import pywikibot
import types
from pywikibot import pagegenerators as pg
import csv
import datetime

def extract_artworks (type_name, wikidata_id):
    """Extracts artworks metadata from Wikidata and stores them in a *.csv file.

    type_name -- e.g., 'drawings', will be used as filename
    wikidata_id -- e.g., 'wd:Q93184' Wikidata ID of a class; all instances of this class and all subclasses with label, creator, and image will be loaded.
    extract_artworks('drawings', 'wd:Q93184')
    extract_artworks('sculptures', 'wd:Q860861')
    extract_artworks('paintings', 'wd:Q3305213')
    print(, "Starting with",  type_name)
    QUERY = 'SELECT  ?item WHERE {SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en". } ?cls wdt:P279* ' + wikidata_id + ' . ?item wdt:P31 ?cls; wdt:P170 ?creator; wdt:P18 ?image .}' 
    # all artworks of this type (including subtypes) with label, creator, and image
    wikidata_site = pywikibot.Site("wikidata", "wikidata")
    items = pg.WikidataSPARQLPageGenerator(QUERY, site=wikidata_site)
    count = 0
    with open(type_name + ".csv", "w", newline="", encoding='utf-8') as file:
        fields = ["id", "classes","label", "description", "image", "creators", "locations", "genres", "movements", "inception" , "materials", "depicts", "country", "height", "width"]
        writer = csv.DictWriter(file, fieldnames=fields, delimiter=';', quotechar='"')

        for item in items:
#            if count > 50:
#                continue

            # mandatory fields
                item_dict = item.get()
                label = item_dict["labels"]["en"]
                clm_dict = item_dict["claims"]
                classes = list(map (lambda clm: clm.getTarget().id, clm_dict["P31"]))
                image = clm_dict["P18"][0].getTarget().get_file_url()
                creators = list(map (lambda clm: clm.getTarget().id, clm_dict["P170"]))
            # optional fields
                description = item_dict["descriptions"]["en"] 
                description = "" 
                locations =  list(map (lambda clm: clm.getTarget().id, clm_dict["P276"])) 
                locations = [] 
                genres =   list(map (lambda clm: clm.getTarget().id, clm_dict["P136"])) 
                genres = []
                movements =  list(map (lambda clm: clm.getTarget().id, clm_dict["P135"])) 
                movements = []        
                inception = clm_dict["P571"][0].getTarget().year 
                inception = ""
                materials =  list(map (lambda clm: clm.getTarget().id, clm_dict["P186"])) 
                materials = []
                depicts =  list(map (lambda clm: clm.getTarget().id, clm_dict["P180"]))
                depicts = []
                country = clm_dict["P17"][0].getTarget().get()["labels"]["en"]
                country = ""
                height = str(clm_dict["P2048"][0].getTarget().amount) 
                height = ""
                width = str(clm_dict["P2049"][0].getTarget().amount) 
                width = "" 
            count +=1
            print(str(count) + " ", end='')
            writer.writerow({"id":, "classes": classes,"label": label, "description": description, "image": image, "creators": creators, "locations": locations, "genres": genres, "movements": movements, "inception": inception , "materials": materials, "depicts": depicts, "country": country, "height": height, "width": width})
            #print(classes, item, label, description, image, creators, locations, genres, movements,  inception, materials, depicts,  country, height, width)

    print(, "Finished with",  type_name)


#extract_artworks("drawings", "wd:Q93184")
#extract_artworks("sculptures", "wd:Q860861")
#extract_artworks("paintings", "wd:Q3305213")
import pywikibot
import csv
import datetime
import ast

def extract_subjects(subject_type):
    """Extracts metadata from Wikidata of a certain subject type and stores them in a *.csv file
    subject_type -- one of 'genres', 'movements', 'materials', 'depicts', 'creators', 'locations'. Will be used as filename
    Precondition: Files 'paintings.csv', 'drawings.csv', 'sculptures.csv' must have been created before (function extract_artworks). 
    Metadata for artworks in theses files will be stored.
    print(, "Starting with", subject_type)
    subjects = set()
    file_names = ['paintings.csv', 'drawings.csv', 'sculptures.csv']
    for file_name in file_names:
        with open(file_name, newline="", encoding='utf-8') as file:
            reader = csv.DictReader(file, delimiter=';', quotechar='"')
            for row in reader:
                item_subjects = ast.literal_eval(row[subject_type]) # parses list from string
                for subject in item_subjects:

    site = pywikibot.Site("wikidata", "wikidata")
    repo = site.data_repository()
    print("Total: " , len(subjects) , subject_type)
    count = 0    
    with open(subject_type + ".csv", "w", newline="", encoding='utf-8') as file:
        fields = ["id", "classes", "label", "description", "image"]
        if subject_type == "creators":
            fields += ["gender", "date_of_birth", "date_of_death", "place_of_birth", "place_of_death", "citizenship", "movements", "influenced_by"]
        if subject_type == "movements":
            fields += ["influenced_by"]
        if subject_type == "locations":
            fields += ["country", "website", "part_of", "lat", "lon"]
        writer = csv.DictWriter(file, fieldnames=fields, delimiter=';', quotechar='"')

        for subject in subjects:
#            if count > 50:
#                continue
                item = pywikibot.ItemPage(repo, subject)
                item_dict = item.get()            
                clm_dict = item_dict["claims"]
                 classes = list(map (lambda clm: clm.getTarget().id, clm_dict["P31"]))
                 classes = []
                label = item_dict["labels"]["en"] 
                label = "" 
                description = item_dict["descriptions"]["en"] 
                description = "" 
                 image = clm_dict["P18"][0].getTarget().get_file_url()
                 image = ""

            if subject_type == "creators":
                    gender = clm_dict["P21"][0].getTarget().get()["labels"]["en"] 
                    gender = ""
                    date_of_birth = clm_dict["P569"][0].getTarget().year 
                    date_of_birth = ""
                    date_of_death = clm_dict["P570"][0].getTarget().year 
                    date_of_death = ""
                    place_of_birth = clm_dict["P19"][0].getTarget().get()["labels"]["en"]  
                    place_of_birth = ""
                    place_of_death = clm_dict["P20"][0].getTarget().get()["labels"]["en"]  
                    place_of_death = ""
                    citizenship = clm_dict["P27"][0].getTarget().get()["labels"]["en"]
                    citizenship = ""
                    movements =  list(map (lambda clm: clm.getTarget().id, clm_dict["P135"])) 
                    movements = []        
                    influenced_by =  list(map (lambda clm: clm.getTarget().id, clm_dict["P737"])) 
                    influenced_by = []        
            if subject_type == "movements":
                    influenced_by =  list(map (lambda clm: clm.getTarget().id, clm_dict["P737"])) 
                    influenced_by = []        
            if subject_type == "locations":
                    country = clm_dict["P17"][0].getTarget().get()["labels"]["en"]
                    country = ""
                    website = clm_dict["P856"][0].getTarget()
                    website = ""
                    part_of =  list(map (lambda clm: clm.getTarget().id, clm_dict["P361"])) 
                    part_of = []        
                    coordinate = clm_dict["P625"][0].getTarget()
                    lat =
                    lon = coordinate.lon
                    lat = ""
                    lon = ""
            count +=1
            print(str(count) + " ", end='')
            if subject_type == "creators":
                writer.writerow({"id":, "classes": classes,"label": label, "description": description, "image": image, "gender": gender, "date_of_birth": date_of_birth, "date_of_death": date_of_death, "place_of_birth": place_of_birth, "place_of_death": place_of_death, "citizenship": citizenship, "movements": movements, "influenced_by": influenced_by})
            if subject_type == "movements":
                writer.writerow({"id":, "classes": classes,"label": label, "description": description, "image": image, "influenced_by": influenced_by})
            elif subject_type == "locations":
                writer.writerow({"id":, "classes": classes,"label": label, "description": description, "image": image, "country": country, "website": website, "part_of": part_of, "lat": lat, "lon": lon})
                writer.writerow({"id":, "classes": classes,"label": label, "description": description, "image": image})

    print(, "Finished with", subject_type)

import pywikibot
import csv
import datetime
import ast

def extract_classes():
    """Extracts metadata of classes from Wikidata and stores them in a *.csv file
    Precondition: Files 'paintings.csv', 'drawings.csv', 'sculptures.csv', 'genres.csv', 'movements.csv', 'materials.csv', 'depicts.csv', 'creators.csv', 'locations.csv' must have been created before (functions extract_artworks and extract_subjects). 
    Metadata for classes referenced in theses files will be stored.
    print(, "Starting with classes")
    classes = set()
    class_dict = dict()
    file_names = ['paintings.csv', 'drawings.csv', 'sculptures.csv', 'genres.csv', 'movements.csv', 'materials.csv', 'depicts.csv', 'creators.csv', 'locations.csv']

    for file_name in file_names:
        with open(file_name, newline="", encoding='utf-8') as file:
            reader = csv.DictReader(file, delimiter=';', quotechar='"')
            for row in reader:
                item_classes = ast.literal_eval(row['classes']) # parses list from string
                for item_class in item_classes:

    site = pywikibot.Site("wikidata", "wikidata")
    repo = site.data_repository()
    print("Total: " , len(classes) , "classes")
    count = 0    

    for cls in classes:
#        if count > 10:
#            continue
        extract_class(cls, class_dict, repo)
        count +=1
        print(str(count) + " ", end='')
    with open("classes.csv", "w", newline="", encoding='utf-8') as file:
        fields = ["id", "label", "description", "subclass_of"]
        writer = csv.DictWriter(file, fieldnames=fields, delimiter=';', quotechar='"')
        for cls in class_dict:

    print(, "Finished with classes")

def extract_class (cls, class_dict, repo):
    """Extracts metadata of a class and it superclasses from Wikidata and stores them in a dictionary
    cls -- ID of a Wikidata class
    class_dict -- dictionary with Wikidata ID as key and a dict of class attributes as value; will be updated
    repo -- Wikidata repository as accessed using pywikibot
    if not cls in class_dict:
            item = pywikibot.ItemPage(repo, cls)
            item_dict = item.get()            
            clm_dict = item_dict["claims"]
            print("except " + str(cls))
            label = item_dict["labels"]["en"] 
            label = "" 
            description = item_dict["descriptions"]["en"] 
            description = "" 
            subclass_of =  list(map (lambda clm: clm.getTarget().id, clm_dict["P279"])) 
            subclass_of = []
        class_dict[cls] = {"id":, "label": label, "description": description, "subclass_of": subclass_of}
        for superclass in subclass_of:
            extract_class (superclass, class_dict, repo)


