import pywikibot
import mwparserfromhell
enwp = pywikibot.Site('en','wikimedia')

KeyErrorTraceback (most recent call last)
/srv/paws/lib/python3.4/site-packages/pywikibot/ in load(fam)
    923                 warnings.simplefilter("ignore", RuntimeWarning)
--> 924                 mod = imp.load_source(fam, config.family_files[fam])
    925         except (ImportError, KeyError):

KeyError: 'wikimedia'

During handling of the above exception, another exception occurred:

UnknownFamilyTraceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-43-214241e67f92> in <module>()
----> 1 enwp = pywikibot.Site('en','wikimedia')

/srv/paws/lib/python3.4/site-packages/pywikibot/ in Site(code, fam, user, sysop, interface, url)
    787         if not isinstance(fam, Family):
--> 788             fam = Family.load(fam)
    790     interface = interface or fam.interface(code)

/srv/paws/lib/python3.4/site-packages/pywikibot/tools/ in wrapper(*__args, **__kw)
   1412                              cls, depth)
   1413                     del __kw[old_arg]
-> 1414             return obj(*__args, **__kw)
   1416         if not __debug__:

/srv/paws/lib/python3.4/site-packages/pywikibot/ in load(fam)
    924                 mod = imp.load_source(fam, config.family_files[fam])
    925         except (ImportError, KeyError):
--> 926             raise UnknownFamily(u'Family %s does not exist' % fam)
    927         cls = mod.Family()
    928         if != fam:

UnknownFamily: Family wikimedia does not exist
rc = pywikibot.Page(enwp,'Special:Log/block')
wikichange = rc.get()

AssertionErrorTraceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-42-f01a18f18d17> in <module>()
----> 1 wikichange = rc.get()

/srv/paws/lib/python3.4/site-packages/pywikibot/tools/ in wrapper(*__args, **__kw)
   1412                              cls, depth)
   1413                     del __kw[old_arg]
-> 1414             return obj(*__args, **__kw)
   1416         if not __debug__:

/srv/paws/lib/python3.4/site-packages/pywikibot/ in get(self, force, get_redirect, sysop)
    403             del self.latest_revision_id
    404         try:
--> 405             self._getInternals(sysop)
    406         except pywikibot.IsRedirectPage:
    407             if not get_redirect:

/srv/paws/lib/python3.4/site-packages/pywikibot/ in _getInternals(self, sysop)
    433         if self._latest_cached_revision() is None:
    434             try:
--> 435       , getText=True, sysop=sysop)
    436             except (pywikibot.NoPage, pywikibot.SectionError) as e:
    437                 self._getexception = e

/srv/paws/lib/python3.4/site-packages/pywikibot/ in loadrevisions(self, page, getText, revids, startid, endid, starttime, endtime, rvdir, user, excludeuser, section, sysop, step, total, rollback)
   3822             if "missing" in pagedata:
   3823                 raise NoPage(page)
-> 3824             api.update_page(page, pagedata, rvgen.props)
   3826     # TODO: expand support to other parameters of action=parse?

/srv/paws/lib/python3.4/site-packages/pywikibot/data/ in update_page(page, pagedict, props)
   3126                 raise InvalidTitle('%s: %s' % (page, pagedict['invalidreason']))
   3127         raise AssertionError(
-> 3128             "Page %s has neither 'pageid' nor 'missing' attribute" % pagedict['title'])
   3129     page._contentmodel = pagedict.get('contentmodel')  # can be None
   3130     if (page._contentmodel and

