="searchmatch">Diabetologia</span>. 49 (4): 678–84. doi:10.1007/s00125-006-0144-4. PMID\xa016477437.\xa0 Thrasivoulou', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'WNT10B', 'wordcount': 740}, {'size': 4006, 'timestamp': '2016-05-16T23:22:32Z', 'snippet': 'regulation and dress. Beiträge zur Lehre vom <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> insipidus, 1885 – Contribution to the knowledge of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> insipidus. Die Hauttemperatur im Fieber und', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Richard Geigel', 'wordcount': 314}, {'size': 89012, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T19:47:52Z', 'snippet': 'mesothelioma or chronic kidney disease, and roughly twice the risk of dying of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus. Workers were at similarly elevated risk for kidney cancer and', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Perfluorooctanoic acid', 'wordcount': 9546}, {'size': 7983, 'timestamp': '2017-06-12T23:31:00Z', 'snippet': 'half his scenes with a prosthetic foot, after having it amputated due to <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> half-way through production.    In both the Danish and Norwegian version', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Egon Olsen', 'wordcount': 947}, {'size': 10604, 'timestamp': '2016-12-23T11:12:10Z', 'snippet': 'from frostbite and gangrene in one of her feet, possibly complications of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. Her body was originally buried in a family plot in Dickson, Tennessee', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Mary Magdalena Lewis Tate', 'wordcount': 1061}, {'size': 37953, 'timestamp': '2017-06-23T14:06:57Z', 'snippet': 'Museum, in 1992. Flavin died in Riverhead, New York, of complications from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. A memorial for him was held at the Dia Center for the Arts, on January', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Dan Flavin', 'wordcount': 4510}, {'size': 4313, 'timestamp': '2015-06-26T17:21:55Z', 'snippet': 'Consultations for various specialties including Nephrology, Cardiology, <span class="searchmatch">Diabetology</span>, ENT Surgery, Neurology, Oncology, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Rheumatology', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Western Hospital', 'wordcount': 341}, {'size': 36599, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T23:49:57Z', 'snippet': 'San  520 Zarzamora Frequent Crossroads Park &amp; Ride, Deco District, Texas <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Institute, Madla Transit Center, Palo Alto College, Texas A&amp;M University', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'VIA Metropolitan Transit', 'wordcount': 1626}, {'size': 13109, 'timestamp': '2017-01-09T06:12:53Z', 'snippet': 'ultimately would not succeed. Their daughter Paige was later diagnosed with <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. It was at that time that Holly\'s daughter Rebecca came back to town. Holly', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Sarah Walker (Brothers & Sisters)', 'wordcount': 1799}, {'size': 37790, 'timestamp': '2017-06-16T18:29:50Z', 'snippet': '(Vice Chair) Alzheimer’s Caucus Children’s Environmental Health Caucus <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Caucus International Conservation Caucus Renewable Energy Caucus Sustainable', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Rush Holt Jr.', 'wordcount': 3812}, {'size': 49124, 'timestamp': '2017-06-20T10:30:44Z', 'snippet': 'on the stage and screen, died here last night in Southside Hospital of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> complications. She was 66 years old and lived in Keyport, N. J.... The', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Keyport, New Jersey', 'wordcount': 5936}, {'size': 42655, 'timestamp': '2017-04-16T21:18:28Z', 'snippet': 'pregnancy would have endangered McCracken\'s health as a result of her <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. Hayes noted that in the fifteen months he played Larry, he did not recall', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Me and Juliet', 'wordcount': 5280}, {'size': 59502, 'timestamp': '2017-06-25T06:53:16Z', 'snippet': '(UTC+7) due to complications from kidney disorders, heart disease and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono visited Wahid shortly before his death', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Abdurrahman Wahid', 'wordcount': 7588}, {'size': 5378, 'timestamp': '2017-06-17T14:50:29Z', 'snippet': 'West Hollywood, California Cause\xa0of death Complications caused by acute <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> Occupation Deejay, radio personality, TV host, producer Years\xa0active 1959-1999', 'ns': 0, 'title': "Jimmy O'Neill (DJ)", 'wordcount': 524}, {'size': 4951, 'timestamp': '2015-10-23T03:47:53Z', 'snippet': 'surgical facilities, along with adult intensive care, ear, nose &amp; throat, <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> medicine, geriatrics, haemotology, urology and cardiac services.  