2019-03-04 11:14:05.433765 Starting with classes
Total:  3009 classes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180 181 182 183 184 185 186 187 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 234 235 236 237 238 239 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 259 260 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 268 269 270 271 272 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 292 293 294 295 296 297 298 299 300 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309 310 311 312 313 314 315 316 317 318 319 320 321 322 323 324 325 326 327 328 329 330 331 332 333 334 335 336 337 338 339 340 341 342 343 344 345 346 347 348 349 350 351 352 353 354 355 356 357 358 359 360 361 362 363 364 365 366 367 368 369 370 371 372 373 374 375 376 377 378 379 380 381 382 383 384 385 386 387 388 389 390 391 392 393 394 395 396 397 398 399 400 401 402 403 404 405 406 407 408 409 410 411 412 413 414 415 416 417 418 419 420 421 422 423 424 425 426 427 428 429 430 431 432 433 434 435 436 437 438 439 440 441 442 443 444 445 446 447 448 449 450 451 452 453 454 455 456 457 458 459 460 461 462 463 464 465 466 467 468 469 470 471 472 473 474 475 476 477 478 479 480 481 482 483 484 485 486 487 488 489 490 491 492 493 494 495 496 497 498 499 500 501 502 503 504 505 506 507 508 509 510 511 512 513 514 515 516 517 518 519 520 521 522 523 524 525 526 527 528 529 530 531 532 533 534 535 536 537 538 539 540 541 542 543 544 545 546 547 548 549 550 551 552 553 554 555 556 557 558 559 560 561 562 563 564 565 566 567 568 569 570 571 572 573 574 575 576 577 578 579 580 581 582 583 584 585 586 587 588 589 590 591 592 593 594 595 596 597 598 599 600 601 602 603 604 605 606 607 608 609 610 611 612 613 614 615 616 617 618 619 620 621 622 623 624 625 626 627 628 629 630 631 632 633 634 635 636 637 638 639 640 641 642 643 644 645 646 647 648 649 650 651 652 653 654 655 656 657 658 659 660 661 662 663 664 665 666 667 668 669 670 671 672 673 674 675 676 677 678 679 680 681 682 683 684 685 686 687 688 689 690 691 692 693 694 695 696 697 698 699 700 701 702 703 704 705 706 707 708 709 710 711 712 713 714 715 716 717 718 719 720 721 722 723 724 725 726 727 728 729 730 731 732 733 734 735 736 737 738 739 740 741 742 743 744 745 746 747 748 749 750 751 752 753 754 755 756 757 758 759 760 761 762 763 764 765 766 767 768 769 770 771 772 773 774 775 776 777 778 779 780 781 782 783 784 785 786 787 788 789 790 791 792 793 794 795 796 797 798 799 800 801 802 803 804 805 806 807 808 809 810 811 812 813 814 815 816 817 818 819 820 821 822 823 824 825 826 827 828 829 830 831 832 833 834 835 836 837 838 839 840 841 842 843 844 845 846 847 848 849 850 851 852 853 854 855 856 857 858 859 860 861 862 863 864 865 866 867 868 869 870 871 872 873 874 875 876 877 878 879 880 881 882 883 884 885 886 887 888 889 890 891 892 893 894 895 896 897 898 899 900 901 902 903 904 905 906 907 908 909 910 911 912 913 914 915 916 917 918 919 920 921 922 923 924 925 926 927 928 929 930 931 932 933 934 935 936 937 938 939 940 941 942 943 944 945 946 947 948 949 950 951 952 953 954 955 956 957 958 959 960 961 962 963 964 965 966 967 968 969 970 971 972 973 974 975 976 977 978 979 980 981 982 983 984 985 986 987 988 989 990 991 992 993 994 995 996 997 998 999 1000 1001 1002 1003 1004 1005 1006 1007 1008 1009 1010 1011 1012 1013 1014 1015 1016 1017 1018 1019 1020 1021 1022 1023 1024 1025 1026 1027 1028 1029 1030 1031 1032 1033 1034 1035 1036 1037 1038 1039 1040 1041 1042 1043 1044 1045 1046 1047 1048 1049 1050 1051 1052 1053 1054 1055 1056 1057 1058 1059 1060 1061 1062 1063 1064 1065 1066 1067 1068 1069 1070 1071 1072 1073 1074 1075 1076 1077 1078 1079 1080 1081 1082 1083 1084 1085 1086 1087 1088 1089 1090 1091 1092 1093 1094 1095 1096 1097 1098 1099 1100 1101 1102 1103 1104 1105 1106 1107 1108 1109 1110 1111 1112 1113 1114 1115 1116 1117 1118 1119 1120 1121 1122 1123 1124 1125 1126 1127 1128 1129 1130 1131 1132 1133 1134 1135 1136 1137 1138 1139 1140 1141 1142 1143 1144 1145 1146 1147 1148 1149 1150 1151 1152 1153 1154 1155 1156 1157 1158 1159 1160 1161 1162 1163 1164 1165 1166 1167 1168 1169 1170 1171 1172 1173 1174 1175 1176 1177 1178 1179 1180 1181 1182 1183 1184 1185 1186 1187 1188 1189 1190 1191 1192 1193 1194 1195 1196 1197 1198 1199 1200 1201 1202 1203 1204 1205 1206 1207 1208 1209 1210 1211 1212 1213 1214 1215 1216 1217 1218 1219 1220 1221 1222 1223 1224 1225 1226 1227 1228 1229 1230 1231 1232 1233 1234 1235 1236 1237 1238 1239 1240 1241 1242 1243 1244 1245 1246 1247 1248 1249 1250 1251 1252 1253 1254 1255 1256 1257 1258 1259 1260 1261 1262 1263 1264 1265 1266 1267 1268 1269 1270 1271 1272 1273 1274 1275 1276 1277 1278 1279 1280 1281 1282 1283 1284 1285 1286 1287 1288 1289 1290 1291 1292 1293 1294 1295 1296 1297 1298 1299 1300 1301 1302 1303 1304 1305 1306 1307 1308 1309 1310 1311 1312 1313 1314 1315 1316 1317 1318 1319 1320 1321 1322 1323 1324 1325 1326 1327 1328 1329 1330 1331 1332 1333 1334 1335 1336 1337 1338 1339 1340 1341 1342 1343 1344 1345 1346 1347 1348 1349 1350 1351 1352 1353 1354 1355 1356 1357 1358 1359 1360 1361 1362 1363 1364 1365 1366 1367 1368 1369 1370 1371 1372 1373 1374 1375 1376 1377 1378 1379 1380 1381 1382 1383 1384 1385 1386 1387 1388 1389 1390 1391 1392 1393 1394 1395 1396 1397 1398 1399 1400 1401 1402 1403 1404 1405 1406 1407 1408 1409 1410 1411 1412 1413 1414 1415 1416 1417 1418 1419 1420 1421 1422 1423 1424 1425 1426 1427 1428 1429 1430 1431 1432 1433 1434 1435 1436 1437 1438 1439 1440 1441 1442 1443 1444 1445 1446 1447 1448 1449 1450 1451 1452 1453 1454 1455 1456 1457 1458 1459 1460 1461 1462 1463 1464 1465 1466 1467 1468 1469 1470 1471 1472 1473 1474 1475 1476 1477 1478 1479 1480 1481 1482 1483 1484 1485 1486 1487 1488 1489 1490 1491 1492 1493 1494 1495 1496 1497 1498 1499 1500 1501 1502 1503 1504 1505 1506 1507 1508 1509 1510 1511 1512 1513 1514 1515 1516 1517 1518 1519 1520 1521 1522 1523 1524 1525 1526 1527 1528 1529 1530 1531 1532 1533 1534 1535 1536 1537 1538 1539 1540 1541 1542 1543 1544 1545 1546 1547 1548 1549 1550 1551 1552 1553 1554 1555 1556 1557 1558 1559 1560 1561 1562 1563 1564 1565 1566 1567 1568 1569 1570 1571 1572 1573 1574 1575 1576 1577 1578 1579 1580 1581 1582 1583 1584 1585 1586 1587 1588 1589 1590 1591 1592 1593 1594 1595 1596 1597 1598 1599 1600 1601 1602 1603 1604 1605 1606 1607 1608 1609 1610 1611 1612 1613 1614 1615 1616 1617 1618 1619 1620 1621 1622 1623 1624 1625 1626 1627 1628 1629 1630 1631 1632 1633 1634 1635 1636 1637 1638 1639 1640 1641 1642 1643 1644 1645 1646 1647 1648 1649 1650 1651 1652 1653 1654 1655 1656 1657 1658 1659 1660 1661 1662 1663 1664 1665 1666 1667 1668 1669 1670 1671 1672 1673 1674 1675 1676 1677 1678 1679 1680 1681 1682 1683 1684 1685 1686 1687 1688 1689 1690 1691 1692 1693 1694 1695 1696 1697 1698 1699 1700 1701 1702 1703 1704 1705 1706 1707 1708 1709 1710 1711 1712 1713 1714 1715 1716 1717 1718 1719 1720 1721 1722 1723 1724 1725 1726 1727 1728 1729 1730 1731 1732 1733 1734 1735 1736 1737 1738 1739 1740 1741 1742 1743 1744 1745 1746 1747 1748 1749 1750 1751 1752 1753 1754 1755 1756 1757 1758 1759 1760 1761 1762 1763 1764 1765 1766 1767 1768 1769 1770 1771 1772 1773 1774 1775 1776 1777 1778 1779 1780 1781 1782 1783 1784 1785 1786 1787 1788 1789 1790 1791 1792 1793 1794 1795 1796 1797 1798 1799 1800 1801 1802 1803 1804 1805 1806 1807 1808 1809 1810 1811 1812 1813 1814 1815 1816 1817 1818 1819 1820 1821 1822 1823 1824 1825 1826 1827 1828 1829 1830 1831 1832 1833 1834 1835 1836 1837 1838 1839 1840 1841 1842 1843 1844 1845 1846 1847 1848 1849 1850 1851 1852 1853 1854 1855 1856 1857 1858 1859 1860 1861 1862 1863 1864 1865 1866 1867 1868 1869 1870 1871 1872 1873 1874 1875 1876 1877 1878 1879 1880 1881 1882 1883 1884 1885 1886 1887 1888 1889 1890 1891 1892 1893 1894 1895 1896 1897 1898 1899 1900 1901 1902 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026 2027 2028 2029 2030 2031 2032 2033 2034 2035 2036 2037 2038 2039 2040 2041 2042 2043 2044 2045 2046 2047 2048 2049 2050 2051 2052 2053 2054 2055 2056 2057 2058 2059 2060 2061 2062 2063 2064 2065 2066 2067 2068 2069 2070 2071 2072 2073 2074 2075 2076 2077 2078 2079 2080 2081 2082 2083 2084 2085 2086 2087 2088 2089 2090 2091 2092 2093 2094 2095 2096 2097 2098 2099 2100 2101 2102 2103 2104 2105 2106 2107 2108 2109 2110 2111 2112 2113 2114 2115 2116 2117 2118 2119 2120 2121 2122 2123 2124 2125 2126 2127 2128 2129 2130 2131 2132 2133 2134 2135 2136 2137 2138 2139 2140 2141 2142 2143 2144 2145 2146 2147 2148 2149 2150 2151 2152 2153 2154 2155 2156 2157 2158 2159 2160 2161 2162 2163 2164 2165 2166 2167 2168 2169 2170 2171 2172 2173 2174 2175 2176 2177 2178 2179 2180 2181 2182 2183 2184 2185 2186 2187 2188 2189 2190 2191 2192 2193 2194 2195 2196 2197 2198 2199 2200 2201 2202 2203 2204 2205 2206 2207 2208 2209 2210 2211 2212 2213 2214 2215 2216 2217 2218 2219 2220 2221 2222 2223 2224 2225 2226 2227 2228 2229 2230 2231 2232 2233 2234 2235 2236 2237 2238 2239 2240 2241 2242 2243 2244 2245 2246 2247 2248 2249 2250 2251 2252 2253 2254 2255 2256 2257 2258 2259 2260 2261 2262 2263 2264 2265 2266 2267 2268 2269 2270 2271 2272 2273 2274 2275 2276 2277 2278 2279 2280 2281 2282 2283 2284 2285 2286 2287 2288 2289 2290 2291 2292 2293 2294 2295 2296 2297 2298 2299 2300 2301 2302 2303 2304 2305 2306 2307 2308 2309 2310 2311 2312 2313 2314 2315 2316 2317 2318 2319 2320 2321 2322 2323 2324 2325 2326 2327 2328 2329 2330 2331 2332 2333 2334 2335 2336 2337 2338 2339 2340 2341 2342 2343 2344 2345 2346 2347 2348 2349 2350 2351 2352 2353 2354 2355 2356 2357 2358 2359 2360 2361 2362 2363 2364 2365 2366 2367 2368 2369 2370 2371 2372 2373 2374 2375 2376 2377 2378 2379 2380 2381 2382 2383 2384 2385 2386 2387 2388 2389 2390 2391 2392 2393 2394 2395 2396 2397 2398 2399 2400 2401 2402 2403 2404 2405 2406 2407 2408 2409 2410 2411 2412 2413 2414 2415 2416 2417 2418 2419 2420 2421 2422 2423 2424 2425 2426 2427 2428 2429 2430 2431 2432 2433 2434 2435 2436 2437 2438 2439 2440 2441 2442 2443 2444 2445 2446 2447 2448 2449 2450 2451 2452 2453 2454 2455 2456 2457 2458 2459 2460 2461 2462 2463 2464 2465 2466 2467 2468 2469 2470 2471 2472 2473 2474 2475 2476 2477 2478 2479 2480 2481 2482 2483 2484 2485 2486 2487 2488 2489 2490 2491 2492 2493 2494 2495 2496 2497 2498 2499 2500 2501 2502 2503 2504 2505 2506 2507 2508 2509 2510 2511 2512 2513 2514 2515 2516 2517 2518 2519 2520 2521 2522 2523 2524 2525 2526 2527 2528 2529 2530 2531 2532 2533 2534 2535 2536 2537 2538 2539 2540 2541 2542 2543 2544 2545 2546 2547 2548 2549 2550 2551 2552 2553 2554 2555 2556 2557 2558 2559 2560 2561 2562 2563 2564 2565 2566 2567 2568 2569 2570 2571 2572 2573 2574 2575 2576 2577 2578 2579 2580 2581 2582 2583 2584 2585 2586 2587 2588 2589 2590 2591 2592 2593 2594 2595 2596 2597 2598 2599 2600 2601 2602 2603 2604 2605 2606 2607 2608 2609 2610 2611 2612 2613 2614 2615 2616 2617 2618 2619 2620 2621 2622 2623 2624 2625 2626 2627 2628 2629 2630 2631 2632 2633 2634 2635 2636 2637 2638 2639 2640 2641 2642 2643 2644 2645 2646 2647 2648 2649 2650 2651 2652 2653 2654 2655 2656 2657 2658 2659 2660 2661 2662 2663 2664 2665 2666 2667 2668 2669 2670 2671 2672 2673 2674 2675 2676 2677 2678 2679 2680 2681 2682 2683 2684 2685 2686 2687 2688 2689 2690 2691 2692 2693 2694 2695 2696 2697 2698 2699 2700 2701 2702 2703 2704 2705 2706 2707 2708 2709 2710 2711 2712 2713 2714 2715 2716 2717 2718 2719 2720 2721 2722 2723 2724 2725 2726 2727 2728 2729 2730 2731 2732 2733 2734 2735 2736 2737 2738 2739 2740 2741 2742 2743 2744 2745 2746 2747 2748 2749 2750 2751 2752 2753 2754 2755 2756 2757 2758 2759 2760 2761 2762 2763 2764 2765 2766 2767 2768 2769 2770 2771 2772 2773 2774 2775 2776 2777 2778 2779 2780 2781 2782 2783 2784 2785 2786 2787 2788 2789 2790 2791 2792 2793 2794 2795 2796 2797 2798 2799 2800 2801 2802 2803 2804 2805 2806 2807 2808 2809 2810 2811 2812 2813 2814 2815 2816 2817 2818 2819 2820 2821 2822 2823 2824 2825 2826 2827 2828 2829 2830 2831 2832 2833 2834 2835 2836 2837 2838 2839 2840 2841 2842 2843 2844 2845 2846 2847 2848 2849 2850 2851 2852 2853 2854 2855 2856 2857 2858 2859 2860 2861 2862 2863 2864 2865 2866 2867 2868 2869 2870 2871 2872 2873 2874 2875 2876 2877 2878 2879 2880 2881 2882 2883 2884 2885 2886 2887 2888 2889 2890 2891 2892 2893 2894 2895 2896 2897 2898 2899 2900 2901 2902 2903 2904 2905 2906 2907 2908 2909 2910 2911 2912 2913 2914 2915 2916 2917 2918 2919 2920 2921 2922 2923 2924 2925 2926 2927 2928 2929 2930 2931 2932 2933 2934 2935 2936 2937 2938 2939 2940 2941 2942 2943 2944 2945 2946 2947 2948 2949 2950 2951 2952 2953 2954 2955 2956 2957 2958 2959 
WARNING: wikibase-lexeme datatype is not supported yet.
2960 2961 2962 2963 2964 2965 2966 2967 2968 2969 2970 2971 2972 2973 2974 2975 2976 2977 2978 2979 2980 2981 2982 2983 2984 2985 2986 2987 2988 2989 2990 2991 2992 2993 2994 2995 2996 2997 2998 2999 3000 3001 3002 3003 3004 3005 3006 3007 3008 3009 {'id': 'Q2627975', 'label': 'ceremony', 'description': 'event of ritual significance, performed on a special occasion', 'subclass_of': ['Q1656682', 'Q2245405']}
{'id': 'Q1656682', 'label': 'event', 'description': 'temporary and scheduled event, like a festival or competition', 'subclass_of': ['Q602884', 'Q1190554']}
{'id': 'Q602884', 'label': 'social phenomenon', 'description': 'phenomenon involving multiple organisms reacting to each other', 'subclass_of': ['Q483247']}
{'id': 'Q483247', 'label': 'phenomenon', 'description': 'observable occurrence', 'subclass_of': ['Q1190554', 'Q16722960']}
{'id': 'Q1190554', 'label': 'occurrence', 'description': "occurrence of a fact or object in space-time; instantiation of a property in an object; what can be experimented or registered by some observer. Use with 'instance of' (P31) if not more precise", 'subclass_of': ['Q26907166']}
{'id': 'Q26907166', 'label': 'temporal entity', 'description': 'thing that can be contained within a period of time, or change in state (e.g. events, periods, acts)', 'subclass_of': ['Q58415929']}
{'id': 'Q58415929', 'label': 'spacio-temporal entity', 'description': 'thing that can be contained within a region of space-time, or variation of its state in space or time', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q35120', 'label': 'entity', 'description': 'something that exists in the identified universe', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q16722960', 'label': 'phenomenon', 'description': 'philosophical concept', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q2245405', 'label': 'key event', 'description': "class of items used with property 'key event' (P793)", 'subclass_of': ['Q1190554']}
{'id': 'Q1792644', 'label': 'art style', 'description': 'visual appearance of a creative work, shared with other works of the same movement or school', 'subclass_of': ['Q1292119', 'Q1792379']}
{'id': 'Q1292119', 'label': 'style', 'description': 'literature and visual arts', 'subclass_of': ['Q3533467']}
{'id': 'Q3533467', 'label': 'group action', 'description': 'term in sociology', 'subclass_of': ['Q769620', 'Q9332']}
{'id': 'Q769620', 'label': 'social action', 'description': 'act which takes into account the actions and reactions of (other) individuals or agents', 'subclass_of': ['Q4026292']}
{'id': 'Q4026292', 'label': 'action', 'description': 'something an agent can do or perform', 'subclass_of': ['Q1190554']}
{'id': 'Q9332', 'label': 'behavior', 'description': 'internally coordinated responses (actions or inactions) of entities (individuals or groups) to internal or external stimuli', 'subclass_of': ['Q1914636']}
{'id': 'Q1914636', 'label': 'activity', 'description': 'event; actions that result in changes of state', 'subclass_of': ['Q1190554']}
{'id': 'Q1792379', 'label': 'art genre', 'description': 'form of art in terms of a medium (painted eggs vs. carved tree trunks) or format (landscape vs portraiture) or theme (religious vs funerary)', 'subclass_of': ['Q483394', 'Q735']}
{'id': 'Q483394', 'label': 'genre', 'description': 'category of creative works based on stylistic and/or thematic criteria', 'subclass_of': ['Q16889133']}
{'id': 'Q16889133', 'label': 'class', 'description': 'group of items sharing common characteristics', 'subclass_of': ['Q5127848']}
{'id': 'Q5127848', 'label': 'class', 'description': 'philosophical term denoting a group of things derived from extensional or intensional definition', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120', 'Q7184903']}
{'id': 'Q7184903', 'label': 'abstract object', 'description': 'object with no physical referents', 'subclass_of': ['Q488383']}
{'id': 'Q488383', 'label': 'object', 'description': 'technical term in modern philosophy often used in contrast to the term subject', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q735', 'label': 'art', 'description': 'process of creating things of extrinsic value through emotional or aesthetic appeal', 'subclass_of': ['Q3249551', 'Q1914636', 'Q2018526', 'Q170658', 'Q184872']}
{'id': 'Q3249551', 'label': 'process', 'description': 'series of events which occur over an extended period of time', 'subclass_of': ['Q1190554', 'Q20937557', 'Q1150070']}
{'id': 'Q20937557', 'label': 'series', 'description': 'ordered set of similar objects', 'subclass_of': ['Q16887380']}
{'id': 'Q16887380', 'label': 'group', 'description': 'summarizes entities with similar characteristics together', 'subclass_of': ['Q17553950']}
{'id': 'Q17553950', 'label': 'object', 'description': 'tangible thing', 'subclass_of': ['Q4406616']}
{'id': 'Q4406616', 'label': 'concrete object', 'description': 'object with a physical referent', 'subclass_of': ['Q58415929']}
{'id': 'Q1150070', 'label': 'change', 'description': 'process, event or action that deviates from the present state', 'subclass_of': ['Q5915039']}
{'id': 'Q5915039', 'label': 'inconstancy', 'description': 'lack of constancy', 'subclass_of': ['Q937228']}
{'id': 'Q937228', 'label': 'property', 'description': 'phenotypic characteristic (property or attribute) of an object, as seen in logic, mathematics and philosophy; properties are qualities or relations that two or more entities have in common', 'subclass_of': ['Q714737', 'Q1207505']}
{'id': 'Q714737', 'label': 'category of being', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q151885']}
{'id': 'Q151885', 'label': 'concept', 'description': 'mental representation or an abstract object or an ability', 'subclass_of': ['Q7184903', 'Q2145290']}
{'id': 'Q2145290', 'label': 'mental representation', 'description': 'hypothetical internal cognitive symbol that represents external reality', 'subclass_of': ['Q4393498']}
{'id': 'Q4393498', 'label': 'representation', 'description': 'role, function or property of an abstract or real object, relation or changes', 'subclass_of': ['Q937228']}
{'id': 'Q1207505', 'label': 'quality', 'description': 'philosophical attribute or property', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q2018526', 'label': 'the arts', 'description': 'represent an outlet of human expression, usually influenced by culture', 'subclass_of': ['Q80083']}
{'id': 'Q80083', 'label': 'humanities', 'description': 'academic disciplines that study human culture', 'subclass_of': ['Q9081']}
{'id': 'Q9081', 'label': 'knowledge', 'description': 'familiarity, awareness, or understanding of someone or something (facts, information, descriptions, skills) which is acquired through experience or education by perceiving, discovering, or learning; theoretical or practical understanding of a subject', 'subclass_of': ['Q11028']}
{'id': 'Q11028', 'label': 'information', 'description': 'that which informs; the answer to a question of some kind; that from which data and knowledge can be derived', 'subclass_of': ['Q7184903']}
{'id': 'Q170658', 'label': 'creativity', 'description': 'phenomenon whereby something new is created', 'subclass_of': ['Q781413']}
{'id': 'Q781413', 'label': 'mental process', 'description': 'things that individuals can do with their minds', 'subclass_of': ['Q2996394', 'Q3249551']}
{'id': 'Q2996394', 'label': 'biological process', 'description': 'process specifically pertinent to the functioning of integrated living units', 'subclass_of': ['Q3249551', 'Q3249551', 'Q13878858']}
{'id': 'Q13878858', 'label': 'natural process', 'description': 'process that takes place without human involvement', 'subclass_of': ['Q3249551']}
{'id': 'Q184872', 'label': 'recreation', 'description': 'activity of leisure', 'subclass_of': ['Q1914636']}
{'id': 'Q12014132', 'label': 'pedestal', 'description': 'term generally applied to the support of a statue or a vase', 'subclass_of': ['Q811679', 'Q860861']}
{'id': 'Q811679', 'label': 'structural element', 'description': 'engineering term; structural part of a complex structure', 'subclass_of': ['Q391414']}
{'id': 'Q391414', 'label': 'architectural element', 'description': 'forms primarily as components of architecture', 'subclass_of': ['Q19603939', 'Q11694395']}
{'id': 'Q19603939', 'label': 'building component', 'description': 'one of the elements that make up a building', 'subclass_of': ['Q8205328', 'Q811430']}
{'id': 'Q8205328', 'label': 'artificial physical object', 'description': 'physical object made or shaped by human hand', 'subclass_of': ['Q223557', 'Q16686448']}
{'id': 'Q223557', 'label': 'physical object', 'description': 'singular aggregation of substance(s) such as matter or radiation, with overall properties such as mass, position or momentum', 'subclass_of': ['Q4406616', 'Q1454986']}
{'id': 'Q1454986', 'label': 'physical system', 'description': 'portion of the physical universe chosen for analysis; everything outside the system is known as the environment', 'subclass_of': ['Q58778', 'Q4406616', 'Q30060700']}
{'id': 'Q58778', 'label': 'system', 'description': 'set of interacting or interdependent components', 'subclass_of': ['Q6671777']}
{'id': 'Q6671777', 'label': 'structure', 'description': 'arrangement and organization of interrelated elements in an object or system, or the object or system so organized', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q30060700', 'label': 'object of science', 'description': 'type of object', 'subclass_of': ['Q488383']}
{'id': 'Q16686448', 'label': 'artificial entity', 'description': 'anything created by humans (either material or mental)', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q811430', 'label': 'construction', 'description': 'artificial geo object, designed physical object', 'subclass_of': ['Q35145743', 'Q386724', 'Q6671777']}
{'id': 'Q35145743', 'label': 'human-made landform', 'description': 'alterations to land created by people', 'subclass_of': ['Q27096235', 'Q8205328', 'Q618123']}
{'id': 'Q27096235', 'label': 'artificial geographic entity', 'description': 'elements of the ground or the underground that have been greatly modified by human being (roads, houses, ...)', 'subclass_of': ['Q27096213', 'Q8205328']}
{'id': 'Q27096213', 'label': 'geographic entity', 'description': 'place or entity that could be a place', 'subclass_of': ['Q58416391']}
{'id': 'Q58416391', 'label': 'spatial entity', 'description': 'thing occupying some space, entity that can be contained within a region of space', 'subclass_of': ['Q58415929']}
{'id': 'Q618123', 'label': 'geographical object', 'description': 'point; object that can be uniquely identified with geographical data, may be man-made or naturally-created', 'subclass_of': ['Q223557', 'Q27096213']}
{'id': 'Q386724', 'label': 'work', 'description': 'physical or virtual object made by humans', 'subclass_of': ['Q15401930']}
{'id': 'Q15401930', 'label': 'product', 'description': 'result of some kind of work or effort', 'subclass_of': ['Q16686448']}
{'id': 'Q11694395', 'label': 'intermediate good', 'description': 'partly finished goods, used as inputs in the production of other goods including final goods', 'subclass_of': ['Q2424752']}
{'id': 'Q2424752', 'label': 'product', 'description': 'anything that can be offered to a market that might satisfy a want or need', 'subclass_of': ['Q28877']}
{'id': 'Q28877', 'label': 'goods', 'description': 'tangible and intangible thing, except labor tied services, that satisfies human wants and provides utility', 'subclass_of': ['Q337060']}
{'id': 'Q337060', 'label': 'perceptible object', 'description': 'entity that is physically perceptible', 'subclass_of': ['Q223557']}
{'id': 'Q860861', 'label': 'sculpture', 'description': 'three-dimensional work of art', 'subclass_of': ['Q4502142']}
{'id': 'Q4502142', 'label': 'visual artwork', 'description': 'work of art that is primarily visual', 'subclass_of': ['Q838948', 'Q8205328']}
{'id': 'Q838948', 'label': 'work of art', 'description': 'aesthetic physical item or artistic creation', 'subclass_of': ['Q17537576', 'Q18593264']}
{'id': 'Q17537576', 'label': 'creative work', 'description': 'distinct artistic creation such as artwork, literature, music, and paintings', 'subclass_of': ['Q15621286', 'Q18593264']}
{'id': 'Q15621286', 'label': 'intellectual work', 'description': 'work created through human thought and perception', 'subclass_of': ['Q386724']}
{'id': 'Q18593264', 'label': 'item of collection or exhibition', 'description': 'defines an item, such as an object or document, that is a member of a collection or part of a repository', 'subclass_of': ['Q386724']}
{'id': 'Q1935136', 'label': 'winged words', 'description': 'well-known fixed phrase', 'subclass_of': ['Q187931']}
{'id': 'Q187931', 'label': 'phrase', 'description': 'group of (one or more) words', 'subclass_of': ['Q1786828', 'Q4173967']}
{'id': 'Q1786828', 'label': 'constituent', 'description': 'word or a group of words that functions as a single unit within a hierarchical structure', 'subclass_of': ['Q5371079']}
{'id': 'Q5371079', 'label': 'emic unit', 'description': 'type of abstract object analyzed in linguistics', 'subclass_of': ['Q16889133', 'Q20817253']}
{'id': 'Q20817253', 'label': 'linguistic unit', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q4173967']}
{'id': 'Q4173967', 'label': 'language unit', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q29651519']}
{'id': 'Q29651519', 'label': 'mental object', 'description': 'object whose space of existence is the mind; item that is thought of as being "in" the mind, and capable of being formed and manipulated by mental processes and faculties: thoughts, concepts, memories, emotions, percepts and intentions', 'subclass_of': ['Q488383']}
{'id': 'Q21076217', 'label': 'art project', 'description': 'type of artwork', 'subclass_of': ['Q838948']}
{'id': 'Q1266818', 'label': 'independent city', 'description': 'United States county-equivalent subdivision', 'subclass_of': ['Q15092400', 'Q1093829', 'Q1188782']}
{'id': 'Q15092400', 'label': 'independent city', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q515']}
{'id': 'Q515', 'label': 'city', 'description': 'large and permanent human settlement by size of its inhabitants', 'subclass_of': ['Q177634', 'Q7930989', 'Q702492']}
{'id': 'Q177634', 'label': 'community', 'description': 'group of interacting living organisms sharing a populated environment; a social unit of human organisms who share common values', 'subclass_of': ['Q874405', 'Q16334295']}
{'id': 'Q874405', 'label': 'social group', 'description': 'two or more humans who interact with one another', 'subclass_of': ['Q16334295', 'Q58778', 'Q7887142']}
{'id': 'Q16334295', 'label': 'group of humans', 'description': 'any set of human beings', 'subclass_of': ['Q16334298']}
{'id': 'Q16334298', 'label': 'group of living things', 'description': 'set of live physical entities of any nature', 'subclass_of': ['Q61961344', 'Q517966']}
{'id': 'Q61961344', 'label': 'group of physical objects', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q16887380']}
{'id': 'Q517966', 'label': 'structure', 'description': 'concept in sociology', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q7887142', 'label': 'unit of analysis', 'description': 'major entity that is being analyzed in a study', 'subclass_of': ['Q4330518', 'Q2198779']}
{'id': 'Q4330518', 'label': 'research object', 'description': 'something that undergoes testing or observation in a scientific experiment', 'subclass_of': ['Q488383']}
{'id': 'Q2198779', 'label': 'unit', 'description': 'entity regarded or used as an elementary structural or functional constituent to measure, analyse or describe another entity', 'subclass_of': ['Q7184903']}
{'id': 'Q7930989', 'label': 'city/town', 'description': 'city or town', 'subclass_of': ['Q486972']}
{'id': 'Q486972', 'label': 'human settlement', 'description': 'community of any size, in which people live', 'subclass_of': ['Q82794', 'Q27096235', 'Q177634']}
{'id': 'Q82794', 'label': 'geographic region', 'description': '2D or 3D defined space, mainly in terrestrial and astrophysics sciences', 'subclass_of': ['Q2221906']}
{'id': 'Q2221906', 'label': 'geographic location', 'description': "point or an area on the Earth's surface or elsewhere", 'subclass_of': ['Q17334923', 'Q618123']}
{'id': 'Q17334923', 'label': 'location', 'description': 'location of physical or non-physical object in space', 'subclass_of': ['Q27096213']}
{'id': 'Q702492', 'label': 'urban area', 'description': 'human settlement with high population density and infrastructure of built environment (Use Q2983893 "urban district" for a neighbourhood within a larger urban area; use Q1907114 "metropolitan area" for a wider area)', 'subclass_of': ['Q486972', 'Q15042037', 'Q82794']}
{'id': 'Q15042037', 'label': 'statistical territorial entity', 'description': 'areas designated as significant due to high population density, economic activity, or other reasons', 'subclass_of': ['Q15642541']}
{'id': 'Q15642541', 'label': 'human-geographic territorial entity', 'description': 'territorial entity of which the borders are determined by physiographic and human features', 'subclass_of': ['Q1496967', 'Q16686448']}
{'id': 'Q1496967', 'label': 'territorial entity', 'description': "entity that covers a part of the Earth's surface with specified borders", 'subclass_of': ['Q82794']}
{'id': 'Q1093829', 'label': 'city of the United States', 'description': 'administrative division at the local government level in the United States', 'subclass_of': ['Q3327870', 'Q15253706', 'Q486972', 'Q515', 'Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q3327870', 'label': 'municipal corporation in the United States', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q852446', 'Q15284', 'Q2097994']}
{'id': 'Q852446', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of the United States', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q15916867', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of a single country', 'description': 'class of all the administrative divison types used by a given country administration', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q56061', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity', 'description': 'territorial entity for administration purposes, with or without its own local government', 'subclass_of': ['Q15642541']}
{'id': 'Q15284', 'label': 'municipality', 'description': 'urban administrative division having corporate status and usually powers of self-government or jurisdiction', 'subclass_of': ['Q1048835', 'Q2097994', 'Q486972', 'Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q1048835', 'label': 'political territorial entity', 'description': 'a region accepted to be in the jurisdiction of a particular government entity', 'subclass_of': ['Q15642541']}
{'id': 'Q2097994', 'label': 'municipal corporation', 'description': 'legal term for a local governing body', 'subclass_of': ['Q6501447']}
{'id': 'Q6501447', 'label': 'local government', 'description': 'lowest tier of administration within a given state', 'subclass_of': ['Q7188', 'Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q7188', 'label': 'government', 'description': 'system or group of people governing an organized community, often a state', 'subclass_of': ['Q7210356', 'Q895526', 'Q35798']}
{'id': 'Q7210356', 'label': 'political organisation', 'description': 'group involved in political activities', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q43229', 'label': 'organization', 'description': 'social entity (not necessarily commercial) uniting people into a structured group managing shared means to meet some needs, or to pursue collective goals', 'subclass_of': ['Q24229398', 'Q16334295']}
{'id': 'Q24229398', 'label': 'agent', 'description': 'individual and identifiable entity capable of performing actions', 'subclass_of': ['Q23958946']}
{'id': 'Q23958946', 'label': 'individual', 'description': 'entity, be it a thing, a person or any other agent, which is identifiable by its determined characteristics, as contrasted to a class whose characteristics may be varying among its instances', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q895526', 'label': 'organ', 'description': 'entity that acts in a legal sense', 'subclass_of': ['Q174834', 'Q2101636', 'Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q174834', 'label': 'authority', 'description': 'power to command', 'subclass_of': ['Q25107']}
{'id': 'Q25107', 'label': 'power', 'description': 'ability to influence the behavior of people with or without resistance', 'subclass_of': ['Q18340964']}
{'id': 'Q18340964', 'label': 'power', 'description': 'philosophical concept', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q2101636', 'label': 'political power', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q25107']}
{'id': 'Q35798', 'label': 'executive branch', 'description': 'part of government that has sole authority and responsibility for the daily administration of the state', 'subclass_of': ['Q7210356', 'Q15708736', 'Q2324993']}
{'id': 'Q15708736', 'label': 'public authority', 'description': 'body with power given by the state', 'subclass_of': ['Q2659904', 'Q895526', 'Q1125239']}
{'id': 'Q2659904', 'label': 'government organization', 'description': 'organization administrated by a government authority or agency', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229', 'Q155076']}
{'id': 'Q155076', 'label': 'juridical person', 'description': 'legal entity which is different from a natural person', 'subclass_of': ['Q3778211', 'Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q3778211', 'label': 'legal person', 'description': 'any human or non-human entity that is recognized as having privileges and obligations; a legal fiction which is used to abstract away the differences between natural persons, juridical persons and other entities such as countries', 'subclass_of': ['Q24229398', 'Q830077', 'Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q830077', 'label': 'subject', 'description': 'being who has a unique consciousness and/or unique personal experiences, or an entity that has a relationship with another entity that exists outside of itself', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q1125239', 'label': 'public body', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q2659904']}
{'id': 'Q2324993', 'label': 'state power', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q2101636']}
{'id': 'Q15253706', 'label': 'like a city', 'description': 'type of populated places in Korea, Japan, the USA, China, North Korea and France', 'subclass_of': ['Q15284']}
{'id': 'Q1188782', 'label': 'county-equivalent', 'description': 'U.S. federal government terminology for a non-county jurisdiction similar to a county', 'subclass_of': ['Q13360155']}
{'id': 'Q13360155', 'label': 'county or county-equivalent', 'description': 'division of the United States', 'subclass_of': ['Q852446', 'Q13220204']}
{'id': 'Q13220204', 'label': 'second-level administrative country subdivision', 'description': 'administrative division subordinate to or under administration of a first-level division', 'subclass_of': ['Q1799794']}
{'id': 'Q1799794', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of a specific level', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q1183543', 'label': 'device', 'description': 'complex equipment, such as with a motor or powered by electricity or another source of energy that it converts', 'subclass_of': ['Q16798631', 'Q2424752', 'Q39546']}
{'id': 'Q16798631', 'label': 'equipment', 'description': 'collective term for all items that are required to exercise a certain activity', 'subclass_of': ['Q8205328', 'Q386724']}
{'id': 'Q39546', 'label': 'tool', 'description': 'physical item that can be used to achieve a goal', 'subclass_of': ['Q16798631', 'Q35825432']}
{'id': 'Q35825432', 'label': 'converter', 'description': 'entity that converts, modifies, or transforms, producing an change of state, observable on the entity itself or on other objects', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q3419242', 'label': 'hearts', 'description': 'suit', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q17644823', 'label': 'bridge by structural type', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q16889133']}
{'id': 'Q1724915', 'label': 'use', 'description': 'use of a resource to perform a task', 'subclass_of': ['Q451967', 'Q937228']}
{'id': 'Q451967', 'label': 'human action', 'description': 'every human activity led by purposeful motives', 'subclass_of': ['Q3769299', 'Q4026292', 'Q61788060']}
{'id': 'Q3769299', 'label': 'human behaviour', 'description': 'array of every physical action and observable emotion associated with humans', 'subclass_of': ['Q9332']}
{'id': 'Q61788060', 'label': 'human activity', 'description': 'activity initiated by a human', 'subclass_of': ['Q1914636']}
{'id': 'Q729496', 'label': 'Bract', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q27505399']}
{'id': 'Q27505399', 'label': 'floral organ', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q24060707']}
{'id': 'Q24060707', 'label': 'plant organ', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q712378', 'Q20011319']}
{'id': 'Q712378', 'label': 'organ', 'description': 'collection of tissues joined as a structural unit that serves a common function', 'subclass_of': ['Q4936952', 'Q28845870']}
{'id': 'Q4936952', 'label': 'anatomical structure', 'description': "entity with a single  verga inherent 3D shape that's created by coordinated expression of the organism's own DNA", 'subclass_of': ['Q28845870', 'Q27043948', 'Q15710813']}
{'id': 'Q28845870', 'label': 'biological component', 'description': 'component of the biological system', 'subclass_of': ['Q1310239', 'Q16686022']}
{'id': 'Q1310239', 'label': 'component', 'description': 'smaller, self-contained part of a component entity (entity consisting of components)', 'subclass_of': ['Q15989253', 'Q337060', 'Q223557']}
{'id': 'Q15989253', 'label': 'part', 'description': 'separate element of a larger (divisible or indivisible) entity', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q16686022', 'label': 'natural physical object', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q223557', 'Q29651224']}
{'id': 'Q29651224', 'label': 'natural object', 'description': 'naturally occurring object in a natural state, without modification by human effort', 'subclass_of': ['Q488383', 'Q1322005']}
{'id': 'Q1322005', 'label': 'natural phenomenon', 'description': 'observable event which is not man-made', 'subclass_of': ['Q483247']}
{'id': 'Q27043948', 'label': 'material anatomical entity', 'description': 'anatomical entity with mass', 'subclass_of': ['Q27043950', 'Q53617407']}
{'id': 'Q27043950', 'label': 'anatomical entity', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q53617407', 'label': 'material entity', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q53617489', 'Q35758']}
{'id': 'Q53617489', 'label': 'independent continuant', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q35758', 'label': 'matter', 'description': 'substance that has rest mass and volume, or several other definitions', 'subclass_of': ['Q28728771']}
{'id': 'Q28728771', 'label': 'material substance', 'description': 'substance composed (entirely) of any combination of matter and/or antimatter', 'subclass_of': ['Q28732711']}
{'id': 'Q28732711', 'label': 'physical substance', 'description': 'substance composed of quantum particle(s)/field(s), such as matter and/or radiation; that of which objects/systems are composed; physical stuff that can be considered concrete (not strictly abstract)', 'subclass_of': ['Q1454986', 'Q4406616']}
{'id': 'Q15710813', 'label': 'physical structure', 'description': 'body or assemblage of bodies in space that form a system capable of supporting loads', 'subclass_of': ['Q6671777']}
{'id': 'Q20011319', 'label': 'part of a plant', 'description': 'for plants, trees', 'subclass_of': ['Q28845870', 'Q4936952']}
{'id': 'Q2359691', 'label': 'residency (domicile)', 'description': 'act of establishing or maintaining a residence in a given place; presence in a specific jurisdiction', 'subclass_of': ['Q1914636']}
{'id': 'Q267596', 'label': 'ancient Greek temple', 'description': 'structures built to house deity statues within Greek sanctuaries', 'subclass_of': ['Q44539']}
{'id': 'Q44539', 'label': 'temple', 'description': 'structure reserved for religious or spiritual activities', 'subclass_of': ['Q24398318', 'Q697295']}
{'id': 'Q24398318', 'label': 'religious building', 'description': 'building intended for religious worship', 'subclass_of': ['Q21029893', 'Q1370598', 'Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q21029893', 'label': 'religious object', 'description': 'object used in a religion', 'subclass_of': ['Q8205328', 'Q56627913']}
{'id': 'Q56627913', 'label': 'ceremonial object', 'description': 'articles associated with or used in the context of a ceremony', 'subclass_of': ['Q223557']}
{'id': 'Q1370598', 'label': 'place of worship', 'description': 'specially designed structure or consecrated space for use in worshipping', 'subclass_of': ['Q2221906', 'Q21029893', 'Q47848']}
{'id': 'Q47848', 'label': 'sacred architecture', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979', 'Q24398318']}
{'id': 'Q811979', 'label': 'architectural structure', 'description': 'designed structure', 'subclass_of': ['Q684740', 'Q811430', 'Q17334923']}
{'id': 'Q684740', 'label': 'real property', 'description': 'subset of land that has been legally defined and the improvements to it made by human efforts', 'subclass_of': ['Q975783', 'Q618123']}
{'id': 'Q975783', 'label': 'estate in land', 'description': 'the ownership of land or arable land', 'subclass_of': ['Q6422240']}
{'id': 'Q6422240', 'label': 'property', 'description': 'physical or intangible entity owned by a person or a group of people', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120', 'Q28877']}
{'id': 'Q41176', 'label': 'building', 'description': 'structure, typically with a roof and walls, standing more or less permanently in one place', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q697295', 'label': 'shrine', 'description': 'holy or sacred place, which is dedicated to a specific deity', 'subclass_of': ['Q2221906', 'Q21029893', 'Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q600236', 'label': 'operation', 'description': 'instrumental medical procedure on or in the body of a patient for the purpose of the therapy, the diagnosis rarely', 'subclass_of': ['Q796194']}
{'id': 'Q796194', 'label': 'medical procedure', 'description': 'process of medicine done to heal; course of action intended to achieve a result in the delivery of healthcare', 'subclass_of': ['Q3249551', 'Q46857', 'Q41689629']}
{'id': 'Q46857', 'label': 'scientific method', 'description': 'mathematical and experimental techniques employed in the natural sciences; more specifically, techniques used in the construction and testing of scientific hypotheses', 'subclass_of': ['Q1799072', 'Q3249551']}
{'id': 'Q1799072', 'label': 'method', 'description': 'path to knowledge', 'subclass_of': ['Q3249551', 'Q16686448', 'Q2695280']}
{'id': 'Q2695280', 'label': 'technique', 'description': 'manner or method by which an activity is performed', 'subclass_of': ['Q1914636', 'Q3249551', 'Q4026292']}
{'id': 'Q41689629', 'label': 'procedure', 'description': 'standardised method of carrying out a task', 'subclass_of': ['Q2695280']}
{'id': 'Q917284', 'label': 'climbing plant', 'description': 'plant with a growth habit of trailing or scandent (that is, climbing) stems or runners', 'subclass_of': ['Q756']}
{'id': 'Q756', 'label': 'plant', 'description': 'multicellular eukaryote of the kingdom Plantae', 'subclass_of': ['Q7239']}
{'id': 'Q7239', 'label': 'organism', 'description': 'any contiguous alive physical entity; entity or being that is living; an individual living thing, such as one animal, plant, fungus, or bacterium', 'subclass_of': ['Q28845870', 'Q1274979']}
{'id': 'Q1274979', 'label': 'creature', 'description': 'created entity; especially a thing (said to be) created by God', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q15239622', 'label': 'disputed territory', 'description': 'territory, which status is controversial between two or more existing states', 'subclass_of': ['Q15642566', 'Q183366']}
{'id': 'Q15642566', 'label': 'non-political administrative territorial entity', 'description': 'country subdivision that does not have its own government and exists only for administrative purposes', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q183366', 'label': 'territory', 'description': 'area of land under the jurisdiction', 'subclass_of': ['Q1496967']}
{'id': 'Q1059324', 'label': 'university hospital', 'description': 'hospital which is part of a university', 'subclass_of': ['Q1813474', 'Q180958', 'Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q1813474', 'label': 'teaching hospital', 'description': 'hospital that provides clinical education and training', 'subclass_of': ['Q16917', 'Q2385804']}
{'id': 'Q16917', 'label': 'hospital', 'description': 'health care institution', 'subclass_of': ['Q4260475', 'Q294422', 'Q814610', 'Q178706']}
{'id': 'Q4260475', 'label': 'medical facility', 'description': 'any location at which medicine is practiced regularly', 'subclass_of': ['Q13226383', 'Q30139652']}
{'id': 'Q13226383', 'label': 'facility', 'description': 'place for doing something', 'subclass_of': ['Q2221906', 'Q27096235']}
{'id': 'Q30139652', 'label': 'health care structure', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q294422', 'label': 'public building', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176', 'Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q814610', 'label': 'emergency service', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229', 'Q7406919']}
{'id': 'Q7406919', 'label': 'service', 'description': "intangible offering inseparable from its creator's labor, which brings utility value to their buyer", 'subclass_of': ['Q451967']}
{'id': 'Q178706', 'label': 'institution', 'description': 'structure or mechanism of social order and cooperation governing the behaviour of a set of individuals within a given community', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q2385804', 'label': 'educational institution', 'description': 'institution that provides education', 'subclass_of': ['Q13226383', 'Q178706', 'Q5341295']}
{'id': 'Q5341295', 'label': 'educational organization', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q180958', 'label': 'faculty', 'description': 'division within a university', 'subclass_of': ['Q23005223']}
{'id': 'Q23005223', 'label': 'division of an educational institution', 'description': 'partition of an educational institution by level, academic field, history, or another reason', 'subclass_of': ['Q2385804']}
{'id': 'Q242663', 'label': 'Oread', 'description': 'type of nymph in Greek mythology', 'subclass_of': ['Q3346693']}
{'id': 'Q3346693', 'label': 'Greek nymph', 'description': 'character of Greek mythology', 'subclass_of': ['Q373916', 'Q22989102']}
{'id': 'Q373916', 'label': 'nymph', 'description': 'minor female nature deity in Greek and Roman mythology', 'subclass_of': ['Q1786347', 'Q22989102', 'Q11688446']}
{'id': 'Q1786347', 'label': 'elemental', 'description': 'magical entity who embodies/personifies a force of nature or, in a more narrow sense, to one of the four Classical elements', 'subclass_of': ['Q24334685', 'Q193291']}
{'id': 'Q24334685', 'label': 'mythical entity', 'description': 'entity that only exists in myth', 'subclass_of': ['Q18706315']}
{'id': 'Q18706315', 'label': 'hypothetical entity', 'description': 'entity which existence is under assumptions, but not proven', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q193291', 'label': 'spirit', 'description': 'immaterial being', 'subclass_of': ['Q15619164', 'Q28855038']}
{'id': 'Q15619164', 'label': 'abstract being', 'description': 'entity that has no physical realisation', 'subclass_of': ['Q830077']}
{'id': 'Q28855038', 'label': 'supernatural being', 'description': 'kind of being from religion, mythology or folklore (for supernatural beings from a work of fiction see Q30061294)', 'subclass_of': ['Q30060629', 'Q18706315']}
{'id': 'Q30060629', 'label': 'object of non-science', 'description': 'object of the unscientific world', 'subclass_of': ['Q488383']}
{'id': 'Q22989102', 'label': 'Greek deity', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q178885', 'Q22988604']}
{'id': 'Q178885', 'label': 'deity', 'description': 'natural or supernatural god or goddess, divine being', 'subclass_of': ['Q15619164', 'Q28855038', 'Q4271324']}
{'id': 'Q4271324', 'label': 'mythical character', 'description': 'person or animal from mythology', 'subclass_of': ['Q24334685', 'Q21070598', 'Q15619164']}
{'id': 'Q21070598', 'label': 'character that may be fictional', 'description': 'some sources indicate the character is fictional and others indicate the character was real; for humans use Q21070568', 'subclass_of': ['Q18706315', 'Q215627']}
{'id': 'Q215627', 'label': 'person', 'description': 'being that has certain capacities or attributes constituting personhood (avoid use with P31; use Q5 for humans)', 'subclass_of': ['Q830077', 'Q24229398', 'Q18336849', 'Q795052']}
{'id': 'Q18336849', 'label': 'item with given name property', 'description': '(used to define the domain of the "given name" property)', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q795052', 'label': 'individual', 'description': 'person or a specific object', 'subclass_of': ['Q23958946', 'Q7887142']}
{'id': 'Q22988604', 'label': 'mythological Greek character', 'description': 'individual character in Greek mythology', 'subclass_of': ['Q4271324']}
{'id': 'Q11688446', 'label': 'Roman deity', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q178885', 'Q4271324']}
{'id': 'Q178561', 'label': 'battle', 'description': 'part of a war which is well defined in duration, area and force commitment', 'subclass_of': ['Q650711', 'Q13418847']}
{'id': 'Q650711', 'label': 'combat', 'description': 'purposeful violent conflict, typically refers to armed conflict or melee', 'subclass_of': ['Q180684']}
{'id': 'Q180684', 'label': 'conflict', 'description': 'friction, disagreement, or discord within a group', 'subclass_of': ['Q11023058', 'Q1190554', 'Q363948', 'Q52948']}
{'id': 'Q11023058', 'label': 'interpersonal communication', 'description': 'exchange of information between two or more people who are interdependent', 'subclass_of': ['Q1066689']}