AssertionError: Page Special:Log/block has neither 'pageid' nor 'missing' attribute
'{{pp-semi-indef|small=yes}}\n{{Redirect|WP:SPEC|the policy on speculative information in articles|Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not#Wikipedia is not a crystal ball}}\n{{namespaces}}\n{{shortcut|WP:SPEC|WP:SPECIAL}}\n\'\'\'Special pages\'\'\' are pages that have no [[WP:Wikitext|wikitext]], but are generated by the software on demand. They are found in the "Special:" [[WP:Namespace|namespace]]. It is not possible to make a redirect to a special page, or to create normal pages beginning with the "Special:" prefix.\n\nSpecial pages often take [[Parameter (computer science)|arguments]]. Sometimes these can be supplied after a slash (as in [[Special:Log/block]]); in other cases an index.php call is used, as in Also the content of some special pages depends on preferences that have been set by the user, e.g. classic or enhanced Recent Changes, the number of titles in Recent Changes and the watchlist, etc.\n\nThe special pages can be accessed from [[Special:Specialpages]], which is found in the sidebar of every page on Wikipedia. It is located in the Toolbox section.\n\n==Modifying special pages==\nAlthough special pages are not themselves editable, they generally contain standard text which is modifiable (although only by administrators). This text is contained in pages in the [[WP:MediaWiki namespace|MediaWiki namespace]]. To find the right portion of text, see [[Special:AllMessages]]. To propose a modification, leave an {{tl|edit protected}} request on the talk page of the relevant MediaWiki page. An administrator will make the change if it seems appropriate.\n\n==Available special pages==\n===General information===\n* [[Special:SpecialPages]]: a list of most special pages currently available to all users.\n* [[Special:AllMessages|Special:AllMessages (System messages)]]: displays all pages in the MediaWiki namespace. See [[Help:System message]]\n* [[Special:Statistics]]: total number of pages and users in various categories.\n* [[Special:Version]]: shows the version of the software the site is currently running, and a listing of extensions installed.\n* [[Special:SiteMatrix|Special:SiteMatrix (Wikimedia wikis)]]: lists all Wikimedia projects (such as different language Wikipedias) and their codes.\n\n===Page listings===\n* [[Special:AllPages]]: allows the user to access a portion of an alphabetical list of all Wikipedia pages in a specified namespace. A starting point can be given as a parameter, e.g. [[Special:AllPages/T]] (pages in the main namespace, from "T"), [[Special:Allpages/Template:]] (pages in the Template: namespace, from the start). For the order in which pages are listed, see [[Help:Alphabetical order]].\n* [[Special:PrefixIndex|Special:PrefixIndex (All pages with prefix)]]: similar to AllPages. Lists all pages of a specified namespace beginning with a given prefix. Useful to find subpages, for example: [[Special:PrefixIndex/User:Example]].\n* [[Special:Categories]]: shows an alphabetical list of categories, with numbers of members.\n* [[Special:CategoryTree]]: displays categories in a tree structure.\n* [[Special:ListFiles|Special:ListFiles (File list)]]: list of images and other files uploaded; can be sorted by size or date. [[Special:ListFiles/Example]] lists files uploaded by User:Example.\n* [[Special:ListRedirects|Special:ListRedirects (Redirects)]]: lists all redirects.\n* [[Special:ProtectedPages]]: lists protected pages.\n* [[Special:ProtectedTitles]]: lists titles which have been protected to prevent pages being created there.\n* [[Special:StablePages|Special:StablePages (Pages using Pending Changes)]]: lists pages under [[WP:pending changes|pending changes]] protection.\n* [[Special:PagesWithProp|Special:PagesWithProp (Pages with a page property)]]: lists pages that use a particular page property.\n* [[Special:UnconnectedPages|Special:UnconnectedPages (Pages not connected to items)]]: lists pages not connected with any item from Wikidata.