As a', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Princess Royal Hospital (Haywards Heath)', 'wordcount': 397}, {'size': 6428, 'timestamp': '2017-06-10T00:34:33Z', 'snippet': 'weeks. This 40-week project generated money and awareness for Juvenile <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> as well as produced four complete albums. While working on this project', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Todd Wright (musician)', 'wordcount': 735}, {'size': 12737, 'timestamp': '2016-08-05T06:38:26Z', 'snippet': 'are exercise-related treatment, rehabilitation, cardiovascular impact, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, aging, obesity, physiological aspects of extreme sports, disuse atrophy', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Lakshmibai National University of Physical Education', 'wordcount': 1243}, {'size': 2788, 'timestamp': '2016-10-10T09:48:22Z', 'snippet': 'in the top ten &quot;Best College Movies&quot; on BET.COM.     Boston Phoenix  <span class="searchmatch">Diabeticlive</span>.com  Train Ride review in Filmadelphia: A Celebration of City\'s Movies', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Train Ride', 'wordcount': 237}, {'size': 12333, 'timestamp': '2017-06-22T11:25:18Z', 'snippet': '&quot;Bonanza Kings&quot; Net worth USD $45 million at the time of his death (approximately 1/280 of US GNP) Cause of death <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> mellitus, Bright\'s disease', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'James Graham Fair', 'wordcount': 1184}, {'size': 4230, 'timestamp': '2016-10-23T18:19:56Z', 'snippet': 'Prescription and over-the-counter drugs for thrombosis, cardiovascular disease, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, central nervous system disorders, oncology and internal medicine, vaccines', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Aventis Pharma', 'wordcount': 248}, {'size': 108047, 'timestamp': '2017-06-30T22:57:33Z', 'snippet': 'Unfortunately the practice has been cited as a factor in higher rates of Type 2 <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, (which affects about 32% of adult Saudis), hypertension, (which affects', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Culture of Saudi Arabia', 'wordcount': 12824}, {'size': 5874, 'timestamp': '2016-09-18T11:34:09Z', 'snippet': 'Artificial limb Bedpan Cannula Catheter Colostomy bag CPAP machine Crutch   <span class="searchmatch">Diabetic</span> Shoes Drug test Feeding tube Glucose meter Heating pad Hospital bed Infusion', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Home medical equipment', 'wordcount': 661}, {'size': 5451, 'timestamp': '2017-07-02T06:45:35Z', 'snippet': 'damage in liver and kidney and improves biochemical parameters in type 1 <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> rats&quot;. Archives of Endocrinology and Metabolism. Volume 60, no. 4. ISSN', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Banana pasta', 'wordcount': 588}, {'size': 19932, 'timestamp': '2017-07-02T16:19:36Z', 'snippet': 'series of books and videos titled The pH Miracle (2002), The pH Miracle for <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> (2004), The pH Miracle for Weight Loss (2005), and &quot;The pH Miracle Revised&quot;', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Robert O. Young', 'wordcount': 2013}, {'size': 9562, 'timestamp': '2017-05-06T17:07:49Z', 'snippet': '  Stroger had an extensive history of medical complications. He was a <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span>, had battled prostate cancer and underwent a quadruple bypass in 2001.', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'John Stroger', 'wordcount': 1113}, {'size': 29217, 'timestamp': '2017-06-24T15:24:14Z', 'snippet': 'thousands of patients who suffer from diseases such as sickle cell anemia and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. He received an A– grade on his voting record relating to veteran issues', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Artur Davis', 'wordcount': 2520}, {'size': 5077, 'timestamp': '2017-05-30T22:06:57Z', 'snippet': 'the Philippines. Back in Los Angeles in 2012 Conte, an insulin-dependent <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span>, announced that a routine blood test in July of that year had revealed', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Bruce Conte', 'wordcount': 608}, {'size': 25728, 'timestamp': '2017-05-21T15:42:00Z', 'snippet': 'Academy of Sciences Arnold W. Donald (BS): President and CEO of Juvenile <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Research Foundation Eric Green (MD PhD 1987): Director of the National', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of Washington University alumni', 'wordcount': 2882}, {'size': 36012, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T01:18:13Z', 'snippet': 'know, improving cell replication so we can stay healthier and we can cure <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and do all these things that sound like good ideas, and to once again live', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'T-1000', 'wordcount': 4961}, {'size': 80922, 'timestamp': '2017-06-08T15:33:35Z', 'snippet': 'genetic instability in a family with <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and deafness&quot;. Experimental and Clinical Endocrinology &amp; <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span>. 