{'id': 'Q1066689', 'label': 'human communication', 'description': 'any kind of communication between humans', 'subclass_of': ['Q11024']}
{'id': 'Q11024', 'label': 'communication', 'description': 'act of conveying intended meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs and rules', 'subclass_of': ['Q921513', 'Q6031064', 'Q8148']}
{'id': 'Q921513', 'label': 'social organism behavior', 'description': 'behavior among two or more organisms, typically from the same species', 'subclass_of': ['Q22294683', 'Q22272508', 'Q9332']}
{'id': 'Q22294683', 'label': 'intraspecies interaction between organisms', 'description': 'process in which an organism has an effect on an organism of the same species', 'subclass_of': ['Q22269697']}
{'id': 'Q22269697', 'label': 'multi-organism process', 'description': 'biological process which involves another organism of the same or different species', 'subclass_of': ['Q2996394']}
{'id': 'Q22272508', 'label': 'multi-organism behavior', 'description': 'process in which an organism has a behavioral effect on another organism of the same or different species', 'subclass_of': ['Q22269697', 'Q2990593']}
{'id': 'Q2990593', 'label': 'animal behavior', 'description': 'internally coordinated responses (actions or inactions) of animals (individuals or groups) to internal or external stimuli, via a mechanism that involves nervous system activity', 'subclass_of': ['Q2996394']}
{'id': 'Q6031064', 'label': 'information exchange', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q23009552', 'Q52948']}
{'id': 'Q23009552', 'label': 'exchange', 'description': 'reciprocated gift', 'subclass_of': ['Q23009675']}
{'id': 'Q23009675', 'label': 'gifting', 'description': 'granting subject with ownership or communality', 'subclass_of': ['Q52948']}
{'id': 'Q52948', 'label': 'interaction', 'description': 'kind of action that occurs as two or more objects have an effect upon one another', 'subclass_of': ['Q4026292']}
{'id': 'Q8148', 'label': 'industry', 'description': 'production of goods or service of a given field within an economy', 'subclass_of': ['Q739302']}
{'id': 'Q739302', 'label': 'production', 'description': 'act of creating goods or services', 'subclass_of': ['Q3249551']}
{'id': 'Q363948', 'label': 'contradiction', 'description': 'logical incompatibility between two or more propositions', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q13418847', 'label': 'historical event', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1190554']}
{'id': 'Q494511', 'label': 'Devi', 'description': 'goddess in Hinduism, supreme feminine principle', 'subclass_of': ['Q205985', 'Q979507']}
{'id': 'Q205985', 'label': 'goddess', 'description': 'feminine or female deity', 'subclass_of': ['Q178885']}
{'id': 'Q979507', 'label': 'Hindu deity', 'description': 'gods and goddesses in Hinduism', 'subclass_of': ['Q178885']}
{'id': 'Q1595639', 'label': 'local museum', 'description': 'museum that covers local history', 'subclass_of': ['Q16735822', 'Q60731643']}
{'id': 'Q16735822', 'label': 'history museum', 'description': 'museum covering the knowledge of history', 'subclass_of': ['Q33506']}
{'id': 'Q33506', 'label': 'museum', 'description': 'institution that holds artifacts and other objects of scientific, artistic, cultural, historical, or other importance', 'subclass_of': ['Q1030034', 'Q13226383']}
{'id': 'Q1030034', 'label': 'GLAM', 'description': 'acronym for "galleries, libraries, archives, and museums" that refers to cultural institutions that have access to knowledge as their mission', 'subclass_of': ['Q5193377']}
{'id': 'Q5193377', 'label': 'cultural institution', 'description': 'organization within a culture/sub-culture that works for the preservation or promotion of culture', 'subclass_of': ['Q178706']}
{'id': 'Q60731643', 'label': 'local museum', 'description': 'type of museum in Finland', 'subclass_of': ['Q33506']}
{'id': 'Q46169', 'label': 'national park', 'description': 'park used for conservation purposes of animal life and plants', 'subclass_of': ['Q22698', 'Q473972']}
{'id': 'Q22698', 'label': 'park', 'description': 'area of open space used for recreation or conservation', 'subclass_of': ['Q22652', 'Q294440', 'Q2221906']}
{'id': 'Q22652', 'label': 'green space', 'description': 'green area planned in an urban location', 'subclass_of': ['Q1454188', 'Q11081619']}
{'id': 'Q1454188', 'label': 'free area', 'description': 'undeveloped area which is subordinated to the purposes of a building', 'subclass_of': ['Q1496967']}
{'id': 'Q11081619', 'label': 'land', 'description': 'solid surface of Earth that is not permanently covered by water', 'subclass_of': ['Q205895']}
{'id': 'Q205895', 'label': 'landmass', 'description': 'contiguous area of land surrounded by ocean; large continuous area of land, either surrounded by sea or contiguous with another landmass', 'subclass_of': ['Q20719696', 'Q82794']}
{'id': 'Q20719696', 'label': 'physico-geographical object', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q618123', 'Q223557']}
{'id': 'Q294440', 'label': 'public space', 'description': 'places for public use', 'subclass_of': ['Q7551384', 'Q27096213']}
{'id': 'Q7551384', 'label': 'social space', 'description': 'physical or virtual space such as a social center, online social media, or other gathering place where people gather and interact', 'subclass_of': ['Q618123', 'Q82794']}
{'id': 'Q473972', 'label': 'protected area', 'description': 'location which receives protection because of its recognised natural, ecological or cultural landscape values', 'subclass_of': ['Q82794']}
{'id': 'Q50068795', 'label': 'historical Chinese state', 'description': 'state in China of the Imperial era (221 BCE to 1911 CE)', 'subclass_of': ['Q3024240']}
{'id': 'Q3024240', 'label': 'historical country', 'description': 'country, state or territory that once existed', 'subclass_of': ['Q19953632', 'Q6256', 'Q7275']}
{'id': 'Q19953632', 'label': 'former administrative territorial entity', 'description': 'administrative division which is no longer in use', 'subclass_of': ['Q15893266', 'Q56061', 'Q19832712']}
{'id': 'Q15893266', 'label': 'former entity', 'description': 'entity that no longer operates or is terminated', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120', 'Q19829125']}
{'id': 'Q19829125', 'label': 'absence', 'description': '(local) nonexistence of something', 'subclass_of': ['Q16889133']}
{'id': 'Q19832712', 'label': 'historical administrative division', 'description': 'administrative division which existed in the past, that may or may not still exist.  (Use subclass Q19953632 for divisions which no longer exist).', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061', 'Q4204519']}
{'id': 'Q4204519', 'label': 'historical fact', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1190554', 'Q188572', 'Q192630', 'Q15893266']}
{'id': 'Q188572', 'label': 'fact', 'description': 'statement that is consistent with reality or can be proven with evidence', 'subclass_of': ['Q42848', 'Q2684591']}
{'id': 'Q42848', 'label': 'data', 'description': 'facts represented for handling', 'subclass_of': ['Q11028']}
{'id': 'Q2684591', 'label': 'statement', 'description': 'meaningful declarative sentence that is either true or false, or that which a true or false declarative sentence asserts', 'subclass_of': ['Q108163']}
{'id': 'Q108163', 'label': 'proposition', 'description': 'statement of what is believed', 'subclass_of': ['Q11028', 'Q41796', 'Q246672']}
{'id': 'Q41796', 'label': 'sentence', 'description': 'textual unit consisting of one or more words that are grammatically linked, expressing a complete thought in non-functional linguistics', 'subclass_of': ['Q1786828', 'Q15916540']}
{'id': 'Q15916540', 'label': 'semantic unit', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q183046']}
{'id': 'Q183046', 'label': 'meaning', 'description': 'what the source or sender expresses, communicates, or conveys in their message to the observer or receiver, and what the receiver infers from the current context', 'subclass_of': ['Q16877783']}
{'id': 'Q16877783', 'label': 'meaning', 'description': 'concept used in psychology as well as in other fields such as philosophy, linguistics, semiotics and sociology', 'subclass_of': ['Q151885']}
{'id': 'Q246672', 'label': 'mathematical object', 'description': 'abstract object in mathematics', 'subclass_of': ['Q7184903']}
{'id': 'Q192630', 'label': 'past', 'description': 'subdivision of time', 'subclass_of': ['Q11471']}
{'id': 'Q11471', 'label': 'time', 'description': 'dimension in which events can be ordered from the past through the present into the future', 'subclass_of': ['Q20937557']}
{'id': 'Q6256', 'label': 'country', 'description': 'distinct region in geography; a broad term that can include political divisions or regions associated with distinct political characteristics', 'subclass_of': ['Q1048835']}
{'id': 'Q7275', 'label': 'state', 'description': 'organised community living under a system of government; either a sovereign state, constituent state, or federated state', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229', 'Q177634', 'Q155076', 'Q1048835']}
{'id': 'Q109607', 'label': 'ruins', 'description': 'remains of human-made architecture', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979', 'Q333109']}
{'id': 'Q333109', 'label': 'Überrest', 'description': 'term from the German historical scholarship: a "inadvertently" produced source', 'subclass_of': ['Q5369651']}
{'id': 'Q5369651', 'label': 'historical source', 'description': 'texts, objects or facts from which knowledge of the past can be obtained', 'subclass_of': ['Q3523102']}
{'id': 'Q3523102', 'label': 'information source', 'description': 'source of information for somebody, i.e. anything that might inform a person about something or provide knowledge about it', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120', 'Q31464082']}
{'id': 'Q31464082', 'label': 'source', 'description': 'object (person, place, text, thing, etc.) from which something (information, goods, etc.) comes or is acquired', 'subclass_of': ['Q488383']}
{'id': 'Q1522620', 'label': "farmers' market", 'description': 'market featuring foods sold directly by farmers to consumers', 'subclass_of': ['Q132510']}
{'id': 'Q132510', 'label': 'market', 'description': 'location where people regularly gather for the purchase and sale of provisions, livestock, and other goods', 'subclass_of': ['Q37654', 'Q13226383']}
{'id': 'Q37654', 'label': 'market', 'description': 'mechanisms whereby supply and demand confront each other and deals are made, involving places, processes and institutions in which exchanges occurs (for physical venues, use Q132510 or Q330284)', 'subclass_of': ['Q159810']}
{'id': 'Q159810', 'label': 'economy', 'description': 'system of agents and processes of the production, distribution or trade, and consumption of limited goods and services by agents', 'subclass_of': ['Q58778']}
{'id': 'Q33829', 'label': 'human population', 'description': 'human population that live together in the same place', 'subclass_of': ['Q16334295', 'Q2625603', 'Q2725376']}
{'id': 'Q2625603', 'label': 'population', 'description': 'ensemble of individuals of a species in an area, or their number', 'subclass_of': ['Q16334298', 'Q1949963', 'Q322481']}
{'id': 'Q1949963', 'label': 'statistic', 'description': 'single measure of some attribute of a sample', 'subclass_of': ['Q516776', 'Q15088658']}
{'id': 'Q516776', 'label': 'measurable function', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q11348']}
{'id': 'Q11348', 'label': 'function', 'description': 'mathematical binary relation between two sets, which is right-unique, but not necessarily left-total (a function which is left-total is a partial function, application, map, or mapping)', 'subclass_of': ['Q130901']}
{'id': 'Q130901', 'label': 'binary relation', 'description': 'any set of ordered pairs; (on a set A) collection of ordered pairs of elements of A, i.e. subset of A × A; (between two sets A and B) collection of ordered pairs with first element in A and second element in B', 'subclass_of': ['Q203066']}
{'id': 'Q203066', 'label': 'relation', 'description': 'property that assigns truth values to k-tuples of individuals', 'subclass_of': ['Q36161']}
{'id': 'Q36161', 'label': 'set', 'description': 'fundamental mathematical concept related to the notions of belonging or inclusion', 'subclass_of': ['Q217594', 'Q17008256', 'Q5469988', 'Q246672']}
{'id': 'Q217594', 'label': 'class (set theory)', 'description': 'collection of sets in mathematics that can be defined based on a property of its members', 'subclass_of': ['Q246672', 'Q16889133']}
{'id': 'Q17008256', 'label': 'collection', 'description': 'data type in computer science', 'subclass_of': ['Q494756']}
{'id': 'Q494756', 'label': 'data', 'description': 'quantities, characters, or symbols on which operations are performed by a computer', 'subclass_of': ['Q42848']}
{'id': 'Q5469988', 'label': 'formalization', 'description': 'automated representation of a system', 'subclass_of': ['Q4393498']}
{'id': 'Q15088658', 'label': 'measured value', 'description': 'dimension, quantity, or capacity determined by measuring', 'subclass_of': ['Q614112']}
{'id': 'Q614112', 'label': 'value', 'description': 'physical quantity or calculated value', 'subclass_of': ['Q937228']}
{'id': 'Q322481', 'label': 'size', 'description': 'magnitude or dimension of a thing; concept abstracted from the process of measuring by comparing a longer to a shorter', 'subclass_of': ['Q2091629', 'Q36253']}
{'id': 'Q2091629', 'label': 'magnitude', 'description': 'mathematical concept related to comparison and ordering', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q36253', 'label': 'length', 'description': 'measured dimension of an object in a physical space', 'subclass_of': ['Q126017', 'Q107715', 'Q28733284']}
{'id': 'Q126017', 'label': 'distance', 'description': 'straight line that connects two points in a measurable space or in an observable physical space', 'subclass_of': ['Q181175', 'Q30241068', 'Q865746']}
{'id': 'Q181175', 'label': 'scalar physical quantity', 'description': 'one-dimensional physical quantity', 'subclass_of': ['Q107715', 'Q1289248']}
{'id': 'Q107715', 'label': 'physical quantity', 'description': 'quantitative characterization of an aspect of a physical entity, phenomenon, event, process, transformation, relation, system, or substance', 'subclass_of': ['Q4373292', 'Q309314']}
{'id': 'Q4373292', 'label': 'physical property', 'description': 'attribute of a physical system or body; OR non-chemical  property of a material', 'subclass_of': ['Q937228']}
{'id': 'Q309314', 'label': 'quantity', 'description': 'property that exists in a range of magnitudes or multitudes; property that can exist as a magnitude or multitude', 'subclass_of': ['Q937228', 'Q246672']}
{'id': 'Q1289248', 'label': 'scalar', 'description': 'real numbers in the context of linear algebra', 'subclass_of': ['Q2204117', 'Q2091629', 'Q1325769']}
{'id': 'Q2204117', 'label': 'symmetric tensor', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q188524', 'Q981351']}
{'id': 'Q188524', 'label': 'tensor', 'description': 'geometric object', 'subclass_of': ['Q246672']}
{'id': 'Q981351', 'label': 'symmetric function', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q11348']}
{'id': 'Q1325769', 'label': 'antisymmetric tensor', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q188524']}
{'id': 'Q30241068', 'label': 'observable entity', 'description': 'entity which can be experienced or observed directly by human senses', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q865746', 'label': 'metric function', 'description': 'mathematical function that defines a distance between elements of a set', 'subclass_of': ['Q11348', 'Q1924397']}
{'id': 'Q1924397', 'label': 'measurement technique', 'description': 'set of devices and methods for the determination (measurement) of physical quantities', 'subclass_of': ['Q2695280']}
{'id': 'Q28733284', 'label': 'scalar magnitude', 'description': 'inherently non-negative scalar measurement or quantity, with non-arbitrary zero point; a measure of the "size" of something', 'subclass_of': ['Q1747793', 'Q192276']}
{'id': 'Q1747793', 'label': 'ratio scale of measurement', 'description': 'level of measurement meaningful as a divisor (except when =0); has non-arbitrary zero point; often a scalar magnitude (>=0)', 'subclass_of': ['Q28859120']}
{'id': 'Q28859120', 'label': 'cardinal measurement scale', 'description': 'measurement scale whose level of measurement is numeric and not merely a ranking (ordinal) or naming (nominal)', 'subclass_of': ['Q1370617', 'Q180953']}
{'id': 'Q1370617', 'label': 'measurement scale', 'description': 'graduated measurement scheme developed for a phenomenon', 'subclass_of': ['Q309314']}
{'id': 'Q180953', 'label': 'metric space', 'description': 'set X equipped with a metric d: X×X → ℝ, i.e. a function such that d(x,y)=d(y,x) and that d(x,y) = 0 iff x = y and that d(x,y)+d(y,z) ≥ d(x,y)', 'subclass_of': ['Q1397059']}
{'id': 'Q1397059', 'label': 'pseudometric space', 'description': 'generalization of a metric space in which the distance between two distinct points can be zero', 'subclass_of': ['Q179899', 'Q652446']}
{'id': 'Q179899', 'label': 'topological space', 'description': 'set of points and set of neighborhoods that satisfy axioms relating those points to those neighborhoods', 'subclass_of': ['Q472971', 'Q191290']}
{'id': 'Q472971', 'label': 'space', 'description': 'mathematical notion; set with an additional structure', 'subclass_of': ['Q36161', 'Q42989']}
{'id': 'Q42989', 'label': 'topology', 'description': 'subfield of mathematics', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q191290', 'label': 'ordered pair', 'description': 'pair of mathematical objects; tuple of specific length (tuple length n=2)', 'subclass_of': ['Q1477744', 'Q600590']}
{'id': 'Q1477744', 'label': 'unordered pair', 'description': 'set having two elements a and b with no particular relation between them', 'subclass_of': ['Q29431432', 'Q43851442']}
{'id': 'Q29431432', 'label': 'dyad', 'description': 'group or series of two things/objects', 'subclass_of': ['Q16887380']}
{'id': 'Q43851442', 'label': 'finite set', 'description': 'unordered n-tuple', 'subclass_of': ['Q36161']}
{'id': 'Q600590', 'label': 'n-tuple', 'description': 'finite ordered list of elements', 'subclass_of': ['Q133250', 'Q37860855']}
{'id': 'Q133250', 'label': 'sequence', 'description': 'ordered list of elements; function with natural numbers as domain', 'subclass_of': ['Q11348', 'Q17008256', 'Q20937557']}
{'id': 'Q37860855', 'label': 'ordered set', 'description': 'in mathematics, and more particularly in order theory', 'subclass_of': ['Q36161']}
{'id': 'Q652446', 'label': 'uniform space', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q192276', 'label': 'measure', 'description': 'mathematical function which associates a comparable numeric value to some subsets of a given set', 'subclass_of': ['Q11348', 'Q5165061']}
{'id': 'Q5165061', 'label': 'content', 'description': 'extended-real-valued function defined on a field of sets that is finitely additive', 'subclass_of': ['Q1657198']}
{'id': 'Q1657198', 'label': 'set function', 'description': 'subclass of math. functions', 'subclass_of': ['Q11348']}
{'id': 'Q2725376', 'label': 'demographics', 'description': 'statistical information about human populations', 'subclass_of': ['Q12483', 'Q1071', 'Q34749']}
{'id': 'Q12483', 'label': 'statistics', 'description': 'study of the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of data', 'subclass_of': ['Q395', 'Q816264']}
{'id': 'Q395', 'label': 'mathematics', 'description': 'Science of the structure of abstract objects such as numbers, spaces, functions and relations', 'subclass_of': ['Q816264', 'Q475023']}
{'id': 'Q816264', 'label': 'formal science', 'description': 'disciplines concerned with formal systems, such as logic, mathematics, and game theory', 'subclass_of': ['Q475023']}
{'id': 'Q475023', 'label': 'exact science', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q336']}
{'id': 'Q336', 'label': 'science', 'description': 'study and knowledge of the natural world; the natural and social sciences', 'subclass_of': ['Q8027727']}
{'id': 'Q8027727', 'label': 'Wissenschaft', 'description': 'Any area of scholarly study or science that involves systematic research and teaching', 'subclass_of': ['Q9081']}
{'id': 'Q1071', 'label': 'geography', 'description': 'science that studies the terrestrial surface, the societies that inhabit it and the territories, landscapes, places or regions that form it when interacting with each other', 'subclass_of': ['Q34749', 'Q8008']}
{'id': 'Q34749', 'label': 'social science', 'description': 'academic discipline concerned with society and the relationships', 'subclass_of': ['Q336']}
{'id': 'Q8008', 'label': 'earth sciences', 'description': 'fields of science dealing with planet Earth', 'subclass_of': ['Q7991']}
{'id': 'Q7991', 'label': 'natural science', 'description': 'branch of science about the natural world', 'subclass_of': ['Q336']}
{'id': 'Q23013246', 'label': 'copy', 'description': 'that derived from original with the same function', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q856713', 'label': 'psalm', 'description': 'religious text', 'subclass_of': ['Q179461', 'Q602446', 'Q5185279']}
{'id': 'Q179461', 'label': 'religious text', 'description': 'type of creative work', 'subclass_of': ['Q12617225', 'Q49848', 'Q7725634']}
{'id': 'Q12617225', 'label': 'religious literature', 'description': 'genre of literature', 'subclass_of': ['Q27801']}
{'id': 'Q27801', 'label': 'non-fiction literature', 'description': 'literary genre', 'subclass_of': ['Q213051', 'Q8242']}
{'id': 'Q213051', 'label': 'non-fiction', 'description': 'genre of works in contrast to fictional ones', 'subclass_of': ['Q15621286']}
{'id': 'Q8242', 'label': 'literature', 'description': 'written work of art', 'subclass_of': ['Q735', 'Q6486703']}
{'id': 'Q6486703', 'label': 'Language arts', 'description': 'parts os speech and punctuation', 'subclass_of': ['Q2018526']}
{'id': 'Q49848', 'label': 'document', 'description': 'preserved information', 'subclass_of': ['Q340169', 'Q234460', 'Q386724']}
{'id': 'Q340169', 'label': 'communication medium', 'description': 'storage and delivering agent of information or data', 'subclass_of': ['Q286583', 'Q11028']}
{'id': 'Q286583', 'label': 'manifestation', 'description': 'physical embodiment of an information artifact', 'subclass_of': ['Q8205328']}
{'id': 'Q234460', 'label': 'text', 'description': 'object that can be "read" by reader; result of writing', 'subclass_of': ['Q340169', 'Q11028', 'Q47461344']}
{'id': 'Q47461344', 'label': 'written work', 'description': 'any creative work expressed in writing like: inscriptions, manuscripts, documents or maps', 'subclass_of': ['Q17537576']}
{'id': 'Q7725634', 'label': 'literary work', 'description': 'creative work by a writer created with aesthetic or recreative purposes', 'subclass_of': ['Q17537576', 'Q234460', 'Q47461344']}
{'id': 'Q602446', 'label': 'lyrics', 'description': 'set of words that make up a song', 'subclass_of': ['Q234460', 'Q40686289']}
{'id': 'Q40686289', 'label': 'song component', 'description': 'component', 'subclass_of': ['Q15989253']}
{'id': 'Q5185279', 'label': 'poem', 'description': 'poetical work', 'subclass_of': ['Q482', 'Q7725634']}
{'id': 'Q482', 'label': 'poetry', 'description': 'form of literary art', 'subclass_of': ['Q7725634']}
{'id': 'Q101609', 'label': 'Twelve Olympians', 'description': 'the major deities of the Greek pantheon', 'subclass_of': ['Q22989102', 'Q605704']}
{'id': 'Q605704', 'label': 'dozen', 'description': 'set of twelve pieces', 'subclass_of': ['Q16887380']}
{'id': 'Q3142887', 'label': 'eight', 'description': 'playing card', 'subclass_of': ['Q140703']}
{'id': 'Q140703', 'label': 'spot card', 'description': 'playing card identified by the number of suit symbols it shows', 'subclass_of': ['Q47883']}
{'id': 'Q47883', 'label': 'playing card', 'description': 'card used as one of a set for playing card games', 'subclass_of': ['Q17638008']}
{'id': 'Q17638008', 'label': 'game equipment', 'description': 'object used in gaming', 'subclass_of': ['Q223557']}
{'id': 'Q4022', 'label': 'river', 'description': 'natural watercourse', 'subclass_of': ['Q55659167']}
{'id': 'Q55659167', 'label': 'natural watercourse', 'description': 'river or stream of any size', 'subclass_of': ['Q355304']}
{'id': 'Q355304', 'label': 'watercourse', 'description': 'channel that a flowing body of water follows', 'subclass_of': ['Q863944']}
{'id': 'Q863944', 'label': 'land waters', 'description': 'all areas of water and watercourses of surface water located on land', 'subclass_of': ['Q2507626']}
{'id': 'Q2507626', 'label': 'water area', 'description': 'an area of water surrounded by natural or  artificial boundaries', 'subclass_of': ['Q15324']}
{'id': 'Q15324', 'label': 'body of water', 'description': "any significant accumulation of water, generally on a planet's surface", 'subclass_of': ['Q82794', 'Q20719696']}
{'id': 'Q60644899', 'label': 'die marriage', 'description': 'Term used in coining to describe the combination of the two individual die impressions made to form the front and back of a coin.', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1572600', 'label': 'proclamation', 'description': 'official declaration', 'subclass_of': ['Q15621286', 'Q49848']}
{'id': 'Q10855242', 'label': 'race horse', 'description': 'horse used for horseracing', 'subclass_of': ['Q726', 'Q26401003']}
{'id': 'Q726', 'label': 'horse', 'description': 'domesticated (work) animal', 'subclass_of': ['Q57814795', 'Q55983715']}
{'id': 'Q57814795', 'label': 'domesticated mammal', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q7377', 'Q622852']}
{'id': 'Q7377', 'label': 'mammal', 'description': 'class of tetrapods', 'subclass_of': ['Q729']}
{'id': 'Q729', 'label': 'animal', 'description': 'kingdom of multicellular eukaryotic organisms', 'subclass_of': ['Q7239']}
{'id': 'Q622852', 'label': 'domesticated animal', 'description': 'animal that has been tamed and that lives with humans', 'subclass_of': ['Q729']}
{'id': 'Q55983715', 'label': 'group of organisms known by one particular common name', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q16334298']}
{'id': 'Q26401003', 'label': 'individual animal', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q795052', 'Q729']}
{'id': 'Q6341928', 'label': 'rift lake', 'description': 'lake formed as a result of subsidence related to movement on faults within a rift zone', 'subclass_of': ['Q23397']}
{'id': 'Q23397', 'label': 'lake', 'description': 'body of relatively still water, localized in a basin', 'subclass_of': ['Q337567', 'Q271669']}
{'id': 'Q337567', 'label': 'still waters', 'description': 'natural or man-made body of water', 'subclass_of': ['Q863944']}
{'id': 'Q271669', 'label': 'landform', 'description': 'geomorphological unit in the Earth sciences', 'subclass_of': ['Q12766313']}
{'id': 'Q12766313', 'label': 'geomorphological unit', 'description': 'topographic or bathymetric feature in a particular geographic location (eg. hill, river valley, mountain range, etc.)', 'subclass_of': ['Q35145263']}
{'id': 'Q35145263', 'label': 'natural geographic object', 'description': 'geographical object created by natural causes', 'subclass_of': ['Q618123', 'Q16686022', 'Q27096220']}
{'id': 'Q27096220', 'label': 'natural geographic entity', 'description': 'geographic entity', 'subclass_of': ['Q27096213']}
{'id': 'Q15344922', 'label': 'oblast seat', 'description': 'capital or administrative center for the government of an oblast', 'subclass_of': ['Q470540']}
{'id': 'Q470540', 'label': 'seat', 'description': "location of a corporation organisation or local goverment's headquarters for legal purposes", 'subclass_of': ['Q467970']}
{'id': 'Q467970', 'label': 'permanent establishment', 'description': 'fixed place of business', 'subclass_of': ['Q13226383', 'Q2221906']}
{'id': 'Q163687', 'label': 'basilica', 'description': 'building used as a place of Christian worship', 'subclass_of': ['Q1088552']}
{'id': 'Q1088552', 'label': 'Catholic church', 'description': 'church building of the Catholic Church (for the Catholic Church institution itself, use Q9592)', 'subclass_of': ['Q16970']}
{'id': 'Q16970', 'label': 'church building', 'description': 'building constructed for Christian worship', 'subclass_of': ['Q24398318', 'Q47848']}
{'id': 'Q47069', 'label': 'metamorphic rock', 'description': 'rock arising from metamorphism, in which an original rock (either sedimentary, igneous, or another metamorphic rock) is subjected to heat (>150 °C) and pressure (>100 MPa) causing profound physical or chemical change', 'subclass_of': ['Q8063']}
{'id': 'Q8063', 'label': 'rock', 'description': 'naturally occurring solid aggregate of one or more minerals or mineraloids', 'subclass_of': ['Q3405827']}
{'id': 'Q3405827', 'label': 'natural material', 'description': 'product or physical matter that comes from plants, animals, or the ground', 'subclass_of': ['Q188460', 'Q16686022', 'Q214609', 'Q28555911']}
{'id': 'Q188460', 'label': 'natural resource', 'description': 'production resources', 'subclass_of': ['Q1554231', 'Q11879003']}
{'id': 'Q1554231', 'label': 'resource', 'description': 'source or supply from which benefit is produced', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120', 'Q31464082']}
{'id': 'Q11879003', 'label': 'environmental resource', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1554231']}
{'id': 'Q214609', 'label': 'base material', 'description': 'substance that can occur in different amounts, all with some similar [mixture of some] characteristics, and of which objects can be made up', 'subclass_of': ['Q2424752', 'Q28555911']}
{'id': 'Q28555911', 'label': 'ordinary matter', 'description': 'matter composed of protons, neutrons, and/or electrons', 'subclass_of': ['Q6005984']}
{'id': 'Q6005984', 'label': 'baryonic matter', 'description': 'matter consisting of baryons, electrons, or possibly certain other leptons, but not their antiparticles', 'subclass_of': ['Q28921572']}
{'id': 'Q28921572', 'label': 'common matter', 'description': 'matter, explicitly excluding any antimatter; physical substance containing neither non-matter nor antimatter; koinomatter; common matter', 'subclass_of': ['Q35758']}
{'id': 'Q105173', 'label': 'YHWH', 'description': 'Hebrew theonym', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q31615', 'label': 'cove', 'description': 'type of small bay or coastal inlet', 'subclass_of': ['Q39594']}
{'id': 'Q39594', 'label': 'bay', 'description': 'body of water connected to an ocean or lake, formed by an indentation of the shoreline', 'subclass_of': ['Q2507626']}
{'id': 'Q5526362', 'label': 'Gas sculpture', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q860861']}
{'id': 'Q481289', 'label': 'official residence', 'description': "residence at which a nation's head of state, head of government, governor or other senior figure officially resides", 'subclass_of': ['Q3947', 'Q16831714']}
{'id': 'Q3947', 'label': 'house', 'description': 'structure intended for living in', 'subclass_of': ['Q11755880']}
{'id': 'Q11755880', 'label': 'residential building', 'description': 'building mainly used for residential purposes', 'subclass_of': ['Q699405', 'Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q699405', 'label': 'residence', 'description': "self-contained unit of accommodation (house,apartment,mobile home,houseboat or other 'substantial' structure) used by household(s) as a home; includes nearby outbuildings,sheds etc. within the curtilage of the property, excluding 'open fields beyond'", 'subclass_of': ['Q17334923']}
{'id': 'Q16831714', 'label': 'government building', 'description': 'building built for and by the government, such as a town hall', 'subclass_of': ['Q1220959']}
{'id': 'Q1220959', 'label': 'building of public administration', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q2519340']}
{'id': 'Q2519340', 'label': 'administrative building', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1021645']}
{'id': 'Q1021645', 'label': 'office building', 'description': 'building which contains spaces mainly designed to be used for offices', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q212057', 'label': 'shield volcano', 'description': 'type of volcano usually built almost entirely of fluid lava flows', 'subclass_of': ['Q8072']}
{'id': 'Q8072', 'label': 'volcano', 'description': 'natural, surface vent or fissure usually in a mountainous form', 'subclass_of': ['Q29025902', 'Q8065']}
{'id': 'Q29025902', 'label': 'volcanic landform', 'description': 'landform of volcanic origin', 'subclass_of': ['Q271669', 'Q35145263']}
{'id': 'Q8065', 'label': 'natural disaster', 'description': 'major adverse event resulting from natural processes of the Earth', 'subclass_of': ['Q3839081', 'Q1322005']}
{'id': 'Q3839081', 'label': 'disaster', 'description': 'hazard resulting in an event causing significant physical damage, destruction or death', 'subclass_of': ['Q1190554', 'Q1132455', 'Q813912', 'Q1931388']}
{'id': 'Q1132455', 'label': 'hazard', 'description': 'situation that poses a potential threat to life, health, property, or environment', 'subclass_of': ['Q104493', 'Q3505845']}
{'id': 'Q104493', 'label': 'risk', 'description': 'potential that a chosen action or activity (including the choice of inaction) will lead to a loss', 'subclass_of': ['Q9492']}
{'id': 'Q9492', 'label': 'probability', 'description': 'measure of the expectation that an event will occur or a statement is true', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q3505845', 'label': 'state', 'description': 'abstract term that denotes the presence of stable values of a set of variables of an object', 'subclass_of': ['Q937228', 'Q483247']}
{'id': 'Q813912', 'label': 'condition', 'description': 'state or circumstances of some object or event', 'subclass_of': ['Q3505845']}
{'id': 'Q1931388', 'label': 'cause of death', 'description': 'conditions resulting in a death', 'subclass_of': ['Q179289']}
{'id': 'Q179289', 'label': 'causality', 'description': 'agency or efficacy that connects one process (the cause) with another process or state (the effect), where the first is understood to be partly responsible for the second, and the second is dependent on the first', 'subclass_of': ['Q930933']}
{'id': 'Q930933', 'label': 'relation', 'description': 'general relation between different objects or individuals', 'subclass_of': ['Q7184903']}
{'id': 'Q22808404', 'label': 'station located on surface', 'description': 'kind of station', 'subclass_of': ['Q719456']}
{'id': 'Q719456', 'label': 'station', 'description': 'public transport station', 'subclass_of': ['Q13226383']}
{'id': 'Q3401774', 'label': 'prime meridian', 'description': 'meridian, i.e. a line of longitude, at which longitude is defined to be 0°', 'subclass_of': ['Q32099']}
{'id': 'Q32099', 'label': 'meridian', 'description': 'line between the poles with the same longitude', 'subclass_of': ['Q146657']}
{'id': 'Q146657', 'label': 'great circle', 'description': 'intersection of the sphere and a plane which passes through the center point of the sphere', 'subclass_of': ['Q17278', 'Q185837', 'Q213488', 'Q1503302']}
{'id': 'Q17278', 'label': 'circle', 'description': 'simple curve of Euclidean geometry', 'subclass_of': ['Q15974976', 'Q25967482', 'Q2064156', 'Q211548']}
{'id': 'Q15974976', 'label': 'anallagmatic curve', 'description': 'curve who is its own inverse curve', 'subclass_of': ['Q161973']}
{'id': 'Q161973', 'label': 'curve', 'description': 'object similar to a line but which is not required to be straight', 'subclass_of': ['Q208920', 'Q211548', 'Q207961']}
{'id': 'Q208920', 'label': 'one-dimensional space', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q472971']}
{'id': 'Q211548', 'label': 'locus', 'description': 'set of points whose location satisfies or is determined by one or more specified conditions', 'subclass_of': ['Q36161']}
{'id': 'Q207961', 'label': 'shape', 'description': 'form of an object or its external boundary', 'subclass_of': ['Q246672', 'Q937228']}
{'id': 'Q25967482', 'label': 'Ribaucour curve', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1060874']}
{'id': 'Q1060874', 'label': 'plane curve', 'description': 'curve in a plane that may be either a Euclidean plane, an affine plane or a projective plane', 'subclass_of': ['Q161973']}
{'id': 'Q2064156', 'label': 'sinusoidal spiral', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q266237', 'Q1060874']}
{'id': 'Q266237', 'label': 'algebraic curve', 'description': 'algebraic variety of dimension one', 'subclass_of': ['Q648995', 'Q161973']}
{'id': 'Q648995', 'label': 'algebraic variety', 'description': 'object of study in algebraic geometry', 'subclass_of': ['Q1155772']}
{'id': 'Q1155772', 'label': 'scheme', 'description': 'object of algebraic geometry, commutative algebra and number theory; a ringed space locally isomorphic to the spectrum of a commutative ring', 'subclass_of': ['Q168344', 'Q4724016', 'Q8778429']}
{'id': 'Q168344', 'label': 'ringed space', 'description': 'space together with a sheaf of rings', 'subclass_of': ['Q748349']}
{'id': 'Q748349', 'label': 'mathematical structure', 'description': 'additional mathematical object that, in some manner, attaches (or relates) to that set to endow it with some additional meaning or significance', 'subclass_of': ['Q246672']}
{'id': 'Q4724016', 'label': 'algebraic space', 'description': 'generalization of a scheme; an étale equivalence relation on a scheme; a sheaf of sets on the big étale site with representable diagonal morphism and a surjective étale morphism from a scheme', 'subclass_of': ['Q168344', 'Q130998', 'Q595298', 'Q16955706']}
{'id': 'Q130998', 'label': 'equivalence relation', 'description': 'reflexive, symmetric and transitive relation', 'subclass_of': ['Q621850', 'Q64861', 'Q621461']}
{'id': 'Q621850', 'label': 'reflexive relation', 'description': 'binary relation over a set in which every element is related to itself', 'subclass_of': ['Q130901', 'Q54938846']}
{'id': 'Q54938846', 'label': 'endorelation', 'description': 'relation whose domain and codomain coincide', 'subclass_of': ['Q203066']}
{'id': 'Q64861', 'label': 'transitive relation', 'description': 'binary relation R with the property that xRy and yRz implies xRz', 'subclass_of': ['Q54938846', 'Q7269539']}
{'id': 'Q7269539', 'label': 'quasitransitive relation', 'description': 'type of binary relation', 'subclass_of': ['Q130901', 'Q54938846']}
{'id': 'Q621461', 'label': 'symmetric relation', 'description': 'type of binary relation', 'subclass_of': ['Q29892597', 'Q130901', 'Q54938846']}
{'id': 'Q29892597', 'label': 'symmetry', 'description': 'property, condition of being symmetric', 'subclass_of': ['Q937228', 'Q21075800']}
{'id': 'Q21075800', 'label': 'constancy', 'description': 'quality of being constant; steadiness or faithfulness in action, affections, purpose, and so forth; unchanging quality or characteristic of a object', 'subclass_of': ['Q1207505']}
{'id': 'Q595298', 'label': 'sheaf', 'description': 'object in mathematics', 'subclass_of': ['Q7241077', 'Q7595945']}
{'id': 'Q7241077', 'label': 'presheaf', 'description': 'contravariant functor to the category of sets and functions', 'subclass_of': ['Q864475']}
{'id': 'Q864475', 'label': 'functor', 'description': 'type of mapping between categories, which is applied in category theory', 'subclass_of': ['Q11348']}
{'id': 'Q7595945', 'label': 'stack', 'description': 'generalisation (and categorification) of a sheaf; a fibered category that admits effective descent', 'subclass_of': ['Q30588174']}
{'id': 'Q30588174', 'label': 'prestack', 'description': 'fibered category satisfying full and faithful (but not necessarily effective) descent', 'subclass_of': ['Q5446431']}
{'id': 'Q5446431', 'label': 'fibered category', 'description': 'a “sheaf” of categories over a topological space (or, more generally, any category), where instead of equality we have natural equivalences in the definition of the sheaf axioms', 'subclass_of': ['Q719395', 'Q864475']}
{'id': 'Q719395', 'label': 'category', 'description': 'algebraic structure', 'subclass_of': ['Q4164581']}
{'id': 'Q4164581', 'label': 'semigroupoid', 'description': 'partial algebra that satisfies the axioms for a small category', 'subclass_of': ['Q18386809']}
{'id': 'Q18386809', 'label': 'partial algebra', 'description': 'Generalization of universal algebra to partial operations.', 'subclass_of': ['Q205464']}
{'id': 'Q205464', 'label': 'algebraic structure', 'description': 'set with one or more finitary operations defined on it', 'subclass_of': ['Q191290']}
{'id': 'Q16955706', 'label': 'Deligne–Mumford stack', 'description': 'stack in groupoids over the étale site of schemes such that the diagonal morphism is representable, quasicompact, and separated, and such that there is an étale surjective map from a scheme', 'subclass_of': ['Q1687845']}
{'id': 'Q1687845', 'label': 'algebraic stack', 'description': 'stack in groupoids over the étale site of schemes such that the diagonal map is representable and that there exists a smooth surjection from a scheme', 'subclass_of': ['Q7595945']}
{'id': 'Q8778429', 'label': 'sober space', 'description': 'topological space whose topology is fully captured by its lattice of open sets (i.e., the locale)', 'subclass_of': ['Q179899']}
{'id': 'Q185837', 'label': 'intersection', 'description': 'concept in mathematics specific to the field of set theory', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q213488', 'label': 'geodesic', 'description': 'shortest path between two points on a curved surface', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1503302', 'label': 'geographic object', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q11828321', 'Q27096213']}
{'id': 'Q11828321', 'label': 'physical object', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q571', 'label': 'book', 'description': 'medium for a collection of words and/or pictures to represent knowledge or a fictional story, often manifested in bound paper and ink, or in e-books', 'subclass_of': ['Q49848', 'Q732577', 'Q2342494', 'Q18593264']}
{'id': 'Q732577', 'label': 'publication', 'description': 'output of the act of publishing, and also refers to any printed copies', 'subclass_of': ['Q15401930', 'Q11033', 'Q386724']}
{'id': 'Q11033', 'label': 'mass media', 'description': 'media technologies that are intended to reach a large audience by mass communication', 'subclass_of': ['Q340169']}
{'id': 'Q2342494', 'label': 'collectable', 'description': 'object regarded as being of value or interest to a collector', 'subclass_of': ['Q488383', 'Q223557']}
{'id': 'Q19361238', 'label': 'Wikidata metaclass', 'description': 'class of classes, class whose instances are classes', 'subclass_of': ['Q19478619', 'Q21522864']}
{'id': 'Q19478619', 'label': 'metaclass', 'description': 'in knowledge representation, a class the instances of which are themselves classes', 'subclass_of': ['Q5127848']}
{'id': 'Q21522864', 'label': 'class or metaclass of Wikidata ontology', 'description': "classes or higher order classes of elements as used in Wikidata's ontology", 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q988108', 'label': 'club', 'description': 'association of people united by a common interest or goal', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229', 'Q48204']}
{'id': 'Q48204', 'label': 'association', 'description': 'group of people with shared interests or aims', 'subclass_of': ['Q79913']}
{'id': 'Q79913', 'label': 'non-governmental organization', 'description': 'organization that is neither a part of a government nor a conventional for-profit business', 'subclass_of': ['Q163740', 'Q155076']}
{'id': 'Q163740', 'label': 'nonprofit organization', 'description': 'organization that uses its income to achieve its goals rather than distributing it as profit or dividends', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229', 'Q155076']}
{'id': 'Q777342', 'label': 'cognomen', 'description': 'third name of a citizen of Ancient Rome', 'subclass_of': ['Q272851', 'Q101352']}
{'id': 'Q272851', 'label': 'Roman naming conventions', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q10856962']}
{'id': 'Q10856962', 'label': 'anthroponym', 'description': 'name of a person', 'subclass_of': ['Q60596080']}
{'id': 'Q60596080', 'label': 'bionym', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q147276']}
{'id': 'Q147276', 'label': 'proper noun', 'description': 'noun (or noun phrase) that in its primary application refers to a unique entity or instance', 'subclass_of': ['Q1401131', 'Q28129886', 'Q1084']}
{'id': 'Q1401131', 'label': 'noun phrase', 'description': 'phrase grammatically denoting a figurative or real thing or person; acts in the role of a noun; has a noun as its head word', 'subclass_of': ['Q187931', 'Q82799', 'Q1774041']}
{'id': 'Q82799', 'label': 'name', 'description': 'word or term used for identification; see also proper noun (Q147276) and personal name (Q1071027)', 'subclass_of': ['Q3695082']}
{'id': 'Q3695082', 'label': 'sign', 'description': 'semiotic concept; object, quality, event, or entity whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else; includes words, punctuation, expressions, gestures, notices, road signs, symbols, pictures, etc.', 'subclass_of': ['Q7184903', 'Q9081', 'Q11028']}
{'id': 'Q1774041', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q2303637']}
{'id': 'Q2303637', 'label': 'syntagma', 'description': 'elementary constituent segment within a text', 'subclass_of': ['Q1786828']}
{'id': 'Q28129886', 'label': 'proper name', 'description': 'in philosophy, name which is ordinarily taken to uniquely identify its referent in the world', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1084', 'label': 'noun', 'description': 'part of speech in grammar denoting a figurative or real thing or person', 'subclass_of': ['Q8171', 'Q1401131', 'Q503992']}
{'id': 'Q8171', 'label': 'word', 'description': 'smallest linguistic element that may be uttered in isolation with semantic or pragmatic content', 'subclass_of': ['Q2944660', 'Q187931']}
{'id': 'Q2944660', 'label': 'lexical item', 'description': 'element of a lexicon', 'subclass_of': ['Q4173967', 'Q111352']}
{'id': 'Q111352', 'label': 'lexeme', 'description': 'unit of lexical meaning', 'subclass_of': ['Q5371079']}
{'id': 'Q503992', 'label': 'name', 'description': 'part of speech which shares features with nouns and adjectives', 'subclass_of': ['Q82042']}
{'id': 'Q82042', 'label': 'part of speech', 'description': 'category of words based on shared grammatical properties', 'subclass_of': ['Q16889133']}
{'id': 'Q101352', 'label': 'family name', 'description': 'part of a naming scheme for individuals, used in many cultures worldwide', 'subclass_of': ['Q10856962']}
{'id': 'Q288514', 'label': 'fair', 'description': 'gathering of people for a variety of entertainment or commercial activities', 'subclass_of': ['Q464980']}
{'id': 'Q464980', 'label': 'exhibition', 'description': 'organized presentation and display of a selection of items or pictures', 'subclass_of': ['Q1656682']}
{'id': 'Q19479037', 'label': 'sculpture series', 'description': 'series of sculptures', 'subclass_of': ['Q15709879', 'Q27031439']}
{'id': 'Q15709879', 'label': 'artwork series', 'description': "thematic group of an artist's works", 'subclass_of': ['Q7725310', 'Q18593264']}
{'id': 'Q7725310', 'label': 'series of creative works', 'description': 'ordered set of creative works', 'subclass_of': ['Q20937557', 'Q17489659']}
{'id': 'Q17489659', 'label': 'group of works', 'description': 'any set of works', 'subclass_of': ['Q16887380', 'Q16686448', 'Q386724']}
{'id': 'Q27031439', 'label': 'group of sculptures', 'description': 'by the same artist and /or same artistic theme, icon class', 'subclass_of': ['Q17489659', 'Q28870066']}
{'id': 'Q28870066', 'label': 'ensemble of works of art', 'description': 'displayed together', 'subclass_of': ['Q838948', 'Q17489659']}
{'id': 'Q105731', 'label': 'lock', 'description': 'device for raising and lowering boats or ships', 'subclass_of': ['Q2466889']}
{'id': 'Q2466889', 'label': 'hydraulic structure', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1411945']}
{'id': 'Q1411945', 'label': 'civil engineering construction', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q768717', 'label': 'private collection', 'description': 'privately owned collection of works, usually a collection of art', 'subclass_of': ['Q2668072']}
{'id': 'Q2668072', 'label': 'collection', 'description': 'set of purposefully collected or gathered objects with some common characteristics (should be qualified with P642 for more precision)', 'subclass_of': ['Q16887380', 'Q8205328']}
{'id': 'Q15634554', 'label': 'state with limited recognition', 'description': 'territory with de-facto sovereignty but lacking international acceptance', 'subclass_of': ['Q7275', 'Q6256', 'Q5589178', 'Q15239622']}
{'id': 'Q5589178', 'label': 'regime', 'description': 'form of government or the set of rules, cultural or social norms, etc. that regulate the operation of a government or institution and its interactions with society', 'subclass_of': ['Q28108', 'Q183039']}
{'id': 'Q28108', 'label': 'political system', 'description': 'system of politics and government', 'subclass_of': ['Q1639378']}
{'id': 'Q1639378', 'label': 'social system', 'description': 'patterned series of interrelationships existing between individuals, groups, and institutions', 'subclass_of': ['Q58778']}
{'id': 'Q183039', 'label': 'form of state', 'description': 'form which a state takes, such as monarchy or republic', 'subclass_of': ['Q28108']}
{'id': 'Q1440300', 'label': 'observation tower', 'description': 'structure used to view events from a long distance', 'subclass_of': ['Q12518', 'Q570116']}
{'id': 'Q12518', 'label': 'tower', 'description': 'structure with height greater than width', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q570116', 'label': 'tourist attraction', 'description': 'place of interest where tourists visit', 'subclass_of': ['Q13226383']}
{'id': 'Q917125', 'label': 'alkenyl group', 'description': 'functional group formed by removing a hydrogen atom from an alkene', 'subclass_of': ['Q10400865']}
{'id': 'Q10400865', 'label': 'hydrocarbyl group', 'description': 'univalent group formed by removing a hydrogen atom from a hydrocarbon', 'subclass_of': ['Q2030064']}
{'id': 'Q2030064', 'label': 'organyl group', 'description': 'organic substituent with one free valence at a carbon atom', 'subclass_of': ['Q170409']}
{'id': 'Q170409', 'label': 'functional group', 'description': "moiety that imparts a molecule's characteristic chemical reactions; moiety that participates in similar chemical reactions in most molecules that contain it", 'subclass_of': ['Q3705921', 'Q2393187', 'Q23005640']}