\n\n===Tools===\n* [[Special:Search]]: for searching Wikipedia. See [[Help:Searching]].\n* [[Special:WhatLinksHere]]: enables listing all pages linking to a given page (including transclusions and redirects). The target can be specified as a parameter, e.g. [[Special:WhatLinksHere/Swaziland]]. See [[Help:What links here]].\n* [[Special:ComparePages]]: to compare two pages (diffs between two pages).\n* Special:Diff: e.g. <nowiki>[[Special:Diff/611653557|<text>]]</nowiki> gives [[Special:Diff/611653557|diff between version 611653557 and the preceding version of the same article]], or <nowiki>[[Special:Diff/583498451/611653557|<text>]]</nowiki> gives [[Special:Diff/583498451/611653557|diff between version 583498451 and 611653557]], not necessarily of the same article, e.g. [[Special:Diff/330350877/611653557]].\n** [[Special:MobileDiff/548289653...567368971|Special:MobileDiff/\'\'id1\'\'...\'\'id2\'\']]: diffs in mobile version. e.g., [[Special:MobileDiff/548289653...567368971]]\n* [[Special:MovePage]]: for moving (renaming) a page (see [[Help:Moving a page]]). The page must be given as a parameter.\n* [[Special:Upload|Special:Upload (Upload file)]]: upload a file to the wiki.\n* [[Special:Export|Special:Export (Export pages)]]: produces an XML file containing the wikitext and metadata of either the current version only, or all revisions, of one or more pages, specified in the form of a list; the XML file is in the format required for Special:Import; exporting is typically done either in preparation of applying the latter at another MediaWiki project, or for searching within old page revisions. See [[Help:Export]].\n* [[Special:MIMESearch]]: filters files for [[MIME type]].\n* [[Special:Nearby]]: to see a list articles around you (articles near your geographical location)\n* [[Special:Random]]: redirects to a random page from the main namespace which is not a redirect. Other namespaces can be specified as a parameter, e.g. [[Special:Random/Talk]].See [[Wikipedia:Random]] for more details.\n* [[Special:RandomInCategory|Special:RandomInCategory (Random page in category)]]: redirects to a random page within the specified category.\n* [[Special:RandomRedirect]]: redirects to a random redirect page.\n* [[Special:Gadgets]]: lists gadgets that users can enable in their preferences.\n* [[Special:Book|Special:Book (Manage your book)]]: gives access to functionality for creating personalized sets of Wikipedia pages. See [[Help:Books]].\n* [[Special:VipsTest|Special:VipsTest (VIPS scaling test page)]]\n* [[Special:TemplateSandbox]]\n* [[Special:ApiSandbox]]\n\n===Latest changes===\n* [[Special:RecentChanges]]: lists the latest edits in the project. Changes to watched pages appear bold. See [[Help:Recent changes]].\n* [[Special:RecentChangesLinked|Special:RecentChangesLinked (Related changes)]]: enables listing of the most recent changes in pages linked from a selected page, or belonging to a selected category. Changes to watched pages appear bold. The page can be supplied as a parameter, e.g. [[Special:RecentChangesLinked/Lesotho]]. See [[Help:Related changes]].\n* [[Special:PendingChanges|Special:PendingChanges (Articles with edits awaiting review )]]: articles with edits awaiting review. See [[Wikipedia:Pending changes]].\n* [[Special:ProblemChanges|Special:ProblemChanges (Tagged pending changes)]]: tagged pending changes.\n* [[Special:NewPages]]: newest pages with creation date and time, current size, user who created the page, and first edit summary, in reverse order of creation. See [[Wikipedia:New pages patrol]].\n** [[Special:NewPagesFeed]]: for new page patrolling. See [[Wikipedia:Page Curation]]\n* [[Special:NewFiles|Special:NewFiles (Gallery of new files )]]: gallery of new uploaded files.\n* [[Special:Log|Special:Log (All public logs)]]: combined display of various logs. The type of log, user and page affected can be specified. Parameters "block", "delete", "protect" and "upload" are available. e.g. [[Special:Log/block]] displays the block log directly. For more information, see [[Help:Log]].