114 (4): 168–74. doi:10.1055/s-2006-924066', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Haplogroup I (mtDNA)', 'wordcount': 4495}, {'size': 126956, 'timestamp': '2017-05-23T17:41:03Z', 'snippet': 'Service. 25 July 2014.\xa0  &quot;Standards of Medical Care in <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span>--2015: Summary of Revisions&quot;. <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Care. 54 (38): S25. 2015. doi:10.2337/dc15-S003. PMID\xa025537706', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Safety of electronic cigarettes', 'wordcount': 14197}, {'size': 7751, 'timestamp': '2017-01-31T19:47:55Z', 'snippet': '&quot;Dietary, Evolutionary and Modernizing Influences on the Prevalence of Type 2 <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span>&quot;. Annual Review of Nutrition. 23: 345–377. doi:10.1146/annurev.nutr.23', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Trivers–Willard hypothesis', 'wordcount': 1013}, {'size': 4395, 'timestamp': '2016-09-06T02:59:52Z', 'snippet': 'where he established a successful stock and station agent. He died of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> in April 1880 and was buried in the South Rockhampton Cemetery.  MacFarlane', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'John MacFarlane (Queensland politician)', 'wordcount': 219}, {'size': 5931, 'timestamp': '2017-06-18T18:07:48Z', 'snippet': 'Liechtenstein, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Rivella Light was launched as a <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> beverage in the Netherlands in 1958. It appeared on the Swiss market one', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Rivella', 'wordcount': 649}, {'size': 21899, 'timestamp': '2016-09-22T12:54:47Z', 'snippet': 'either Tumours, swelling or from prolonged illness; Venus from either <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> or renal disease or from starvation; and Saturn and Rahu from poison, drowning', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Maraka (Hindu astrology)', 'wordcount': 3243}, {'size': 7489, 'timestamp': '2016-12-25T20:00:07Z', 'snippet': 'construction.    Medical &amp; Allied Cardiology Chest Medicine Dermatology <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span>, Endocrinology &amp; Metabolism Gastroenterology General Medicine Nephrology', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Liaquat National Hospital', 'wordcount': 832}, {'size': 7929, 'timestamp': '2016-05-08T05:42:33Z', 'snippet': 'career. Whilst working on commercial pieces for clients such as the NHS and <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> UK, Ferns also directed the music video \'The Clown\' for Beecake, the band', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Michael Ferns', 'wordcount': 583}, {'size': 44706, 'timestamp': '2017-05-08T19:48:26Z', 'snippet': 'Records.       The same year, Rutsey resigned because of his affliction with <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and a distaste for touring. Rush held auditions for a replacement drummer', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'History of Rush', 'wordcount': 5430}, {'size': 2682, 'timestamp': '2015-07-27T21:27:07Z', 'snippet': 'this to become Pink Salt and is rich in sodium and it helps to prevent <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> and other issues so as you can see Soconusco has a history it may be the', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Soconusco, Veracruz', 'wordcount': 395}, {'size': 12587, 'timestamp': '2017-06-15T11:14:25Z', 'snippet': 'Griffiths Reid in 2005, and they married in 2014. Parkinson has type 1 <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>.  Books Parkinson, R B (1991), The Tale of the eloquent Peasant, Griffith', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Richard B. Parkinson', 'wordcount': 1110}, {'size': 16725, 'timestamp': '2017-06-07T13:52:30Z', 'snippet': 'of the pancreas, this cured some infants but not all. Insulin-dependent <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus commonly develops, though in many cases it occurs many years after', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Congenital hyperinsulinism', 'wordcount': 1567}, {'size': 6791, 'timestamp': '2016-03-29T22:50:04Z', 'snippet': 'to comedian Matimtiman Cruz. He died in 1996 due to complications from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>; he was 70 years old.  An incomplete list of movies made by Balot:  Ang', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Balot (comedian)', 'wordcount': 248}, {'size': 27546, 'timestamp': '2017-06-27T19:38:34Z', 'snippet': 'emerging therapeutic role of heat-shock proteins in obesity and type 2 <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>&quot;. Mol Metab. 3 (8): 781–93. PMC\xa04216407\u202f. PMID\xa025379403. doi:10.1016/j', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'HSPA8', 'wordcount': 3357}, {'size': 9691, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T00:28:03Z', 'snippet': 'be 1,000 pounds (454\xa0kg). However, during her pregnancy, she developed <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and high blood pressure. Gouamba said he supports her goal: &quot;Gaining weight', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Donna Simpson (internet celebrity)', 'wordcount': 1178}, {'size': 19773, 'timestamp': '2017-06-26T08:43:07Z', 'snippet': '&quot;adult with senior parent,&quot; as well as addresses of households with a &quot;<span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> focus&quot; or &quot;senior needs.