{'id': 'Q3705921', 'label': 'molecular descriptor', 'description': 'final result of a logic and mathematical procedure which transforms chemical information encoded within a symbolic representation of a molecule into a useful number or the result of some standardized experiment; concept from cheminformatics', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q2393187', 'label': 'molecular entity', 'description': 'any constitutionally or isotopically distinct atom, molecule, ion, ion pair, radical, radical ion, complex, conformer, etc., identifiable as a separately distinguishable entity', 'subclass_of': ['Q3366856', 'Q79529', 'Q43460564']}
{'id': 'Q3366856', 'label': 'composite particle', 'description': 'quantum particle that is itself a system of other quantum particles bound by strong, weak or electromagnetic interaction', 'subclass_of': ['Q908049', 'Q28877390']}
{'id': 'Q908049', 'label': 'bound state', 'description': 'system where a particle is subject to a potential such that the particle has a tendency to remain localised in one or more regions of space', 'subclass_of': ['Q28693603']}
{'id': 'Q28693603', 'label': 'quantum particle', 'description': 'quantum mechanical particle in nuclear, atomic, and particle physics; often subatomic; composed of elementary particle(s)', 'subclass_of': ['Q46344', 'Q1621273', 'Q28732711']}
{'id': 'Q46344', 'label': 'quantum', 'description': 'minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction', 'subclass_of': ['Q1621273']}
{'id': 'Q1621273', 'label': 'particle', 'description': 'small localized object in physical sciences', 'subclass_of': ['Q223557']}
{'id': 'Q28877390', 'label': 'massive quantum particle', 'description': 'quantum-mechanical particle (elementary or composite) having real positive rest mass', 'subclass_of': ['Q2923525', 'Q28693603']}
{'id': 'Q2923525', 'label': 'massive particle', 'description': 'particle having real positive rest mass', 'subclass_of': ['Q1621273']}
{'id': 'Q79529', 'label': 'chemical substance', 'description': 'matter of constant composition best characterized by the entities (molecules, formula units, atoms) it is composed of', 'subclass_of': ['Q43460564']}
{'id': 'Q43460564', 'label': 'chemical entity', 'description': 'type of material entity', 'subclass_of': ['Q58416391']}
{'id': 'Q23005640', 'label': 'moiety', 'description': '(in physical organic chemistry) part of a molecule (the term should not be used for a small fragment of a molecule)', 'subclass_of': ['Q15989253']}
{'id': 'Q831663', 'label': 'military campaign', 'description': 'large scale, long duration, significant military strategy plan', 'subclass_of': ['Q645883', 'Q149377', 'Q18812548']}
{'id': 'Q645883', 'label': 'military operation', 'description': 'coordinated military actions of a state in response to a developing situation', 'subclass_of': ['Q180684', 'Q1656682']}
{'id': 'Q149377', 'label': 'military operation plan', 'description': 'formal plan for military armed forces', 'subclass_of': ['Q1371819']}
{'id': 'Q1371819', 'label': 'plan', 'description': 'outline of a strategy for achievement of an objective', 'subclass_of': ['Q7184903']}
{'id': 'Q18812548', 'label': 'campaign', 'description': 'series of operations undertaken to achieve a defined goal', 'subclass_of': ['Q1190554']}
{'id': 'Q1787111', 'label': 'biographical dictionary', 'description': 'type of encyclopedic dictionary limited to biographical information', 'subclass_of': ['Q975413', 'Q36279', 'Q5292']}
{'id': 'Q975413', 'label': 'encyclopedic dictionary', 'description': 'dictionary that collects short articles on a wide range of topics both of an encyclopaedic and a lexicographic kind, arranged in alphabetical order', 'subclass_of': ['Q23622', 'Q5292']}
{'id': 'Q23622', 'label': 'dictionary', 'description': 'collection of words and their meanings', 'subclass_of': ['Q13136', 'Q6423319', 'Q47461344']}
{'id': 'Q13136', 'label': 'reference work', 'description': 'book or serial publication to which one can refer for confirmed facts', 'subclass_of': ['Q1063801', 'Q6006020', 'Q17537576', 'Q49848']}
{'id': 'Q1063801', 'label': 'tertiary source', 'description': 'index or textual consolidation of primary and secondary sources', 'subclass_of': ['Q1754533']}
{'id': 'Q1754533', 'label': 'source text', 'description': 'text (sometimes oral) from which information or ideas are derived. In translation, a source text is the original text that is to be translated into another language', 'subclass_of': ['Q3523102', 'Q386724']}
{'id': 'Q6006020', 'label': 'educational material', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q732577']}
{'id': 'Q6423319', 'label': 'knowledge organization system', 'description': 'generic term used of authority files, thesauri, ontologies, etc.', 'subclass_of': ['Q1979154', 'Q386724', 'Q3622126', 'Q340169', 'Q1151067']}
{'id': 'Q1979154', 'label': 'model', 'description': 'simplified representation of reality', 'subclass_of': ['Q7184903', 'Q4393498']}
{'id': 'Q3622126', 'label': 'conceptual system', 'description': 'system composed of non-physical objects, i.e. ideas or concepts', 'subclass_of': ['Q58778']}
{'id': 'Q1151067', 'label': 'rule', 'description': 'regulating principle of humans, including laws, instructions, guidelines, social conventions', 'subclass_of': ['Q16512470', 'Q774228']}
{'id': 'Q16512470', 'label': 'rule', 'description': 'regulation, law, guideline or other determinate method prescribed for performing any operation', 'subclass_of': ['Q4184950']}
{'id': 'Q4184950', 'label': 'regularity', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q7184903']}
{'id': 'Q774228', 'label': 'requirement', 'description': 'necessary condition; set of criteria to which a particular design, product or process must conform', 'subclass_of': ['Q813912']}
{'id': 'Q5292', 'label': 'encyclopedia', 'description': 'type of reference work', 'subclass_of': ['Q13136', 'Q6423319', 'Q1063801']}
{'id': 'Q36279', 'label': 'biography', 'description': "account of a person's life written by another person", 'subclass_of': ['Q15706467']}
{'id': 'Q15706467', 'label': 'biographical work', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q213051']}
{'id': 'Q18142', 'label': 'high-rise building', 'description': 'tall building; as opposed to a low-rise building', 'subclass_of': ['Q11755959']}
{'id': 'Q11755959', 'label': 'multi-storey urban building', 'description': 'urban building with several floors', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q3656924', 'label': 'fictional detective', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q95074']}
{'id': 'Q95074', 'label': 'fictional character', 'description': 'fictional person in a narrative work of arts (for human fictional character use Q15632617)', 'subclass_of': ['Q14897293', 'Q18336849']}
{'id': 'Q14897293', 'label': 'fictional entity', 'description': 'entity that only exists in a work of fiction', 'subclass_of': ['Q17537576']}
{'id': 'Q13414754', 'label': 'county of New Jersey', 'description': 'subdivision of New Jersey', 'subclass_of': ['Q47168', 'Q6664400']}
{'id': 'Q47168', 'label': 'county of the United States', 'description': 'U.S. state subdivision used by most states in the United States of America', 'subclass_of': ['Q17361443', 'Q28575', 'Q13220204', 'Q13360155']}
{'id': 'Q17361443', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of a state of the United States', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q852446']}
{'id': 'Q28575', 'label': 'county', 'description': 'geographical and administrative region in some countries', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q6664400', 'label': 'local government in New Jersey', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q852446', 'Q6501447']}
{'id': 'Q744296', 'label': 'wooden church', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q16970', 'Q279118']}
{'id': 'Q279118', 'label': 'wooden house', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q3947']}
{'id': 'Q268205', 'label': 'plinth', 'description': 'platform to support structure above it', 'subclass_of': ['Q391414']}
{'id': 'Q160645', 'label': 'orphanage', 'description': 'residential institution devoted to the care of orphans', 'subclass_of': ['Q11755880', 'Q53033847']}
{'id': 'Q53033847', 'label': 'Residential child care community', 'description': 'residential institution devoted to the care of children', 'subclass_of': ['Q699405']}
{'id': 'Q2490', 'label': 'barred spiral galaxy', 'description': 'spiral galaxy with a central bar-shaped structure composed of stars', 'subclass_of': ['Q2488']}
{'id': 'Q2488', 'label': 'spiral galaxy', 'description': 'galaxy having a number of arms of younger stars that spiral out from the centre containing older ones', 'subclass_of': ['Q318']}
{'id': 'Q318', 'label': 'galaxy', 'description': 'astronomical structure', 'subclass_of': ['Q6999']}
{'id': 'Q6999', 'label': 'astronomical body', 'description': 'physical body of astronomically-significant size,mass,or role,naturally occurring in a universe;single,tightly bound contiguous entity (while an astronomical/celestial object is a complex,less cohesively bound structure,may consist of multiple bodies', 'subclass_of': ['Q223557', 'Q4235019', 'Q17334923']}
{'id': 'Q4235019', 'label': 'space object', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q488383']}
{'id': 'Q2740415', 'label': 'site-specific art', 'description': 'artwork created for a certain place', 'subclass_of': ['Q735']}
{'id': 'Q1776037', 'label': 'balsam', 'description': 'resinous exudate (or sap), which forms on certain kinds of trees and shrubs', 'subclass_of': ['Q40034430']}
{'id': 'Q40034430', 'label': 'plant resin', 'description': 'resin from vegetable source', 'subclass_of': ['Q37933789', 'Q28969364']}
{'id': 'Q37933789', 'label': 'natural resin', 'description': 'resin of organic material', 'subclass_of': ['Q145205', 'Q37931493', 'Q19388114']}
{'id': 'Q145205', 'label': 'resin', 'description': 'solid or highly viscous substance of plant or synthetic origin', 'subclass_of': ['Q34669510', 'Q131790']}
{'id': 'Q34669510', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q214609']}
{'id': 'Q131790', 'label': 'adhesive', 'description': 'material which is used for bonding of various materials', 'subclass_of': ['Q50413986', 'Q1726215']}
{'id': 'Q50413986', 'label': 'specialty use of chemicals', 'description': 'use of chemicals in a research, industrial, or household setting (not including pharmacologic actions)', 'subclass_of': ['Q50377228']}
{'id': 'Q50377228', 'label': 'chemical actions and uses', 'description': 'group of pharmacologic activities, effects on living systems and the environment, and modes of employment of drugs and chemicals', 'subclass_of': ['Q1724915']}
{'id': 'Q1726215', 'label': 'process material', 'description': 'material that forms its final material properties only during the manufacturing', 'subclass_of': ['Q16829513']}
{'id': 'Q16829513', 'label': 'intermediate product', 'description': 'processed material that may be further processed into a final product', 'subclass_of': ['Q214609']}
{'id': 'Q37931493', 'label': 'film former', 'description': 'binders or binder parts capable of forming dry films independently or in combination with other substances', 'subclass_of': ['Q863583']}
{'id': 'Q863583', 'label': 'binder', 'description': 'material or substance that holds or draws other materials together to form a cohesive whole mechanically, chemically, by adhesion or cohesion', 'subclass_of': ['Q79529', 'Q30308136']}
{'id': 'Q30308136', 'label': 'binding agent', 'description': 'object that holds other objects together to form a cohesive whole; object used to hold two or more things together', 'subclass_of': ['Q488383']}
{'id': 'Q19388114', 'label': 'secretion', 'description': 'substance from any organism as result of any process', 'subclass_of': ['Q16686022', 'Q27983054']}
{'id': 'Q27983054', 'label': 'organism substance', 'description': 'anatomical entity', 'subclass_of': ['Q27043948', 'Q27166344']}
{'id': 'Q27166344', 'label': 'substance', 'description': 'any composed matter whose origin is either biological, chemical, or mineral', 'subclass_of': ['Q35758']}
{'id': 'Q28969364', 'label': 'plant material', 'description': 'material derived from plants', 'subclass_of': ['Q28969293']}
{'id': 'Q28969293', 'label': 'biological material', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q3405827']}
{'id': 'Q15831577', 'label': 'non-classical state of matter', 'description': 'general state of matter, covering non-fundamental phases', 'subclass_of': ['Q11430']}
{'id': 'Q11430', 'label': 'state of matter', 'description': 'distinct forms that different phases of matter take on', 'subclass_of': ['Q104837']}
{'id': 'Q104837', 'label': 'phase', 'description': 'region of space (a thermodynamic system), throughout which all physical properties of a material are essentially uniform; region of material that is chemically uniform, physically distinct, (often) mechanically separable', 'subclass_of': ['Q230875']}
{'id': 'Q230875', 'label': 'thermodynamic state', 'description': 'state of a thermodynamic system at some point in time; variables/properties comprising the state', 'subclass_of': ['Q230855', 'Q230937']}
{'id': 'Q230855', 'label': 'physical state', 'description': 'describes the current properties of a physical system', 'subclass_of': ['Q3505845']}
{'id': 'Q230937', 'label': 'state function', 'description': 'measurable characteristic of the current state of a thermodynamic system, independent of the history of the system', 'subclass_of': ['Q911916', 'Q7603913']}
{'id': 'Q911916', 'label': 'intensive or extensive property', 'description': 'a property (of a system or substance) that is intensive or is extensive', 'subclass_of': ['Q107715', 'Q4373292']}
{'id': 'Q7603913', 'label': 'state variable', 'description': 'variable whose value is uniquely determined by the state of a dynamical system', 'subclass_of': ['Q50701']}
{'id': 'Q50701', 'label': 'variable', 'description': 'value that can change, usually with a context of an equation or operation', 'subclass_of': ['Q719375']}
{'id': 'Q719375', 'label': 'operand', 'description': 'object of a mathematical operation, quantity on which an operation is performed', 'subclass_of': ['Q2912517']}
{'id': 'Q2912517', 'label': 'value', 'description': 'notion in mathematics', 'subclass_of': ['Q246672']}
{'id': 'Q1241568', 'label': 'military cemetery', 'description': 'burial place for members of the armed forces or civilians who died during military operations', 'subclass_of': ['Q39614']}
{'id': 'Q39614', 'label': 'cemetery', 'description': 'place of burial', 'subclass_of': ['Q12131650', 'Q1370598', 'Q1497375', 'Q5003624']}
{'id': 'Q12131650', 'label': 'location of burial', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q18635222']}
{'id': 'Q18635222', 'label': 'location of an event', 'description': 'place (region, country, city, administrative subdivision, etc.) where event was or will be', 'subclass_of': ['Q2221906', 'Q17334923']}
{'id': 'Q1497375', 'label': 'ensemble', 'description': 'group of multiple related objects, such as buildings', 'subclass_of': ['Q18247357']}
{'id': 'Q18247357', 'label': 'group of structures or buildings', 'description': 'structures or buildings that do not form a building complex, but are treated as a group', 'subclass_of': ['Q16887380', 'Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q5003624', 'label': 'memorial', 'description': 'object which serves as a focus for memory of something', 'subclass_of': ['Q1885014']}
{'id': 'Q1885014', 'label': 'Mahnmal', 'description': 'germanism, meaning a type of monument that serves as a warning', 'subclass_of': ['Q4989906', 'Q15077340']}
{'id': 'Q4989906', 'label': 'monument', 'description': 'type of structure either explicitly created to commemorate a person or important event, or used for that purpose', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979', 'Q4502142']}
{'id': 'Q15077340', 'label': 'Denkmal', 'description': '(German) class of monuments', 'subclass_of': ['Q4989906']}
{'id': 'Q13883136', 'label': 'foundry', 'description': 'factory that produces metal castings', 'subclass_of': ['Q83405']}
{'id': 'Q83405', 'label': 'factory', 'description': 'facility where goods are made, or processed', 'subclass_of': ['Q12144897', 'Q1496967', 'Q13226383', 'Q362482']}
{'id': 'Q12144897', 'label': 'industrial building', 'description': 'type of building', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q362482', 'label': 'operation', 'description': 'organizational unit that covers the permanent combination of production equipment for the human demand for goods and services', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229', 'Q1415187']}
{'id': 'Q1415187', 'label': 'economic agent', 'description': 'actor and decision maker in an economic model', 'subclass_of': ['Q24229398', 'Q830077']}
{'id': 'Q15773347', 'label': 'film character', 'description': 'fictional character appearing in a film', 'subclass_of': ['Q95074']}
{'id': 'Q18123741', 'label': 'infectious disease', 'description': 'disease caused by infection of pathogenic biological agents in a host organism', 'subclass_of': ['Q12136']}
{'id': 'Q12136', 'label': 'disease', 'description': 'abnormal condition negatively affecting organisms', 'subclass_of': ['Q2057971', 'Q567555']}
{'id': 'Q2057971', 'label': 'health problem', 'description': 'condition negatively affecting the health of an organism', 'subclass_of': ['Q7189713', 'Q621184', 'Q19829125']}
{'id': 'Q7189713', 'label': 'physiological condition', 'description': 'conditions of the external or internal milieu that may occur in nature for that organism', 'subclass_of': ['Q1149305', 'Q3505845']}
{'id': 'Q1149305', 'label': 'disposition', 'description': 'tendency to act in a specified way', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q621184', 'label': 'problem', 'description': 'situation that invites resolution', 'subclass_of': ['Q813912']}
{'id': 'Q567555', 'label': 'anomaly', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q752641']}
{'id': 'Q752641', 'label': 'asymmetry', 'description': 'state; the absence of, or a violation of, symmetry', 'subclass_of': ['Q3505845', 'Q19829125']}
{'id': 'Q934433', 'label': 'demobilization', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q18564289', 'label': 'cultural heritage site in Slovenia', 'description': 'immovable object or area of cultural significance in Slovenia', 'subclass_of': ['Q358']}
{'id': 'Q358', 'label': 'heritage site', 'description': 'general term for a site of cultural heritage for a specific country', 'subclass_of': ['Q2065736', 'Q2221906']}
{'id': 'Q2065736', 'label': 'cultural property', 'description': 'physical constituents of the cultural heritage', 'subclass_of': ['Q210272', 'Q8205328']}
{'id': 'Q210272', 'label': 'cultural heritage', 'description': 'physical artifact or intangible attribute of a society inherited from past generations', 'subclass_of': ['Q2434238']}
{'id': 'Q2434238', 'label': 'heritage', 'description': 'property, custom, object inherited from previous generations and of importance for future generations', 'subclass_of': ['Q488383', 'Q23893363']}
{'id': 'Q23893363', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q23009675']}
{'id': 'Q1318768', 'label': 'snack bar', 'description': 'inexpensive food counter', 'subclass_of': ['Q4830453', 'Q11707']}
{'id': 'Q4830453', 'label': 'business', 'description': 'organization involved in commercial, industrial, or professional activity', 'subclass_of': ['Q783794']}
{'id': 'Q783794', 'label': 'company', 'description': 'association or collection of individuals, whether natural persons, juridic persons, or a mixture of both', 'subclass_of': ['Q155076', 'Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q11707', 'label': 'restaurant', 'description': 'single establishment which prepares and serves food', 'subclass_of': ['Q4830453', 'Q655686', 'Q27077054']}
{'id': 'Q655686', 'label': 'commercial building', 'description': 'building used for commercial use', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q27077054', 'label': 'public feeding organisation', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229', 'Q27038993']}
{'id': 'Q27038993', 'label': 'food establishment', 'description': 'food-related business that offers food', 'subclass_of': ['Q4830453']}
{'id': 'Q36963', 'label': 'hunting', 'description': 'searching, pursuing, catching and killing wild animals', 'subclass_of': ['Q451967', 'Q861451']}
{'id': 'Q861451', 'label': 'killing of animals', 'description': 'act of killing an animal', 'subclass_of': ['Q844482']}
{'id': 'Q844482', 'label': 'killing', 'description': 'act of killing a living being', 'subclass_of': ['Q124490', 'Q4026292']}
{'id': 'Q124490', 'label': 'violence', 'description': 'use of physical force or power with the intent to inflict harm, possibly resulting in injury or death', 'subclass_of': ['Q4026292']}
{'id': 'Q54111', 'label': 'neoclassical architecture', 'description': 'architectural style produced by the neoclassical movement that began in the mid-18th century', 'subclass_of': ['Q14378', 'Q12271']}
{'id': 'Q14378', 'label': 'neoclassicism', 'description': 'Western art movements that draw inspiration from the "classical" art and culture of Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome', 'subclass_of': ['Q170292']}
{'id': 'Q170292', 'label': 'classicism', 'description': 'art movement', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q12271', 'label': 'architecture', 'description': 'both the process and product of planning, designing and construction', 'subclass_of': ['Q82604', 'Q11504411']}
{'id': 'Q82604', 'label': 'design', 'description': 'creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system; process of creation; act of creativity and innovation', 'subclass_of': ['Q1914636']}
{'id': 'Q11504411', 'label': 'construction', 'description': 'process of building', 'subclass_of': ['Q1914636']}
{'id': 'Q338814', 'label': 'lion', 'description': 'element in heraldry', 'subclass_of': ['Q56877494']}
{'id': 'Q56877494', 'label': 'quadruped', 'description': 'category of heraldic charges', 'subclass_of': ['Q350945']}
{'id': 'Q350945', 'label': 'heraldic animal', 'description': 'a representation of a real or fantastic animal on coat of arms and other heraldic motifs', 'subclass_of': ['Q3744880', 'Q80071']}
{'id': 'Q3744880', 'label': 'natural figure', 'description': 'category of heraldic charges', 'subclass_of': ['Q3744866']}
{'id': 'Q3744866', 'label': 'common charge', 'description': 'heraldic motif based on a natural or imaginary animal or made object, usually stylized', 'subclass_of': ['Q1424805']}
{'id': 'Q1424805', 'label': 'charge', 'description': 'heraldic motif; an ordinary, common charge or symbol', 'subclass_of': ['Q494452', 'Q80071']}
{'id': 'Q494452', 'label': 'blazon', 'description': 'art of describing heraldic arms in proper terms', 'subclass_of': ['Q5249313']}
{'id': 'Q5249313', 'label': 'declamation', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q190539', 'Q27939']}
{'id': 'Q190539', 'label': 'discourse', 'description': 'written or spoken conversation', 'subclass_of': ['Q1066689', 'Q3622126', 'Q52943']}
{'id': 'Q52943', 'label': 'conversation', 'description': 'form of interactive communication between or among people', 'subclass_of': ['Q11023058']}
{'id': 'Q27939', 'label': 'singing', 'description': 'act of producing musical sounds with the voice', 'subclass_of': ['Q685884', 'Q1914636']}
{'id': 'Q685884', 'label': 'vocal music', 'description': 'genre of music performed by one or more singers', 'subclass_of': ['Q3689704', 'Q638']}
{'id': 'Q3689704', 'label': 'oral communication', 'description': 'oral communication between people', 'subclass_of': ['Q11023058', 'Q2989679']}
{'id': 'Q2989679', 'label': 'verbal communication', 'description': 'communication by words', 'subclass_of': ['Q11024']}
{'id': 'Q638', 'label': 'music', 'description': 'form of art using sound', 'subclass_of': ['Q735', 'Q173799', 'Q11461']}
{'id': 'Q173799', 'label': 'entertainment', 'description': 'activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience, or gives pleasure and delight', 'subclass_of': ['Q1914636']}
{'id': 'Q11461', 'label': 'sound', 'description': 'mechanical wave that is an oscillation of pressure transmitted through a solid, liquid, or gas, composed of frequencies within the range of hearing; pressure wave, generated by vibrating structure', 'subclass_of': ['Q1132631', 'Q19829125']}
{'id': 'Q1132631', 'label': 'mechanical wave', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q37172']}
{'id': 'Q37172', 'label': 'wave', 'description': 'oscillation that travels through space and matter', 'subclass_of': ['Q170475']}
{'id': 'Q170475', 'label': 'oscillation', 'description': 'repetitive variation of some measure about a central value', 'subclass_of': ['Q1150070']}
{'id': 'Q80071', 'label': 'symbol', 'description': 'something that represents an idea, a process, or a physical eantity', 'subclass_of': ['Q3695082', 'Q478798']}
{'id': 'Q478798', 'label': 'image', 'description': 'artifact that depicts or records visual perception', 'subclass_of': ['Q1166770']}
{'id': 'Q1166770', 'label': 'depiction', 'description': 'reference conveyed through pictures', 'subclass_of': ['Q386724']}
{'id': 'Q25900', 'label': 'Leporidae', 'description': 'family of rabbits', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q17018380', 'label': 'bight', 'description': 'bend or curve in a coastline, river, or other geographical feature', 'subclass_of': ['Q19817101', 'Q15324']}
{'id': 'Q19817101', 'label': 'coastal landform', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q271669']}
{'id': 'Q3062294', 'label': 'Latin phrase', 'description': 'phrase known by its Latin-language version', 'subclass_of': ['Q187931', 'Q3026787']}
{'id': 'Q3026787', 'label': 'saying', 'description': 'short, usually meaningful phrase, such as a maxim, proverb, motto, or adage', 'subclass_of': ['Q384876']}
{'id': 'Q384876', 'label': 'set phrase', 'description': 'phrase whose parts are fixed in a certain order, even if the phrase could be changed without harming the literal meaning.', 'subclass_of': ['Q187931']}
{'id': 'Q188507', 'label': 'apartment', 'description': 'self-contained housing unit occupying part of a building', 'subclass_of': ['Q699405']}
{'id': 'Q5741069', 'label': 'rock band', 'description': 'musical group playing rock music', 'subclass_of': ['Q29881657']}
{'id': 'Q29881657', 'label': 'vocal-musical ensemble', 'description': 'musical ensemble in which both instrumentalists and singers perform', 'subclass_of': ['Q215380']}
{'id': 'Q215380', 'label': 'band', 'description': 'group of people who perform instrumental or vocal music', 'subclass_of': ['Q2088357']}
{'id': 'Q2088357', 'label': 'musical ensemble', 'description': 'group of people who perform instrumental and/or vocal music, with the ensemble typically known by a distinct name', 'subclass_of': ['Q32178211', 'Q16334295']}
{'id': 'Q32178211', 'label': 'music organisation', 'description': 'organisation linked with music', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q23757', 'label': 'limestone', 'description': 'sedimentary rocks made of the chemical substance calcium carbonate', 'subclass_of': ['Q82480', 'Q214609']}
{'id': 'Q82480', 'label': 'sedimentary rock', 'description': "rock formed by the deposition of material; Sedimentary rocks are types of rock that are formed by the deposition and subsequent cementation of that material at the Earth's surface and within bodies of water", 'subclass_of': ['Q8063']}
{'id': 'Q10648343', 'label': 'duo', 'description': 'two people that work together', 'subclass_of': ['Q15618652', 'Q327245', 'Q2700595']}
{'id': 'Q15618652', 'label': 'two people', 'description': 'group composed of two persons', 'subclass_of': ['Q16334295', 'Q29431432']}
{'id': 'Q327245', 'label': 'team', 'description': 'group linked in a common purpose', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229', 'Q16334295']}
{'id': 'Q2700595', 'label': 'dyad', 'description': 'group of two people, the smallest possible social group', 'subclass_of': ['Q853725', 'Q874405', 'Q29431432']}
{'id': 'Q853725', 'label': 'social relation', 'description': 'relationship between two people or groups in which their thinking, acting or feeling is related mutually', 'subclass_of': ['Q930933', 'Q11862829']}
{'id': 'Q11862829', 'label': 'academic discipline', 'description': 'academic field of study or profession', 'subclass_of': ['Q1047113']}
{'id': 'Q1047113', 'label': 'specialty', 'description': 'field limited to a specific area of \u200b\u200bknowledge', 'subclass_of': ['Q9081']}
{'id': 'Q659396', 'label': 'equestrian statue', 'description': 'statue of a rider mounted on a horse', 'subclass_of': ['Q179700', 'Q4989906', 'Q557141']}
{'id': 'Q179700', 'label': 'statue', 'description': 'sculpture primarily concerned as a representational figure', 'subclass_of': ['Q860861']}
{'id': 'Q557141', 'label': 'public art', 'description': 'art in the physical public domain', 'subclass_of': ['Q838948', 'Q7328910']}
{'id': 'Q7328910', 'label': 'art collection', 'description': 'set of artworks', 'subclass_of': ['Q2668072', 'Q17489659']}
{'id': 'Q22670030', 'label': 'former French region', 'description': 'former territorial collectivity of France', 'subclass_of': ['Q36784', 'Q19953632']}
{'id': 'Q36784', 'label': 'region of France', 'description': 'France top-level territorial subdivision', 'subclass_of': ['Q583865', 'Q10864048', 'Q192498', 'Q192611', 'Q3455524']}
{'id': 'Q583865', 'label': 'territorial collectivity of France', 'description': 'French public person using its competences autonomously over a particular territory: commune, department, region, overseas collectivity, or territorial collectivity with specific status', 'subclass_of': ['Q192498', 'Q1048835']}
{'id': 'Q192498', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of France', 'description': 'class grouping all types of territorial divisions of France (administrative or electoral)', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q10864048', 'label': 'first-level administrative country subdivision', 'description': 'administrative division directly subordinate to or under administration of a national government', 'subclass_of': ['Q1799794', 'Q1048835']}
{'id': 'Q192611', 'label': 'constituency', 'description': 'territorial division made for elections, separating geographically the qualified voters and their elected representants', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q3455524', 'label': 'administrative region', 'description': 'term for certain administrative divisions in some countries', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061', 'Q1048835']}
{'id': 'Q2418896', 'label': 'continental area and surrounding islands', 'description': 'continent with islands in nearby waters', 'subclass_of': ['Q1496967']}
{'id': 'Q757833', 'label': 'stallion', 'description': 'male horse that has not been gelded (castrated)', 'subclass_of': ['Q726', 'Q44148', 'Q25437351']}
{'id': 'Q44148', 'label': 'male organism', 'description': 'for use with plants or non-human animals; use Q6581097 for humans', 'subclass_of': ['Q19088', 'Q7239']}
{'id': 'Q19088', 'label': 'eukaryote', 'description': 'taxonomic group whose members have complex structures enclosed within membranes', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q25437351', 'label': 'uncastrated creature', 'description': "creature that's not castrated", 'subclass_of': ['Q729']}
{'id': 'Q3027575', 'label': 'Potamoi', 'description': 'river-gods in Greek mythology', 'subclass_of': ['Q3059255', 'Q1434313']}
{'id': 'Q3059255', 'label': 'Greek sea god', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1916821', 'Q22989102']}
{'id': 'Q1916821', 'label': 'water deity', 'description': 'god connected to water in various mythologies', 'subclass_of': ['Q13405593', 'Q7973762']}
{'id': 'Q13405593', 'label': 'nature deity', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q178885']}
{'id': 'Q7973762', 'label': 'water spirit', 'description': 'any supernatural being associated with water', 'subclass_of': ['Q11681141']}
{'id': 'Q11681141', 'label': 'tutelary', 'description': 'deity or spirit who is a guardian, patron or protector of a particular place', 'subclass_of': ['Q28855038']}
{'id': 'Q1434313', 'label': 'river god', 'description': 'god for a river', 'subclass_of': ['Q1916821', 'Q32585054']}
{'id': 'Q32585054', 'label': 'river personification', 'description': 'personification of a river', 'subclass_of': ['Q207174']}
{'id': 'Q207174', 'label': 'personification', 'description': 'artistic or literary device in which an abstract concept is represented by a human or mythical figure with appropriate attributes', 'subclass_of': ['Q95074', 'Q1406161']}
{'id': 'Q1406161', 'label': 'artistic theme', 'description': 'theme or subject in a work of art', 'subclass_of': ['Q11028']}
{'id': 'Q260899', 'label': 'shot', 'description': 'An element of cinematography', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q3901935', 'label': 'inferior planet', 'description': 'planet in the Solar System inside the orbit of Earth', 'subclass_of': ['Q17362350', 'Q3504248']}
{'id': 'Q17362350', 'label': 'planet of the Solar System', 'description': 'inner and outer planets of our solar system', 'subclass_of': ['Q634']}
{'id': 'Q634', 'label': 'planet', 'description': 'celestial body directly orbiting a star or stellar remnant', 'subclass_of': ['Q400144', 'Q16873378']}
{'id': 'Q400144', 'label': 'planemo', 'description': 'planetary-mass object', 'subclass_of': ['Q3132741', 'Q16873378']}
{'id': 'Q3132741', 'label': 'substellar object', 'description': 'astronomical object whose mass is smaller than the smallest mass at which a star can sustain hydrogen fusion', 'subclass_of': ['Q6999']}
{'id': 'Q16873378', 'label': 'planetary body', 'description': 'any secondary body with a planet-like geology', 'subclass_of': ['Q15731960', 'Q3132741']}
{'id': 'Q15731960', 'label': 'secondary body', 'description': 'object that orbits a primary body', 'subclass_of': ['Q6999']}
{'id': 'Q3504248', 'label': 'inner planet', 'description': 'Solar System planet orbiting the Sun within the orbits of the Main-belt asteroids; within the Solar System, the terrestrial planets are the inner planets closest to the Sun, i.e. Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars', 'subclass_of': ['Q17362350', 'Q30249972', 'Q128207']}
{'id': 'Q30249972', 'label': 'object of the inner Solar System', 'description': 'type of object', 'subclass_of': ['Q6999']}
{'id': 'Q128207', 'label': 'terrestrial planet', 'description': 'planet that is composed primarily of silicate rocks or metals. Within the Solar System, the terrestrial planets are the inner planets closest to the Sun, i.e. Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars', 'subclass_of': ['Q634']}
{'id': 'Q833490', 'label': 'Liberty', 'description': 'the personification of the concept of Liberty', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q180262', 'label': 'Erinyes', 'description': 'group of fictional characters', 'subclass_of': ['Q22989102']}
{'id': 'Q7265977', 'label': 'former municipality of the Netherlands', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q2039348', 'Q19730508']}
{'id': 'Q2039348', 'label': 'municipality of the Netherlands', 'description': 'second-level administrative division in the Netherlands', 'subclass_of': ['Q11618417', 'Q15042137', 'Q13220204', 'Q15284']}
{'id': 'Q11618417', 'label': 'LAU 2', 'description': 'second level local administrative unit', 'subclass_of': ['Q163359']}
{'id': 'Q163359', 'label': 'local administrative unit in the NUTS system', 'description': 'lower level of division in the NUTS system', 'subclass_of': ['Q1799794']}
{'id': 'Q15042137', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of the Netherlands', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q19730508', 'label': 'former municipality', 'description': 'municipality that no longer exists', 'subclass_of': ['Q15284', 'Q19953632']}
{'id': 'Q39816', 'label': 'valley', 'description': 'low area between hills, often with a river running through it.', 'subclass_of': ['Q271669', 'Q82794', 'Q22978151', 'Q35145263']}
{'id': 'Q22978151', 'label': 'low spot', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q271669']}
{'id': 'Q277759', 'label': 'book series', 'description': 'sequence of books having certain characteristics in common that are formally identified together as a group', 'subclass_of': ['Q7725310', 'Q17538690', 'Q47461344', 'Q2217301']}
{'id': 'Q17538690', 'label': 'group of manifestations', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q16887380']}
{'id': 'Q2217301', 'label': 'serial', 'description': 'literary or other works with same title issued in successive parts', 'subclass_of': ['Q7725310', 'Q732577']}
{'id': 'Q56580032', 'label': 'city of republic significance', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q5123997']}
{'id': 'Q5123997', 'label': 'city of federal subject significance of Russia', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q18398645']}
{'id': 'Q18398645', 'label': 'types of towns and cities in Russia', 'description': 'classification of towns and cities by their level of jurisdiction', 'subclass_of': ['Q192287', 'Q7930989']}
{'id': 'Q192287', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Russia', 'description': 'common article for both administrative and municipal divisions, and also military, economic and federal districts', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q21082653', 'label': 'agricultural equipment', 'description': 'equipment used for farming', 'subclass_of': ['Q1183543', 'Q3629395']}
{'id': 'Q3629395', 'label': 'agricultural tool', 'description': 'tool used for farming', 'subclass_of': ['Q39546']}
{'id': 'Q1668124', 'label': 'interpolation', 'description': 'an entry or passage in a text that was not written by the original author', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1329623', 'label': 'cultural center', 'description': 'building or complex that promotes culture and arts', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176', 'Q18674739', 'Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q18674739', 'label': 'event venue', 'description': 'building suitable for hosting events', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176', 'Q17350442']}
{'id': 'Q17350442', 'label': 'venue', 'description': 'place used for some activity', 'subclass_of': ['Q13226383', 'Q1496967', 'Q2221906']}
{'id': 'Q29512262', 'label': 'perfume bottle', 'description': 'bottle intended primarily for holding or dispersing perfume', 'subclass_of': ['Q80228']}
{'id': 'Q80228', 'label': 'bottle', 'description': 'container of liquids', 'subclass_of': ['Q57239348']}
{'id': 'Q57239348', 'label': 'vessel', 'description': 'container designed for a liquid or other substance, usually of circular section and of some durable material; especially those in connection with the preparation or serving of food or drink, and usually of a size suitable for carrying by hand', 'subclass_of': ['Q987767']}
{'id': 'Q987767', 'label': 'container', 'description': 'made hollow object that can contain materials', 'subclass_of': ['Q8205328', 'Q9158768']}
{'id': 'Q9158768', 'label': 'storage', 'description': 'place or device for storing material or immaterial objects', 'subclass_of': ['Q36161']}
{'id': 'Q11663', 'label': 'weather', 'description': 'state of the atmosphere', 'subclass_of': ['Q1322005', 'Q58928516', 'Q3505845']}
{'id': 'Q58928516', 'label': 'meteorological concept', 'description': 'atmospheric properties, characteristics and other atmospheric phenomena especially pertaining to weather or climate', 'subclass_of': ['Q151885']}
{'id': 'Q811909', 'label': 'technological component', 'description': 'fundamental component of a machine or a tool, part of the machinery and contributing to the function of the machine, not of the esthetics', 'subclass_of': ['Q1310239']}
{'id': 'Q4686758', 'label': 'advertising character', 'description': 'character used to sell a product or brand', 'subclass_of': ['Q95074', 'Q18670161']}
{'id': 'Q18670161', 'label': 'mascot', 'description': 'person, animal, or object thought to bring luck, or for fictional, representative spokespeople for consumer products', 'subclass_of': ['Q1900672', 'Q1532771']}
{'id': 'Q1900672', 'label': 'marketing tool', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q39546']}
{'id': 'Q1532771', 'label': 'lucky symbol', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q337060', 'Q80071']}
{'id': 'Q245260', 'label': 'conurbation', 'description': 'group of towns linked by continuous urban area (for single town center use Q159313)', 'subclass_of': ['Q702492']}
{'id': 'Q2295204', 'label': 'habit', 'description': 'botany', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q6305624', 'label': 'Ryijy', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q22075301']}
{'id': 'Q22075301', 'label': 'textile artwork', 'description': 'artwork created from textile materials', 'subclass_of': ['Q4502142']}
{'id': 'Q4793045', 'label': 'combat arm', 'description': 'military service branch which conducts direct military combat operations in land warfare', 'subclass_of': ['Q781132']}
{'id': 'Q781132', 'label': 'military branch', 'description': 'subdivision of the national armed forces of a sovereign nation or state', 'subclass_of': ['Q176799']}
{'id': 'Q176799', 'label': 'military unit', 'description': 'organization formed as part of an armed force', 'subclass_of': ['Q9261468', 'Q17149090', 'Q15627509']}
{'id': 'Q9261468', 'label': 'organizational subdivision', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q17149090', 'label': 'armed organization', 'description': 'organization which achieves or tries to achieve its goals using weapons', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q15627509', 'label': 'military organization', 'description': 'structuring of the armed forces of a state', 'subclass_of': ['Q17149090']}
{'id': 'Q5465729', 'label': 'foot guards', 'description': 'senior infantry regiments in some militaries', 'subclass_of': ['Q52371']}
{'id': 'Q52371', 'label': 'regiment', 'description': 'military unit size', 'subclass_of': ['Q176799']}
{'id': 'Q1847458', 'label': 'engenho', 'description': 'sugar cane mill', 'subclass_of': ['Q227857', 'Q1399147']}
{'id': 'Q227857', 'label': 'sugar refinery', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q83405']}
{'id': 'Q1399147', 'label': 'fazenda', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q188913']}
{'id': 'Q188913', 'label': 'plantation', 'description': 'long artificially established forest, farm or estate, where crops are grown for sale', 'subclass_of': ['Q131596', 'Q3062125']}
{'id': 'Q131596', 'label': 'farm', 'description': 'area of land for farming, or, for aquaculture, lake, river or sea, including various structures', 'subclass_of': ['Q14788575', 'Q5890494']}
{'id': 'Q14788575', 'label': 'rural settlement', 'description': 'settlement in the areas defined as rural by a governmental office', 'subclass_of': ['Q486972']}
{'id': 'Q5890494', 'label': 'homestead', 'description': 'single or small group of buildings', 'subclass_of': ['Q1497375']}
{'id': 'Q3062125', 'label': 'farming business', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q4830453']}
{'id': 'Q2713379', 'label': 'papal basilica', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q163687', 'Q1088552', 'Q24398318']}
{'id': 'Q3046146', 'label': 'married couple', 'description': 'two people who are married to each other', 'subclass_of': ['Q219160', 'Q8436']}
{'id': 'Q219160', 'label': 'couple', 'description': 'set of two people linked in a physical and emotional community', 'subclass_of': ['Q223642', 'Q2700595']}
{'id': 'Q223642', 'label': 'interpersonal relationship', 'description': 'strong, deep, or close association or acquaintance between two or more people', 'subclass_of': ['Q3769299', 'Q853725']}
{'id': 'Q8436', 'label': 'family', 'description': 'group of people affiliated by consanguinity, affinity, or co-residence', 'subclass_of': ['Q874405', 'Q16334295', 'Q178706']}
{'id': 'Q131557', 'label': 'amulet', 'description': "object that is typically worn on one's person, and is alleged to have the magical power to protect its holder", 'subclass_of': ['Q1065579']}
{'id': 'Q1065579', 'label': 'costume accessory', 'description': "item which is used to contribute to the wearer's outfit", 'subclass_of': ['Q11460', 'Q362200']}
{'id': 'Q11460', 'label': 'clothing', 'description': 'covering worn on the human body', 'subclass_of': ['Q386724', 'Q2424752', 'Q8205328']}
{'id': 'Q362200', 'label': 'accessory', 'description': 'fashionable or decorative accessory to clothes or interior furnishings', 'subclass_of': ['Q8205328']}
{'id': 'Q12308941', 'label': 'male given name', 'description': 'class of first names, which are given to men', 'subclass_of': ['Q202444']}
{'id': 'Q202444', 'label': 'given name', 'description': 'name typically used to differentiate people from the same family, clan, or other social group who have a common last name', 'subclass_of': ['Q10856962']}
{'id': 'Q7777019', 'label': 'meadow', 'description': 'field vegetated primarily by grass and other non-woody plants (grassland)', 'subclass_of': ['Q1006733', 'Q52105']}
{'id': 'Q1006733', 'label': 'grassland', 'description': 'areas where the vegetation is dominated by grasses (Poaceae)', 'subclass_of': ['Q1496967', 'Q101998', 'Q2083910']}
{'id': 'Q101998', 'label': 'biome', 'description': 'distinct biological communities that have formed in response to a shared physical climate', 'subclass_of': ['Q107425']}
{'id': 'Q107425', 'label': 'landscape', 'description': 'visible features of an area of land', 'subclass_of': ['Q20719696', 'Q1496967']}
{'id': 'Q2083910', 'label': 'vegetation zone', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q101998', 'Q175208']}
{'id': 'Q175208', 'label': 'biotope', 'description': 'area of uniform environmental conditions providing a living place for a specific assemblage of plants and animals; the subject of a biotope is a biocoenosis or biological community', 'subclass_of': ['Q4257161', 'Q35145263']}
{'id': 'Q4257161', 'label': 'range', 'description': 'geographical area in which a species can be found', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q52105', 'label': 'habitat', 'description': 'ecological or environmental area inhabited by a particular species; natural environment in which an organism lives, or the physical environment that surrounds a species population', 'subclass_of': ['Q1496967']}
{'id': 'Q7830213', 'label': 'township of New Jersey', 'description': 'administrative unit in New Jersey', 'subclass_of': ['Q1394476', 'Q54115138', 'Q28111']}
{'id': 'Q1394476', 'label': 'civil township', 'description': 'unit of local government in the United States', 'subclass_of': ['Q852446', 'Q28111', 'Q1048835', 'Q486972']}
{'id': 'Q28111', 'label': 'township in the United States', 'description': 'term for several types of geographic areas', 'subclass_of': ['Q852446', 'Q19610511']}
{'id': 'Q19610511', 'label': 'township', 'description': 'designation for an administrative territorial entity', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061', 'Q27096235']}
{'id': 'Q54115138', 'label': 'municipality of New Jersey', 'description': 'subdivision of the US state of New Jersey', 'subclass_of': ['Q15284']}
{'id': 'Q11834910', 'label': 'State public library', 'description': 'library in Italy', 'subclass_of': ['Q22806']}
{'id': 'Q22806', 'label': 'national library', 'description': 'library specifically established by the government', 'subclass_of': ['Q28564']}
{'id': 'Q28564', 'label': 'public library', 'description': 'library that is accessible by the public', 'subclass_of': ['Q7075', 'Q161837']}
{'id': 'Q7075', 'label': 'library', 'description': 'organized collection of resources', 'subclass_of': ['Q2668072', 'Q1030034', 'Q13226383', 'Q9158768', 'Q5193377']}
{'id': 'Q161837', 'label': 'public service', 'description': 'service which is provided by government to people living within its jurisdiction', 'subclass_of': ['Q1512368']}
{'id': 'Q1512368', 'label': 'indefinite legal concept', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q2135465']}
{'id': 'Q2135465', 'label': 'legal concept', 'description': 'lexeme with a specific meaning in\xa0jurisprudence', 'subclass_of': ['Q151885']}
{'id': 'Q2293362', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q860861']}
{'id': 'Q7270', 'label': 'republic', 'description': 'form of government where head of state is elected', 'subclass_of': ['Q7174']}
{'id': 'Q7174', 'label': 'democracy', 'description': 'system of government in which citizens vote directly in or elect representatives to form a governing body, sometimes called "rule of the majority"', 'subclass_of': ['Q28108']}
{'id': 'Q3001292', 'label': 'crowns of Egypt', 'description': 'any of various headdresses worn in Pharonic Egypt', 'subclass_of': ['Q170984', 'Q2870173']}
{'id': 'Q170984', 'label': 'crown', 'description': 'precious item of headwear, symbolizing the power of a ruler', 'subclass_of': ['Q28972621', 'Q5064153', 'Q4502142']}
{'id': 'Q28972621', 'label': 'headdress', 'description': 'elaborate coverings for the head, worn for ceremonial or ornamental purposes', 'subclass_of': ['Q14952']}
{'id': 'Q14952', 'label': 'headgear', 'description': "any covering for the head; element of clothing which is worn on one's head", 'subclass_of': ['Q11460', 'Q1065579']}
{'id': 'Q5064153', 'label': 'ceremonial dress', 'description': 'costume having a primarily ritual or ceremonial purpose', 'subclass_of': ['Q9053464', 'Q56627913']}
{'id': 'Q9053464', 'label': 'costume', 'description': 'wardrobe and dress in general', 'subclass_of': ['Q16798631']}
{'id': 'Q2870173', 'label': 'regalia of the Pharoahs', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q119814']}
{'id': 'Q119814', 'label': 'Regalia', 'description': 'privileges and the insignia characteristic of a sovereign', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q3001412', 'label': 'horse race', 'description': 'competition', 'subclass_of': ['Q878123']}
{'id': 'Q878123', 'label': 'racing', 'description': 'competitive activity where the goal is to complete the course as fast as possible', 'subclass_of': ['Q13406554']}
{'id': 'Q13406554', 'label': 'sport competition', 'description': 'athletic contest between competitors resulting in a winner', 'subclass_of': ['Q23807345', 'Q1656682']}
{'id': 'Q23807345', 'label': 'competition', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1914636', 'Q476300']}
{'id': 'Q476300', 'label': 'competition', 'description': 'rivalry between organisms, animals, individuals, groups, etc.', 'subclass_of': ['Q52948']}
{'id': 'Q1421557', 'label': 'light art', 'description': 'form of visual art using light as a medium', 'subclass_of': ['Q36649']}
{'id': 'Q36649', 'label': 'visual arts', 'description': 'art forms that create works that are primarily visual in nature', 'subclass_of': ['Q735']}
{'id': 'Q42503423', 'label': 'untitled work of art', 'description': 'art work that is untitled', 'subclass_of': ['Q42503289', 'Q838948']}