\n* [[Special:AdvancedReviewLog]]: lists recent approvals and deprecations of pending revisions.\n* [[Special:AbuseFilter|Special:AbuseFilter (Edit filter management)]]: a set of tools for detecting problematic edits. See [[Wikipedia:Edit filter]].\n* [[Special:AbuseLog|Special:AbuseLog (Edit filter log)]]: the log generated by the Abuse Filter.\n* [[Special:Tags]]: lists the tags with which edits may be marked. See [[Wikipedia:Tags]].\n\n===Users===\n* [[Special:ListUsers|Special:ListUsers (Users)]]: lists all registered users. Can be filtered by group (e.g. administrators) and other criteria. Note that [[Special:ListAdmins]] redirects to [[Special:ListUsers/sysop]].\n* [[Special:ActiveUsers|Special:ActiveUsers (Active users list)]]: lists editors who have performed at least one action in the last 30 days.\n* [[Special:BlockList|Special:BlockList (Blocked users)]]: blocked IPs and usernames.\n* [[Special:Contributions|Special:Contributions (User contributions)]]: enables listing of a user\'s contributions, or all new users\' contributions. The user can be supplied as a parameter, e.g. [[Special:Contributions/Jimbo Wales]]. See [[Help:User contributions]].\n* [[Special:CentralAuth|Special:CentralAuth (Global account information )]]: global user statistics through the [[Wikipedia:Unified login|unified login or SUL (single user login)]]. e.g. [[Special:CentralAuth/Jimbo Wales]]\n* [[Special:ListGroupRights|Special:ListGroupRights (User group rights)]]: shows the rights assigned to particular groups of users on Wikipedia.\n* [[Special:GlobalUsers|Special:GlobalUsers (Global accounts list)]]\n* [[Special:GlobalBlockList|Special:GlobalBlockList (List of globally blocked IP addresses)]]\n* [[Special:GlobalGroupPermissions|Special:GlobalGroupPermissions (Global group management)]]\n* [[Special:EmailUser]]: e.g. [[Special:EmailUser/Jimbo Wales]]. See [[Wikipedia:Emailing users]].\n\n===Personal===\n* [[Special:UserLogin|Special:UserLogin (Log in)]]: to log in to Wikipedia. [[Special:UserLogin/signup|Special:UserLogin/signup (Create account)]] to create an account. See [[Help:Logging in]].\n* [[Special:UserLogout|Special:UserLogout (Log out)]]: to log out of your account.\n* [[Special:CentralLogin|Special:CentralLogin (Central user log in)]]\n* [[Special:ChangePassword]], [[Special:ChangeEmail|Special:ChangeEmail (Change or remove email address)]], [[Special:ConfirmEmail|Special:ConfirmEmail (Confirm email address)]] and [[Special:ResetTokens]]\n* [[Special:Preferences]]: allows you to view and modify your personal settings. See [[Help:Preferences]].\n* [[Special:Contributions|Special:Contributions  (User contributions)]]\n** [[Special:MyContributions]]: links to your contributions page. See [[Help:User contributions]].\n* [[Special:MyUploads|Special:MyUploads (File list)]]: lists files you have uploaded.\n* [[Special:MyPage]]: links to your [[WP:User page|user page]].\n* [[Special:Notifications]]: links to your [[WP:notifications|notifications]] page\n* [[Special:MyTalk]]: links to your user talk page.\n* [[Special:Watchlist]]: shows recent changes to the pages you are watching. See [[Help:Watching pages]].\n* [[Special:EditWatchlist]] and [[Special:EditWatchlist/raw]]: To edit your watchlist.\n* [[Special:MergeAccount|Special:MergeAccount (Login unification status)]]: to create a unified account to log on to any Wikimedia project. See [[Help:Unified login]].\n\n===Maintenance===\n* [[Special:BrokenRedirects]]: broken redirects.\n* [[Special:DisambiguationPages]]: lists all the disambiguation pages.\n* [[Special:DisambiguationPageLinks|Special:DisambiguationPageLinks (Pages linking to disambiguation pages)]], which lists all of the pages that link to disambiguation pages. (This is a replacement for the old Special:Disambiguations page which is deprecated.)