&quot; Forrester Research named Acxiom one of the largest', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Acxiom', 'wordcount': 1996}, {'size': 5312, 'timestamp': '2016-11-12T20:46:25Z', 'snippet': 'pathologist Grace Callagy noted that Faherty had suffered from Type 2 <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and hypertension but had not died from heart failure. Callagy concluded', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Death of Michael Faherty', 'wordcount': 655}, {'size': 83238, 'timestamp': '2017-06-19T12:55:53Z', 'snippet': '1920) October 30 – Serge Aubry, 69, ice hockey player (Quebec Nordiques), <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> (b. 1942)  November 6 – Hickstead, 15, Dutch-born Canadian show jumping', 'ns': 0, 'title': '2011 in Canada', 'wordcount': 6942}, {'size': 7361, 'timestamp': '2017-06-13T21:31:49Z', 'snippet': 'Transcutaneous Monitoring Point-of-Care Data Management Blood sampling <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> (via HemoCue) Hemoglobin Testing (via HemoCue) Quality Control Its products', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Radiometer (company)', 'wordcount': 664}, {'size': 5987, 'timestamp': '2016-04-30T23:41:12Z', 'snippet': 'include atherosclerosis and the vascular complications of hypertension and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. It is now known that this is mainly due to the production of free radicals', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Victor Darley-Usmar', 'wordcount': 774}, {'size': 6024, 'timestamp': '2017-05-10T19:52:34Z', 'snippet': 'encourage activities that help eliminate or reduce blood pressure levels, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, and high cholesterol. The church joined the 50 Million Pound Challenge', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Antioch Mission Baptist Church of Miami Gardens', 'wordcount': 580}, {'size': 10062, 'timestamp': '2017-06-23T04:52:41Z', 'snippet': 'prostitution, and his autobiography. Braun died from complications of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> on February 16, 2015 in Rome, Italy at the age of 78.  From 1961 onwards', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Lasse Braun', 'wordcount': 1231}, {'size': 131040, 'timestamp': '2017-06-16T07:48:40Z', 'snippet': 'Montgomery (2008) assigned alcoholism and substance abuse, arthritis, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus, fecal disorders in children, fecal incontinence in adults, insomnia', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Biofeedback', 'wordcount': 15806}, {'size': 21459, 'timestamp': '2017-06-06T10:27:57Z', 'snippet': 'dinoflagellates species.  It has demonstrated that phlorotannins can have anti-<span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span>, anti-cancer, anti-oxidation, antibacterial, radioprotective and anti-HIV', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Phlorotannin', 'wordcount': 2526}, {'size': 15954, 'timestamp': '2017-05-30T06:52:44Z', 'snippet': 'from the White House Conference on Children and Youth. Primus died from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> at her home in New Rochelle, New York on October 29, 1994.    Myers, Gerald', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Pearl Primus', 'wordcount': 1834}, {'size': 8164, 'timestamp': '2017-06-19T07:04:54Z', 'snippet': 'shipping movements. In his last twenty years Fisher suffered from gout and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. His death at home, after a bout of influenza, received little publicity:', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Joseph Fisher (Australian politician)', 'wordcount': 966}, {'size': 5831, 'timestamp': '2017-06-25T13:19:46Z', 'snippet': 'assessment and behavioral therapy products for the treatment of obesity, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, and CVD. BodyMedia have been used in hundreds of clinical studies. The', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'BodyMedia', 'wordcount': 458}, {'size': 71763, 'timestamp': '2017-06-30T11:44:19Z', 'snippet': 'Indy Lights road course Freedom 100   Brickyard 400   Brickyard 400 Lilly <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> 250   Other   U.S. Grand Prix Red Bull Grand Prix Triple Crown of Motorsport', 'ns': 0, 'title': '2008 Indianapolis 500', 'wordcount': 4126}, {'size': 22085, 'timestamp': '2016-09-23T06:15:17Z', 'snippet': 'action&quot;, &quot;stuttering or stammering children&quot;, &quot;palpitation after a meal&quot;, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus, ovarian cysts, and &quot;acne due to cosmetics&quot;.  