Python Fundamentals

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iPython Notebook Magic

Short cut keys:

  • comment out a line of code = command + /
  • run block of code = shift + enter
  • autocomplete text = tab
  • help for function = shift + tab
  • view shortcut menu - esc then h

Web based viewer for ipython notebooks

Write your first python program


Numbers in python:

Numeric types: int, float, and bool.


String Insertion

Basic string insertions


You can insert multiple values into strings but requires labels


Try reversing order of the variables name and place.|


Basic math in python

Some operators are pretty obvious


But some operators are less intuitive


Assign values to variables


Use math with variables


Try dividing x by z


Try dividing x by 4.0



Syntax requires 4 things:

  • prefix of 'def'
  • name for function
  • parentheses followed by a colon
  • indented code on the next line

Create a simple function


Call function by name


You can create a function that requires an input and returns a result


Line Continuation

Python recognizes that code lines that end with a comma are incomplete


You can also use the backslash


Exercise: Build a Function

1. Create a function that converts Celsius to Fahrenheit. Results should be accurate to at least one decimal point.


2. Update your function to return a sentence (string type) with the Celsius and Fahrenheit values inserted into the string.