\n* [[Special:DoubleRedirects]]: lists redirects that redirect to another redirect. May contain false positives.\n* [[Special:LongPages]]: pages in the main namespace, with size in bytes, in order of decreasing size.\n* [[Special:ShortPages]]: pages in the main namespace, with size (of the wikitext excluding that of templates used) in bytes, in order of increasing size.\n* [[Special:MostLinkedFiles|Special:MostLinkedFiles (Most linked-to files)]]: lists images and other files linked from the largest number of pages.\n* [[Special:WithoutInterwiki|Special:WithoutInterwiki (Pages without language links)]]: pages without links to other language Wikipedias.\n* [[Special:UncategorizedPages]]: pages without category tags. Note that after adding a tag to a page, refreshing this page does not immediately reflect the change. Note also that [[Special:UncategorizedCategories]] is disabled; use [[Wikipedia:Database reports/Uncategorized categories]] instead.\n* [[Special:UncategorizedFiles]]: images and other files without category tags (see above).\n* [[Special:UncategorizedTemplates]]: templates without category tags (see above).\n* [[Special:UnusedCategories]]\n* [[Special:UnusedFiles]]\n* [[Special:UnusedTemplates]]: templates which are not transcluded (however, they may be used for substitution).\n* [[Special:WantedCategories]]: categories with members but no category page.\n* [[Special:WantedFiles]]: missing image files and others.\n* [[Special:FileDuplicateSearch|Special:FileDuplicateSearch (Search for duplicate files)]]\n\n===Miscellaneous===\n* [[Special:BlankPage]]: a blank page.\n* [[Special:Random]]: a random page.\n* [[Special:Cite|Special:Cite (Cite This Page)]]: generates bibliographic citations, in several formats, for citing a Wikipedia article as a reference.\n* [[Special:BookSources]]: search sources for a book by inputting the book\'s [[ISBN]] number.\n* [[Special:Captcha|Special:Captcha (CAPTCHA help)]]: shows "Captcha" help.\n* [[Special:ExpandTemplates]]: an extension used to produce expanded wikitext, i.e. templates, parser functions and variables in the input text are expanded recursively. See also [[mw:Extension:ExpandTemplates]].\n* [[Special:FilePath|Special:FilePath (Redirect by file, user, page or revision ID)]]: returns the complete path for a file.\n* [[Special:LinkSearch|Special:LinkSearch (External links search)]]: for searching for external links. See [[Help:Linksearch]].\n* [[Special:MobileOptions|Special:MobileOptions (Settings)]]: change settings for Mobile view.\n* [[Special:Permalink/532639569|Special:Permalink/\'\'Oldid\'\']]: for linking to a specific version of a wiki page. See [[Help:Permanent link]].\n* [[Special:Redirect|Special:Redirect (Redirect by file, user, page or revision ID)]]: [[Special:Redirect/revision/532639569]] is equivalent to [[Special:Permalink/532639569]]\n* [[Special:Interwiki|Special:Interwiki (View interwiki data)]]: view interwiki data.\n* [[Special:SecurePoll]]\n* [[Special:WikiSets]]\n* [[Special:ValidationStatistics|Special:ValidationStatistics (Page review statistics)]]: page review statistics for pending changes.\n* [[Special:Hieroglyphs|Special:Hieroglyphs (Try hieroglyph markup)]]: to try out hieroglyph markup.\n\n===Restricted special pages===\nThe following pages can be accessed only by users with certain privileges.\n* [[Special:Block]]: available to [[WP:Administrator|administrators]]. Used to block or unblock users, IPs and ranges of IPs.\n* [[Special:Import]]: available to administrators and importers. See [[Help:Import]].\n* [[Special:Undelete]]: available to administrators. Provides one way to undelete a page.\n* [[Special:DeletedContributions]]: available to administrators.\n* [[Special:UnwatchedPages]]: available to administrators.\n* [[Special:MassMessage]]: allows administrators to send a message to a list of users ([[:mw:Help:Extension:MassMessage|help]]).\n* [[Special:Nuke]]: available to administrators.