{'id': 'Q42503289', 'label': 'untitled entity', 'description': 'something without a name', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q1964917', 'label': 'oil sketch', 'description': 'preparatory oil paint study for a full painting', 'subclass_of': ['Q3305213', 'Q5078274']}
{'id': 'Q3305213', 'label': 'painting', 'description': 'surface artistically covered with paint', 'subclass_of': ['Q4502142']}
{'id': 'Q5078274', 'label': 'sketch', 'description': 'quickly executed freehand drawing', 'subclass_of': ['Q2431125', 'Q93184']}
{'id': 'Q2431125', 'label': 'underpainting', 'description': 'initial layer of paint applied to a ground, which serves as a base for subsequent layers of paint', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q93184', 'label': 'drawing', 'description': 'visual artwork in two-dimensional medium', 'subclass_of': ['Q340169', 'Q4502142']}
{'id': 'Q321839', 'label': 'accord', 'description': 'agreement between two or more contracting persons or parties', 'subclass_of': ['Q2006324', 'Q21143058']}
{'id': 'Q2006324', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q21143058', 'label': 'agreement', 'description': 'understanding between entities to follow a specific course of conduct', 'subclass_of': ['Q930933', 'Q49848']}
{'id': 'Q211690', 'label': 'London borough', 'description': 'administrative sub-division of London', 'subclass_of': ['Q349084', 'Q5195043']}
{'id': 'Q349084', 'label': 'district of England', 'description': 'level of subnational division of England used for the purposes of local government', 'subclass_of': ['Q171634', 'Q17601336', 'Q13220204']}
{'id': 'Q171634', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of England', 'description': 'administrative division or non-administrative ceremonial area of England', 'subclass_of': ['Q717478']}
{'id': 'Q717478', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of the United Kingdom', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q17601336', 'label': 'district of the United Kingdom', 'description': 'type of administrative territorial entity of the United Kingdom', 'subclass_of': ['Q717478', 'Q149621']}
{'id': 'Q149621', 'label': 'district', 'description': 'type of administrative division, in some countries', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q5195043', 'label': 'borough', 'description': 'administrative division in various countries', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q429785', 'label': 'poster', 'description': 'any piece of printed paper designed to be attached to a wall or vertical surface', 'subclass_of': ['Q2560056', 'Q28886448', 'Q4502142']}
{'id': 'Q2560056', 'label': 'advertising media selection', 'description': 'medium for the transmission of advertising messages, with the aid of advertising material may be brought up to the receiver of the advertising', 'subclass_of': ['Q340169', 'Q1554180']}
{'id': 'Q1554180', 'label': 'advertising material', 'description': 'objectified form of the advertising message', 'subclass_of': ['Q488383']}
{'id': 'Q28886448', 'label': 'work with multiple executions', 'description': 'impressions (printing) or casts (sculptures) of an artwork with mainly technically caused differences', 'subclass_of': ['Q17489659']}
{'id': 'Q483453', 'label': 'fountain', 'description': 'piece of architecture which ejects water', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979', 'Q13397636', 'Q570116', 'Q4502142']}
{'id': 'Q13397636', 'label': 'street furniture', 'description': 'collective term for objects and pieces of equipment installed outdoors for various purposes', 'subclass_of': ['Q14745', 'Q811430']}
{'id': 'Q14745', 'label': 'furniture', 'description': 'movable objects intended to support various human activities', 'subclass_of': ['Q31807746', 'Q1357761', 'Q2424752', 'Q8205328']}
{'id': 'Q31807746', 'label': 'furnishing', 'description': 'creative work that provides for the needs of people in or around a building', 'subclass_of': ['Q16686448', 'Q223557', 'Q17537576']}
{'id': 'Q1357761', 'label': 'utensil', 'description': 'tool to help using something', 'subclass_of': ['Q223557']}
{'id': 'Q188451', 'label': 'music genre', 'description': 'category that identifies pieces of music as belonging to a shared tradition or set of conventions', 'subclass_of': ['Q1792379', 'Q15198957']}
{'id': 'Q15198957', 'label': 'aspect of music', 'description': 'characteristic, dimension, or element taken as a part or component of music', 'subclass_of': ['Q2198779']}
{'id': 'Q474717', 'label': 'military order', 'description': 'one of a variety of Christian societies of knights', 'subclass_of': ['Q2061186', 'Q176799', 'Q193622']}
{'id': 'Q2061186', 'label': 'religious order', 'description': 'group of people set apart from society and other groups based on their religious devotion', 'subclass_of': ['Q2742167', 'Q1530022']}
{'id': 'Q2742167', 'label': 'religious community', 'description': 'community (group of people) who practice the same religion', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229', 'Q177634']}
{'id': 'Q1530022', 'label': 'religious organization', 'description': 'church or a society of some other religion', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q193622', 'label': 'order', 'description': 'visible honour awarded to an individual  recipient', 'subclass_of': ['Q618779']}
{'id': 'Q618779', 'label': 'award', 'description': 'something given to a person or a group of people to recognize their excellence in a certain field', 'subclass_of': ['Q4372150']}
{'id': 'Q4372150', 'label': 'bounty', 'description': 'payment or reward', 'subclass_of': ['Q1414816', 'Q230788', 'Q859031']}
{'id': 'Q1414816', 'label': 'incentive', 'description': 'something that motivates an individual to perform an action', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q230788', 'label': 'grant', 'description': 'non-repayable funds disbursed by one party to a recipient', 'subclass_of': ['Q760120']}
{'id': 'Q760120', 'label': 'expenditure', 'description': 'voluntary payment of monetary assets', 'subclass_of': ['Q240673']}
{'id': 'Q240673', 'label': 'cost', 'description': 'value of money that has been used up to produce something', 'subclass_of': ['Q1499548']}
{'id': 'Q1499548', 'label': 'monetary value', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q194112', 'Q194980']}
{'id': 'Q194112', 'label': 'value', 'description': 'personal value, basis for ethical action;  degree of importance of some thing or action, with the aim of determining what actions are best to do or what way is best to live (normative ethics), or to describe the significance of different actions', 'subclass_of': ['Q211364']}
{'id': 'Q211364', 'label': 'principle', 'description': 'rule that has to be followed or is an inevitable consequence of something, such as the laws observed in nature', 'subclass_of': ['Q6671777']}
{'id': 'Q194980', 'label': 'intangible good', 'description': "good that does not have a physical nature and can be separated from its creator's labor", 'subclass_of': ['Q28877']}
{'id': 'Q859031', 'label': 'stimulus', 'description': 'stimulus is a detectable change in the internal or external environment (physiology)', 'subclass_of': ['Q1150070']}
{'id': 'Q375928', 'label': 'lower house', 'description': 'chamber of a bicameral legislature', 'subclass_of': ['Q10553309']}
{'id': 'Q10553309', 'label': 'legislative house', 'description': 'deliberative assembly acting as part of a legislature', 'subclass_of': ['Q1752346', 'Q15708736']}
{'id': 'Q1752346', 'label': 'deliberative assembly', 'description': 'organization that uses parliamentary procedure to make decisions', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q56676227', 'label': 'oil painting', 'description': 'surface artistically covered with oil paint', 'subclass_of': ['Q3305213']}
{'id': 'Q1078913', 'label': 'plastic arts', 'description': 'form of art form based on the creation and modification of physical objects', 'subclass_of': ['Q36649', 'Q17310537']}
{'id': 'Q17310537', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q735', 'Q2018526', 'Q36649']}
{'id': 'Q1115575', 'label': 'civil parish', 'description': 'territorial designation and lowest tier of local government in England, UK', 'subclass_of': ['Q171634', 'Q4976993']}
{'id': 'Q4976993', 'label': 'civil parish', 'description': 'administrative, non-ecclesiastical, division', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q168983', 'label': 'conflagration', 'description': 'great and destructive fire', 'subclass_of': ['Q3196', 'Q3839081']}
{'id': 'Q3196', 'label': 'fire', 'description': 'rapid oxidation of a material', 'subclass_of': ['Q36534']}
{'id': 'Q36534', 'label': 'chemical reaction', 'description': 'process that results in the interconversion of chemical species', 'subclass_of': ['Q2281940']}
{'id': 'Q2281940', 'label': 'chemical process', 'description': 'method or means of somehow changing one or more chemicals or chemical compounds', 'subclass_of': ['Q3249551', 'Q10843872']}
{'id': 'Q10843872', 'label': 'engineering process', 'description': 'set of interrelated tasks that transform inputs into outputs', 'subclass_of': ['Q3249551']}
{'id': 'Q11294156', 'label': 'paddle', 'description': 'implement used to strike a person on the buttocks', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q17212024', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q191431']}
{'id': 'Q191431', 'label': 'mandala', 'description': 'esoteric diagram', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q45057822', 'label': 'geometric pattern', 'description': 'design element based on geometric shapes', 'subclass_of': ['Q55413080']}
{'id': 'Q55413080', 'label': 'pattern', 'description': 'ornamental design applied to or incorporated in the surface of an object, generally consisting of repeated motifs or elements', 'subclass_of': ['Q55412936', 'Q2083958']}
{'id': 'Q55412936', 'label': 'design element', 'description': 'fundamental observable component of a visual design or work of art', 'subclass_of': ['Q2722260']}
{'id': 'Q2722260', 'label': 'attribute', 'description': 'metadata which defines a property of an object, element, or file', 'subclass_of': ['Q180160']}
{'id': 'Q180160', 'label': 'metadata', 'description': 'data about data', 'subclass_of': ['Q42848']}
{'id': 'Q2083958', 'label': 'pattern', 'description': 'discernible regularity in the world or in a manmade design', 'subclass_of': ['Q4184950']}
{'id': 'Q10358588', 'label': 'infantry regiment', 'description': 'military formation of regiment size built around elements of the infantry branch', 'subclass_of': ['Q52371', 'Q23905052']}
{'id': 'Q23905052', 'label': 'infantry unit', 'description': 'military formation built around elements of the infantry branch', 'subclass_of': ['Q176799']}
{'id': 'Q506', 'label': 'flower', 'description': 'structure found in some plants (division Magnoliophyta / angiosperms) to support reproduction', 'subclass_of': ['Q24060707']}
{'id': 'Q19979289', 'label': 'birth house', 'description': "building where someone was deemed to be born, not a hospital. Add this in P31 in addition to properties about the architecture or function  of the building. If it's the actual place of birth of the person, add the house in P19 of the person's item", 'subclass_of': ['Q1322263', 'Q3947']}
{'id': 'Q1322263', 'label': 'place of birth', 'description': 'place where a person is born', 'subclass_of': ['Q18635222']}
{'id': 'Q154668', 'label': 'patrician', 'description': 'the name given to members of the old-established upper class in ancient Rome as well as in the Middle Ages', 'subclass_of': ['Q134737', 'Q2478141']}
{'id': 'Q134737', 'label': 'nobility', 'description': 'privileged social class', 'subclass_of': ['Q874405']}
{'id': 'Q2478141', 'label': 'aristocrat', 'description': 'person who either possess hereditary titles granted by a monarch or are related to such people', 'subclass_of': ['Q1097498']}
{'id': 'Q1097498', 'label': 'ruler', 'description': 'person who reigns over a certain region or country', 'subclass_of': ['Q15296531', 'Q82955']}
{'id': 'Q15296531', 'label': 'position of authority', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q4164871']}
{'id': 'Q4164871', 'label': 'position', 'description': 'office with a set of powers and responsibilities within a private or public organization or the state', 'subclass_of': ['Q214339']}
{'id': 'Q214339', 'label': 'role', 'description': 'set of behaviours, rights, obligations, beliefs, and norms expected from an individual that has a certain social status', 'subclass_of': ['Q4897819']}
{'id': 'Q4897819', 'label': 'role', 'description': 'quality of participation in relation', 'subclass_of': ['Q937228']}
{'id': 'Q82955', 'label': 'politician', 'description': 'person involved in politics, person who holds or seeks positions in government', 'subclass_of': ['Q702269']}
{'id': 'Q702269', 'label': 'professional', 'description': 'person who is paid to undertake a specialized set of tasks and to complete them for a fee', 'subclass_of': ['Q327055']}
{'id': 'Q327055', 'label': 'worker', 'description': 'person who works', 'subclass_of': ['Q215627']}
{'id': 'Q11396960', 'label': 'production company', 'description': 'company producing works in the realms of the performing arts, new media art, film, television, radio, and video', 'subclass_of': ['Q1331793', 'Q783794']}
{'id': 'Q1331793', 'label': 'media company', 'description': 'business that focuses primarily in mass media', 'subclass_of': ['Q4830453']}
{'id': 'Q3293106', 'label': 'mesotrophic lake', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q23397']}
{'id': 'Q1121708', 'label': 'failure', 'description': 'state or condition of not meeting a desirable or intended objective', 'subclass_of': ['Q2995644']}
{'id': 'Q2995644', 'label': 'result', 'description': 'final consequence of a sequence of actions or events', 'subclass_of': ['Q374182']}
{'id': 'Q374182', 'label': 'logical consequence', 'description': 'fundamental concept in logic', 'subclass_of': ['Q733541']}
{'id': 'Q733541', 'label': 'consequence', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q82117', 'label': 'city gate', 'description': 'gate which is, or was, set within a city wall', 'subclass_of': ['Q53060', 'Q57821']}
{'id': 'Q53060', 'label': 'gate', 'description': 'point of entry to a space enclosed by walls', 'subclass_of': ['Q391414', 'Q811979', 'Q854429', 'Q1183543']}
{'id': 'Q854429', 'label': 'portal', 'description': 'opening in the walls of a structure', 'subclass_of': ['Q36794', 'Q391414']}
{'id': 'Q36794', 'label': 'door', 'description': 'movable structure used to open and close an entrance', 'subclass_of': ['Q391414', 'Q1183543']}
{'id': 'Q57821', 'label': 'fortification', 'description': 'military constructions and buildings designed for defense in warfare and military bases', 'subclass_of': ['Q6852233']}
{'id': 'Q6852233', 'label': 'military building', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176', 'Q18643213']}
{'id': 'Q18643213', 'label': 'military equipment', 'description': 'item in use by or designed for use by military forces', 'subclass_of': ['Q16798631']}
{'id': 'Q5185052', 'label': 'Cricket pavilion', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q1437459', 'label': 'non-geologically related mountain range', 'description': 'geographic area containing numerous  mountains, not necessarily geologically related to each other', 'subclass_of': ['Q46831']}
{'id': 'Q46831', 'label': 'mountain range', 'description': 'geographic area containing numerous geologically related mountains', 'subclass_of': ['Q2221906']}
{'id': 'Q7201252', 'label': 'planetary surface', 'description': 'where the solid (or liquid) material of the outer crust on certain types of astronomical objects contacts the atmosphere or outer space', 'subclass_of': ['Q30318034', 'Q17334923']}
{'id': 'Q30318034', 'label': "astronomical object's surface", 'description': 'type of surface', 'subclass_of': ['Q28840755']}
{'id': 'Q28840755', 'label': 'surface', 'description': '2D-boundary of 3D-object', 'subclass_of': ['Q7180938', 'Q901882']}
{'id': 'Q7180938', 'label': 'phase boundary', 'description': 'in thermal equilibrium, each phase of physical matter comes to an end at a transitional point, or spatial interface, called a phase boundary, due to the immiscibility of said matter with the matter on the other side of said boundary', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q901882', 'label': 'interface', 'description': 'boundary between different phases of matter', 'subclass_of': ['Q484298']}
{'id': 'Q484298', 'label': 'surface', 'description': 'two-dimensional manifold, and, as such, may be an "abstract surface" not embedded in any Euclidean space', 'subclass_of': ['Q2721559', 'Q222032']}
{'id': 'Q2721559', 'label': 'topological manifold', 'description': 'topological space (which may also be a separated space) which locally resembles real n-dimensional space in a sense defined below', 'subclass_of': ['Q326908', 'Q1363919', 'Q203920']}
{'id': 'Q326908', 'label': 'Hausdorff space', 'description': 'topological space in which distinct points have disjoint neighbourhoods', 'subclass_of': ['Q284347', 'Q8778429', 'Q15841121']}
{'id': 'Q284347', 'label': 'T1 space', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1148924']}
{'id': 'Q1148924', 'label': 'Kolmogorov space', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q179899']}
{'id': 'Q15841121', 'label': 'preregular space', 'description': 'topological space', 'subclass_of': ['Q179899']}
{'id': 'Q1363919', 'label': 'second-countable space', 'description': 'topological space satisfying the second axiom of countability. A space is said to be second-countable if its topology has a countable base', 'subclass_of': ['Q680081', 'Q926996', 'Q936155']}
{'id': 'Q680081', 'label': 'separable space', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q179899']}
{'id': 'Q926996', 'label': 'first-countable space', 'description': 'topological space satisfying the "first axiom of countability"', 'subclass_of': ['Q179899']}
{'id': 'Q936155', 'label': 'Lindelöf space', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q179899']}
{'id': 'Q203920', 'label': 'manifold', 'description': 'topological space that at each point resembles Euclidean space', 'subclass_of': ['Q179899', 'Q326908']}
{'id': 'Q222032', 'label': 'two-dimensional space', 'description': 'geometric model of the planar projection of the physical universe', 'subclass_of': ['Q472971']}
{'id': 'Q5275', 'label': 'astronomical clock', 'description': 'clock with special mechanisms and dials to display astronomical information', 'subclass_of': ['Q376']}
{'id': 'Q376', 'label': 'clock', 'description': 'instrument that measures the passage of time', 'subclass_of': ['Q11019', 'Q4198689', 'Q42622779']}
{'id': 'Q11019', 'label': 'machine', 'description': 'tool containing one or more parts that uses energy to perform an intended action', 'subclass_of': ['Q39546', 'Q1183543']}
{'id': 'Q4198689', 'label': 'metrological mechanism', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q517596']}
{'id': 'Q517596', 'label': 'mechanism', 'description': 'device designed to transform input forces and movement into a desired set of output forces and movement', 'subclass_of': ['Q58778']}
{'id': 'Q42622779', 'label': 'timepiece', 'description': 'device for measuring or recording the passage of time', 'subclass_of': ['Q2041172']}
{'id': 'Q2041172', 'label': 'measuring instrument', 'description': 'device for measuring a physical quantity', 'subclass_of': ['Q39546', 'Q1047213']}
{'id': 'Q1047213', 'label': 'measurement tool', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1183543', 'Q3099911']}
{'id': 'Q3099911', 'label': 'scientific instrument', 'description': 'equipment specifically designed to facilitate the acquisition of data', 'subclass_of': ['Q1183543']}
{'id': 'Q1686006', 'label': 'summer residence', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q751876']}
{'id': 'Q751876', 'label': 'château', 'description': 'type of manor house found mostly in French-speaking regions', 'subclass_of': ['Q879050']}
{'id': 'Q879050', 'label': 'manor house', 'description': 'country house that historically formed the administrative centre of a manor', 'subclass_of': ['Q11755880']}
{'id': 'Q3402326', 'label': 'Prepositura', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q16970']}
{'id': 'Q216285', 'label': 'chapter', 'description': 'body of clergy in Roman Catholic, Anglican, and Nordic Lutheran churches', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q42470', 'label': 'motto', 'description': 'short sentence expressing a motivation', 'subclass_of': ['Q187931', 'Q3026787', 'Q386724']}
{'id': 'Q851990', 'label': 'population group', 'description': 'demographic term that people summarizing after each statistical characteristics', 'subclass_of': ['Q874405']}
{'id': 'Q317557', 'label': 'parish church', 'description': 'church which acts as the religious centre of a parish', 'subclass_of': ['Q16970']}
{'id': 'Q15135589', 'label': 'pilgrimage site', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1370598']}
{'id': 'Q17132744', 'label': 'diocesan museum', 'description': 'museum for an ecclesiastical diocese', 'subclass_of': ['Q207694']}
{'id': 'Q207694', 'label': 'art museum', 'description': 'building or space for the exhibition of art', 'subclass_of': ['Q28737012']}
{'id': 'Q28737012', 'label': 'museum of culture', 'description': 'building or space for the exhibition of cultural artifacts', 'subclass_of': ['Q33506']}
{'id': 'Q357679', 'label': 'arch-gravity dam', 'description': 'dam with the characteristics of both an arch dam and a gravity dam', 'subclass_of': ['Q890545']}
{'id': 'Q890545', 'label': 'arch dam', 'description': 'solid dam made of concrete that is curved upstream in plan', 'subclass_of': ['Q12323']}
{'id': 'Q12323', 'label': 'dam', 'description': 'barrier that impounds water or underground streams', 'subclass_of': ['Q1411945', 'Q2466889', 'Q15324']}
{'id': 'Q754660', 'label': 'Falconinae', 'description': 'subfamily of birds', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q14565197', 'label': 'relative direction', 'description': 'up, down, right, left, forwards or backwards', 'subclass_of': ['Q2151613']}
{'id': 'Q2151613', 'label': 'direction', 'description': 'information contained in the relative position of one point with respect to another point without the distance information', 'subclass_of': ['Q937228']}
{'id': 'Q60370083', 'label': 'hussar regiment', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q47512221', 'Q912949']}
{'id': 'Q47512221', 'label': 'horse cavalry regiment', 'description': 'military unit type and size', 'subclass_of': ['Q47512214', 'Q14755054']}
{'id': 'Q47512214', 'label': 'horse cavalry unit', 'description': 'military unit type charged with direct combat operations using horses', 'subclass_of': ['Q14825551']}
{'id': 'Q14825551', 'label': 'cavalry unit', 'description': 'military formation built around elements of the cavalry branch', 'subclass_of': ['Q176799']}
{'id': 'Q14755054', 'label': 'cavalry regiment', 'description': 'military formation of regiment size built around elements of the cavalry branch', 'subclass_of': ['Q52371', 'Q14825551']}
{'id': 'Q912949', 'label': 'light cavalry', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q47512208']}
{'id': 'Q47512208', 'label': 'horse cavalry', 'description': 'military combat arm which uses horses for mobility', 'subclass_of': ['Q47315']}
{'id': 'Q47315', 'label': 'cavalry', 'description': 'soldiers or warriors fighting from horseback', 'subclass_of': ['Q4793045']}
{'id': 'Q20026879', 'label': 'aircraft lift class', 'description': 'aircraft class defined by the method of lift generation', 'subclass_of': ['Q1875621']}
{'id': 'Q1875621', 'label': 'aircraft class', 'description': 'class of aircraft by specific characteristics', 'subclass_of': ['Q16889133']}
{'id': 'Q18534278', 'label': 'facial feature', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q4936952']}
{'id': 'Q57444907', 'label': 'Fugitive Love motive', 'description': 'sculpture motive by Auguste Rodin that yielded several individual copies', 'subclass_of': ['Q179700']}
{'id': 'Q34627', 'label': 'synagogue', 'description': 'Jewish or Samaritan house of prayer', 'subclass_of': ['Q44539', 'Q24398318']}
{'id': 'Q21099420', 'label': 'paseo', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q83620']}
{'id': 'Q83620', 'label': 'thoroughfare', 'description': 'transportation route connecting one location to another', 'subclass_of': ['Q294440', 'Q376799', 'Q27096235']}
{'id': 'Q376799', 'label': 'transport infrastructure', 'description': 'the fixed installations that allow a vehicle to operate', 'subclass_of': ['Q121359', 'Q2221906', 'Q27096235']}
{'id': 'Q121359', 'label': 'infrastructure', 'description': 'fundamental facilities and systems serving a country, city, or other area', 'subclass_of': ['Q1454986']}
{'id': 'Q33146843', 'label': 'municipality of Catalonia', 'description': 'municipality of Catalonia, Spain', 'subclass_of': ['Q2074737', 'Q11917457']}
{'id': 'Q2074737', 'label': 'municipality of Spain', 'description': 'administrative territorial entity of Spain', 'subclass_of': ['Q3183364', 'Q1763214', 'Q1048835', 'Q11618417', 'Q48909258', 'Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q3183364', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Spain', 'description': 'subclass of administrative territorial entities', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q1763214', 'label': 'municipio', 'description': 'country subdivisions in several Hispanophone and Lusophone nations', 'subclass_of': ['Q15284']}
{'id': 'Q48909258', 'label': 'third-order administrative division', 'description': 'Statistical classification in GeoNames', 'subclass_of': ['Q163359', 'Q13221722']}
{'id': 'Q13221722', 'label': 'third-level administrative country subdivision', 'description': 'administrative division subordinate to or under administration of a second-level division', 'subclass_of': ['Q1799794']}
{'id': 'Q11917457', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Catalonia', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q3183364']}
{'id': 'Q1901835', 'label': 'seat of government', 'description': 'the building, complex of buildings or city from which a government exercises its authority', 'subclass_of': ['Q2221906', 'Q1497364']}
{'id': 'Q1497364', 'label': 'building complex', 'description': 'set of related buildings', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979', 'Q1497375']}
{'id': 'Q2537829', 'label': 'winged horse', 'description': 'horse-like creature with wings', 'subclass_of': ['Q1387388', 'Q24296329']}
{'id': 'Q1387388', 'label': 'mythical hybrid', 'description': 'mythological creature combining body parts of more than one real species', 'subclass_of': ['Q2239243', 'Q6549417']}
{'id': 'Q2239243', 'label': 'mythical creature', 'description': 'often supernatural animal, often a hybrid, sometimes part human, whose existence cannot be proven, described in legends, myths, fables, folklore, poetry, fairy tales, etc', 'subclass_of': ['Q24334685']}
{'id': 'Q6549417', 'label': 'liminal being', 'description': 'being that cannot be easily placed into a single category of existence', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q24296329', 'label': 'mythical horse', 'description': 'class of mythical animals', 'subclass_of': ['Q24334299', 'Q2962925']}
{'id': 'Q24334299', 'label': 'mythical animal', 'description': 'class of creature in mythology', 'subclass_of': ['Q2239243']}
{'id': 'Q2962925', 'label': 'fictional horse', 'description': 'horse appearing only in fictional stories', 'subclass_of': ['Q27303980']}
{'id': 'Q27303980', 'label': 'fictional equine', 'description': 'individual fictional animal character', 'subclass_of': ['Q27303911']}
{'id': 'Q27303911', 'label': 'fictional perissodactyla', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q27276270']}
{'id': 'Q27276270', 'label': 'fictional ungulate', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q27277631']}
{'id': 'Q27277631', 'label': 'fictional mammal', 'description': 'individual fictional animal character', 'subclass_of': ['Q3542731']}
{'id': 'Q3542731', 'label': 'fictional animal character', 'description': 'class of individual animals which are fictional; to say that an individual fictional animal species is an animal species, use P31 Q15702752', 'subclass_of': ['Q30017383', 'Q2593744']}
{'id': 'Q30017383', 'label': 'fictional organism', 'description': 'class of individual fictional characters in the form of an organism', 'subclass_of': ['Q14897293']}
{'id': 'Q2593744', 'label': 'fictional creature', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q95074']}
{'id': 'Q56056049', 'label': 'furniture leg', 'description': 'vertical support for a piece of furniture', 'subclass_of': ['Q28803767']}
{'id': 'Q28803767', 'label': 'furniture component', 'description': 'part or component of furniture', 'subclass_of': ['Q14745', 'Q40234197']}
{'id': 'Q40234197', 'label': 'furnishings component', 'description': 'Parts or components of furnishings; component of any creative work that provides for the needs of people in or around a building', 'subclass_of': ['Q1310239', 'Q31807746']}
{'id': 'Q7858742', 'label': 'two-player game', 'description': 'multiplayer game that is played by just two players (distinct from a solitaire game, which is played by only one player)', 'subclass_of': ['Q209075']}
{'id': 'Q209075', 'label': 'multiplayer game', 'description': 'game with multiple players', 'subclass_of': ['Q1971694']}
{'id': 'Q1971694', 'label': 'game mode', 'description': 'variant of a computer game', 'subclass_of': ['Q6888088', 'Q1724915']}
{'id': 'Q6888088', 'label': 'mode', 'description': 'distinct setting within a computer program', 'subclass_of': ['Q47146']}
{'id': 'Q47146', 'label': 'user interface', 'description': 'means by which a user interacts with and controls a machine', 'subclass_of': ['Q23808']}
{'id': 'Q23808', 'label': 'interface', 'description': 'concept of computer science; point of interaction between two things', 'subclass_of': ['Q52948']}
{'id': 'Q166902', 'label': 'primary color', 'description': 'sets of colors that can be combined to make a useful range of colors', 'subclass_of': ['Q1075']}
{'id': 'Q1075', 'label': 'color', 'description': 'visual perception of light wavelengths', 'subclass_of': ['Q19829125', 'Q40890790', 'Q14506045']}
{'id': 'Q40890790', 'label': 'absorbed or reflected object light', 'description': 'light', 'subclass_of': ['Q9128']}
{'id': 'Q9128', 'label': 'light', 'description': 'electromagnetic radiation in or near visible spectrum', 'subclass_of': ['Q11386']}
{'id': 'Q11386', 'label': 'electromagnetic wave', 'description': 'synchronized oscillations of electric and magnetic fields', 'subclass_of': ['Q37172']}
{'id': 'Q14506045', 'label': 'optical phenomenon', 'description': 'observable events that result from the interaction of light and matter', 'subclass_of': ['Q1293220']}
{'id': 'Q1293220', 'label': 'physical phenomenon', 'description': 'phenomenon of the material world', 'subclass_of': ['Q16722960']}
{'id': 'Q3499307', 'label': 'science center', 'description': 'interactive, hands-on science museum', 'subclass_of': ['Q588140']}
{'id': 'Q588140', 'label': 'science museum', 'description': 'museum devoted primarily to science', 'subclass_of': ['Q33506']}
{'id': 'Q12280', 'label': 'bridge', 'description': 'structure built to span physical obstacles', 'subclass_of': ['Q83620', 'Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q1330974', 'label': 'active volcano', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q8072']}
{'id': 'Q20027951', 'label': 'aircraft power class', 'description': 'aircraft class defined by the type of power generation for velocity and lift', 'subclass_of': ['Q1875621']}
{'id': 'Q15978856', 'label': 'Roman Catholic beatification and canonization stage', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15978876']}
{'id': 'Q15978876', 'label': 'canonization status', 'description': 'stage in the process of attaining sainthood', 'subclass_of': ['Q51621']}
{'id': 'Q51621', 'label': 'canonization', 'description': 'act by which Churches declare that a person who has died was a saint', 'subclass_of': ['Q47690487']}
{'id': 'Q47690487', 'label': 'posthumous recognition', 'description': "award or recognition granted after the honoree's death", 'subclass_of': ['Q7302601']}
{'id': 'Q7302601', 'label': 'recognition', 'description': "public acknowledgement of person's status or merits", 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q2779745', 'label': 'urban district of the Netherlands', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q2983893', 'Q15042137', 'Q13221722']}
{'id': 'Q2983893', 'label': 'quarter', 'description': 'administrative division or section, region or part of a town, city or municipality', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q3253281', 'label': 'pond', 'description': 'body of standing water, either natural or man-made, that is usually smaller than a lake', 'subclass_of': ['Q27096235', 'Q337567', 'Q131681']}
{'id': 'Q131681', 'label': 'reservoir', 'description': 'artificial lake for storing water; usually means an enlarged natural or artificial lake, storage pond or impoundment created using a dam or lock to store water', 'subclass_of': ['Q3215290', 'Q2551525']}
{'id': 'Q3215290', 'label': 'artificial lake', 'description': 'lake formed by people', 'subclass_of': ['Q23397', 'Q19816755']}
{'id': 'Q19816755', 'label': 'artificial landform', 'description': 'artificially created landform, using various types of engineering vehicles', 'subclass_of': ['Q271669', 'Q386724', 'Q27096235', 'Q20719696']}
{'id': 'Q2551525', 'label': 'water reservoir', 'description': 'artifical or natural reservoir for water', 'subclass_of': ['Q337567', 'Q7973769', 'Q1047832']}
{'id': 'Q7973769', 'label': 'water storage', 'description': 'every type of water storage, drinkable or not', 'subclass_of': ['Q9158768']}
{'id': 'Q1047832', 'label': 'reservoir', 'description': 'storage space for fluids. These fluids may be water, hydrocarbons or gas', 'subclass_of': ['Q21551014']}
{'id': 'Q21551014', 'label': 'storage space', 'description': 'room or area in a structure that are allocated for storage', 'subclass_of': ['Q2133296']}
{'id': 'Q2133296', 'label': 'space', 'description': 'area within an architectural structure with available space', 'subclass_of': ['Q56052926']}
{'id': 'Q56052926', 'label': 'building division', 'description': 'element developed originally or primarily as portions of architecture, often adapted to other habitable spaces, such as in large vehicles, and often borrowed or imitated for structural or decorative use on other objects', 'subclass_of': ['Q17334923', 'Q811430', 'Q15989253']}
{'id': 'Q26236450', 'label': "America's Cup defenders", 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q170173']}
{'id': 'Q170173', 'label': 'yacht', 'description': 'recreational boat or ship', 'subclass_of': ['Q11446', 'Q622416']}
{'id': 'Q11446', 'label': 'ship', 'description': 'large buoyant watercraft', 'subclass_of': ['Q1229765', 'Q16391167']}
{'id': 'Q1229765', 'label': 'watercraft', 'description': 'vehicles that are intended for locomotion on or in the water', 'subclass_of': ['Q42889', 'Q50380212']}
{'id': 'Q42889', 'label': 'vehicle', 'description': 'mobile machine that transports people, animals or cargo', 'subclass_of': ['Q3245975', 'Q11019']}
{'id': 'Q3245975', 'label': 'finished good', 'description': 'item that has completed the manufacturing process but have not yet been sold', 'subclass_of': ['Q2424752']}
{'id': 'Q50380212', 'label': 'floating object', 'description': 'object that floats', 'subclass_of': ['Q337060']}
{'id': 'Q16391167', 'label': 'vessel', 'description': 'large watercraft, boat or ship', 'subclass_of': ['Q42889']}
{'id': 'Q622416', 'label': 'motorboat', 'description': 'boat which is powered by an engine', 'subclass_of': ['Q35872', 'Q752870']}
{'id': 'Q35872', 'label': 'boat', 'description': 'smaller watercraft', 'subclass_of': ['Q1229765']}
{'id': 'Q752870', 'label': 'motor vehicle', 'description': 'self-propelled wheeled vehicle', 'subclass_of': ['Q42889', 'Q11019']}
{'id': 'Q38672', 'label': 'dog type', 'description': 'broad category of dogs based on function', 'subclass_of': ['Q144', 'Q2625603']}
{'id': 'Q144', 'label': 'dog', 'description': 'domestic animal', 'subclass_of': ['Q57814795', 'Q39201']}
{'id': 'Q39201', 'label': 'pet', 'description': "animal kept for companionship and a person's enjoyment", 'subclass_of': ['Q622852']}
{'id': 'Q55491', 'label': 'underground railway station', 'description': 'railway station located below grade', 'subclass_of': ['Q55488', 'Q22808403']}
{'id': 'Q55488', 'label': 'railway station', 'description': 'railway facility where trains regularly stop to load or unload passengers and/or freight', 'subclass_of': ['Q1318558', 'Q228332', 'Q811979', 'Q1311670', 'Q17350442', 'Q55006986', 'Q811430', 'Q719456']}
{'id': 'Q1318558', 'label': 'operation point', 'description': 'any non-straight feature  on a railway where an operation can take place', 'subclass_of': ['Q800279']}
{'id': 'Q800279', 'label': 'railway facility', 'description': 'part of railway infrastructure', 'subclass_of': ['Q1311670', 'Q27096235']}
{'id': 'Q1311670', 'label': 'rail infrastructure', 'description': 'immovable parts of rail transport', 'subclass_of': ['Q376799']}
{'id': 'Q228332', 'label': 'entry point', 'description': 'generic term for places where passengers and goods get on and off public transport', 'subclass_of': ['Q719456']}
{'id': 'Q55006986', 'label': 'transport facility', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q376799', 'Q13226383']}
{'id': 'Q22808403', 'label': 'station located underground', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q719456', 'Q863404']}
{'id': 'Q863404', 'label': 'subterranea', 'description': 'underground space, natural and man-made underground structures', 'subclass_of': ['Q271669', 'Q2133296']}
{'id': 'Q1562096', 'label': 'ironwork', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q877729']}
{'id': 'Q877729', 'label': 'handicraft', 'description': 'work where useful and decorative objects are made completely by hand or by using only simple tools', 'subclass_of': ['Q1914636']}
{'id': 'Q2916094', 'label': 'editorial cartoon', 'description': 'illustration used to comment on current events and personalities', 'subclass_of': ['Q17584242', 'Q482919', 'Q1002697']}
{'id': 'Q17584242', 'label': 'creative drawing', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q386724', 'Q93184']}
{'id': 'Q482919', 'label': 'caricature', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q134307']}
{'id': 'Q134307', 'label': 'portrait', 'description': 'artistic representation of one or more persons', 'subclass_of': ['Q1622217', 'Q17537576']}
{'id': 'Q1622217', 'label': 'figurative art', 'description': 'art that depicts real object sources', 'subclass_of': ['Q36649']}
{'id': 'Q1002697', 'label': 'periodical literature', 'description': 'published work', 'subclass_of': ['Q28314507', 'Q234460', 'Q732577', 'Q2217301', 'Q17489659', 'Q15621286']}
{'id': 'Q28314507', 'label': 'recurring', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q26907166']}
{'id': 'Q15688633', 'label': 'ship element', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15989253']}
{'id': 'Q251777', 'label': 'custom', 'description': 'tradition', 'subclass_of': ['Q1299714']}
{'id': 'Q1299714', 'label': 'habit', 'description': 'routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously', 'subclass_of': ['Q2515887', 'Q2393196', 'Q36529775']}
{'id': 'Q2515887', 'label': 'pattern of behaviour', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q2393196', 'label': 'personality trait', 'description': 'human individual difference', 'subclass_of': ['Q1921834']}
{'id': 'Q1921834', 'label': 'feature', 'description': 'recognizable property that distinguishes a person, a thing, or an abstract connection from others', 'subclass_of': ['Q937228']}
{'id': 'Q36529775', 'label': 'habit', 'description': 'animal behaviour', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q205555', 'label': 'feeling', 'description': 'conscious subjective experience of emotion', 'subclass_of': ['Q160402']}
{'id': 'Q160402', 'label': 'perception', 'description': 'organization, identification, and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand the environment', 'subclass_of': ['Q781413', 'Q855395']}
{'id': 'Q855395', 'label': 'interpretation', 'description': 'assignment of meanings to various concepts, symbols, or objects under consideration', 'subclass_of': ['Q3800535']}
{'id': 'Q3800535', 'label': 'interpretation', 'description': 'act of interpreting', 'subclass_of': ['Q29182544']}
{'id': 'Q29182544', 'label': 'assignment', 'description': 'act of assigning', 'subclass_of': ['Q13200882']}
{'id': 'Q13200882', 'label': 'act', 'description': 'process of doing something', 'subclass_of': ['Q3249551']}
{'id': 'Q26701162', 'label': 'ancient Greek vase-form', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q21032902']}
{'id': 'Q21032902', 'label': 'shape of ancient vases', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q3077457']}
{'id': 'Q3077457', 'label': 'shape', 'description': 'aspect of an object in art', 'subclass_of': ['Q207961']}
{'id': 'Q337986', 'label': 'Gurdwara', 'description': 'place of worship for Sikhs', 'subclass_of': ['Q1370598']}
{'id': 'Q1414991', 'label': 'area', 'description': 'country subdivision', 'subclass_of': ['Q1496967']}
{'id': 'Q22970505', 'label': 'painted cross', 'description': 'type of object common in Byzantine and early Italian art', 'subclass_of': ['Q20460', 'Q3305213']}
{'id': 'Q20460', 'label': 'crucifix', 'description': 'cross with an image or artwork of Jesus on it', 'subclass_of': ['Q4502142', 'Q392371', 'Q21550515']}
{'id': 'Q392371', 'label': 'Christian cross', 'description': 'Christian symbol', 'subclass_of': ['Q80071', 'Q467420']}
{'id': 'Q467420', 'label': 'Christian symbolism', 'description': 'use of symbols, including archetypes, acts, artwork or events, by Christianity', 'subclass_of': ['Q1098174']}
{'id': 'Q1098174', 'label': 'religious symbolism', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q13391244']}
{'id': 'Q13391244', 'label': 'symbolism', 'description': 'practice of representing things by symbols', 'subclass_of': ['Q3249551']}
{'id': 'Q21550515', 'label': 'cross', 'description': 'visual work in the shape of two intersecting bars, usually an upright one traversed by a horizontal one, especially used as Christian symbol', 'subclass_of': ['Q8205328']}
{'id': 'Q253270', 'label': 'borough of Munich', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q2740635']}
{'id': 'Q2740635', 'label': 'Stadtbezirk', 'description': 'administrative units of German cities', 'subclass_of': ['Q387917', 'Q4286337']}
{'id': 'Q387917', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Germany', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q4286337', 'label': 'city district', 'description': 'type of administrative division', 'subclass_of': ['Q2983893', 'Q123705', 'Q1048835']}
{'id': 'Q123705', 'label': 'neighborhood', 'description': 'geographically localized community within a larger city, town, suburb or rural area', 'subclass_of': ['Q30892871', 'Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q30892871', 'label': 'inhabited area', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q486972']}
{'id': 'Q451752', 'label': 'Denominação de Origem Controlada', 'description': 'protected designation of origin for agricultural products from Portugal', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q40861', 'label': 'marble', 'description': 'non-foliated metamorphic rock commonly used for sculpture and as a building material', 'subclass_of': ['Q23757', 'Q47069']}
{'id': 'Q489772', 'label': 'Seven Wonders of the Ancient World', 'description': 'remarkable constructions of classical antiquity', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q2610088', 'label': 'moraine', 'description': 'glacially formed accumulation of unconsolidated glacial debris', 'subclass_of': ['Q2421276']}
{'id': 'Q2421276', 'label': 'glacial landform', 'description': 'landforms created by the action of glaciers', 'subclass_of': ['Q271669', 'Q2453249']}
{'id': 'Q2453249', 'label': 'Quaternary science', 'description': 'inter-disciplinary field of study focusing on the Quaternary period', 'subclass_of': ['Q336']}
{'id': 'Q4263830', 'label': 'literary form', 'description': 'category of literary works distinguished by formal characteristics without consideration of content', 'subclass_of': ['Q1437361']}
{'id': 'Q1437361', 'label': 'form', 'description': 'way in which the elements of an art work are organised in contrast to its content', 'subclass_of': ['Q2085518']}
{'id': 'Q2085518', 'label': 'format', 'description': 'arrangement of data or visual presentation', 'subclass_of': ['Q36993249']}
{'id': 'Q36993249', 'label': 'arrangement', 'description': 'act of arranging', 'subclass_of': ['Q13200882']}
{'id': 'Q1640824', 'label': 'inscription', 'description': 'text inscribed on stone, etc.', 'subclass_of': ['Q234460', 'Q340169', 'Q47461344']}
{'id': 'Q1790144', 'label': 'unit of time', 'description': 'measurement unit for time', 'subclass_of': ['Q47574', 'Q2199864']}
{'id': 'Q47574', 'label': 'unit of measurement', 'description': 'real scalar quantity, defined and adopted by convention, with which any other quantity of the same kind can be compared to express the ratio of the two quantities as a number (International vocabulary of metrology)', 'subclass_of': ['Q39875001']}
{'id': 'Q39875001', 'label': 'measure', 'description': 'standard against which something can be judged; a criterion', 'subclass_of': ['Q488383', 'Q1789452']}
{'id': 'Q1789452', 'label': 'criterion', 'description': 'distinguishing feature', 'subclass_of': ['Q1921834']}
{'id': 'Q2199864', 'label': 'duration', 'description': 'length of time of an event or process; quality of an event or process with beginning and end', 'subclass_of': ['Q28733284', 'Q192276']}
{'id': 'Q8142', 'label': 'currency', 'description': 'generally accepted medium of exchange for goods or services', 'subclass_of': ['Q11105360', 'Q47574']}
{'id': 'Q11105360', 'label': 'medium of exchange', 'description': 'intermediary used in trade to avoid the inconveniences of a pure barter system', 'subclass_of': ['Q286583']}
{'id': 'Q189970', 'label': 'social status', 'description': 'position within social structure', 'subclass_of': ['Q11424100']}
{'id': 'Q11424100', 'label': 'status', 'description': 'hierarchical identity of an entity among other entities', 'subclass_of': ['Q4897819']}
{'id': 'Q194489', 'label': 'salary', 'description': 'remuneration paid by an employer to an employee', 'subclass_of': ['Q1742093', 'Q1344851']}
{'id': 'Q1742093', 'label': 'remuneration', 'description': 'compensation that one receives in exchange for the work or services performed', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1344851', 'label': 'consideration', 'description': 'concept of legal value in connection with contracts', 'subclass_of': ['Q1498273']}
{'id': 'Q1498273', 'label': 'compensation', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1248914']}
{'id': 'Q1248914', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1030097', 'label': 'campagne', 'description': 'country estate or manor on the territory of the former city and republic of Bern, Switzerland.', 'subclass_of': ['Q879050']}
{'id': 'Q133311', 'label': 'tribe', 'description': 'social group existing before the development of, or outside of, states', 'subclass_of': ['Q874405']}
{'id': 'Q38033430', 'label': 'class of award', 'description': 'class of award (order, medal etc.)', 'subclass_of': ['Q16889133', 'Q618779']}
{'id': 'Q839954', 'label': 'archaeological site', 'description': 'place (or group of physical sites) in which evidence of past activity is preserved', 'subclass_of': ['Q1291195', 'Q15642541', 'Q14524493']}
{'id': 'Q1291195', 'label': 'find spot', 'description': 'place or site were a (historical, paleontological, etc.) finding took place', 'subclass_of': ['Q618123']}
{'id': 'Q14524493', 'label': 'terrain', 'description': "Earth's surface with its elevations and accidents", 'subclass_of': ['Q271669']}
{'id': 'Q10884', 'label': 'tree', 'description': 'perennial woody plant', 'subclass_of': ['Q157957', 'Q757163']}
{'id': 'Q157957', 'label': 'perennial plant', 'description': 'plant that lives for more than two years', 'subclass_of': ['Q756']}
{'id': 'Q757163', 'label': 'woody plant', 'description': 'plant', 'subclass_of': ['Q756']}
{'id': 'Q4226220', 'label': 'naval officer rank', 'description': 'military rank system', 'subclass_of': ['Q56019', 'Q10669499']}
{'id': 'Q56019', 'label': 'military rank', 'description': 'element of hierarchy in armed forces', 'subclass_of': ['Q4189293']}
{'id': 'Q4189293', 'label': 'rank', 'description': 'level or position in a hierarchical organization', 'subclass_of': ['Q82799', 'Q4120621', 'Q4164871']}
{'id': 'Q4120621', 'label': 'rank', 'description': 'level in a hierarchy', 'subclass_of': ['Q5127848', 'Q24017414']}
{'id': 'Q24017414', 'label': 'first-order metaclass', 'description': 'metaclass whose instances are classes of individuals', 'subclass_of': ['Q23959932']}
{'id': 'Q23959932', 'label': 'fixed-order metaclass', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q23960977', 'Q19361238']}
{'id': 'Q23960977', 'label': '(meta)class', 'description': 'collection of entities that can be class or individuals', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q10669499', 'label': 'navy officer', 'description': 'officer of a navy', 'subclass_of': ['Q189290', 'Q45199']}
{'id': 'Q189290', 'label': 'military officer', 'description': 'member of an armed force or uniformed service who holds a position of authority', 'subclass_of': ['Q47064', 'Q61022630']}
{'id': 'Q47064', 'label': 'military personnel', 'description': 'member of the armed forces', 'subclass_of': ['Q1250916']}
{'id': 'Q1250916', 'label': 'warrior', 'description': 'person specializing in combat or warfare', 'subclass_of': ['Q1414937']}
{'id': 'Q1414937', 'label': 'combatant', 'description': 'person who takes a direct part in the hostilities of an armed conflict', 'subclass_of': ['Q215627']}
{'id': 'Q61022630', 'label': 'officer', 'description': 'person who has a position of authority in a hierarchical organization; see also official (Q599151)', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q45199', 'label': 'sailor', 'description': 'person who navigates water-borne vessels or assists in doing so', 'subclass_of': ['Q19830059', 'Q11900058']}
{'id': 'Q19830059', 'label': 'ship’s crew', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q345844']}
{'id': 'Q345844', 'label': 'crew', 'description': 'body or a class of people who work at a common activity, generally in a structured or hierarchical organization', 'subclass_of': ['Q874405']}