The Dictionary of', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Bovista', 'wordcount': 1957}, {'size': 11245, 'timestamp': '2017-06-08T19:43:04Z', 'snippet': 'the People\'s Republic of China. Comodini Cachia also co-chairs the EU <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Working Group in the Parliament. Since her election as MEP, Comodini Cachia', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Therese Comodini Cachia', 'wordcount': 1202}, {'size': 3414, 'timestamp': '2017-04-06T04:58:17Z', 'snippet': 'sclerosis or spinal cord injury, CTP-499 in Phase II trials for Type 2 <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> kidney disease and CTP-786 (deuterated dextromethorphan).    Sanderson', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Deuterated drug', 'wordcount': 329}, {'size': 8597, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T09:46:25Z', 'snippet': 'iridis, her right eye is brown, her left one is green. She has Type 1 <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> since the age of 7.    The 13th Floor (2009) The Enigma of Life (2011)', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Ailyn', 'wordcount': 972}, {'size': 5944, 'timestamp': '2017-06-19T22:05:05Z', 'snippet': 'refurbishing of the Portland Art Museum, the creation of the Harold Schnitzer <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Health Center at Oregon Health and Science University, the restoration', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Harold Schnitzer', 'wordcount': 675}, {'size': 46327, 'timestamp': '2017-03-27T23:31:39Z', 'snippet': 'Consequently, many Tongan islanders have an increased risk of heart disease, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and other obesity related diseases which place the nation\'s health service', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Culture of Tonga', 'wordcount': 6656}, {'size': 13766, 'timestamp': '2017-01-22T15:29:37Z', 'snippet': 'source work to better suit it for the 2000s, such as the main character\'s <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, but was refused by the original author, Marga T. Shortly after the film\'s', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Teddy Soeriaatmadja', 'wordcount': 1094}, {'size': 13469, 'timestamp': '2017-06-22T01:49:09Z', 'snippet': 'does the presence of transplanted tissue or organs, rheumatic disease, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, HIV/AIDS and sickle cell disease. Swollen glands (lymph nodes) and red', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Cat bite', 'wordcount': 1531}, {'size': 5111, 'timestamp': '2016-10-12T12:59:07Z', 'snippet': 'maintained his law firm on St Georges Terrace, Perth, until his death from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> in February 1922. He had married twice, to Marion Adelaide Goodwin in 1881', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Richard Septimus Haynes', 'wordcount': 412}, {'size': 4020, 'timestamp': '2017-03-04T21:57:52Z', 'snippet': 'spinal cord. He also had works published involving studies of tetanus, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, paraplegia and muscular atrophy. The eponymous Clarke\'s nucleus (also', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Jacob Augustus Lockhart Clarke', 'wordcount': 516}, {'size': 16874, 'timestamp': '2017-05-26T04:15:16Z', 'snippet': 'actress and model Nicole Johnson, 1996, Miss America 1999, author and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> advocate Ann Liguori, 1982, sports radio and television personality, talk', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'List of University of South Florida alumni', 'wordcount': 1689}, {'size': 52834, 'timestamp': '2017-06-25T00:53:50Z', 'snippet': 'disease. Autoimmune diseases typically associated with celiac disease are <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus type 1, thyroiditis, gluten ataxia, psoriasis, vitiligo, autoimmune', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Non-celiac gluten sensitivity', 'wordcount': 5730}, {'size': 5943, 'timestamp': '2016-12-11T21:01:49Z', 'snippet': 'at Tiptree farm, particularly that of 1879, and at last, worn out with <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and broken-hearted, his affairs were put in liquidation on 14 December', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'John Joseph Mechi', 'wordcount': 697}, {'size': 4244, 'timestamp': '2017-04-07T23:05:03Z', 'snippet': 'to release insulin, which in turn can lead to insulin resistance (and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>) over time. Taubes also asserts that the consumption of carbohydrates leads', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Why We Get Fat', 'wordcount': 508}, {'size': 5166, 'timestamp': '2016-11-14T07:55:53Z', 'snippet': 'Oxford University, a biosensor that transformed the lives of people with <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. The principle they established, of using a mediator in a disposable electrochemical', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Tony Turner (scientist)', 'wordcount': 495}, {'size': 34024, 'timestamp': '2017-06-29T23:42:21Z', 'snippet': 'additional risks including asthma, hepatic steatosis, sleep apnea, and type 2 <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. Today nearly one in five children in the U.S. between ages 6–19 are obese', 'ns': 0, 'title': "Let's Move!", 'wordcount': 3920}, {'size': 9184, 'timestamp': '2016-12-20T11:07:50Z', 'snippet': 'Fellow of the Royal Society in May 1937. Stoner had been diagnosed with <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> in 1919. He controlled it with diet until 1927, when insulin treatment', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Edmund Clifton Stoner', 'wordcount': 845}, {'size': 8784, 'timestamp': '2016-11-30T19:50:09Z', 'snippet': 'their home on Wabash Avenue on September 20, 1880, from complications of <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. Harriet Rees decided to remain in Chicago. In 1888, then aged 71, Rees', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Harriet F. Rees House', 'wordcount': 1030}, {'size': 91004, 'timestamp': '2017-06-27T12:01:16Z', 'snippet': 'he was badly injured in a fall from a tram in Paris. He also developed <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. He suffered a heart attack in Paris at the end of 1882, and his doctor', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Judah P. Benjamin', 'wordcount': 12446}, {'size': 7056, 'timestamp': '2016-12-31T18:22:38Z', 'snippet': 'suffering from a number of ailments, including Alzheimer\'s disease and <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>, during her later years and had not been seen in public in several years', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Patricia Robinson', 'wordcount': 729}, {'size': 15994, 'timestamp': '2017-06-06T12:12:39Z', 'snippet': 'Department of Mental Health &amp; Behavioral Sciences Department of Endocrinology, <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> and Obesity Department of ENT Department of Physiotherapy &amp; Rehabilitation', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Max Healthcare', 'wordcount': 1517}, {'size': 3928, 'timestamp': '2016-03-26T12:11:42Z', 'snippet': ' Ann Arbor program seeks to slash factors that lead to heart disease, <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>&quot;. Ann Arbor News. Retrieved 17 March 2015.\xa0', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Melvyn Rubenfire', 'wordcount': 384}, {'size': 63943, 'timestamp': '2017-01-09T22:49:45Z', 'snippet': 'because of the life-time costs of treating associated conditions such as <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> and hypertension. Also, these policies have aided gains in life expectancy', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Food policy', 'wordcount': 7550}, {'size': 118488, 'timestamp': '2017-07-01T06:11:20Z', 'snippet': 'conservative, especially if the patient is either a tobacco smoker or a <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span>, or both, because such health factors negatively affect blood circulation', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Rhinoplasty', 'wordcount': 15869}, {'size': 16514, 'timestamp': '2017-06-30T02:51:10Z', 'snippet': 'Lamoureux E, Fenwick E, Pesudovs K. The impact of cataract, <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> retinopathy, <span class="searchmatch">diabetic</span> macular edema; and associated treatment interventions on quality', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Konrad Pesudovs', 'wordcount': 1693}, {'size': 9464, 'timestamp': '2017-02-02T22:24:06Z', 'snippet': 'him as he passes out in the cafeteria and wakes up to find out he has <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span>. Now, fearing his own mortality, he finally gets over his shame and requests', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Bob Rebadow', 'wordcount': 1463}, {'size': 7622, 'timestamp': '2017-05-25T20:55:40Z', 'snippet': 'Cooking Club Diversity Club Environmental Club FA Today French Club Juvenile <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Research Foundation Mock Trial Music Club Natural Helpers Science Olympiad', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Friends Academy', 'wordcount': 809}, {'size': 7625, 'timestamp': '2017-05-06T03:49:12Z', 'snippet': 'conditions; hypertension; accident and injuries; acute diarrhoeal disease; <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> mellitus; worm infestation; rheumatic arthritis; and mental and nervous', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Health in Guyana', 'wordcount': 1058}, {'size': 19254, 'timestamp': '2017-07-02T00:58:02Z', 'snippet': 'writing articles for various newspapers.  Kinsella, who had suffered from <span class="searchmatch">diabetes</span> for decades, elected to die with a physician\'s assistance on September', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'W. P. Kinsella', 'wordcount': 2248}, {'size': 8594, 'timestamp': '2017-05-31T04:15:39Z', 'snippet': 'hospital.  Dinajpur 250bed general Hospital Zia Heart Foundation Hospital <span class="searchmatch">Diabetic</span> Hospital BNSB Eye Hospital MCHC Center School Health Center Center For', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Dinajpur Medical College', 'wordcount': 900}, {'size': 2853, 'timestamp': '2016-04-16T17:56:57Z', 'snippet': 'joint conditions Breast disease Cancer Cardiology Dentistry Dermatology <span class="searchmatch">Diabetes</span> Genetics Heart disease Hematology Mental illness Neurology Obesity Pediatrics', 'ns': 0, 'title': 'Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula', 'wordcount': 341}], 'searchinfo': {'totalhits': 13126}}, 'batchcomplete': ''}
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