\n* [[Special:LockDB]] and [[Special:UnlockDB]]: available only to [[WP:Developer|developers]]. Used to switch the database between read/write and read-only modes.\n* [[Special:UserRights]]: available to administrators. Used to assign and remove user access rights (e.g. [[WP:Rollback|rollbacker]] status).\n* [[Special:CheckUser]]: available to users with the [[WP:CheckUser|checkuser]] privilege.\n\n===Wikipedia Education Program===\n{{See|Wikipedia:Course pages}}\n* [[Special:CampusVolunteers]]\n* [[Special:OnlineVolunteers]]\n* [[Special:Courses]]\n* [[Special:MyCourses|Special:MyCourses (Your courses)]] \n* [[Special:ManageCourses|Special:ManageCourses (Manage your courses)]] \n* [[Special:Students]]\n* [[Special:StudentActivity]]\n* [[Special:Institutions]]\n\n===Inactive===\nThe following special pages are stored, but are not currently updated. Some of these pages have analogues on the [[WP:Toolserver]].\n* [[Special:FewestRevisions|Special:FewestRevisions (Pages with the fewest revisions)]]: lists articles with the fewest revisions.\n* [[Special:MostCategories|Special:MostCategories (Pages with the most categories)]]: lists articles whose number of categories is largest.\n* [[Special:MostRevisions|Special:MostRevisions (Pages with the most revisions)]]: lists articles with the most revisions.\n* [[Special:DeadendPages]]: pages without any outgoing links.\n* [[Special:MostLinkedCategories|Special:MostLinkedCategories (Most linked-to categories)]]: lists categories with the most pages.\n* [[Special:MostLinkedPages|Special:MostLinkedPages (Most linked-to pages)]]: lists pages linked from the largest number of other pages.\n* [[Special:MostLinkedTemplates|Special:MostLinkedTemplates or Special:MostTranscludedPages (Most transcluded pages)]]: lists templates for which the number of pages in which the template is transcluded is largest, not counting transclusions through redirects.\n* [[Special:LonelyPages|Special:LonelyPages (Orphaned pages)]]: i.e. articles with no links to them in the wiki.\n* [[Special:WantedPages]]\n* [[Special:WantedTemplates]]\n* [[Special:AncientPages|Special:AncientPages (Dormant pages)]]: pages in the main namespace, in order of last edit. See [[Wikipedia:Dusty pages]].\n\n== Linking and transcluding ==\n{{anchor|Linking to or listing special pages}}\nTo create a link to a special page:\n* <code><nowiki>[[Special:PrefixIndex/HMS]]</nowiki></code> → [[Special:PrefixIndex/HMS]]\nIt can take a label:\n* <code><nowiki>[[Special:PrefixIndex/HMS|All HMSs]]</nowiki></code> → [[Special:PrefixIndex/HMS|All HMSs]]\n\nTo present the list on a page, transclude the name:\n* <code><nowiki>{{Special:PrefixIndex/HMS}}</nowiki></code>\nHowever, some pages cannot be transcluded and would produce only a wikilink (e.g., <code><nowiki>{{Special:Random}}</nowiki></code> → {{Special:Random}}). When non-existent pages are linked or transcluded, a red link is produced (e.g., [[Special:Example]]).\n\nMore information on transcludable special pages can be found at [[Wikipedia:Transclusion#Special pages]].\n\n==Special pages in other languages==\nThe term in the site language equivalent to English "Special" is used in each project. E.g.\n* "Speciaal" in Dutch\n* "Spezial" in German\n* "Speciális" in Hungarian\n* "מיוחד:" in Hebrew\n* "특수" in Korean\n* and "خاص" in Urdu\nThese also appear in the [[Help:URL|URLs]]. The English word "Special" always works, even on foreign-language sites. \n\n==See also==\n* [[mw:Writing a new special page|Writing a new special page]] on the MediaWiki site\n* [[mw:Category:Special page extensions|Special page extensions]]: MediaWiki category\n* [[m:Category:Special page extensions|Special page extensions]]: Meta category\n* [[m:Help:Special page|Help:Special page]] on Meta\n* [ MediaWiki special page class definitions]\n\n{{Wikipedia technical help|collapsed}}\n[[Category:Wikipedia features|Special Page]]\n[[Category:Wikipedia sidebar help]]\n[[Category:Wikipedia interface help]]\n[[Category:Special page templates| ]]'