{'id': 'Q11900058', 'label': 'explorer', 'description': 'person who by means of travel searches out new information', 'subclass_of': ['Q1650915']}
{'id': 'Q1650915', 'label': 'researcher', 'description': 'professional who engages in research', 'subclass_of': ['Q2500638', 'Q4164871', 'Q1914017']}
{'id': 'Q2500638', 'label': 'creator', 'description': 'person who does creative work', 'subclass_of': ['Q215627']}
{'id': 'Q1914017', 'label': 'knowledge worker', 'description': 'worker whose main capital is knowledge', 'subclass_of': ['Q327055']}
{'id': 'Q123480', 'label': 'landlocked country', 'description': 'country entirely enclosed by land areas, or whose only coastlines lie lakes or on closed seas', 'subclass_of': ['Q6256', 'Q7275']}
{'id': 'Q863915', 'label': 'inland port', 'description': 'Port', 'subclass_of': ['Q44782']}
{'id': 'Q44782', 'label': 'port', 'description': 'place on a coast or harbor where ships can land', 'subclass_of': ['Q2516121', 'Q13226383']}
{'id': 'Q2516121', 'label': 'transportation structure', 'description': 'building or construction facilitating movement of people or vehicles', 'subclass_of': ['Q376799', 'Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q1052919', 'label': 'sea cave', 'description': 'cave formed by the wave action of the sea and located along present or former coastlines', 'subclass_of': ['Q35509']}
{'id': 'Q35509', 'label': 'cave', 'description': 'natural underground space large enough for a human to enter', 'subclass_of': ['Q271669', 'Q35145263', 'Q863404']}
{'id': 'Q20724701', 'label': 'city or town in Armenia', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q3685430', 'Q486972']}
{'id': 'Q3685430', 'label': 'municipality of Armenia', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q13220204', 'Q13058055']}
{'id': 'Q13058055', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Armenia', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q207697', 'label': 'diorama', 'description': 'three-dimensional full-size or miniature model', 'subclass_of': ['Q2334148', 'Q28870066']}
{'id': 'Q2334148', 'label': 'sculptural group', 'description': 'displayed together', 'subclass_of': ['Q28870066', 'Q860861']}
{'id': 'Q19861951', 'label': 'type of food or dish', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q16889133']}
{'id': 'Q200539', 'label': 'dress', 'description': 'garment for women, children, or infants consisting of a bodice and skirt made in one or more pieces', 'subclass_of': ['Q11460']}
{'id': 'Q403523', 'label': 'system', 'description': 'idealized composite unit of the geologic record', 'subclass_of': ['Q6156112']}
{'id': 'Q6156112', 'label': 'chronostratigraphic unit', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q361132', 'label': 'roofing', 'description': 'outer material of a roof', 'subclass_of': ['Q206615']}
{'id': 'Q206615', 'label': 'building material', 'description': 'material which is used for construction purposes', 'subclass_of': ['Q214609']}
{'id': 'Q29857932', 'label': 'kinetic object', 'description': 'artwork with movement', 'subclass_of': ['Q860861', 'Q20437094']}
{'id': 'Q20437094', 'label': 'installation', 'description': 'three-dimensional work of art, usually from various materials and larger than a sculpture. For the art genre, use Q212431.', 'subclass_of': ['Q860861']}
{'id': 'Q271802', 'label': 'symphonic poem', 'description': 'piece of orchestral music in a single continuous section', 'subclass_of': ['Q207628']}
{'id': 'Q207628', 'label': 'musical composition', 'description': 'aesthetic ordering and disposing of musical information', 'subclass_of': ['Q2188189']}
{'id': 'Q2188189', 'label': 'musical work', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q838948']}
{'id': 'Q377688', 'label': 'type foundry', 'description': 'company that designs or distributes typefaces', 'subclass_of': ['Q13883136', 'Q4830453']}
{'id': 'Q24533670', 'label': 'mythical humanoid race', 'description': 'class of mythical characters', 'subclass_of': ['Q27863646', 'Q3254959']}
{'id': 'Q27863646', 'label': 'mythical people', 'description': 'race or plurality of persons in mythology', 'subclass_of': ['Q33294038']}
{'id': 'Q33294038', 'label': 'class of mythical entities', 'description': 'class of entities appearing in mythology', 'subclass_of': ['Q24334685', 'Q5127848']}
{'id': 'Q3254959', 'label': 'race', 'description': 'classification system used to categorize humans', 'subclass_of': ['Q2472587', 'Q918036']}
{'id': 'Q2472587', 'label': 'people', 'description': 'plurality of persons considered as a whole, from a government perspective', 'subclass_of': ['Q874405', 'Q16334295']}
{'id': 'Q918036', 'label': 'race', 'description': 'biological concept', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q23413', 'label': 'castle', 'description': 'type of fortified structure built in Europe, Asia and the Middle East during the Middle Ages by nobility', 'subclass_of': ['Q57821', 'Q7743', 'Q4989906']}
{'id': 'Q7743', 'label': 'home', 'description': 'dwelling-place used as a permanent or semi-permanent residence for an individual,family,household or several families in a tribe. It is often a house, apartment, or other building, or alternatively a mobile home,houseboat,yurt, other portable shelter', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176', 'Q3947']}
{'id': 'Q15711797', 'label': 'finance ministry', 'description': 'a type of ministry responsible for government finances and economic policy', 'subclass_of': ['Q192350']}
{'id': 'Q192350', 'label': 'ministry', 'description': 'specialized organization responsible for a sector of government public administration', 'subclass_of': ['Q327333']}
{'id': 'Q327333', 'label': 'government agency', 'description': 'organization in the machinery of government responsible for specific functions', 'subclass_of': ['Q895526', 'Q2659904']}
{'id': 'Q48264', 'label': 'gender identity', 'description': "person's private sense of, and subjective experience of, their own gender", 'subclass_of': ['Q844569', 'Q48277']}
{'id': 'Q844569', 'label': 'identity', 'description': 'qualities, beliefs, personality, looks and/or expressions that distinguish a person or group', 'subclass_of': ['Q1921834']}
{'id': 'Q48277', 'label': 'gender', 'description': 'range of physical, mental, and behavioral characteristics distinguishing between masculinity and femininity', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q337579', 'label': 'Académie royale de peinture et de sculpture', 'description': 'academy that sought to professionalize the artists working for the French court', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q5455089', 'label': 'fishing technique', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q2695280']}
{'id': 'Q133056', 'label': 'mountain pass', 'description': 'route through a mountain range or over a ridge', 'subclass_of': ['Q271669', 'Q23069713']}
{'id': 'Q23069713', 'label': 'pass', 'description': 'opening or path allowing passage through an otherwise difficult to cross barrier', 'subclass_of': ['Q618123']}
{'id': 'Q2716259', 'label': 'metropolitan municipality in Turkey', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q2916486', 'Q6024226']}
{'id': 'Q2916486', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Turkey', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q6024226', 'label': 'metropolitan municipality', 'description': 'type of municipality established in some countries to serve a metropolitan area', 'subclass_of': ['Q15284']}
{'id': 'Q19886692', 'label': 'neighbourhood of São Paulo', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q19658107', 'Q1007114']}
{'id': 'Q19658107', 'label': 'neighborhood of Brazil', 'description': 'administrative subdivision of municipalities in Brazil', 'subclass_of': ['Q16837104', 'Q10374536']}
{'id': 'Q16837104', 'label': 'bairro', 'description': 'community or region within a Portuguese-speaking city or municipality', 'subclass_of': ['Q123705']}
{'id': 'Q10374536', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Brazil', 'description': 'subdivisions of Brazil', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q1007114', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of São Paulo City', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q19868903']}
{'id': 'Q19868903', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of São Paulo State', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q10374536']}
{'id': 'Q2430594', 'label': 'moraine-dammed lake', 'description': 'type of lake formed by glaciation', 'subclass_of': ['Q23397']}
{'id': 'Q1401522', 'label': 'public holidays in Sweden', 'description': 'Wikimedia list article', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q212198', 'label': 'pub', 'description': 'drinking establishment', 'subclass_of': ['Q5307737', 'Q655686']}
{'id': 'Q5307737', 'label': 'drinking establishment', 'description': 'business whose primary function is the serving of alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises', 'subclass_of': ['Q4830453', 'Q811979', 'Q27077054']}
{'id': 'Q1129474', 'label': 'cultural landscape', 'description': 'landscape, which is permanently embossed by humans', 'subclass_of': ['Q107425', 'Q15642541', 'Q4567002']}
{'id': 'Q4567002', 'label': 'cultural environment', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q27096235']}
{'id': 'Q796635', 'label': 'linens', 'description': 'fabric household goods intended for daily use', 'subclass_of': ['Q2424752', 'Q1485500', 'Q59095968', 'Q8205328']}
{'id': 'Q1485500', 'label': 'tangible good', 'description': 'tangible asset which is the subject of trade or could come as an object of trade turnover into consideration', 'subclass_of': ['Q28877', 'Q223557']}
{'id': 'Q59095968', 'label': 'home furnishings', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q3331189', 'label': 'version, edition, or translation', 'description': '(use with P31, instance of) specific version of a work, resulting from its edition, adaptation, or translation; set of substantially similar copies of a work; encompasses both frbr:Expression and frbr:Manifestation', 'subclass_of': ['Q286583', 'Q386724']}
{'id': 'Q17130641', 'label': 'Syssel', 'description': 'country subdivision in Scandinavia', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q163709', 'label': 'satyr', 'description': 'goat-like male companions of Pan and Dionysus, in Greek mythology', 'subclass_of': ['Q20902363', 'Q22988604']}
{'id': 'Q20902363', 'label': 'mythical human-animal hybrid', 'description': 'entity that incorporates elements from both humans and non-human animals', 'subclass_of': ['Q1387388']}
{'id': 'Q45762', 'label': 'dead language', 'description': 'language that is no longer the native language of any community, even if it is still in use', 'subclass_of': ['Q20162172']}
{'id': 'Q20162172', 'label': 'human language', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q34770', 'Q315']}
{'id': 'Q34770', 'label': 'language', 'description': 'particular system of communication, usually named for the region or peoples that use it', 'subclass_of': ['Q17376908']}
{'id': 'Q17376908', 'label': 'languoid', 'description': 'language, variety of a language, or group of languages', 'subclass_of': ['Q7184903']}
{'id': 'Q315', 'label': 'language', 'description': 'capacity to communicate using signs, such as words or gestures', 'subclass_of': ['Q17376908', 'Q4536530', 'Q340169', 'Q16173659']}
{'id': 'Q4536530', 'label': 'langage', 'description': 'capacity for acquiring and using complex systems of communication', 'subclass_of': ['Q1347367']}
{'id': 'Q1347367', 'label': 'aptitude', 'description': 'condition of being able to achieve certain actions or outcomes, or the level of competence with which such outcomes can be achieved; component of a competency to do a certain kind of work at a certain level', 'subclass_of': ['Q937228']}
{'id': 'Q16173659', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q11259043', 'Q17376908']}
{'id': 'Q11259043', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q25295', 'Q17376908']}
{'id': 'Q25295', 'label': 'language family', 'description': 'group of languages related through descent from a common ancestor', 'subclass_of': ['Q949344', 'Q17376908']}
{'id': 'Q949344', 'label': 'macrofamily', 'description': 'proposed genetic relationship grouping together language families', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q18704634', 'label': 'railway museum', 'description': 'museum specializing in rail transport', 'subclass_of': ['Q2516357']}
{'id': 'Q2516357', 'label': 'transport museum', 'description': 'museum that holds collections of transport items', 'subclass_of': ['Q2398990']}
{'id': 'Q2398990', 'label': 'technology museum', 'description': 'museum devoted to applied science and technological developments', 'subclass_of': ['Q588140']}
{'id': 'Q15700834', 'label': 'Grade II listed building', 'description': 'class of listed building in England and Wales', 'subclass_of': ['Q570600']}
{'id': 'Q570600', 'label': 'listed building in the United Kingdom', 'description': 'collection of protected architectural creations in the United Kingdom', 'subclass_of': ['Q358', 'Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q11881845', 'label': 'town', 'description': 'type of settlement in Estonia', 'subclass_of': ['Q618299', 'Q7930989']}
{'id': 'Q618299', 'label': 'settlement', 'description': 'official unit of settlement distribution in Estonia', 'subclass_of': ['Q486972', 'Q15642541', 'Q15042037']}
{'id': 'Q820655', 'label': 'statute', 'description': 'formal written document that creates law, including acts, executive orders, and by-laws', 'subclass_of': ['Q7748', 'Q1428955', 'Q846882', 'Q17537576']}
{'id': 'Q7748', 'label': 'law', 'description': 'system of rules and guidelines, generally backed by governmental authority', 'subclass_of': ['Q1151067']}
{'id': 'Q1428955', 'label': 'legal instrument', 'description': 'document, attributable to its author, that records and formally expresses—and evidences—a legally enforceable act, process, contractual duty, obligation or right; e.g. certificate, deed, bond, contract, will, legislative act, notarial act, court writ', 'subclass_of': ['Q49848', 'Q216200', 'Q15621286', 'Q7748']}
{'id': 'Q216200', 'label': 'precept', 'description': 'commandment, instruction, or order intended as an authoritative rule of action', 'subclass_of': ['Q1151067']}
{'id': 'Q846882', 'label': 'sources of law', 'description': 'origin of rules regulating human conduct', 'subclass_of': ['Q151885']}
{'id': 'Q23560807', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15042137']}
{'id': 'Q19389637', 'label': 'biographical article', 'description': 'article in a dictionary or encyclopedia', 'subclass_of': ['Q36279', 'Q191067']}
{'id': 'Q191067', 'label': 'article', 'description': 'text that forms an independent part of a publication', 'subclass_of': ['Q234460', 'Q386724', 'Q732577']}
{'id': 'Q15700808', 'label': 'urban unit definition', 'description': 'definition of a urban unit according to some statistical organism', 'subclass_of': ['Q15709883']}
{'id': 'Q15709883', 'label': 'statistical definition', 'description': 'definition used by statistical organisms or studies', 'subclass_of': ['Q101072']}
{'id': 'Q101072', 'label': 'definition', 'description': 'statement that explains the meaning of a term', 'subclass_of': ['Q2063340', 'Q1200750', 'Q2684591']}
{'id': 'Q2063340', 'label': 'sensemaking', 'description': 'process by which people give meaning to their collective experiences', 'subclass_of': ['Q23009538', 'Q3249551']}
{'id': 'Q23009538', 'label': 'addition', 'description': 'association of the original object with its new part', 'subclass_of': ['Q23009459']}
{'id': 'Q23009459', 'label': 'connect', 'description': 'creation of join, union', 'subclass_of': ['Q1190554', 'Q4026292']}
{'id': 'Q1200750', 'label': 'description', 'description': 'one of four rhetorical modes', 'subclass_of': ['Q2063340', 'Q234460']}
{'id': 'Q14073567', 'label': 'sibling duo', 'description': 'two siblings that work together', 'subclass_of': ['Q10648343', 'Q16979650']}
{'id': 'Q16979650', 'label': 'sibling group', 'description': 'group of human, they are siblings; i.e. Grimm brothers, Brontë sisters', 'subclass_of': ['Q1313923', 'Q16334295']}
{'id': 'Q1313923', 'label': 'kindred', 'description': 'group of related persons', 'subclass_of': ['Q16334295']}
{'id': 'Q937164', 'label': "Pandora's box", 'description': 'mythic artifact', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1585442', 'label': 'lost literary work', 'description': 'literary work produced some time in the past of which no surviving copies are known to exist', 'subclass_of': ['Q7725634', 'Q21752591']}
{'id': 'Q21752591', 'label': 'lost work', 'description': 'work produced some time in the past of which no surviving copies are known to exist', 'subclass_of': ['Q17537576', 'Q15893266']}
{'id': 'Q189004', 'label': 'college', 'description': 'educational institution', 'subclass_of': ['Q38723']}
{'id': 'Q38723', 'label': 'higher education institution', 'description': 'place of postsecondary education (e.g., universities, vocational universities, community colleges, liberal arts colleges, institutes of technology, and others)', 'subclass_of': ['Q2385804']}
{'id': 'Q3757650', 'label': 'stone', 'description': 'large seed', 'subclass_of': ['Q40763']}
{'id': 'Q40763', 'label': 'seed', 'description': 'embryonic plant enclosed in a protective outer covering', 'subclass_of': ['Q20011319']}
{'id': 'Q1193438', 'label': 'bullring', 'description': 'arena where bullfighting is performed', 'subclass_of': ['Q483110']}
{'id': 'Q483110', 'label': 'stadium', 'description': 'place or venue for (mostly) outdoor sports, concerts, or other events', 'subclass_of': ['Q641226', 'Q1076486']}
{'id': 'Q641226', 'label': 'arena', 'description': 'enclosed area designed to showcase theater, musical performances, or sporting events', 'subclass_of': ['Q18674739']}
{'id': 'Q1076486', 'label': 'sports venue', 'description': 'building, structure, or place dedicated to sports', 'subclass_of': ['Q23764314', 'Q13226383', 'Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q23764314', 'label': 'sports location', 'description': 'site where a sport is practiced, whether dedicated to it or not', 'subclass_of': ['Q17350442']}
{'id': 'Q1229071', 'label': 'motif', 'description': 'in the visual arts, individual design element, alone or combined to produce a pattern', 'subclass_of': ['Q55412936']}
{'id': 'Q11396180', 'label': 'library branch', 'description': 'branch of a library organisation, e.g. in a city, town of village', 'subclass_of': ['Q7075']}
{'id': 'Q131401', 'label': 'caliphate', 'description': 'Islamic form of government, considered a successor state to the realm of Muhammad', 'subclass_of': ['Q4204060', 'Q1250464']}
{'id': 'Q4204060', 'label': 'Islamic state', 'description': "type of government in which the primary basis for government is shari'a (Islamic law)", 'subclass_of': ['Q7275']}
{'id': 'Q1250464', 'label': 'realm', 'description': 'community or territory over which a sovereign rules', 'subclass_of': ['Q7275']}
{'id': 'Q2301325', 'label': 'identical twins', 'description': 'twins with the same genes, grew from one egg that split into two; occur when a single egg is fertilized to form one zygote (hence, "monozygotic") which then divides into two separate embryos', 'subclass_of': ['Q14756018']}
{'id': 'Q14756018', 'label': 'twins', 'description': 'two offspring produced in the same pregnancy. Use with P31 on items for both twins. If known, item for "identical twins" or "fraternal twins" is preferred.', 'subclass_of': ['Q14073567']}
{'id': 'Q911663', 'label': 'bascule bridge', 'description': 'moveable bridge with a counterweight that continuously balances a span, or "leaf," throughout its upward swing to provide clearance for boat traffic', 'subclass_of': ['Q787417']}
{'id': 'Q787417', 'label': 'moveable bridge', 'description': 'bridge that moves to allow passage, usually of watercraft', 'subclass_of': ['Q12280']}
{'id': 'Q1752939', 'label': 'independent agency of the United States government', 'description': 'agencies that exist outside of the federal executive departments', 'subclass_of': ['Q20857065']}
{'id': 'Q20857065', 'label': 'United States federal agency', 'description': 'administrative division of the United States federal government', 'subclass_of': ['Q1005416']}
{'id': 'Q1005416', 'label': 'federal agency', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q327333']}
{'id': 'Q625994', 'label': 'convention', 'description': 'meeting of a (usually large) group of individuals and/or companies in a certain field', 'subclass_of': ['Q2761147', 'Q1190554']}
{'id': 'Q2761147', 'label': 'meeting', 'description': 'event in which two or more people assemble', 'subclass_of': ['Q1656682']}
{'id': 'Q863454', 'label': 'pier', 'description': 'raised structure in a body of water, typically supported by well-spaced piles or pillars', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979', 'Q83620']}
{'id': 'Q992253', 'label': 'confraternity', 'description': 'generally a Roman Catholic or Orthodox voluntary association of lay people', 'subclass_of': ['Q1530022']}
{'id': 'Q3244549', 'label': 'fictional plant', 'description': 'individual fictional plant character', 'subclass_of': ['Q30017383']}
{'id': 'Q956214', 'label': 'chef-lieu', 'description': 'pre-eminent administrative town of a sub-division of territory, in some countries', 'subclass_of': ['Q1306755', 'Q470540']}
{'id': 'Q1306755', 'label': 'administrative centre', 'description': 'seat of regional administration or local government, or a county town, or the place where the central administration of a commune is located', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q19960510', 'label': 'series of prints', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15709879']}
{'id': 'Q8028', 'label': 'fairy', 'description': 'mythical being or legendary creature', 'subclass_of': ['Q6949149', 'Q1786347']}
{'id': 'Q6949149', 'label': 'mythic humanoid', 'description': 'type of person from mythology such as fairy or elf. Use Q15410431 for named characters. For humanoid species from works of fantasy use Q2607197; from Science fiction use Q6623809', 'subclass_of': ['Q4271324', 'Q2239243', 'Q502931']}
{'id': 'Q502931', 'label': 'humanoid', 'description': 'something that has an appearance resembling a human without actually being one; creatures with a mostly human shape', 'subclass_of': ['Q215627']}
{'id': 'Q5153359', 'label': 'municipality of the Czech Republic', 'description': 'municipality in the Czech Republic', 'subclass_of': ['Q3507889', 'Q14757767', 'Q2183520']}
{'id': 'Q3507889', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of the Czech Republic', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q14757767', 'label': 'fourth-level administrative country subdivision', 'description': 'administrative division subordinate to or under administration of a third-level division', 'subclass_of': ['Q1799794']}
{'id': 'Q2183520', 'label': 'obec', 'description': 'Czech and Slovak word for a municipality', 'subclass_of': ['Q15284']}
{'id': 'Q848944', 'label': 'merchant vessel', 'description': 'civilian boat or ship that transports cargo or carries passengers for hire', 'subclass_of': ['Q11446']}
{'id': 'Q16687423', 'label': 'Christian fast', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q17001650', 'Q44602']}
{'id': 'Q17001650', 'label': 'Christian dietary laws', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q670732']}
{'id': 'Q670732', 'label': 'religious law', 'description': 'legal system based on religious teachings (for their beliefers)', 'subclass_of': ['Q7748']}
{'id': 'Q44602', 'label': 'fasting', 'description': 'willing abstinence or reduction of food or drink/ Concept of fast', 'subclass_of': ['Q210978']}
{'id': 'Q210978', 'label': 'abstinence', 'description': 'self-enforced restraint from indulging in bodily activities', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q4120211', 'label': 'regional organization', 'description': 'international organizations that act within a specific region', 'subclass_of': ['Q484652', 'Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q484652', 'label': 'international organization', 'description': 'organization with an international membership, scope, or presence', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q7889', 'label': 'video game', 'description': 'electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video device such as a TV screen or computer monitor', 'subclass_of': ['Q2249149', 'Q18593264', 'Q51938570']}
{'id': 'Q2249149', 'label': 'electronic game', 'description': 'game that employs electronics to create an interactive system with which a player can play', 'subclass_of': ['Q11410']}
{'id': 'Q11410', 'label': 'game', 'description': 'entertainment, activity; structured playing, usually undertaken for enjoyment', 'subclass_of': ['Q17538258', 'Q173799']}
{'id': 'Q17538258', 'label': 'recreative work', 'description': 'distinct creation done with the purpose of recreation', 'subclass_of': ['Q386724']}
{'id': 'Q51938570', 'label': 'entertainment software', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q166142']}
{'id': 'Q166142', 'label': 'application', 'description': 'computer software designed to perform a group of coordinated functions, tasks, or activities for the benefit of the user', 'subclass_of': ['Q7397']}
{'id': 'Q7397', 'label': 'software', 'description': 'non-tangible executable component of a computer', 'subclass_of': ['Q17537576', 'Q2424752', 'Q8148', 'Q47461344']}
{'id': 'Q1324633', 'label': 'naval base', 'description': 'port for naval ships and other assets', 'subclass_of': ['Q245016', 'Q44782']}
{'id': 'Q245016', 'label': 'military base', 'description': 'facility directly owned and operated by or for the military', 'subclass_of': ['Q18691599']}
{'id': 'Q18691599', 'label': 'military facility', 'description': 'place developed for and utilized by military forces', 'subclass_of': ['Q13226383', 'Q17350442']}
{'id': 'Q1968403', 'label': 'post town', 'description': 'part of postal addresses in the United Kingdom', 'subclass_of': ['Q3957']}
{'id': 'Q3957', 'label': 'town', 'description': 'settlement that is bigger than a village but smaller than a city', 'subclass_of': ['Q486972', 'Q177634', 'Q702492', 'Q7930989']}
{'id': 'Q207934', 'label': 'avenue', 'description': 'straight route with a line of trees or large shrubs running along each side', 'subclass_of': ['Q79007']}
{'id': 'Q79007', 'label': 'street', 'description': 'public thoroughfare in a built environment', 'subclass_of': ['Q34442']}
{'id': 'Q34442', 'label': 'road', 'description': 'way on land between two places', 'subclass_of': ['Q376799', 'Q83620']}
{'id': 'Q805353', 'label': 'ballroom', 'description': 'large room for holding formal balls', 'subclass_of': ['Q9332842']}
{'id': 'Q9332842', 'label': 'sala', 'description': 'large, covered accomodation', 'subclass_of': ['Q1299240', 'Q180516', 'Q1497384']}
{'id': 'Q1299240', 'label': 'interior space', 'description': 'space inside', 'subclass_of': ['Q2133296']}
{'id': 'Q180516', 'label': 'room', 'description': 'distinguishable space within a building or other structure', 'subclass_of': ['Q1299240', 'Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q1497384', 'label': 'part of building', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q56052926']}
{'id': 'Q1423891', 'label': 'minister', 'description': 'religious occupation in Christianity', 'subclass_of': ['Q4504549', 'Q3315492']}
{'id': 'Q4504549', 'label': 'religious servant', 'description': 'member of a religious community', 'subclass_of': ['Q28640']}
{'id': 'Q28640', 'label': 'profession', 'description': 'vocation founded upon specialized educational training', 'subclass_of': ['Q12737077']}
{'id': 'Q12737077', 'label': 'occupation', 'description': 'label applied to a person based on an activity they participate in', 'subclass_of': ['Q1914636', 'Q3769299']}
{'id': 'Q3315492', 'label': 'clergyman', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q2566598']}
{'id': 'Q2566598', 'label': 'Catholic religious', 'description': 'male member of a Catholic religious institute', 'subclass_of': ['Q4504549']}
{'id': 'Q928357', 'label': 'bronze sculpture', 'description': 'sculpture cast in bronze', 'subclass_of': ['Q860861']}
{'id': 'Q614316', 'label': 'private museum', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q33506']}
{'id': 'Q690175', 'label': 'angel in Judaism', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q235113', 'Q12405827']}
{'id': 'Q235113', 'label': 'angel', 'description': 'supernatural being or spirit in certain religions and mythologies', 'subclass_of': ['Q6949149', 'Q193291', 'Q42104541', 'Q95074']}
{'id': 'Q42104541', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q28855038', 'Q1977474']}
{'id': 'Q1977474', 'label': 'Al-Ghaib', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q12405827', 'label': 'biblical character', 'description': 'people mentioned in the Old Testament or the New Testament', 'subclass_of': ['Q18563354', 'Q21070598']}
{'id': 'Q18563354', 'label': 'religious character', 'description': 'character of a religious work, alleged to be historical', 'subclass_of': ['Q13002315', 'Q3658341']}
{'id': 'Q13002315', 'label': 'legendary figure', 'description': 'named person or animal that appears in legends that have some claim to be historical', 'subclass_of': ['Q21070598']}
{'id': 'Q3658341', 'label': 'literary character', 'description': 'fictional character appearing in written works', 'subclass_of': ['Q95074']}
{'id': 'Q18342229', 'label': 'Slavic folk calendar', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q12132']}
{'id': 'Q12132', 'label': 'calendar', 'description': 'system of organizing days for social, religious, commercial, or administrative purposes.', 'subclass_of': ['Q130788', 'Q58778']}
{'id': 'Q130788', 'label': 'chronology', 'description': 'science of arranging events in their order of occurrence in time', 'subclass_of': ['Q336', 'Q11471']}
{'id': 'Q678146', 'label': 'bombardment', 'description': 'attack by artillery fire', 'subclass_of': ['Q645883', 'Q350604', 'Q1520311']}
{'id': 'Q350604', 'label': 'armed conflict', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q180684']}
{'id': 'Q1520311', 'label': 'violent crime', 'description': 'crime in which an offender uses or threatens force upon a victim', 'subclass_of': ['Q83267']}
{'id': 'Q83267', 'label': 'crime', 'description': 'unlawful act forbidden and punishable by criminal law', 'subclass_of': ['Q24962887', 'Q1456832']}
{'id': 'Q24962887', 'label': 'violation of law', 'description': 'act (or, less commonly, failure to act) that fails to abide by existing law', 'subclass_of': ['Q6765918']}
{'id': 'Q6765918', 'label': 'wrongdoing', 'description': 'act that is illegal or immoral', 'subclass_of': ['Q1914636']}
{'id': 'Q1456832', 'label': 'offense', 'description': 'action against the law, subject to punishment', 'subclass_of': ['Q3796448', 'Q24962887']}
{'id': 'Q3796448', 'label': 'legal wrong', 'description': 'state of being contrary to the principles of justice or law', 'subclass_of': ['Q3769299', 'Q6765918']}
{'id': 'Q45908689', 'label': 'logradouro', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q294440']}
{'id': 'Q17448832', 'label': 'building with stepped gable', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q3012407', 'label': 'life of Jesus in the New Testament', 'description': 'life of Jesus as told in the New Testament', 'subclass_of': ['Q22704077']}
{'id': 'Q22704077', 'label': 'biblical episode', 'description': 'story, narrated in the bible', 'subclass_of': ['Q1213296', 'Q1758354', 'Q1318295', 'Q1406161']}
{'id': 'Q1213296', 'label': 'myth', 'description': 'type of traditional narrative', 'subclass_of': ['Q7832362']}
{'id': 'Q7832362', 'label': 'traditional story', 'description': 'stories about traditions, like legends, folk tales, myths, fairy tales', 'subclass_of': ['Q1318295']}
{'id': 'Q1318295', 'label': 'narrative', 'description': 'account that presents connected events', 'subclass_of': ['Q17537576']}
{'id': 'Q1758354', 'label': 'plot', 'description': 'concept in narratology: presentation of a sequence of events in a narrative work', 'subclass_of': ['Q33005760']}
{'id': 'Q33005760', 'label': 'narration', 'description': 'use of a written or spoken commentary to convey a story to an audience', 'subclass_of': ['Q11024']}
{'id': 'Q1154710', 'label': 'association football stadium', 'description': 'type of stadium', 'subclass_of': ['Q61105129', 'Q483110']}
{'id': 'Q61105129', 'label': 'association football venue', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1076486']}
{'id': 'Q4502119', 'label': 'art group', 'description': 'club or group of artists who share a common ideal', 'subclass_of': ['Q16334295', 'Q48204']}
{'id': 'Q24334893', 'label': 'mythical place', 'description': 'place that exists only in myth and not in reality', 'subclass_of': ['Q24334685']}
{'id': 'Q5753938', 'label': '', 'description': 'painting series by Francisco de Goya', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1840368', 'label': 'cloud genera', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1978047']}
{'id': 'Q1978047', 'label': 'family of clouds', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q21522908']}
{'id': 'Q21522908', 'label': 'Wikidata instance class', 'description': 'class whose instances are never other classes, class which is not a metaclass', 'subclass_of': ['Q21522864']}
{'id': 'Q257391', 'label': 'federal capital', 'description': 'capital city in a federal state', 'subclass_of': ['Q5119']}
{'id': 'Q5119', 'label': 'capital', 'description': 'primary governing city of a top-level (country) or first-level subdivision (country, state, province, etc) political entity', 'subclass_of': ['Q7930989']}
{'id': 'Q12012855', 'label': 'frigate', 'description': 'sailing warship larger than a corvette and smaller than a ship of the line', 'subclass_of': ['Q170483', 'Q161705']}
{'id': 'Q170483', 'label': 'sailing ship', 'description': 'large wind-powered water vessel', 'subclass_of': ['Q11446', 'Q8023902']}
{'id': 'Q8023902', 'label': 'wind-powered vehicle', 'description': 'vehicle pushed by the winds', 'subclass_of': ['Q2120578']}
{'id': 'Q2120578', 'label': 'zero-emissions vehicle', 'description': 'vehicle that emits no tailpipe pollutants from the onboard source of power', 'subclass_of': ['Q19279121']}
{'id': 'Q19279121', 'label': 'free-emissions vehicle', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q42889']}
{'id': 'Q161705', 'label': 'frigate', 'description': 'type of warship, with or without sails, built for speed and manuverability', 'subclass_of': ['Q3114762']}
{'id': 'Q3114762', 'label': 'warship', 'description': 'ship that is built and primarily intended for combat', 'subclass_of': ['Q177597', 'Q7978115']}
{'id': 'Q177597', 'label': 'naval ship', 'description': 'water-borne vessel that is operated by a legal or insurrectionary armed service', 'subclass_of': ['Q11446', 'Q18643213']}
{'id': 'Q7978115', 'label': 'weapons platform', 'description': 'system or structure that carries weapons', 'subclass_of': ['Q18643213']}
{'id': 'Q2052698', 'label': 'rural cemetery', 'description': 'garden cemetery', 'subclass_of': ['Q39614']}
{'id': 'Q20350', 'label': 'moai', 'description': 'monolithic human figures', 'subclass_of': ['Q1779653']}
{'id': 'Q1779653', 'label': 'colossal statue', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q179700', 'Q3476533']}
{'id': 'Q3476533', 'label': 'monumental sculpture', 'description': 'large sculpture', 'subclass_of': ['Q860861', 'Q4989906']}
{'id': 'Q44342', 'label': 'legend', 'description': "traditional story of heroic humans. (Use 'Mythology' - Q9134\xa0- for stories of Gods and fantastic creatures)", 'subclass_of': ['Q8253', 'Q7832362']}
{'id': 'Q8253', 'label': 'fiction', 'description': 'any story or setting that is derived from imagination, can be conveyed through any medium (films, books, audio plays, games, etc.)', 'subclass_of': ['Q17537576']}
{'id': 'Q9826', 'label': 'high school', 'description': 'institution which provides all or part of secondary education', 'subclass_of': ['Q159334']}
{'id': 'Q159334', 'label': 'secondary school', 'description': 'building and organization where secondary education is provided', 'subclass_of': ['Q3914']}
{'id': 'Q3914', 'label': 'school', 'description': 'institution designed to teach students under the direction of teachers', 'subclass_of': ['Q2385804']}
{'id': 'Q9019918', 'label': 'endorheic lake', 'description': 'lake with no outflow to other external bodies of water, such as rivers or oceans', 'subclass_of': ['Q23397']}
{'id': 'Q1137833', 'label': 'core city of Japan', 'description': 'class or category of Japanese city', 'subclass_of': ['Q494721']}
{'id': 'Q494721', 'label': 'city of Japan', 'description': 'administrative division of Japan', 'subclass_of': ['Q1054813', 'Q515', 'Q1850442']}
{'id': 'Q1054813', 'label': 'municipality of Japan', 'description': 'municipalities in Japan in four types', 'subclass_of': ['Q15284', 'Q1850442']}
{'id': 'Q1850442', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Japan', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q1208989', 'label': 'beef cattle', 'description': 'cattle breed', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q3505887', 'label': 'city council', 'description': 'administrative division in Israel', 'subclass_of': ['Q2762194', 'Q486972']}
{'id': 'Q2762194', 'label': 'local government in Israel', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q6501447', 'Q1550119']}
{'id': 'Q1550119', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Israel', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q876459', 'label': 'equine coat color', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1817674']}
{'id': 'Q1817674', 'label': 'coat', 'description': "nature and quality of a mammal's pelage", 'subclass_of': ['Q1075']}
{'id': 'Q2913798', 'label': 'spherical aberration', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q20257813']}
{'id': 'Q20257813', 'label': 'geometrical aberration', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q639']}
{'id': 'Q639', 'label': 'optical aberration', 'description': 'departure of the performance of an optical system from the predictions of paraxial optics', 'subclass_of': ['Q1293220', 'Q1347355']}
{'id': 'Q1347355', 'label': 'distortion', 'description': 'alteration of the original shape (or other characteristic) of something', 'subclass_of': ['Q37759935']}
{'id': 'Q37759935', 'label': 'alteration', 'description': 'act of altering or making different', 'subclass_of': ['Q13200882']}
{'id': 'Q49007', 'label': 'yarn', 'description': 'long continuous length of interlocked fibers', 'subclass_of': ['Q28823']}
{'id': 'Q28823', 'label': 'textile', 'description': 'material produced by twining, weaving, felting, knotting, or otherwise processing natural or synthetic fibers', 'subclass_of': ['Q214609', 'Q8205328', 'Q28877', 'Q15401930', 'Q16686448']}
{'id': 'Q1923776', 'label': 'civil code', 'description': 'systematic collection of laws designed to deal with the core areas of private law', 'subclass_of': ['Q922203', 'Q222249', 'Q1076579']}
{'id': 'Q922203', 'label': 'code of law', 'description': 'type or grouping of legislation', 'subclass_of': ['Q49371', 'Q571']}
{'id': 'Q49371', 'label': 'legislation', 'description': 'law that has been enacted by a legislature or other governing body', 'subclass_of': ['Q820655']}
{'id': 'Q222249', 'label': 'civil law', 'description': 'non-criminal law; legal system that regulates the patrimonial and personal relations of persons and organisations', 'subclass_of': ['Q7748']}
{'id': 'Q1076579', 'label': 'act of parliament', 'description': 'statute passed by a parliament', 'subclass_of': ['Q7243147']}
{'id': 'Q7243147', 'label': 'primary legislation', 'description': 'law made by the legislative branch of government (as opposed to secondary legislation, which is usually made by the executive branch)', 'subclass_of': ['Q820655', 'Q49371']}
{'id': 'Q2142903', 'label': 'joya', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q27506396', 'label': 'magic item', 'description': 'general concept of magical item', 'subclass_of': ['Q20203727']}
{'id': 'Q20203727', 'label': 'mythological object', 'description': 'object used or present in mythology', 'subclass_of': ['Q24334685']}
{'id': 'Q6784672', 'label': 'municipality of Slovakia', 'description': 'municipality in Slovakia', 'subclass_of': ['Q243669', 'Q13221722', 'Q2183520', 'Q15284']}
{'id': 'Q243669', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Slovakia', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867', 'Q12076831']}
{'id': 'Q12076831', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q4057633']}
{'id': 'Q4057633', 'label': 'hierarchy of administrative territorial entities', 'description': 'structure by which a state is subdivided for administration', 'subclass_of': ['Q1531349']}
{'id': 'Q1531349', 'label': 'outline', 'description': 'list arranged to show hierarchical relationships', 'subclass_of': ['Q6671777']}
{'id': 'Q217422', 'label': 'anamorphosis', 'description': 'distorted projection requiring the viewer to occupy a specific point to reconstitute the image', 'subclass_of': ['Q478798']}
{'id': 'Q751989', 'label': 'celestial event', 'description': 'outer space event concerning astromical objects', 'subclass_of': ['Q1322005']}
{'id': 'Q29188408', 'label': 'collection highlight', 'description': 'as designated by institution', 'subclass_of': ['Q18593264', 'Q105420']}
{'id': 'Q105420', 'label': 'anthology', 'description': 'collection of creative works chosen by the compiler', 'subclass_of': ['Q17489659']}
{'id': 'Q852190', 'label': 'shipwreck', 'description': 'remains of a ship that has wrecked', 'subclass_of': ['Q11446', 'Q21073029']}
{'id': 'Q21073029', 'label': 'disaster remains', 'description': 'place where the remains of a disaster are preserved, or simply kept in place, or the disaster wreckage itself', 'subclass_of': ['Q17350442', 'Q55553838']}
{'id': 'Q55553838', 'label': 'conservation status', 'description': 'conservation status for the item', 'subclass_of': ['Q3505845']}
{'id': 'Q12511', 'label': 'stairs', 'description': 'construction designed to bridge a large vertical distance by dividing it into smaller vertical distances', 'subclass_of': ['Q391414', 'Q30327093', 'Q16029504']}
{'id': 'Q30327093', 'label': 'horizontal structural element', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q811679']}
{'id': 'Q16029504', 'label': 'vertical structural element', 'description': 'architectural element', 'subclass_of': ['Q811679']}
{'id': 'Q15634695', 'label': 'special administrative area of Thailand', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15663836']}
{'id': 'Q15663836', 'label': 'local administrative unit in Thailand', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1077333', 'Q6501447', 'Q1048835']}
{'id': 'Q1077333', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Thailand', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q2398229', 'label': 'Public holidays in Norway', 'description': 'Wikimedia list article', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q465299', 'label': 'archaeological culture', 'description': 'recurring assemblage of artifacts from a specific time and place that may constitute the material culture remains of a particular past human society', 'subclass_of': ['Q151885']}
{'id': 'Q326478', 'label': 'land art', 'description': 'form of art creation in which landscape and the work of art are inextricably linked', 'subclass_of': ['Q36649']}
{'id': 'Q1022147', 'label': 'inter-city rail', 'description': 'express passenger train services that cover longer distances than commuter or regional trains', 'subclass_of': ['Q3565868', 'Q1363599']}
{'id': 'Q3565868', 'label': 'rail transport', 'description': 'conveyance of passengers and goods by way of wheeled vehicles running on rail tracks', 'subclass_of': ['Q350783', 'Q4354683']}
{'id': 'Q350783', 'label': 'rail guided transport', 'description': 'track-bound transport', 'subclass_of': ['Q334166', 'Q376799']}
{'id': 'Q334166', 'label': 'mode of transport', 'description': 'way to perform transport/transportation', 'subclass_of': ['Q21146257', 'Q21162272']}
{'id': 'Q21146257', 'label': 'type', 'description': 'kind or variety of something', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120', 'Q19478619']}
{'id': 'Q21162272', 'label': 'means', 'description': 'means by which an item performs a function', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q4354683', 'label': 'land transport', 'description': 'mode of transport conducted by people, animals or vehicles over land surfaces', 'subclass_of': ['Q7590']}
{'id': 'Q7590', 'label': 'transport', 'description': 'human-directed movement of things or people between locations', 'subclass_of': ['Q79782']}
{'id': 'Q79782', 'label': 'motion', 'description': 'change in position of an object over time; a body is said to be in motion if it changes its position with respect to its immediate surroundings.', 'subclass_of': ['Q17320256', 'Q1150070']}
{'id': 'Q17320256', 'label': 'physical process', 'description': 'a process that can be described with physics', 'subclass_of': ['Q3249551', 'Q1293220']}
{'id': 'Q1363599', 'label': 'passenger train', 'description': 'train carrying passengers', 'subclass_of': ['Q870']}
{'id': 'Q870', 'label': 'train', 'description': 'one or more self-propelled vehicles that move along fixed rails to transport passengers, animals or cargo', 'subclass_of': ['Q15618781', 'Q1301433', 'Q350783']}
{'id': 'Q15618781', 'label': 'wheeled vehicle', 'description': 'any vehicle with wheel', 'subclass_of': ['Q1301433']}
{'id': 'Q1301433', 'label': 'land vehicle', 'description': 'vehicle mainly meant to move on land', 'subclass_of': ['Q334166']}
{'id': 'Q2401485', 'label': 'expedition', 'description': 'discovery or research trip to a remote or undeveloped region', 'subclass_of': ['Q6502154', 'Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q6502154', 'label': 'exploration', 'description': 'act of searching or traveling around a terrain for the purpose of discovery', 'subclass_of': ['Q61509']}
{'id': 'Q61509', 'label': 'travel', 'description': 'movement of people between relatively distant geographical locations', 'subclass_of': ['Q79782', 'Q1914636']}
{'id': 'Q19934856', 'label': 'twin towers', 'description': 'set of two identical towers (not only skyscrapers)', 'subclass_of': ['Q1497364']}
{'id': 'Q79218', 'label': 'triptych', 'description': 'three-part polyptych', 'subclass_of': ['Q1278452', 'Q149010']}
{'id': 'Q1278452', 'label': 'polyptych', 'description': 'painted or carved work consisting of multiple panels', 'subclass_of': ['Q4502142', 'Q28870066']}
{'id': 'Q149010', 'label': 'trilogy', 'description': 'set of three works of art that are connected', 'subclass_of': ['Q20936777', 'Q29430681']}
{'id': 'Q20936777', 'label': 'series of specified number of works', 'description': 'ordered set of a given number of creative works', 'subclass_of': ['Q7725310']}
{'id': 'Q29430681', 'label': 'triad', 'description': 'group or series of three things/objects/parts/components', 'subclass_of': ['Q16887380']}
{'id': 'Q1138494', 'label': 'historic county of England', 'description': 'geographical designations for areas of England, based on historical traditions', 'subclass_of': ['Q171809']}
{'id': 'Q171809', 'label': 'county of England', 'description': "England's administrative, geographical and political demarcation", 'subclass_of': ['Q171634', 'Q28575']}
{'id': 'Q6881511', 'label': 'enterprise', 'description': 'organizational unit producing goods or services, which benefits from a certain degree of autonomy in decision-making, especially for the allocation of its current resources', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q1149242', 'label': 'Plaza', 'description': 'municipality in the state of Miranda, Venezuela', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1900755', 'label': 'constituent assembly', 'description': 'body or assembly of representatives composed for the purpose of drafting or adopting a constitution', 'subclass_of': ['Q1752346']}
{'id': 'Q15848826', 'label': 'city \u200b\u200bpalace', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q16560']}
{'id': 'Q16560', 'label': 'palace', 'description': 'grand residence, especially a royal residence or the home of a head of state', 'subclass_of': ['Q7743', 'Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q47728', 'label': 'hobby', 'description': 'regular activity that is done for enjoyment', 'subclass_of': ['Q1914636']}
{'id': 'Q15823129', 'label': 'Carthusian monastery', 'description': 'monastery of the Order of Saint Bruno', 'subclass_of': ['Q44613']}
{'id': 'Q44613', 'label': 'monastery', 'description': 'complex of buildings comprising the domestic quarters and workplace(s) of monks or nuns', 'subclass_of': ['Q1370598', 'Q19691007', 'Q43229', 'Q24398318']}
{'id': 'Q19691007', 'label': 'institutional complex', 'description': 'group of many intitutional buildings (churches, schools, government buildings)', 'subclass_of': ['Q1497364']}
{'id': 'Q7361876', 'label': 'Roman Catholic dogma', 'description': 'definitive articles of faith (de fide) according to the Roman Catholic Church', 'subclass_of': ['Q620749']}
{'id': 'Q620749', 'label': 'dogma', 'description': 'principle laid down as inconvertibly true in an ideology or belief system', 'subclass_of': ['Q211364']}
{'id': 'Q466470', 'label': 'demigod', 'description': 'mortal who is the offspring of a god and a human being', 'subclass_of': ['Q6549417', 'Q1387388']}
{'id': 'Q15070223', 'label': 'cité', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q79007']}
{'id': 'Q32815', 'label': 'mosque', 'description': 'place of worship for followers of Islam', 'subclass_of': ['Q44539']}
{'id': 'Q1564373', 'label': 'mission complex', 'description': 'location for missionary work', 'subclass_of': ['Q19691007', 'Q1370598', 'Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q50337', 'label': 'prefecture of Japan', 'description': "country's 47 first-order subnational jurisdictions", 'subclass_of': ['Q1850442', 'Q10864048', 'Q515716', 'Q5164076']}
{'id': 'Q515716', 'label': 'prefecture', 'description': 'administrative jurisdiction or subdivision in any of various countries', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q5164076', 'label': 'constituent state', 'description': 'state that forms part of a larger sovereign state', 'subclass_of': ['Q7275', 'Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q28104579', 'label': 'album leaf', 'description': 'sheet of paper that is or was part of an album', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q17370233', 'label': 'beaker', 'description': 'drinking vessel without a foot or handle', 'subclass_of': ['Q2453629']}
{'id': 'Q2453629', 'label': 'drinking vessel', 'description': 'class of container from which you drink', 'subclass_of': ['Q987767', 'Q851782']}
{'id': 'Q851782', 'label': 'tableware', 'description': 'items used for setting a table and serving food', 'subclass_of': ['Q22809652', 'Q2424752', 'Q1521410']}
{'id': 'Q22809652', 'label': 'manufactured object', 'description': 'in the strict sense, object made by humans with their hands', 'subclass_of': ['Q2901875']}
{'id': 'Q2901875', 'label': 'manufactured good', 'description': 'object produced by the industry', 'subclass_of': ['Q2424752', 'Q8205328']}
{'id': 'Q1521410', 'label': 'kitchenware', 'description': 'tools, utensils, appliances, dishes, and cookware, that can be used in the process of food preparation, cooking or baking, or the serving of food, or to hold or store food before or after preparation', 'subclass_of': ['Q54867736', 'Q4478784']}
{'id': 'Q54867736', 'label': 'culinary equipment', 'description': 'tool or equipment used in preparing, storing, cooking, or serving food', 'subclass_of': ['Q39546']}
{'id': 'Q4478784', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1357761']}
{'id': 'Q179164', 'label': 'unitary state', 'description': 'state governed as a single unit with a supreme central government', 'subclass_of': ['Q7275']}
{'id': 'Q5155053', 'label': 'community school', 'description': 'state funded school in England and Wales under the administration of the local education authority', 'subclass_of': ['Q1080794']}
{'id': 'Q1080794', 'label': 'state school', 'description': 'type of school funded in whole or in part by taxation', 'subclass_of': ['Q3914', 'Q23002037']}
{'id': 'Q23002037', 'label': 'public educational institution', 'description': 'educational institution whose programs and activities are operated by publicly elected or appointed school officials and which is supported primarily by public funds', 'subclass_of': ['Q294163', 'Q2385804']}
{'id': 'Q294163', 'label': 'public institution', 'description': 'institution', 'subclass_of': ['Q178706', 'Q155076']}
{'id': 'Q3361361', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q543654']}
{'id': 'Q543654', 'label': 'city hall', 'description': 'chief administrative building of a city or town', 'subclass_of': ['Q25550691', 'Q52177058']}
{'id': 'Q25550691', 'label': 'seat of local government', 'description': 'chief administrative building of a municipality', 'subclass_of': ['Q16831714', 'Q1220959']}
{'id': 'Q52177058', 'label': 'civic building', 'description': 'central landmark building in the geographical or business centre of a town or city', 'subclass_of': ['Q294422']}
{'id': 'Q1402592', 'label': 'island group', 'description': 'use\xa0archipelago (Q33837) for a group of islands plus the water between these', 'subclass_of': ['Q20719696']}
{'id': 'Q11422631', 'label': 'United Nations Depository Library', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q28653690']}
{'id': 'Q28653690', 'label': 'depository library', 'description': 'library responsible for legal deposit in a jurisdiction', 'subclass_of': ['Q7075']}
{'id': 'Q1402830', 'label': 'tagma', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q4936952']}
{'id': 'Q925381', 'label': 'city with powiat rights', 'description': 'administrative division of Poland', 'subclass_of': ['Q247073', 'Q515']}
{'id': 'Q247073', 'label': 'county of Poland', 'description': 'administrative division of Poland', 'subclass_of': ['Q855451', 'Q15630906', 'Q13220204']}
{'id': 'Q855451', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Poland', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867', 'Q1048835']}
{'id': 'Q15630906', 'label': 'rural district', 'description': 'designation for an administrative territorial entity', 'subclass_of': ['Q149621']}
{'id': 'Q115488', 'label': 'Medallion', 'description': 'oval decoration used in architecture', 'subclass_of': ['Q335261', 'Q3476515']}
{'id': 'Q335261', 'label': 'ornament', 'description': 'decoration used to embellish parts of a building or object', 'subclass_of': ['Q6149036', 'Q1519454', 'Q8205328']}
{'id': 'Q6149036', 'label': 'decoration', 'description': 'any type of adornment', 'subclass_of': ['Q4684642']}
{'id': 'Q4684642', 'label': 'adornment', 'description': 'accessory or ornament worn to enhance the beauty or status of the wearer', 'subclass_of': ['Q362200']}
{'id': 'Q1519454', 'label': 'design', 'description': 'creative process', 'subclass_of': ['Q1914636']}
{'id': 'Q3476515', 'label': 'architectural sculpture', 'description': 'type of sculpture', 'subclass_of': ['Q391414', 'Q860861']}
{'id': 'Q23901114', 'label': 'scheduled district', 'description': 'administrative division of Monaco, for urban planning purposes', 'subclass_of': ['Q15646733']}
{'id': 'Q15646733', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Monaco', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q12029081', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q483453']}
{'id': 'Q863974', 'label': 'lake island', 'description': 'island located in a lake', 'subclass_of': ['Q202199']}
{'id': 'Q202199', 'label': 'inland island', 'description': 'island in a river or lake', 'subclass_of': ['Q23442']}
{'id': 'Q23442', 'label': 'island', 'description': 'sub-continental land that is surrounded by water', 'subclass_of': ['Q271669', 'Q205895']}
{'id': 'Q131734', 'label': 'brewery', 'description': 'business that makes and sells beer', 'subclass_of': ['Q4830453', 'Q1252971']}
{'id': 'Q1252971', 'label': 'food manufacturer', 'description': 'company that produces foods', 'subclass_of': ['Q4830453']}
{'id': 'Q13212489', 'label': 'county of California', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q47168', 'Q21074401']}
{'id': 'Q21074401', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of California', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q17361443']}
{'id': 'Q1882512', 'label': 'Regional Historic Center', 'description': 'name for archives in the Netherlands', 'subclass_of': ['Q5193377', 'Q166118']}
{'id': 'Q166118', 'label': 'archive', 'description': 'institution responsible for storing, preserving, describing, and providing access to historical records', 'subclass_of': ['Q1030034', 'Q5193377']}
{'id': 'Q2919801', 'label': 'municipality of Luxembourg', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q2695008', 'Q10864048', 'Q1048835']}
{'id': 'Q2695008', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Luxembourg', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q560361', 'label': 'draft document', 'description': 'preliminary stage of a written work', 'subclass_of': ['Q2910675', 'Q49848']}
{'id': 'Q2910675', 'label': 'unfinished creative work', 'description': 'creative work that has not been finished', 'subclass_of': ['Q17537576', 'Q21514702']}
{'id': 'Q21514702', 'label': 'abandoned project', 'description': 'project that eventually was not realized', 'subclass_of': ['Q170584', 'Q3918409']}
{'id': 'Q170584', 'label': 'project', 'description': 'collaborative enterprise, frequently involving research or design, that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim', 'subclass_of': ['Q1914636', 'Q386724']}
{'id': 'Q3918409', 'label': 'proposal', 'description': 'proposed plan', 'subclass_of': ['Q1371819', 'Q22445448', 'Q3249551']}
{'id': 'Q22445448', 'label': 'request', 'description': 'act of asking politely or formally for something', 'subclass_of': ['Q4026292']}
{'id': 'Q245117', 'label': 'relief sculpture', 'description': 'sculpture created with relief technique', 'subclass_of': ['Q860861']}
{'id': 'Q6674', 'label': 'devil', 'description': 'supernatural entity that is the personification of evil and the enemy of God and humankind', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q3267675', 'label': 'holomictic lake', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q23397']}
{'id': 'Q1975546', 'label': 'royal forest', 'description': 'area of land with different meanings in England, Wales and Scotland', 'subclass_of': ['Q4421']}
{'id': 'Q4421', 'label': 'forest', 'description': 'dense collection of trees covering a relatively large area', 'subclass_of': ['Q37813', 'Q2083910']}
{'id': 'Q37813', 'label': 'ecosystem', 'description': 'community of living organisms together with the nonliving components of their environment, interacting as a system', 'subclass_of': ['Q30336093']}
{'id': 'Q30336093', 'label': 'biological system', 'description': 'complex network of biologically relevant entities on the macro to the nanoscopic scale', 'subclass_of': ['Q58778']}
{'id': 'Q277583', 'label': 'kakemono', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q3305213']}
{'id': 'Q1330941', 'label': 'Royal Parks of London', 'description': 'lands originally owned by the monarchy of the United Kingdom', 'subclass_of': ['Q22698']}
{'id': 'Q1147753', 'label': 'cyclorama', 'description': 'panoramic painting on the inside of a cylindrical canvas', 'subclass_of': ['Q2026188']}
{'id': 'Q2026188', 'label': 'panoramic painting', 'description': 'massive artwork that reveals a wide, all-encompassing view of a particular subject', 'subclass_of': ['Q3305213', 'Q41363']}
{'id': 'Q41363', 'label': 'panorama', 'description': 'wide-angle view or representation of a physical space', 'subclass_of': ['Q11795009']}
{'id': 'Q11795009', 'label': 'Image', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q174984', 'Q478798']}
{'id': 'Q174984', 'label': 'signal', 'description': 'varying physical quantity that conveys information', 'subclass_of': ['Q42848', 'Q2150504']}
{'id': 'Q2150504', 'label': 'signal', 'description': 'sign made to give notice of some occurrence, command or danger', 'subclass_of': ['Q3695082']}
{'id': 'Q1302471', 'label': 'unit of volume', 'description': 'unit of measurement', 'subclass_of': ['Q47574']}
{'id': 'Q699', 'label': 'fairy tale', 'description': 'fictional story featuring folkloric fantasy characters', 'subclass_of': ['Q7832362', 'Q20730955']}
{'id': 'Q20730955', 'label': 'tale', 'description': 'prose fiction that can be either rooted in oral tradition or created by an author', 'subclass_of': ['Q1318295']}
{'id': 'Q1934708', 'label': 'public holidays in the United States', 'description': 'Wikimedia list article', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q83809', 'label': 'totem pole', 'description': 'monumental sculptures carved on poles, posts, or pillars with symbols or figures', 'subclass_of': ['Q2180428', 'Q179700']}
{'id': 'Q2180428', 'label': 'pole', 'description': 'structural support', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979', 'Q8205328', 'Q1058733']}
{'id': 'Q1058733', 'label': 'support', 'description': 'architectural element that supports arches, beams, columns, balconies, ledges, etc.', 'subclass_of': ['Q39376308']}
{'id': 'Q39376308', 'label': 'support', 'description': 'object which supports', 'subclass_of': ['Q488383']}
{'id': 'Q1747681', 'label': 'artist museum', 'description': 'Museum, which is dedicated to a particular artist or his/her oeuvre', 'subclass_of': ['Q207694']}
{'id': 'Q1232589', 'label': 'replica', 'description': 'exact reproduction', 'subclass_of': ['Q1784021']}
{'id': 'Q1784021', 'label': 'artwork copy', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q838948', 'Q836950', 'Q23013246']}
{'id': 'Q836950', 'label': 'derivative work', 'description': 'work created from major part of an original artwork', 'subclass_of': ['Q386724']}
{'id': 'Q2935533', 'label': 'campo', 'description': 'city square in Venice, Italy', 'subclass_of': ['Q174782']}
{'id': 'Q174782', 'label': 'square', 'description': 'open public space', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979', 'Q294440', 'Q83620']}
{'id': 'Q6949213', 'label': 'mythological king', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q21070568', 'Q4271324']}
{'id': 'Q21070568', 'label': 'human who may be fictional', 'description': 'human who may be real or may be based on a real human but who some say is fictional', 'subclass_of': ['Q21070598', 'Q215627']}
{'id': 'Q2071002', 'label': 'period room', 'description': 'exhibition style', 'subclass_of': ['Q180516', 'Q18593264', 'Q826949']}
{'id': 'Q826949', 'label': 'structure relocation', 'description': 'process of moving a structure from one location to another. There are two main ways for a structure to be moved: disassembling and then reassembling it at the required destination, or transporting it whole', 'subclass_of': ['Q190291']}
{'id': 'Q190291', 'label': 'displacement', 'description': 'vector that is the shortest distance from the initial to the final position of a point P', 'subclass_of': ['Q2672914', 'Q55090919']}
{'id': 'Q2672914', 'label': 'vector physical quantity', 'description': 'physical quantity that is a vector', 'subclass_of': ['Q107715', 'Q44528']}
{'id': 'Q44528', 'label': 'Euclidean vector', 'description': 'geometric object that has magnitude (or length) and direction', 'subclass_of': ['Q13471665']}
{'id': 'Q13471665', 'label': 'vector', 'description': 'element of a vector space', 'subclass_of': ['Q188524']}
{'id': 'Q55090919', 'label': 'directed distance', 'description': 'distance with a directional sense', 'subclass_of': ['Q107715']}
{'id': 'Q51929311', 'label': 'largest city', 'description': 'city which has greatest population in a country', 'subclass_of': ['Q7930989']}
{'id': 'Q44234152', 'label': 'rare book library', 'description': 'special collection focused on rare books', 'subclass_of': ['Q4431094']}
{'id': 'Q4431094', 'label': 'special collection', 'description': 'library or library unit that houses materials requiring specialized security and user services', 'subclass_of': ['Q2668072', 'Q7075']}
{'id': 'Q968159', 'label': 'art movement', 'description': 'tendency or style in art with a specific common philosophy or goal, possibly associated with a specific historical period', 'subclass_of': ['Q2198855', 'Q735']}
{'id': 'Q2198855', 'label': 'cultural movement', 'description': 'period and movement in cultural history', 'subclass_of': ['Q3533467']}
{'id': 'Q309250', 'label': 'courtyard', 'description': 'enclosed area, often by a building, that is open to the sky', 'subclass_of': ['Q180516']}
{'id': 'Q13455645', 'label': 'administrative city in the Republic of Ireland', 'description': 'Do not use for Kilkenny or Cities in Northern Ireland', 'subclass_of': ['Q3074936', 'Q10864048']}
{'id': 'Q3074936', 'label': 'Local government in the Republic of Ireland', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1155264', 'Q3356092']}
{'id': 'Q1155264', 'label': 'Politics of the Republic of Ireland', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q3356092', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Ireland', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q42294144', 'label': 'abstract sculpture', 'description': 'abstract art in the field of sculpture', 'subclass_of': ['Q860861', 'Q128115']}
{'id': 'Q128115', 'label': 'abstract art', 'description': 'art with a degree of independence from visual references in the world', 'subclass_of': ['Q36649']}
{'id': 'Q53911696', 'label': 'personal hygiene item', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q2110808', 'label': 'religious behaviour', 'description': "behaviour motivated by religious belief. Religious actions are also called 'ritual' and religious avoidances are called taboos or ritual prohibitions", 'subclass_of': ['Q9332']}
{'id': 'Q2327632', 'label': 'city museum', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1595639']}
{'id': 'Q6156156', 'label': 'geochronological unit', 'description': 'geological unit of time', 'subclass_of': ['Q1790144']}
{'id': 'Q10931', 'label': 'revolution', 'description': 'fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time', 'subclass_of': ['Q1510761', 'Q1673271', 'Q180684']}
{'id': 'Q1510761', 'label': 'social change', 'description': 'alteration in the social order of a society', 'subclass_of': ['Q1150070']}
{'id': 'Q1673271', 'label': 'regime change', 'description': 'replacement of one regime with another', 'subclass_of': ['Q1656682', 'Q23009439']}
{'id': 'Q23009439', 'label': 'replacement', 'description': 'process of removing one thing and adding another appropriate one in its place', 'subclass_of': ['Q29536861', 'Q1190554']}
{'id': 'Q29536861', 'label': 'result of process sequence', 'description': 'result', 'subclass_of': ['Q2995644']}
{'id': 'Q1462591', 'label': 'taxicab number', 'description': 'smallest number that can be expressed as a sum of two positive cube numbers in n distinct ways', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q814648', 'label': 'parish of Denmark', 'description': 'Danish parish', 'subclass_of': ['Q60495698']}
{'id': 'Q60495698', 'label': 'Socken', 'description': 'type of parish in Scandinavian countries', 'subclass_of': ['Q102496']}
{'id': 'Q102496', 'label': 'parish', 'description': 'type of ecclesiastical subdivision of a diocese', 'subclass_of': ['Q20926517']}
{'id': 'Q20926517', 'label': 'religious administrative territorial entity', 'description': 'religious administration over a geographic area', 'subclass_of': ['Q51041800', 'Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q51041800', 'label': 'religious administrative entity', 'description': 'an entity with control over a religion or part of a religion', 'subclass_of': ['Q15617994', 'Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q15617994', 'label': 'designation for an administrative territorial entity', 'description': 'type of administrative divisions, usually used in several countries', 'subclass_of': ['Q217594']}
{'id': 'Q308229', 'label': 'currency sign', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q3241972']}
{'id': 'Q3241972', 'label': 'character', 'description': 'symbol or sign', 'subclass_of': ['Q80071', 'Q3695082']}
{'id': 'Q906356', 'label': 'aqueous solution', 'description': 'solution in which the solvent is water', 'subclass_of': ['Q5447188']}
{'id': 'Q5447188', 'label': 'solution', 'description': 'homogeneous mixture composed of only one phase', 'subclass_of': ['Q12882296']}
{'id': 'Q12882296', 'label': 'homogeneous mixture', 'description': 'type of mixture in which the composition is uniform, every part of the solution has the same properties', 'subclass_of': ['Q169336']}
{'id': 'Q169336', 'label': 'mixture', 'description': 'two or more substances which are mixed but not combined chemically', 'subclass_of': ['Q79529']}
{'id': 'Q327968', 'label': 'facial expression', 'description': 'motions or positions of subcutaneous human face muscles, conveying emotional state', 'subclass_of': ['Q207125']}
{'id': 'Q207125', 'label': 'nonverbal communication', 'description': 'process of communication through sending and receiving wordless (mostly visual) cues between people', 'subclass_of': ['Q11024']}
{'id': 'Q285562', 'label': 'Marilyn', 'description': 'type of mountain or hill in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland or Isle of Man, with at least 150 m (492 feet) of relative height', 'subclass_of': ['Q8502', 'Q54050']}
{'id': 'Q8502', 'label': 'mountain', 'description': 'large landform that stretches above the surrounding land', 'subclass_of': ['Q14524493', 'Q207326', 'Q35145263']}
{'id': 'Q207326', 'label': 'summit', 'description': 'point on a surface that is higher in elevation than all points immediately adjacent to it, in topography', 'subclass_of': ['Q271669', 'Q2221906', 'Q14524493']}
{'id': 'Q54050', 'label': 'hill', 'description': 'landform that extends above the surrounding terrain', 'subclass_of': ['Q14524493', 'Q271669', 'Q17334923']}
{'id': 'Q4919932', 'label': 'stately home', 'description': 'type of great country house found in the British Isles', 'subclass_of': ['Q3399487']}
{'id': 'Q3399487', 'label': 'great house', 'description': 'large and stately residence with large number of domestic workers in employment', 'subclass_of': ['Q3947']}
{'id': 'Q3687335', 'label': 'State Council', 'description': 'government institution with variable function depending on the jurisdiction', 'subclass_of': ['Q4358176']}
{'id': 'Q4358176', 'label': 'council', 'description': 'group of people who come together to consult, deliberate, or make decisions', 'subclass_of': ['Q16334295', 'Q43229', 'Q895526']}
{'id': 'Q207781', 'label': 'economic bubble', 'description': 'economic phenomenon of very high prices driven by speculation', 'subclass_of': ['Q3539169']}
{'id': 'Q3539169', 'label': 'economic problem', 'description': 'fundamental problem of economics, satisfying unlimited wants with limited resources', 'subclass_of': ['Q621184']}
{'id': 'Q1351282', 'label': 'crown colony of the British Empire', 'description': 'type of colonial administration of the British overseas territories', 'subclass_of': ['Q717478', 'Q2533461', 'Q133156']}
{'id': 'Q2533461', 'label': 'autonomous administrative territorial entity', 'description': 'region with some freedom from its central government', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061', 'Q15617994', 'Q1048835']}
{'id': 'Q133156', 'label': 'colony', 'description': 'territory under the political control of an overseas state, generally with its own subordinate colonial government', 'subclass_of': ['Q161243']}
{'id': 'Q161243', 'label': 'dependent territory', 'description': 'territory that does not possess full political independence as a sovereign state, yet remains administratively outside the territory of its controlling state', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q2169265', 'label': 'bleachfield', 'description': 'field near watercourse used by a bleachery', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q2267705', 'label': 'field of study', 'description': 'field of study leading to a specific degree', 'subclass_of': ['Q21146257']}
{'id': 'Q27303890', 'label': 'fictional donkey', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q27303980']}
{'id': 'Q54935504', 'label': 'city of Switzerland', 'description': 'city classified by Swiss government', 'subclass_of': ['Q515', 'Q70208']}
{'id': 'Q70208', 'label': 'municipality of Switzerland', 'description': 'smallest government division in Switzerland', 'subclass_of': ['Q7631075', 'Q13220204', 'Q11618417', 'Q2101494']}
{'id': 'Q7631075', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Switzerland', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q2101494', 'label': 'municipality in Switzerland', 'description': 'overview of different types of municipalities in Switzerland', 'subclass_of': ['Q15284']}
{'id': 'Q2298537', 'label': 'transport hub', 'description': 'place where passengers and cargo are exchanged between vehicles', 'subclass_of': ['Q376799']}
{'id': 'Q485258', 'label': 'federative unit of Brazil', 'description': 'administrative entity of Brazil', 'subclass_of': ['Q10374536', 'Q10864048', 'Q192611', 'Q1048835']}
{'id': 'Q9779', 'label': 'alphabet', 'description': 'standard set of letters that represent phonemes', 'subclass_of': ['Q8192', 'Q272404']}
{'id': 'Q8192', 'label': 'writing system', 'description': 'system of visual symbols recorded on paper or another medium, used to represent elements expressible in language', 'subclass_of': ['Q2001982']}
{'id': 'Q2001982', 'label': 'notation', 'description': 'system of symbols to represent facts or quantities', 'subclass_of': ['Q3622126', 'Q7512598', 'Q4393498']}
{'id': 'Q7512598', 'label': 'sign system', 'description': 'key concept in semiotics and is used to refer to any system of signs and relations between signs', 'subclass_of': ['Q58778']}
{'id': 'Q272404', 'label': 'finite set', 'description': 'set that has a finite number of elements', 'subclass_of': ['Q185478']}
{'id': 'Q185478', 'label': 'countable set', 'description': 'set with the same cardinality as some subset of the set of natural numbers', 'subclass_of': ['Q36161']}
{'id': 'Q3549994', 'label': 'Union Jack', 'description': 'Wikipedia disambiguation page', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1826286', 'label': 'religious movement', 'description': 'social and ideological movement in the religious sphere', 'subclass_of': ['Q49773']}
{'id': 'Q49773', 'label': 'social movement', 'description': 'type of group action', 'subclass_of': ['Q3533467']}
{'id': 'Q8928', 'label': 'constellation', 'description': 'one of the 88 divisions of the celestial sphere, defined by the IAU, many of which derive from traditional asterisms', 'subclass_of': ['Q6999']}
{'id': 'Q182406', 'label': 'Okeanid', 'description': 'nymph presiding over oceans and seas', 'subclass_of': ['Q3059255', 'Q3346693', 'Q20575671']}
{'id': 'Q20575671', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1060829', 'label': 'concert hall', 'description': 'theatre or other building used for musical performances', 'subclass_of': ['Q8719053', 'Q57660343']}
{'id': 'Q8719053', 'label': 'music venue', 'description': 'any location used for a concert or musical performance', 'subclass_of': ['Q57660343', 'Q17350442']}
{'id': 'Q57660343', 'label': 'performing arts building', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q39485171', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q860861']}
{'id': 'Q18783400', 'label': 'genre of sculpture', 'description': 'genre', 'subclass_of': ['Q1792379']}
{'id': 'Q578', 'label': 'century', 'description': 'unit of time lasting 100 years', 'subclass_of': ['Q186081', 'Q38993413']}
{'id': 'Q186081', 'label': 'time interval', 'description': 'temporal extent having a beginning, an end and a duration', 'subclass_of': ['Q26907166', 'Q937228', 'Q107715', 'Q23956024']}
{'id': 'Q23956024', 'label': 'spacetime volume', 'description': 'class that contains 4 dimensional point sets (volumes) in physical spacetime', 'subclass_of': ['Q58415929']}
{'id': 'Q38993413', 'label': 'group of 100', 'description': 'group or series of hundred things/objects', 'subclass_of': ['Q16887380']}
{'id': 'Q381360', 'label': 'Olympic symbols', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q80071']}
{'id': 'Q1877868', 'label': 'Luther Monument', 'description': 'monument to the reformer Martin Luther', 'subclass_of': ['Q4989906']}
{'id': 'Q855747', 'label': 'Egyptian temple', 'description': 'structures for official worship of the gods and commemoration of pharaohs in Ancient Egypt', 'subclass_of': ['Q44539']}
{'id': 'Q1335818', 'label': 'supranational organisation', 'description': 'international organisation with power and influence in the jurisdictions of its member states', 'subclass_of': ['Q4120211', 'Q484652']}
{'id': 'Q3961007', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1128637']}
{'id': 'Q1128637', 'label': 'national symbol', 'description': 'symbol of any national entity', 'subclass_of': ['Q80071']}
{'id': 'Q969040', 'label': 'Creative industries', 'description': 'economic sector', 'subclass_of': ['Q8148']}
{'id': 'Q81895', 'label': 'spoon', 'description': 'utensil consisting of a small shallow bowl, oval or round, at the end of a handle', 'subclass_of': ['Q81944']}
{'id': 'Q81944', 'label': 'cutlery', 'description': 'eating utensils', 'subclass_of': ['Q1521410']}
{'id': 'Q366773', 'label': 'character structure', 'description': 'relatively permanent traits of an individual relates to various kinds of stimuli, and to the environment', 'subclass_of': ['Q2393196']}
{'id': 'Q952885', 'label': 'orangery', 'description': 'covered winter garden', 'subclass_of': ['Q165044']}
{'id': 'Q165044', 'label': 'greenhouse', 'description': 'building in which plants are grown', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q29555881', 'label': 'segment of a TV episode', 'description': 'a selected part of a TV episode that is distinct', 'subclass_of': ['Q21191270']}
{'id': 'Q21191270', 'label': 'television series episode', 'description': 'single installment of a television series', 'subclass_of': ['Q1983062', 'Q2431196', 'Q15416']}
{'id': 'Q1983062', 'label': 'episode', 'description': 'part of a work such as a serial television or radio drama', 'subclass_of': ['Q386724']}
{'id': 'Q2431196', 'label': 'audiovisual work', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q17537576', 'Q194980']}
{'id': 'Q15416', 'label': 'television program', 'description': 'picture and sound segment of content intended for broadcast on television', 'subclass_of': ['Q11578774', 'Q2431196']}
{'id': 'Q11578774', 'label': 'broadcasting program', 'description': 'segment of content for broadcast', 'subclass_of': ['Q2431196', 'Q732577', 'Q1190554']}
{'id': 'Q47012103', 'label': 'mixed-use building', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q4298922', 'Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q4298922', 'label': 'mixed-use development', 'description': 'development which blends a combination of residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or industrial uses', 'subclass_of': ['Q123705']}
{'id': 'Q202686', 'label': 'Commonwealth realm', 'description': 'sovereign state within the Commonwealth of Nations that has Elizabeth II or her sucessors as its monarch', 'subclass_of': ['Q3624078', 'Q417175']}
{'id': 'Q3624078', 'label': 'sovereign state', 'description': 'political organization with a centralized independent government', 'subclass_of': ['Q7275', 'Q6256']}
{'id': 'Q417175', 'label': 'kingdom', 'description': 'state over which a king or queen rules', 'subclass_of': ['Q1250464', 'Q7269']}
{'id': 'Q7269', 'label': 'monarchy', 'description': 'system of government where the head of state position is inherited within family', 'subclass_of': ['Q22676587']}
{'id': 'Q22676587', 'label': 'monarchic system', 'description': 'political system whose sovereign power is detained by a single person or a few persons', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q2911266', 'label': 'borough of New Jersey', 'description': 'subdivision of New Jersey in the USA', 'subclass_of': ['Q54115138', 'Q4946305']}
{'id': 'Q4946305', 'label': 'borough in the United States', 'description': 'administrative division at the local government level in the United States', 'subclass_of': ['Q3327870', 'Q5195043']}
{'id': 'Q15092344', 'label': 'urban area in Norway', 'description': 'Def: population >= 200, < 50 m between buildings, etc', 'subclass_of': ['Q6566301']}
{'id': 'Q6566301', 'label': 'urban area in Nordic countries', 'description': 'statistical territorial entity in Nordic countries', 'subclass_of': ['Q702492']}
{'id': 'Q1457747', 'label': 'ship model', 'description': 'scale reproduction of a ship', 'subclass_of': ['Q6498959']}
{'id': 'Q6498959', 'label': 'scale model', 'description': 'physical representation of an object', 'subclass_of': ['Q12149837', 'Q386724']}
{'id': 'Q12149837', 'label': 'physical model', 'description': 'smaller or larger physical copy of an object', 'subclass_of': ['Q1979154', 'Q8205328']}
{'id': 'Q8452914', 'label': 'district town', 'description': 'location of local governance (Czech Republic)', 'subclass_of': ['Q3957']}
{'id': 'Q50707', 'label': 'composite number', 'description': 'positive integer that has at least one positive divisor other than 1 or itself', 'subclass_of': ['Q28920044']}
{'id': 'Q28920044', 'label': 'positive integer', 'description': 'integer greater than zero; natural number explicitly excluding zero', 'subclass_of': ['Q28920052', 'Q3176558', 'Q21199']}
{'id': 'Q28920052', 'label': 'non-negative integer', 'description': 'integer greater than or equal to zero; natural number explicitly including zero', 'subclass_of': ['Q12503', 'Q13896108', 'Q163875']}
{'id': 'Q12503', 'label': 'integer', 'description': 'number that can be written without a fractional or decimal component', 'subclass_of': ['Q8424307', 'Q12916']}
{'id': 'Q8424307', 'label': 'number with finite decimal representations', 'description': 'number that can be represented with a finite number of decimal places', 'subclass_of': ['Q1244890', 'Q20154908']}
{'id': 'Q1244890', 'label': 'rational number', 'description': 'number that can be expressed as the quotient of two integers', 'subclass_of': ['Q1321926', 'Q12916']}
{'id': 'Q1321926', 'label': 'constructible number', 'description': 'real number', 'subclass_of': ['Q168817', 'Q818895', 'Q12916']}
{'id': 'Q168817', 'label': 'algebraic number', 'description': 'complex number that is a root of a non-zero polynomial in one variable with rational coefficients', 'subclass_of': ['Q11567']}
{'id': 'Q11567', 'label': 'complex number', 'description': 'number that can be put in the form a + bi, where a and b are real numbers and i is called the imaginary unit', 'subclass_of': ['Q173853', 'Q29431432']}
{'id': 'Q173853', 'label': 'quaternion', 'description': 'number system that extends the complex numbers', 'subclass_of': ['Q837414', 'Q29428373']}
{'id': 'Q837414', 'label': 'hypercomplex number', 'description': 'element of a unital algebra over the field of real numbers', 'subclass_of': ['Q11563']}
{'id': 'Q11563', 'label': 'number', 'description': 'mathematical object used to count, label, and measure', 'subclass_of': ['Q246672']}
{'id': 'Q29428373', 'label': 'tetrad', 'description': 'group or series of four things/objects; sequence of four element', 'subclass_of': ['Q16887380']}
{'id': 'Q818895', 'label': 'computable number', 'description': 'real number that can be computed to within any desired precision by a finite, terminating algorithm', 'subclass_of': ['Q3893614']}
{'id': 'Q3893614', 'label': 'definable real number', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q12916']}
{'id': 'Q12916', 'label': 'real number', 'description': 'quantity along a continuous line', 'subclass_of': ['Q11567']}
{'id': 'Q20154908', 'label': 'decimal number', 'description': 'number written in decimal notation, although it is more commonly used to refer to numbers that have a fractional part separated from the integer part with a decimal separator  (e.g. 11.25)', 'subclass_of': ['Q12916']}
{'id': 'Q13896108', 'label': 'non-negative real number', 'description': 'real number greater than or equal to zero', 'subclass_of': ['Q12916']}
{'id': 'Q163875', 'label': 'cardinal number', 'description': 'unit of measure for the cardinality (size) of sets', 'subclass_of': ['Q191780']}
{'id': 'Q191780', 'label': 'ordinal number', 'description': 'order type of a well-ordered set', 'subclass_of': ['Q11563']}
{'id': 'Q3176558', 'label': 'positive real number', 'description': 'real number strictly greater than zero', 'subclass_of': ['Q13896108', 'Q19546578', 'Q21146257']}
{'id': 'Q19546578', 'label': 'nonzero real number', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q12916']}
{'id': 'Q21199', 'label': 'natural number', 'description': 'number in the set of natural numbers (to clarify whether zero is included or not, use Q28920044 or Q28920052)', 'subclass_of': ['Q28920052']}
{'id': 'Q192299', 'label': 'county of Norway', 'description': 'administrative regions that form the primary first-level subdivisions of Norway', 'subclass_of': ['Q533309', 'Q10864048', 'Q1048835']}
{'id': 'Q533309', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Norway', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q35785773', 'label': 'hypereutrophic lake', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q3488975']}
{'id': 'Q3488975', 'label': 'eutrophic lake', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q23397']}
{'id': 'Q171318', 'label': 'kinship', 'description': 'human relationship term; web of social relationships that form an important part of the lives of most humans in most societies; form of social connection', 'subclass_of': ['Q874405', 'Q853725']}
{'id': 'Q20900468', 'label': 'Slavic folk holiday', 'description': 'traditional holiday of the Slavs', 'subclass_of': ['Q1445650', 'Q18342229']}
{'id': 'Q1445650', 'label': 'holiday', 'description': 'festive day set aside by custom or by law', 'subclass_of': ['Q15275719', 'Q573']}
{'id': 'Q15275719', 'label': 'recurring event', 'description': 'event recurring at a regular interval', 'subclass_of': ['Q1656682']}
{'id': 'Q573', 'label': 'day', 'description': 'unit of time lasting 24 hours', 'subclass_of': ['Q186081']}
{'id': 'Q28042933', 'label': 'state historic site in the United States', 'description': 'historic site administrated by a state of United States', 'subclass_of': ['Q16023747', 'Q1081138']}
{'id': 'Q16023747', 'label': 'state park of the United States', 'description': 'type of protected area in the United States', 'subclass_of': ['Q1761072']}
{'id': 'Q1761072', 'label': 'state park', 'description': 'protected area managed at the federated state level', 'subclass_of': ['Q46169']}
{'id': 'Q1081138', 'label': 'historic site', 'description': 'official location where pieces of political, military or social history have been preserved', 'subclass_of': ['Q358', 'Q1496967']}
{'id': 'Q6583066', 'label': 'civic center', 'description': 'prominent land area within a community that is constructed to be its focal point or center', 'subclass_of': ['Q25345958']}
{'id': 'Q25345958', 'label': 'locale', 'description': 'geographic place at which there is or was human activity', 'subclass_of': ['Q2221906']}
{'id': 'Q844911', 'label': 'superior planet', 'description': 'planet in the Solar System beyond the orbit of the Earth', 'subclass_of': ['Q17362350']}
{'id': 'Q5647149', 'label': 'hand game', 'description': 'game played using the hands, often exclusively', 'subclass_of': ['Q11410']}
{'id': 'Q121742', 'label': 'storm surge', 'description': 'offshore rise of water associated with a low pressure weather system', 'subclass_of': ['Q8068', 'Q23384']}
{'id': 'Q8068', 'label': 'flood', 'description': 'overflow of water that submerges land', 'subclass_of': ['Q8065']}
{'id': 'Q23384', 'label': 'tide', 'description': 'rise and fall of sea levels caused by the combined effects of the gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun and the rotation of the Earth', 'subclass_of': ['Q28195494', 'Q170475']}
{'id': 'Q28195494', 'label': 'flow (fluid)', 'description': 'Movement of fluid matter', 'subclass_of': ['Q79782', 'Q186247']}
{'id': 'Q186247', 'label': 'vector field', 'description': 'assignment of a vector to each point in a subset of Euclidean space', 'subclass_of': ['Q11703678']}
{'id': 'Q11703678', 'label': 'section', 'description': 'right inverse of a fiber bundle map', 'subclass_of': ['Q17103180']}
{'id': 'Q17103180', 'label': 'section', 'description': 'right inverse of a morphism in a category', 'subclass_of': ['Q1948412']}
{'id': 'Q1948412', 'label': 'morphism', 'description': 'map (binary relation which is left-total and right-unique) between two sets of mathematical structures, which preserves in the right structure some properties of the left structure', 'subclass_of': ['Q370502']}
{'id': 'Q370502', 'label': 'mapping', 'description': 'binary relation which is left-total (defined on all its input set)', 'subclass_of': ['Q11348']}
{'id': 'Q2144042', 'label': 'process engineering', 'description': 'all technical processes in which a raw or starting material are transformed into a another product by the use of chemical-physical or biological processes', 'subclass_of': ['Q11023']}
{'id': 'Q11023', 'label': 'engineering', 'description': 'applied science', 'subclass_of': ['Q28797']}
{'id': 'Q28797', 'label': 'applied science', 'description': 'discipline that applies existing scientific knowledge to develop more practical applications', 'subclass_of': ['Q336']}
{'id': 'Q47433', 'label': 'banknote', 'description': 'form of physical currency made of paper (or less commonly, polymer)', 'subclass_of': ['Q286583', 'Q8205328', 'Q693464', 'Q386724']}
{'id': 'Q693464', 'label': 'cash', 'description': 'physical money', 'subclass_of': ['Q1368']}
{'id': 'Q1368', 'label': 'money', 'description': 'object or record accepted as payment', 'subclass_of': ['Q1643989', 'Q1659862', 'Q7598359']}
{'id': 'Q1643989', 'label': 'legal tender', 'description': 'medium of payment allowed by law or recognized by a legal system to be valid for meeting a financial obligation', 'subclass_of': ['Q190122']}
{'id': 'Q190122', 'label': 'promissory note', 'description': 'negotiable instrument, wherein one party makes an unconditional promise in writing to pay a determinate sum of money to the other', 'subclass_of': ['Q28038717', 'Q15809678']}
{'id': 'Q28038717', 'label': 'Negotiable instrument', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q15809678', 'label': 'financial product', 'description': 'financial service marketed and sold as a packaged commodity', 'subclass_of': ['Q2424752', 'Q837171']}
{'id': 'Q837171', 'label': 'financial services', 'description': 'economic service provided by the finance industry', 'subclass_of': ['Q7406919', 'Q25351891']}
{'id': 'Q25351891', 'label': 'business service', 'description': 'subset of economic services, which are concerned about the building of service systems in order to deliver value to their customers', 'subclass_of': ['Q7406919']}
{'id': 'Q1659862', 'label': 'nominal good', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q28877']}
{'id': 'Q7598359', 'label': 'standard of deferred payment', 'description': 'accepted way, in a given market, to settle a debt', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q11822917', 'label': 'horse racing venue', 'description': 'venue used in horse racing', 'subclass_of': ['Q1777138']}
{'id': 'Q1777138', 'label': 'race track', 'description': 'facility built for racing of animals, vehicles, or athletes', 'subclass_of': ['Q1076486', 'Q83620', 'Q34442']}
{'id': 'Q4057728', 'label': 'District of Yerevan', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q2983893']}
{'id': 'Q11009', 'label': 'nut', 'description': 'edible seed (with or without the rest of the fruit)', 'subclass_of': ['Q160034', 'Q25403900']}
{'id': 'Q160034', 'label': 'indehiscent fruit', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1364']}
{'id': 'Q1364', 'label': 'fruit', 'description': 'part of a flowering plant', 'subclass_of': ['Q24060707']}
{'id': 'Q25403900', 'label': 'food ingredient', 'description': 'ingredient used in food product', 'subclass_of': ['Q10675206', 'Q50413986']}
{'id': 'Q10675206', 'label': 'ingredient', 'description': 'substance used in the preparation of food', 'subclass_of': ['Q15989253', 'Q214609']}
{'id': 'Q464780', 'label': 'mint', 'description': 'factory that manufactures coins for currency', 'subclass_of': ['Q83405']}
{'id': 'Q1520223', 'label': 'constitutional republic', 'description': 'Type of republic that operates under a system of separation of powers', 'subclass_of': ['Q7270']}
{'id': 'Q12783', 'label': 'English garden', 'description': 'style of garden', 'subclass_of': ['Q1107656']}
{'id': 'Q1107656', 'label': 'garden', 'description': 'planned space set aside for the display, cultivation, and enjoyment of plants', 'subclass_of': ['Q107425', 'Q21950738', 'Q1165944', 'Q628858', 'Q17350442', 'Q22652', 'Q386724']}
{'id': 'Q21950738', 'label': 'exterior space', 'description': 'space outside a building', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1165944', 'label': 'land use', 'description': 'total of arrangements, activities, and inputs that people undertake in a certain land cover type', 'subclass_of': ['Q149013']}
{'id': 'Q149013', 'label': 'spatial planning', 'description': 'technique for physical organisation of space', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q628858', 'label': 'workplace', 'description': 'physical location where someone works', 'subclass_of': ['Q2221906', 'Q13226383']}
{'id': 'Q848330', 'label': 'tondo', 'description': 'circular work of art', 'subclass_of': ['Q3305213', 'Q860861']}
{'id': 'Q3071311', 'label': 'textile fibre', 'description': 'class of fibers used to make yarn or fabric', 'subclass_of': ['Q161']}
{'id': 'Q161', 'label': 'fibre', 'description': 'natural or synthetic substance made of long, thin filaments', 'subclass_of': ['Q214609']}
{'id': 'Q652407', 'label': 'quiver windmill', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q38720']}
{'id': 'Q38720', 'label': 'windmill', 'description': 'machine that converts the energy of wind into rotational energy', 'subclass_of': ['Q44494', 'Q11019']}
{'id': 'Q44494', 'label': 'mill', 'description': 'device that breaks solid materials into smaller pieces', 'subclass_of': ['Q12144897', 'Q11019']}
{'id': 'Q15303351', 'label': 'art material', 'description': 'substance, raw ingredient, or tool that is utilized by an artist to create a work of art', 'subclass_of': ['Q214609']}
{'id': 'Q20819922', 'label': 'opera company', 'description': 'company that produces and stages operas', 'subclass_of': ['Q20739124', 'Q43229', 'Q16334295']}
{'id': 'Q20739124', 'label': 'entertainment company', 'description': 'company that focuses on entertainment in mass media', 'subclass_of': ['Q1331793']}
{'id': 'Q21114371', 'label': 'episcopal function', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q11773926']}
{'id': 'Q11773926', 'label': 'ecclesiastical title', 'description': 'title  that denotes a rank in a church', 'subclass_of': ['Q216353', 'Q4120621', 'Q4164871']}
{'id': 'Q216353', 'label': 'title', 'description': "prefix or suffix added to someone's name in certain contexts", 'subclass_of': ['Q82799', 'Q618779']}
{'id': 'Q261543', 'label': 'state of Austria', 'description': 'principal subdivisions of Austria', 'subclass_of': ['Q361733', 'Q107390', 'Q10864048']}
{'id': 'Q361733', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Austria', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q107390', 'label': 'federated state', 'description': 'territorial and constitutional community forming part of a federal union', 'subclass_of': ['Q7275', 'Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q16330793', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q15273785', 'label': 'Belgian municipality with city privileges', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q493522', 'Q13539802']}
{'id': 'Q493522', 'label': 'municipality of Belgium', 'description': 'administrative division of Belgium', 'subclass_of': ['Q15623264', 'Q3266850', 'Q11618417', 'Q14757767', 'Q15284']}
{'id': 'Q15623264', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Belgium', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q3266850', 'label': 'commune', 'description': 'administrative entity in different countries', 'subclass_of': ['Q1048835', 'Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q13539802', 'label': 'place with town rights and privileges', 'description': 'place with town rights and privileges', 'subclass_of': ['Q15284', 'Q515']}
{'id': 'Q2073106', 'label': 'Olympic Park', 'description': 'sports campus for hosting the Olympic Games', 'subclass_of': ['Q1496967']}
{'id': 'Q131183', 'label': 'cabaret', 'description': 'event venue', 'subclass_of': ['Q154250', 'Q18674739', 'Q483394']}
{'id': 'Q154250', 'label': 'tavern', 'description': 'place of business where people gather to drink alcoholic beverages and be served food', 'subclass_of': ['Q5307737']}
{'id': 'Q24933318', 'label': 'Gallo-Roman amphitheatre', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q7362268', 'Q19757']}
{'id': 'Q7362268', 'label': 'Roman amphitheatre', 'description': 'large, circular or oval open-air venues with raised seating', 'subclass_of': ['Q14752696', 'Q54831']}
{'id': 'Q14752696', 'label': 'Roman building', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176', 'Q21752084']}
{'id': 'Q21752084', 'label': 'ancient Roman archaeological site', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q839954']}
{'id': 'Q54831', 'label': 'amphitheatre', 'description': 'open-air venue used for entertainment and performances', 'subclass_of': ['Q3469910', 'Q811979', 'Q8719053']}
{'id': 'Q3469910', 'label': 'performing arts center', 'description': 'multi-use performance space', 'subclass_of': ['Q2190251', 'Q18674739', 'Q57660343']}
{'id': 'Q2190251', 'label': 'arts centre', 'description': 'functional community centre with a specific remit to encourage arts', 'subclass_of': ['Q1329623', 'Q15090615']}
{'id': 'Q15090615', 'label': 'arts venue', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q19757', 'label': 'Roman theatre', 'description': 'theatre building built in ancient Roman time', 'subclass_of': ['Q11183017']}
{'id': 'Q11183017', 'label': 'open-air theatre', 'description': 'theatre without a roof', 'subclass_of': ['Q24354']}
{'id': 'Q24354', 'label': 'theatre', 'description': 'performing arts venue', 'subclass_of': ['Q57660343', 'Q294422', 'Q17350442']}
{'id': 'Q640364', 'label': 'municipiu of Romania', 'description': 'administrative unit of Romania, corresponding to a major city', 'subclass_of': ['Q697379', 'Q15284', 'Q11618417']}
{'id': 'Q697379', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Romania', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q1049799', 'label': 'water resource', 'description': 'sources of water that are useful or potentially useful', 'subclass_of': ['Q1554231', 'Q188460']}
{'id': 'Q3950', 'label': 'villa', 'description': 'independent-standing house', 'subclass_of': ['Q1307276']}
{'id': 'Q1307276', 'label': 'single-family detached home', 'description': 'free-standing residential building', 'subclass_of': ['Q3947']}
{'id': 'Q25377338', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q811094', 'label': 'Bauamt', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q327333']}
{'id': 'Q1223230', 'label': 'Roman bridge', 'description': 'bridge built by the ancient Romans', 'subclass_of': ['Q12280']}
{'id': 'Q26958712', 'label': 'astronomical museum', 'description': 'museum specialising in astronomy', 'subclass_of': ['Q588140']}
{'id': 'Q41207', 'label': 'coin', 'description': 'piece of hard material produced in large quantities to facilitate trade', 'subclass_of': ['Q18536132', 'Q18593264', 'Q386724', 'Q2342494', 'Q693464']}
{'id': 'Q18536132', 'label': 'coin object', 'description': 'artificial physical object from metal which composition comprises coins, medals or parts similar to coins or medals', 'subclass_of': ['Q8205328']}
{'id': 'Q22808066', 'label': 'symbol of a state of the United States', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q80071']}
{'id': 'Q1252319', 'label': 'lay movement', 'description': 'committed organization of lay people, especially in the Catholic Church', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q2750108', 'label': 'priory', 'description': 'religious house governed by a prior or prioress', 'subclass_of': ['Q44613']}
{'id': 'Q112110', 'label': 'emblem', 'description': 'pictorial image that epitomizes a concept or that represents a person', 'subclass_of': ['Q80071', 'Q478798']}
{'id': 'Q1435706', 'label': 'Black Madonna', 'description': 'artistic theme, depiction of Mary with black skin', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q25422101', 'label': 'Bridges in Venice', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q12280']}
{'id': 'Q2368508', 'label': 'surf spot', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q23764314']}
{'id': 'Q66344', 'label': 'central bank', 'description': "public institution that manages a state's currency, money supply, and interest rates", 'subclass_of': ['Q22687', 'Q895526']}
{'id': 'Q22687', 'label': 'bank', 'description': 'financial institution', 'subclass_of': ['Q1416431', 'Q730038', 'Q6881511']}
{'id': 'Q1416431', 'label': 'financial intermediary', 'description': 'financial institution that connects surplus and deficit agents', 'subclass_of': ['Q650241']}
{'id': 'Q650241', 'label': 'financial institution', 'description': 'institution that provides financial services for its clients or members', 'subclass_of': ['Q178706']}
{'id': 'Q730038', 'label': 'credit institution', 'description': 'enterprise whose primary activity is banking and credit provision', 'subclass_of': ['Q650241', 'Q4830453']}
{'id': 'Q20528428', 'label': 'federative entity of Mexico', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q112865', 'Q10864048']}
{'id': 'Q112865', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Mexico', 'description': 'human settlement', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q697196', 'label': 'ocean liner', 'description': 'ship designed to transport people from one seaport to another', 'subclass_of': ['Q2055880']}
{'id': 'Q2055880', 'label': 'passenger ship', 'description': 'watercraft intended to carry people onboard', 'subclass_of': ['Q848944']}
{'id': 'Q14562306', 'label': 'bas-relief', 'description': 'type of sculpture format', 'subclass_of': ['Q245117']}
{'id': 'Q821090', 'label': 'names of God in Judaism', 'description': 'Wikimedia list article', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1587716', 'label': 'visitor center', 'description': 'physical location that provides tourist information on the place or attraction where it is located', 'subclass_of': ['Q570116', 'Q41176', 'Q3689421']}
{'id': 'Q3689421', 'label': 'destination marketing organisation', 'description': 'organization promoting tourism to increase the number of visitors', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q11315', 'label': 'shopping mall', 'description': 'complex of shops', 'subclass_of': ['Q18760388', 'Q39659371']}
{'id': 'Q18760388', 'label': 'retail building', 'description': 'building housing businesses engaged in the sale of consumer goods or services', 'subclass_of': ['Q655686', 'Q49416455']}
{'id': 'Q49416455', 'label': 'retail location', 'description': 'physical place of the sale of goods or services', 'subclass_of': ['Q35145743']}
{'id': 'Q39659371', 'label': 'retail environment', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15642541', 'Q1165944']}
{'id': 'Q903495', 'label': 'residue', 'description': 'in chemistry, whatever remains or acts as a contaminant after a given class of events', 'subclass_of': ['Q2995644']}
{'id': 'Q655697', 'label': 'siege engine', 'description': 'device that is designed to break or circumvent city walls and other fortifications in siege warfare', 'subclass_of': ['Q728', 'Q18643213']}
{'id': 'Q728', 'label': 'weapon', 'description': 'instrument used to inflict damage or harm to living beings, structures, or systems', 'subclass_of': ['Q39546']}
{'id': 'Q1066984', 'label': 'financial centre', 'description': 'global city that is home to a large number of internationally significant banks, businesses, and stock exchanges', 'subclass_of': ['Q16562419']}
{'id': 'Q16562419', 'label': 'political entity', 'description': 'territorial political body such as a state or local government', 'subclass_of': ['Q1063239']}
{'id': 'Q1063239', 'label': 'polity', 'description': 'group of people who are collectively united by a self-reflected cohesive force such as identity, who have a capacity to mobilize resources, and are organized by some form of institutionalized hierarchy', 'subclass_of': ['Q7210356']}
{'id': 'Q23834', 'label': 'comb', 'description': 'toothed device used for styling, cleaning and managing hair and scalp', 'subclass_of': ['Q39546']}
{'id': 'Q2972841', 'label': 'five', 'description': 'playing card', 'subclass_of': ['Q140703']}
{'id': 'Q1142281', 'label': 'national personification', 'description': "fictional character used to represent a country and it's people.", 'subclass_of': ['Q207174', 'Q1128637']}
{'id': 'Q819511', 'label': 'spoil tip', 'description': 'pile built of accumulated spoil', 'subclass_of': ['Q54050', 'Q19816755', 'Q2710737']}
{'id': 'Q2710737', 'label': 'slag heap', 'description': 'pile or storage location for bulk materials', 'subclass_of': ['Q14524493']}
{'id': 'Q5', 'label': 'human', 'description': 'common name of Homo sapiens, unique extant species of the genus Homo', 'subclass_of': ['Q215627', 'Q154954']}
{'id': 'Q154954', 'label': 'natural person', 'description': 'in jurisprudence, a real human being as opposed to a non-human legal person (e.g. a business)', 'subclass_of': ['Q3778211']}
{'id': 'Q849706', 'label': 'airport terminal', 'description': 'airport facility where passengers move between air and ground transportation vessels', 'subclass_of': ['Q719456']}
{'id': 'Q15253354', 'label': 'art magazine', 'description': 'magazine category', 'subclass_of': ['Q1791899']}
{'id': 'Q1791899', 'label': 'cultural magazine', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q41298', 'Q685935']}
{'id': 'Q41298', 'label': 'magazine', 'description': 'publication type', 'subclass_of': ['Q1002697', 'Q340169', 'Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q685935', 'label': 'trade magazine', 'description': 'periodical publication dedicated to a particular field', 'subclass_of': ['Q41298']}
{'id': 'Q20900710', 'label': 'painting on a moveable support', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q3305213', 'Q55439']}
{'id': 'Q55439', 'label': 'panel painting', 'description': 'painting made on a flat panel made of wood', 'subclass_of': ['Q3305213']}
{'id': 'Q181485', 'label': 'blast furnace', 'description': 'type of metallurgical furnace used for smelting to produce industrial metals', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q1768697', 'label': 'Japanese sword', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q12791']}
{'id': 'Q12791', 'label': 'sword', 'description': 'bladed weapon', 'subclass_of': ['Q9180322']}
{'id': 'Q9180322', 'label': 'piercing-cutting weapon', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1514280', 'Q1617400']}
{'id': 'Q1514280', 'label': 'stabbing weapon', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q222405']}
{'id': 'Q222405', 'label': 'close combat weapon', 'description': 'weapon characterized by its ability to cut, injure or puncture through sharp or pointed edges', 'subclass_of': ['Q728']}
{'id': 'Q1617400', 'label': 'slashing weapon', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q222405']}
{'id': 'Q2127044', 'label': 'singing', 'description': 'during mass or service in Christian of Protestant churches', 'subclass_of': ['Q27939']}
{'id': 'Q118289', 'label': 'pericope', 'description': 'set of verses that forms one coherent unit or thought; usually of sacred scripture', 'subclass_of': ['Q234460']}
{'id': 'Q57812611', 'label': 'mammal living in captivity', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q57812559', 'Q7377']}
{'id': 'Q57812559', 'label': 'animal living in captivity', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q26401003']}
{'id': 'Q188075', 'label': 'box', 'description': 'variety of container', 'subclass_of': ['Q207822', 'Q987767']}
{'id': 'Q207822', 'label': 'packaging and labeling', 'description': 'enclosing or protecting products for distribution, storage, sale, and use', 'subclass_of': ['Q2127468', 'Q2424752', 'Q268592']}
{'id': 'Q2127468', 'label': 'transport unit', 'description': 'group of goods prepared for transport as a single unit', 'subclass_of': ['Q16887380']}
{'id': 'Q268592', 'label': 'economic branch', 'description': 'group of companies that produce similar products or services', 'subclass_of': ['Q58778']}
{'id': 'Q17000713', 'label': 'readymades of Marcel Duchamp', 'description': 'series of artworks by Marcel Duchamp', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1321686', 'label': 'Aesthetic canon', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q150117']}
{'id': 'Q150117', 'label': 'body proportions', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q3481047']}
{'id': 'Q3481047', 'label': 'ratio', 'description': 'relationship between two numbers of the same kind', 'subclass_of': ['Q126818', 'Q930933']}
{'id': 'Q126818', 'label': 'dimensionless quantity', 'description': 'quantity without an associated physical dimension', 'subclass_of': ['Q107715']}
{'id': 'Q462778', 'label': 'insular area', 'description': 'U.S. territory that is neither a U.S. state nor the District of Columbia', 'subclass_of': ['Q852446', 'Q10864048', 'Q161243']}
{'id': 'Q219625', 'label': 'fine art', 'description': 'art developed primarily for aesthetics', 'subclass_of': ['Q2018526']}
{'id': 'Q17339814', 'label': 'group or class of chemical substances', 'description': 'set of chemical substances that shares a common characteristic', 'subclass_of': ['Q16887380']}
{'id': 'Q21507383', 'label': 'provincial or territorial capital city in Canada', 'description': 'capital of a Canadian province or territory', 'subclass_of': ['Q11271835', 'Q3750285']}
{'id': 'Q11271835', 'label': 'state capital', 'description': 'capital city of a subnational entity', 'subclass_of': ['Q5119']}
{'id': 'Q3750285', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Canada', 'description': 'cover article for different levels of administrative divisions of Canada', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q22908', 'label': 'retirement home', 'description': 'housing facility intended for senior citizens', 'subclass_of': ['Q11755880', 'Q7493990']}
{'id': 'Q7493990', 'label': 'Sheltered housing', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q11755880']}
{'id': 'Q16103215', 'label': 'boat type', 'description': 'classification of boats', 'subclass_of': ['Q16335899', 'Q2235308']}
{'id': 'Q16335899', 'label': 'watercraft type', 'description': 'classification for any kind of watercraft', 'subclass_of': ['Q21522908']}
{'id': 'Q2235308', 'label': 'ship type', 'description': 'group of ships of a similar purpose and function', 'subclass_of': ['Q16335899']}
{'id': 'Q3399907', 'label': 'crock', 'description': 'container used to cook food in ovens or direct fire', 'subclass_of': ['Q2366864', 'Q3773693', 'Q17379525', 'Q45621']}
{'id': 'Q2366864', 'label': 'cooking pot', 'description': 'container used for cooking', 'subclass_of': ['Q60310748', 'Q154038']}
{'id': 'Q60310748', 'label': 'pot', 'description': 'rounded container used for domestic purposes, such as cooking or serving', 'subclass_of': ['Q57239348']}
{'id': 'Q154038', 'label': 'cookware and bakeware', 'description': 'types of food preparation containers, commonly found outside a kitchen; cooking pots, casseroles, saucepans, frying pans, baking tins, stockpots, etc.', 'subclass_of': ['Q1521410', 'Q987767', 'Q39546', 'Q851782']}
{'id': 'Q3773693', 'label': 'kitchen utensil', 'description': 'small hand-held tool used for food preparation', 'subclass_of': ['Q1521410', 'Q48783305']}
{'id': 'Q48783305', 'label': 'utensil', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q39546']}
{'id': 'Q17379525', 'label': 'pottery ware', 'description': 'class of physical objects, as distinguished from the craft of pottery (Q11642)', 'subclass_of': ['Q22809652', 'Q2424752']}
{'id': 'Q45621', 'label': 'ceramic', 'description': 'inorganic, nonmetallic solid prepared by the action of heat', 'subclass_of': ['Q11438', 'Q16829513', 'Q230855', 'Q2424752']}
{'id': 'Q11438', 'label': 'solid', 'description': 'solid object', 'subclass_of': ['Q35758', 'Q11430']}
{'id': 'Q23005233', 'label': 'ballet school', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q23005232']}
{'id': 'Q23005232', 'label': 'dance school', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q23005231']}
{'id': 'Q23005231', 'label': 'performing arts school', 'description': 'school for the performing arts, such as theatre and dance', 'subclass_of': ['Q3914', 'Q1792623']}
{'id': 'Q1792623', 'label': 'arts educational institution', 'description': 'educational institution of any level teaching any of the arts', 'subclass_of': ['Q23004361']}
{'id': 'Q23004361', 'label': 'specialized educational institution', 'description': 'educational institution focusing on one or very few academic fields', 'subclass_of': ['Q2385804']}
{'id': 'Q191992', 'label': 'headland', 'description': 'landform extending into a body of water, often with significant height and drop', 'subclass_of': ['Q1245089', 'Q34763']}
{'id': 'Q1245089', 'label': 'promontory', 'description': 'prominent mass of land that overlooks lower-lying land or a body of water', 'subclass_of': ['Q107425', 'Q271669']}
{'id': 'Q34763', 'label': 'peninsula', 'description': 'piece of land that is bordered by water on three sides but connected to mainland', 'subclass_of': ['Q271669', 'Q205895', 'Q35145263']}
{'id': 'Q4752279', 'label': 'anatomical variation', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q7189713', 'Q16681739', 'Q12406385']}
{'id': 'Q16681739', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q12406385', 'label': 'human variability', 'description': 'range of possible values for any characteristic, physical or mental, of human beings', 'subclass_of': ['Q1165839']}
{'id': 'Q1165839', 'label': 'range', 'description': 'concept in statistics', 'subclass_of': ['Q845777']}
{'id': 'Q845777', 'label': 'statistical dispersion', 'description': 'general term for the value describing how spread out the data are', 'subclass_of': ['Q28873709']}
{'id': 'Q28873709', 'label': 'descriptive statistic', 'description': 'statistic used in descriptive statistic', 'subclass_of': ['Q1949963']}
{'id': 'Q2741512', 'label': 'synovial joint', 'description': 'An articulation which admits of free motion in the joint; the most common type of articulation.', 'subclass_of': ['Q9644']}
{'id': 'Q9644', 'label': 'joint', 'description': 'location at which two or more bones make contact', 'subclass_of': ['Q4936952']}
{'id': 'Q648681', 'label': 'district of Serbia', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1293536', 'Q1427085', 'Q10864048']}
{'id': 'Q1293536', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Serbia', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q1427085', 'label': 'okrug', 'description': 'slavic language designation for an administrative territorial entity', 'subclass_of': ['Q15642541']}
{'id': 'Q212074', 'label': 'dodecagon', 'description': 'polygon with 12 sides', 'subclass_of': ['Q37555']}
{'id': 'Q37555', 'label': 'polygon', 'description': 'plane figure bounded by a chain of segments closing in a loop', 'subclass_of': ['Q4365210', 'Q747980', 'Q633674']}
{'id': 'Q4365210', 'label': 'flat figure', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q815741']}
{'id': 'Q815741', 'label': 'geometric shape', 'description': 'geometric information which remains when location, scale, orientation and reflection are removed from the description of a geometric object', 'subclass_of': ['Q36161', 'Q207961']}
{'id': 'Q747980', 'label': 'polytope', 'description': 'geometric object with flat sides', 'subclass_of': ['Q815741']}
{'id': 'Q633674', 'label': 'polygonal chain', 'description': 'connected series of line segments', 'subclass_of': ['Q815741']}
{'id': 'Q1164668', 'label': 'hexagram', 'description': 'star polygon with 6 sides', 'subclass_of': ['Q836708', 'Q83043']}
{'id': 'Q836708', 'label': 'star polygon', 'description': 'regular non-convex polygon', 'subclass_of': ['Q12243537', 'Q2122886']}
{'id': 'Q12243537', 'label': 'concave polygon', 'description': 'polygon which is not convex', 'subclass_of': ['Q37555']}
{'id': 'Q2122886', 'label': 'star-shaped polygon', 'description': 'polygon that contains a point from which the entire polygon boundary is visible', 'subclass_of': ['Q37555', 'Q769917']}
{'id': 'Q769917', 'label': 'star domain', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q815741']}
{'id': 'Q83043', 'label': 'hexagon', 'description': 'polygon with six sides', 'subclass_of': ['Q37555']}
{'id': 'Q53251146', 'label': 'parliamentary archives', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q166118']}
{'id': 'Q14514600', 'label': 'group of fictional characters', 'description': 'set of fictional characters', 'subclass_of': ['Q23010327']}
{'id': 'Q23010327', 'label': 'group of fictitious objects', 'description': 'group of objects appering in fictional stories', 'subclass_of': ['Q15831596']}
{'id': 'Q15831596', 'label': 'class of fictional entities', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q14897293', 'Q5127848']}
{'id': 'Q7257', 'label': 'ideology', 'description': "set of ideas that form one's aims, expectations and actions", 'subclass_of': ['Q48324', 'Q3533467']}
{'id': 'Q48324', 'label': 'morality', 'description': 'differentiation of intentions, decisions and actions between those that are proper and those that are improper', 'subclass_of': ['Q1151067']}
{'id': 'Q831869', 'label': 'oenochoe', 'description': 'variant of ancient jugs', 'subclass_of': ['Q10563755', 'Q738680']}
{'id': 'Q10563755', 'label': 'flagon', 'description': 'pitcher, often for alcholic beverages', 'subclass_of': ['Q987767', 'Q851782']}
{'id': 'Q738680', 'label': 'pottery of ancient Greece', 'description': 'ancient greek artifact made of clay', 'subclass_of': ['Q17379525', 'Q220659', 'Q1792379', 'Q24017852']}
{'id': 'Q220659', 'label': 'archaeological artifact', 'description': 'something made by humans and of archaeological interest', 'subclass_of': ['Q1791627', 'Q10855061']}
{'id': 'Q1791627', 'label': 'cultural artifact', 'description': 'artifact created by humans which gives information about the culture of its creator and users', 'subclass_of': ['Q8205328']}
{'id': 'Q10855061', 'label': 'archaeological find', 'description': 'mostly mobile object, discovered in archaeological excavation', 'subclass_of': ['Q18593264', 'Q337060']}
{'id': 'Q24017852', 'label': 'pottery style', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1792644', 'Q1792379']}
{'id': 'Q27676416', 'label': 'city or town', 'description': 'type of local municipality in Quebec (Quebec don’t make the difference between city or town)', 'subclass_of': ['Q3327873', 'Q515', 'Q1048835']}
{'id': 'Q3327873', 'label': 'local municipality of Quebec', 'description': 'administrative division of the province of Quebec, Canada', 'subclass_of': ['Q3788231', 'Q688718', 'Q15284']}
{'id': 'Q3788231', 'label': 'Municipal government in Canada', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q3750285', 'Q15284']}
{'id': 'Q688718', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Quebec', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q3750285']}
{'id': 'Q27996898', 'label': 'perspective box', 'description': 'box with several panels painted on the inside, which are to be viewed from a peep-hole to provide the illusion of a three-dimensional view', 'subclass_of': ['Q3305213', 'Q838948', 'Q27410']}
{'id': 'Q27410', 'label': 'peepshow', 'description': 'exhibition of pictures, objects or people viewed through a small hole or magnifying glass', 'subclass_of': ['Q213156']}
{'id': 'Q213156', 'label': 'performance art', 'description': 'artistic performance presented to an audience', 'subclass_of': ['Q184485']}
{'id': 'Q184485', 'label': 'performing arts', 'description': 'art forms in which artists use their body or voice to convey artistic expression', 'subclass_of': ['Q2018526']}
{'id': 'Q693690', 'label': 'bull', 'description': 'male individual of cattle', 'subclass_of': ['Q830', 'Q824176']}
{'id': 'Q830', 'label': 'cattle', 'description': 'domesticated form of Aurochs', 'subclass_of': ['Q57814795']}
{'id': 'Q824176', 'label': 'stud', 'description': 'registered animal retained for breeding', 'subclass_of': ['Q44148']}
{'id': 'Q10480682', 'label': 'agricultural building', 'description': 'building used in agricultural production', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176', 'Q628858']}
{'id': 'Q48689779', 'label': 'poor hospital', 'description': 'Charitable entity emerged in the Middle Ages to care for the sick poor', 'subclass_of': ['Q16917', 'Q15893266']}
{'id': 'Q11269813', 'label': 'cave with prehistoric art', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1131329', 'Q839954', 'Q35509']}
{'id': 'Q1131329', 'label': 'grotto', 'description': 'any type of natural or artificial cave that is associated with modern, historic, or prehistoric use by humans', 'subclass_of': ['Q35509', 'Q4502142', 'Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q209465', 'label': 'campus', 'description': 'land on which a college or university and related institutional buildings are situated', 'subclass_of': ['Q19691007', 'Q5341295']}
{'id': 'Q1015103', 'label': 'castle chapel', 'description': 'chapel built within a castle', 'subclass_of': ['Q108325']}
{'id': 'Q108325', 'label': 'chapel', 'description': 'religious place of fellowship attached to a larger institution', 'subclass_of': ['Q16970']}
{'id': 'Q1028181', 'label': 'painter', 'description': 'artist who practices painting', 'subclass_of': ['Q3391743']}
{'id': 'Q3391743', 'label': 'visual artist', 'description': 'artist involved with the visual arts', 'subclass_of': ['Q483501']}
{'id': 'Q483501', 'label': 'artist', 'description': 'person who creates, practises and/or demonstrates any art', 'subclass_of': ['Q2500638']}
{'id': 'Q158438', 'label': 'arch bridge', 'description': 'bridge with abutments at each end shaped as a curved arch', 'subclass_of': ['Q12280']}
{'id': 'Q5771190', 'label': 'salt cellar', 'description': 'table salt container popular before salt shakers', 'subclass_of': ['Q287455', 'Q851782']}
{'id': 'Q287455', 'label': 'Clamshell', 'description': 'hollow object that can contain food', 'subclass_of': ['Q987767', 'Q138580']}
{'id': 'Q138580', 'label': 'food packaging', 'description': 'packaging for food', 'subclass_of': ['Q207822']}
{'id': 'Q1382269', 'label': 'Stadtburg', 'description': 'type of urban medieval fortress', 'subclass_of': ['Q23413']}
{'id': 'Q3537778', 'label': 'donkey', 'description': 'equine with long ears', 'subclass_of': ['Q57814795']}
{'id': 'Q1797813', 'label': 'productive animal', 'description': 'animal that is used by the people economically', 'subclass_of': ['Q729']}
{'id': 'Q11060274', 'label': 'print', 'description': 'work of art produced by a printing process', 'subclass_of': ['Q4502142', 'Q28886448']}
{'id': 'Q60539479', 'label': 'positive emotion', 'description': 'emotion with positive valence or desirability', 'subclass_of': ['Q9415']}
{'id': 'Q9415', 'label': 'emotion', 'description': 'subjective, conscious experience characterised primarily by psychophysiological expressions, biological reactions, and mental states', 'subclass_of': ['Q781413', 'Q282250']}
{'id': 'Q282250', 'label': 'qualia', 'description': 'individual instances of subjective, conscious experience', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q498162', 'label': 'census-designated place', 'description': 'human settlement with a nominal border from the U.S. Census because it has no substantial legal border or separate government', 'subclass_of': ['Q17343829', 'Q15042037', 'Q3389680', 'Q486972']}
{'id': 'Q17343829', 'label': 'unincorporated community', 'description': 'settlement in the United States without its own local government', 'subclass_of': ['Q269528', 'Q486972', 'Q852446']}
{'id': 'Q269528', 'label': 'unincorporated area', 'description': 'region of land not governed by own local government', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q3389680', 'label': 'census place', 'description': 'U.S. Census bordered area of settlement', 'subclass_of': ['Q15042037']}
{'id': 'Q10913792', 'label': 'flammable gas', 'description': 'any gas that may ignite', 'subclass_of': ['Q11432', 'Q1115533']}
{'id': 'Q11432', 'label': 'gas', 'description': 'gaseous object', 'subclass_of': ['Q102205']}
{'id': 'Q102205', 'label': 'fluid', 'description': 'substance which continuously deforms under an applied shear stress', 'subclass_of': ['Q4437984']}
{'id': 'Q4437984', 'label': 'continuous medium', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1115533', 'label': 'flammable object', 'description': 'object that ignites', 'subclass_of': ['Q223557']}
{'id': 'Q1569856', 'label': 'lunar deity', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q178885']}
{'id': 'Q836915', 'label': 'free state', 'description': 'government', 'subclass_of': ['Q7275']}
{'id': 'Q1595171', 'label': '', 'description': 'type of sculpture depicting a saint', 'subclass_of': ['Q16675884']}
{'id': 'Q16675884', 'label': 'religious sculpture', 'description': 'genre of sculpture with religious themes', 'subclass_of': ['Q860861', 'Q2864737']}
{'id': 'Q2864737', 'label': 'religious art', 'description': 'art that is religious in theme', 'subclass_of': ['Q735']}
{'id': 'Q2577114', 'label': 'co-cathedral', 'description': 'type of church', 'subclass_of': ['Q2977']}
{'id': 'Q2977', 'label': 'cathedral', 'description': 'Christian church, which is seat of a bishop', 'subclass_of': ['Q16970']}
{'id': 'Q4162444', 'label': 'branch of physics', 'description': 'sub-field of study of physics', 'subclass_of': ['Q2465832']}
{'id': 'Q2465832', 'label': 'branch of science', 'description': 'field or discipline of science', 'subclass_of': ['Q11862829']}
{'id': 'Q2912944', 'label': 'photo library', 'description': 'collection of digital imagery', 'subclass_of': ['Q2668072', 'Q8513']}
{'id': 'Q8513', 'label': 'database', 'description': 'organized collection of data', 'subclass_of': ['Q2352616']}
{'id': 'Q2352616', 'label': 'catalog', 'description': 'work comprising an ordered list of items', 'subclass_of': ['Q12139612', 'Q6423319', 'Q1172284', 'Q47461344']}
{'id': 'Q12139612', 'label': 'list', 'description': 'ordered listing of all items in a collection', 'subclass_of': ['Q17537576']}
{'id': 'Q1172284', 'label': 'data set', 'description': 'collection of data', 'subclass_of': ['Q15621286', 'Q2668072']}
{'id': 'Q198632', 'label': 'brickyard', 'description': 'factory for the manufacture of building materials made \u200b\u200bof baked clay or loam', 'subclass_of': ['Q83405']}
{'id': 'Q9570352', 'label': 'recyclable waste', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q45701']}
{'id': 'Q45701', 'label': 'waste', 'description': 'unwanted or unusable material', 'subclass_of': ['Q214609']}
{'id': 'Q152065', 'label': 'sceptre', 'description': 'symbolic ornamental staff or wand held in the hand by a ruling monarch', 'subclass_of': ['Q250902', 'Q56627913', 'Q20948688']}
{'id': 'Q250902', 'label': 'swagger stick', 'description': 'short stick or riding crop usually carried by a uniformed person as a symbol of authority', 'subclass_of': ['Q10971443']}
{'id': 'Q10971443', 'label': 'stick', 'description': 'elongated piece of wood or similar material, typically put to some use, for example as a wand or baton', 'subclass_of': ['Q17553950']}
{'id': 'Q20948688', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q3246258', 'label': 'Cyprinus rubrofuscus', 'description': 'species of fish', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q3386703', 'label': 'extensive physical quantity', 'description': 'additively-composing quantitative physical property', 'subclass_of': ['Q21855572', 'Q107715', 'Q28733284', 'Q4373292']}
{'id': 'Q21855572', 'label': 'additive object', 'description': 'additively-composing abstract object', 'subclass_of': ['Q7184903']}
{'id': 'Q160742', 'label': 'abbey', 'description': 'monastery or convent, under the authority of an abbot or an abbess', 'subclass_of': ['Q44613']}
{'id': 'Q204231', 'label': 'saint symbolism', 'description': 'attributes, symbols, and iconography of Christian saints', 'subclass_of': ['Q80071']}
{'id': 'Q6644703', 'label': 'village in British Columbia', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q290649']}
{'id': 'Q290649', 'label': 'list of communities in British Columbia', 'description': 'Wikimedia list article', 'subclass_of': ['Q3750285']}
{'id': 'Q1897717', 'label': 'Marian feast days', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1445650']}
{'id': 'Q17715832', 'label': 'castle ruin', 'description': 'ruin of a fortified structure built in Europe and the Middle East during the Middle Ages by nobility', 'subclass_of': ['Q109607', 'Q23413']}
{'id': 'Q874311', 'label': 'heavy equipment', 'description': 'vehicles designed for executing construction tasks', 'subclass_of': ['Q1972552', 'Q11019']}
{'id': 'Q1972552', 'label': 'hydraulic machinery', 'description': 'machinery and tools that use liquid fluid power to do simple work', 'subclass_of': ['Q11019']}
{'id': 'Q606777', 'label': 'maze', 'description': 'puzzle game in the form of a complex branching passage', 'subclass_of': ['Q13698']}
{'id': 'Q13698', 'label': 'puzzle', 'description': 'problem or enigma that tests the ingenuity of the solver', 'subclass_of': ['Q11410']}
{'id': 'Q8362', 'label': 'illumination', 'description': 'picture in an ancient or medieval illuminated manuscript', 'subclass_of': ['Q3305213']}
{'id': 'Q21684377', 'label': 'unit without standard conversion to SI', 'description': "unit or class of units that can have various definitions and can't be converted to SI units with a single conversion factor. If some of the units in this class can be converted to SI units, specific items should be made for them.", 'subclass_of': ['Q47574']}
{'id': 'Q2627400', 'label': 'geographic envelope', 'description': 'the outer shell of planet Earth', 'subclass_of': ['Q47495022']}
{'id': 'Q47495022', 'label': 'shell of an astronomical object', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q23497974']}
{'id': 'Q23497974', 'label': 'covering', 'description': 'isolative, connective layer around object', 'subclass_of': ['Q23497981', 'Q1385033']}
{'id': 'Q23497981', 'label': 'layer', 'description': 'two-dimensional portion of the object', 'subclass_of': ['Q15989253', 'Q223557']}
{'id': 'Q1385033', 'label': 'exterior', 'description': 'exterior part of a three-dimensional object', 'subclass_of': ['Q15989253']}
{'id': 'Q15142889', 'label': 'weapon family', 'description': 'group of related weapons which share basic design elements', 'subclass_of': ['Q16889133', 'Q20937557', 'Q1183543']}
{'id': 'Q1924900', 'label': 'metallic material', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q214609']}
{'id': 'Q6813020', 'label': 'stabbing attack', 'description': 'form of terrorist attack', 'subclass_of': ['Q5710433', 'Q464643', 'Q61039291']}
{'id': 'Q5710433', 'label': 'terrorist attack', 'description': 'offensive action', 'subclass_of': ['Q2001676', 'Q7283', 'Q16738832', 'Q1520311', 'Q81672']}
{'id': 'Q2001676', 'label': 'military offensive', 'description': 'type of military operation', 'subclass_of': ['Q645883', 'Q124490']}
{'id': 'Q7283', 'label': 'terrorism', 'description': 'use of violence as a form of political, economic and religious coercion', 'subclass_of': ['Q83267', 'Q51159228']}
{'id': 'Q51159228', 'label': 'breach of public safety', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q3002617']}
{'id': 'Q3002617', 'label': 'crime in France', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q83267', 'Q18214940']}
{'id': 'Q18214940', 'label': 'offence under French criminal law', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1456832']}
{'id': 'Q16738832', 'label': 'criminal case', 'description': 'investigation case under criminal law', 'subclass_of': ['Q2334719']}
{'id': 'Q2334719', 'label': 'legal case', 'description': 'dispute between opposing parties resolved by a court', 'subclass_of': ['Q180684', 'Q327197', 'Q386724', 'Q1190554']}
{'id': 'Q327197', 'label': 'legal transaction', 'description': 'means for the creation of legal relations', 'subclass_of': ['Q216200', 'Q1864008']}
{'id': 'Q1864008', 'label': 'legal act', 'description': 'juridical fact in which the subject who made it happen acted under free will', 'subclass_of': ['Q2135540', 'Q1856757', 'Q15621286', 'Q451967']}
{'id': 'Q2135540', 'label': 'legal action', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1856757', 'label': 'legal fact', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1656682']}
{'id': 'Q81672', 'label': 'attack', 'description': 'action intended to harm the goods or the life of others', 'subclass_of': ['Q1520311']}
{'id': 'Q464643', 'label': 'stabbing', 'description': 'type of penetrating trauma', 'subclass_of': ['Q7162621', 'Q184753']}
{'id': 'Q7162621', 'label': 'penetrating trauma', 'description': 'type of injury', 'subclass_of': ['Q1064904']}
{'id': 'Q1064904', 'label': 'major trauma', 'description': 'injury that could cause prolonged disability or death', 'subclass_of': ['Q481609', 'Q193078']}
{'id': 'Q481609', 'label': 'damage', 'description': 'loss or harm suffered from an action or event', 'subclass_of': ['Q1190554']}
{'id': 'Q193078', 'label': 'injury', 'description': 'physiological wound caused by an external source', 'subclass_of': ['Q2057971', 'Q481609']}
{'id': 'Q184753', 'label': 'wound', 'description': 'injury where the skin is torn', 'subclass_of': ['Q1064904']}
{'id': 'Q61039291', 'label': 'knife attack', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1174599']}
{'id': 'Q1174599', 'label': 'attack', 'description': 'action to injure another organism', 'subclass_of': ['Q4026292']}
{'id': 'Q59744432', 'label': 'physiographic section', 'description': 'third-level region in the Fenneman model of physiographic regionalization', 'subclass_of': ['Q82794']}
{'id': 'Q1745026', 'label': 'naval arsenal', 'description': 'where there is equipment for maintenance, repair and supply of warships', 'subclass_of': ['Q81669', 'Q190928', 'Q1324633']}
{'id': 'Q81669', 'label': 'arsenal', 'description': 'place for arms and ammunition', 'subclass_of': ['Q18691599', 'Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q190928', 'label': 'shipyard', 'description': 'place where ships are repaired and built', 'subclass_of': ['Q360418', 'Q124282', 'Q4830453', 'Q329683']}
{'id': 'Q360418', 'label': 'construction site', 'description': 'place where a building is constructed, reconstructed or demolished', 'subclass_of': ['Q628858', 'Q6501349']}
{'id': 'Q6501349', 'label': 'parking lot', 'description': 'cleared area that is intended for parking vehicles', 'subclass_of': ['Q376799', 'Q55697304']}
{'id': 'Q55697304', 'label': 'parking facility', 'description': 'any building, structure, land, right-of-way, or facility used to park a motor vehicle', 'subclass_of': ['Q13226383']}
{'id': 'Q124282', 'label': 'dock', 'description': 'human-made structure involved in the handling of boats or ships', 'subclass_of': ['Q376799']}
{'id': 'Q329683', 'label': 'industrial park', 'description': 'area for development of industry', 'subclass_of': ['Q14524493', 'Q1497364']}
{'id': 'Q37726', 'label': 'army', 'description': 'military branch of service primarily focused on ground warfare', 'subclass_of': ['Q781132']}
{'id': 'Q10927834', 'label': 'laterality', 'description': 'preference most humans show for one side of their body over the other', 'subclass_of': ['Q908656']}
{'id': 'Q908656', 'label': 'preference', 'description': 'technical term in psychology, economics and philosophy usually used in relation to choosing between alternatives; someone has a preference for A over B if they would choose A rather than B', 'subclass_of': ['Q1775867']}
{'id': 'Q1775867', 'label': 'choice', 'description': 'act of choosing from multiple options', 'subclass_of': ['Q451967']}
{'id': 'Q503186', 'label': 'yōkai', 'description': 'class of supernatural monsters and spirits in Japanese folklore (for yōkai from a work of fiction see Q32851726)', 'subclass_of': ['Q276453']}
{'id': 'Q276453', 'label': 'monster', 'description': 'creature that is often hideous and may produce fear or physical harm', 'subclass_of': ['Q2239243']}
{'id': 'Q127418', 'label': 'ink', 'description': 'liquid or paste that contains pigments or dyes', 'subclass_of': ['Q189720']}
{'id': 'Q189720', 'label': 'dye', 'description': 'colored substance that has an affinity to the substrate to which it is being applied', 'subclass_of': ['Q214609', 'Q911922', 'Q50413986']}
{'id': 'Q911922', 'label': 'colourant', 'description': 'collective term for all substances discolor the other substances', 'subclass_of': ['Q79529']}
{'id': 'Q4070702', 'label': 'literary archetype', 'description': 'set of recurring elements in the narrative, symbols, images, and character types in narrative works', 'subclass_of': ['Q131714']}
{'id': 'Q131714', 'label': 'archetype', 'description': 'concept in psychology, literature, philosophy', 'subclass_of': ['Q21146257']}
{'id': 'Q250811', 'label': 'sub-province-level division', 'description': "People's Republic of China government subdivision level", 'subclass_of': ['Q9316670', 'Q1048835', 'Q515']}
{'id': 'Q9316670', 'label': "prefecture of the People's Republic of China", 'description': "People's Republic of China government subdivision level", 'subclass_of': ['Q13220204', 'Q50231']}
{'id': 'Q50231', 'label': "administrative territorial entity of the People's Republic of China", 'description': "class of region in People's Republic of China", 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q1509831', 'label': 'title of Mary', 'description': 'designation for Mary, mother of Jesus Christ', 'subclass_of': ['Q216353']}
{'id': 'Q2630741', 'label': 'community', 'description': 'the lowest tier of local government in Wales', 'subclass_of': ['Q683738', 'Q5154611', 'Q1048835']}
{'id': 'Q683738', 'label': 'administrative subdivision of Wales', 'description': 'subdivisions of Wales in the UK', 'subclass_of': ['Q717478']}
{'id': 'Q5154611', 'label': 'community', 'description': 'administrative division found in Belgium, Canada, Greece, Iceland, Wales...', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q2989398', 'label': 'municipality of Algeria', 'description': 'administrative division of Algeria', 'subclass_of': ['Q6721654', 'Q515483', 'Q13221722']}
{'id': 'Q6721654', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Algeria', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q515483', 'label': 'baladiyah', 'description': 'type of Arabic administrative division that can be translated as district or municipality', 'subclass_of': ['Q15284']}
{'id': 'Q476968', 'label': 'krater', 'description': 'type of vessel from Ancient Greece', 'subclass_of': ['Q19899872']}
{'id': 'Q19899872', 'label': 'Greek vases', 'description': 'objects of the ancient crafts, made of clay in an overal, not individual meaning', 'subclass_of': ['Q738680']}
{'id': 'Q48907157', 'label': 'section of populated place', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15989253']}
{'id': 'Q752783', 'label': 'human spaceflight', 'description': 'space travel with humans aboard spacecraft', 'subclass_of': ['Q5916']}
{'id': 'Q5916', 'label': 'spaceflight', 'description': 'essentially an extreme form of ballistic flight,use of space technology to achieve the flight of spacecraft into and through outer space, used in space exploration, and also in commercial activities like space tourism and satellite telecommunications', 'subclass_of': ['Q7590', 'Q206021']}
{'id': 'Q206021', 'label': 'flight', 'description': 'process by which an object moves, through an atmosphere or beyond it', 'subclass_of': ['Q190291', 'Q1190554']}
{'id': 'Q1156016', 'label': 'Royal elections in Poland', 'description': 'individual elections of kings in Poland', 'subclass_of': ['Q40231']}
{'id': 'Q40231', 'label': 'election', 'description': 'process by which a population chooses an individual to hold public office', 'subclass_of': ['Q189760']}
{'id': 'Q189760', 'label': 'voting', 'description': 'method for a group such as a meeting or an electorate to make a decision or express an opinion', 'subclass_of': ['Q1656682', 'Q388791', 'Q1864008', 'Q57977235']}
{'id': 'Q388791', 'label': 'group decision-making', 'description': 'situation faced when individuals collectively make a choice', 'subclass_of': ['Q1331926']}
{'id': 'Q1331926', 'label': 'decision making', 'description': 'cognitive process resulting in the selection of a belief or a course of action among several alternative possibilities', 'subclass_of': ['Q781413']}
{'id': 'Q57977235', 'label': 'selection', 'description': 'the process or act of selecting', 'subclass_of': ['Q3249551']}
{'id': 'Q15069452', 'label': 'Natura 2000 protected area', 'description': 'generic term for different types of protected areas within the European Natura 2000 network', 'subclass_of': ['Q473972', 'Q386426']}
{'id': 'Q386426', 'label': 'natural heritage', 'description': 'elements of biodiversity, including flora and fauna, ecosystems and geological structures', 'subclass_of': ['Q35145263']}
{'id': 'Q273320', 'label': 'sibyl', 'description': 'mythical character', 'subclass_of': ['Q22988604']}
{'id': 'Q1784293', 'label': 'cordon', 'description': 'line military posts surrounding an area', 'subclass_of': ['Q57821']}
{'id': 'Q3235597', 'label': 'crucifixion', 'description': 'method of deliberately slow and painful execution', 'subclass_of': ['Q8454']}
{'id': 'Q8454', 'label': 'capital punishment', 'description': 'legal process whereby a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime', 'subclass_of': ['Q1763090', 'Q149086', 'Q186361', 'Q1931388']}
{'id': 'Q1763090', 'label': 'sentence', 'description': 'decree of punishment in law', 'subclass_of': ['Q3769186']}
{'id': 'Q3769186', 'label': 'judgment', 'description': 'synonymous with the formal decision made by a court following a lawsuit', 'subclass_of': ['Q327000']}
{'id': 'Q327000', 'label': 'court decision', 'description': 'formal decision made by a court', 'subclass_of': ['Q1864008', 'Q386724']}
{'id': 'Q149086', 'label': 'homicide', 'description': 'killing of a human being by another human being. Use as value for "manner of death" (P1196)', 'subclass_of': ['Q844482']}
{'id': 'Q186361', 'label': 'punishment', 'description': 'imposition of an undesirable or unpleasant outcome upon a group or individual, meted out by an authority, as a response and deterrent to a particular action or behaviour that is deemed undesirable or unacceptable', 'subclass_of': ['Q4026292', 'Q2995644']}
{'id': 'Q18560545', 'label': 'periodical exhibition', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q464980', 'Q15275719']}
{'id': 'Q14911880', 'label': 'Catholic seminary', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q233324']}
{'id': 'Q233324', 'label': 'seminary', 'description': 'institution for educating students in theology', 'subclass_of': ['Q2385804']}
{'id': 'Q60469796', 'label': 'religious symbol', 'description': 'iconic representation intended to represent a specific religion, or a concept within a given religion', 'subclass_of': ['Q80071']}
{'id': 'Q23002054', 'label': 'private not-for-profit educational institution', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q23002042', 'Q163740']}
{'id': 'Q23002042', 'label': 'private educational institution', 'description': 'educational institution not primarily funded by public means', 'subclass_of': ['Q2385804']}
{'id': 'Q492255', 'label': 'tetrapylon', 'description': 'ancient Roman monument of cubic shape, with a gate on each of the four sides', 'subclass_of': ['Q4989906']}
{'id': 'Q21521438', 'label': 'French cattle breed', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q12045585']}
{'id': 'Q12045585', 'label': 'cattle breed', 'description': 'selectively bred form of the domesticated cattle', 'subclass_of': ['Q38829']}
{'id': 'Q38829', 'label': 'breed', 'description': 'specific group of domestic animals', 'subclass_of': ['Q16889133', 'Q55983715']}
{'id': 'Q4494320', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Australia', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q18534', 'label': 'metaphor', 'description': 'figure of speech', 'subclass_of': ['Q182545']}
{'id': 'Q182545', 'label': 'stylistic device', 'description': 'way of saying a message', 'subclass_of': ['Q7629656']}
{'id': 'Q7629656', 'label': 'Rhetorical device', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q11177771']}
{'id': 'Q11177771', 'label': 'artistic technique', 'description': 'method by which art is produced', 'subclass_of': ['Q2695280']}
{'id': 'Q4620674', 'label': 'sex organ', 'description': 'any anatomical part of the body involved in sexual reproduction and constituting the reproductive system in a complex organism', 'subclass_of': ['Q7895', 'Q188193', 'Q712378', 'Q43022214']}
{'id': 'Q7895', 'label': 'reproductive system', 'description': 'system of organs within an organism which work together for the purpose of reproduction', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q188193', 'label': 'organ system', 'description': 'group of organs that work together to perform one or more functions; collection of organs joined in structural unit to serve a common function', 'subclass_of': ['Q30336093', 'Q4936952']}
{'id': 'Q43022214', 'label': 'gendered anatomical structure', 'description': 'anatomical structure that only exist either in males or females', 'subclass_of': ['Q4936952']}
{'id': 'Q13414763', 'label': 'county of Pennsylvania', 'description': 'subdivision of Pennsylvania', 'subclass_of': ['Q47168', 'Q6664406']}
{'id': 'Q6664406', 'label': 'local government in Pennsylvania', 'description': 'government below the state level in Pennsylvania, United States', 'subclass_of': ['Q852446']}
{'id': 'Q18809877', 'label': 'rock', 'description': 'mass of stone projecting out of the ground or water', 'subclass_of': ['Q22731', 'Q618123']}
{'id': 'Q22731', 'label': 'stone', 'description': 'rock; building material', 'subclass_of': ['Q8063', 'Q206615', 'Q192355', 'Q936791']}
{'id': 'Q192355', 'label': 'primary raw material', 'description': 'basic material from', 'subclass_of': ['Q15075845']}
{'id': 'Q15075845', 'label': 'raw material', 'description': 'primary and secondary raw material', 'subclass_of': ['Q3405827']}
{'id': 'Q936791', 'label': 'non-renewable resource', 'description': 'a resource that does not renew itself at a sufficient rate for sustainable economic extraction in meaningful human timeframes', 'subclass_of': ['Q188460']}
{'id': 'Q721747', 'label': 'commemorative plaque', 'description': 'plate or tablet fixed to a wall to mark an event, person, etc', 'subclass_of': ['Q4364339', 'Q5003624']}
{'id': 'Q4364339', 'label': 'plaque', 'description': 'small metal or plastic sign', 'subclass_of': ['Q8205328']}
{'id': 'Q11466', 'label': 'temperature', 'description': 'physical property of matter that quantitatively expresses the common notions of hot and cold', 'subclass_of': ['Q181175', 'Q3387041']}
{'id': 'Q3387041', 'label': 'intensive quantity', 'description': "system's or substance's quantitative property that does not scale with the size or amount of the system or substance", 'subclass_of': ['Q107715']}
{'id': 'Q240854', 'label': 'hall', 'description': 'large room often used for meetings', 'subclass_of': ['Q1299240']}
{'id': 'Q1411766', 'label': 'predella', 'description': 'platform or step on which an altar stands', 'subclass_of': ['Q28803767']}
{'id': 'Q728937', 'label': 'railroad line', 'description': 'constructional unit in rail transport, the route or way of rail tracks between defined locations', 'subclass_of': ['Q83620', 'Q1311670']}
{'id': 'Q16905550', 'label': 'cycle of frescos', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q16905563']}
{'id': 'Q16905563', 'label': 'cycle of paintings', 'description': 'sequential series of paintings exploring a theme or narrative', 'subclass_of': ['Q15727816']}
{'id': 'Q15727816', 'label': 'painting series', 'description': "thematic group of an artist's paintings", 'subclass_of': ['Q18573970', 'Q15709879']}
{'id': 'Q18573970', 'label': 'group of paintings', 'description': 'by the same artist and /or same artistic theme, icon class', 'subclass_of': ['Q17489659', 'Q15709879']}
{'id': 'Q4209223', 'label': 'legal state', 'description': 'doctrine in European legal thinking, means "state based on justice and integrity"', 'subclass_of': ['Q7275']}
{'id': 'Q101659', 'label': 'dolmen', 'description': 'type of single-chamber megalithic tomb', 'subclass_of': ['Q164240', 'Q381885']}
{'id': 'Q164240', 'label': 'megalith', 'description': 'large stone used to build a structure or monument', 'subclass_of': ['Q4989906', 'Q811430']}
{'id': 'Q381885', 'label': 'tomb', 'description': 'burial place', 'subclass_of': ['Q6023295']}
{'id': 'Q6023295', 'label': 'burial or funerary monument or structure', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q5003624']}
{'id': 'Q1136880', 'label': 'power of two', 'description': 'two raised to an integer power', 'subclass_of': ['Q12916']}
{'id': 'Q1254933', 'label': 'astronomical observatory', 'description': 'location used for observing celestial events', 'subclass_of': ['Q62832']}
{'id': 'Q62832', 'label': 'observatory', 'description': 'location used for observing terrestrial or celestial events', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979', 'Q13226383', 'Q31855']}
{'id': 'Q31855', 'label': 'research institute', 'description': 'establishment endowed for doing research', 'subclass_of': ['Q1664720', 'Q45103187']}
{'id': 'Q1664720', 'label': 'institute', 'description': 'organisational body created for a certain purpose', 'subclass_of': ['Q13226383', 'Q178706']}
{'id': 'Q45103187', 'label': 'scientific organisation', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q201129', 'label': 'lyre', 'description': 'string instrument from Greek classical antiquity', 'subclass_of': ['Q1814870', 'Q230262']}
{'id': 'Q1814870', 'label': 'yoke lute', 'description': 'class of musical instruments', 'subclass_of': ['Q1808578']}
{'id': 'Q1808578', 'label': 'lute', 'description': 'class of musical instruments', 'subclass_of': ['Q19588495']}
{'id': 'Q19588495', 'label': 'composite chordophone', 'description': 'class of musical instruments', 'subclass_of': ['Q1051772']}
{'id': 'Q1051772', 'label': 'chordophone', 'description': 'class of musical instruments that makes sound by way of a vibrating string or strings stretched between two points', 'subclass_of': ['Q34379']}
{'id': 'Q34379', 'label': 'musical instrument', 'description': 'sound producing object used by a musician for this purpose', 'subclass_of': ['Q39546', 'Q2424752', 'Q386724']}
{'id': 'Q230262', 'label': 'plucked string instrument', 'description': 'belong to the group of string instruments', 'subclass_of': ['Q1798603']}
{'id': 'Q1798603', 'label': 'string instrument', 'description': 'musical instrument that generates tones by one or more strings stretched between two points', 'subclass_of': ['Q1051772']}
{'id': 'Q4391987', 'label': 'region of Ukraine', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1496967']}
{'id': 'Q4306036', 'label': 'museum-reserve', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q179049', 'Q756102']}
{'id': 'Q179049', 'label': 'nature reserve', 'description': 'protected area for flora, fauna or features of geological interest', 'subclass_of': ['Q473972', 'Q1286517']}
{'id': 'Q1286517', 'label': 'natural landscape', 'description': 'landscape that is unaffected by human activity', 'subclass_of': ['Q1496967', 'Q107425']}
{'id': 'Q756102', 'label': 'open-air museum', 'description': 'museum that exhibits collections of buildings and artifacts out-of-doors', 'subclass_of': ['Q33506', 'Q24699794', 'Q18247357']}
{'id': 'Q24699794', 'label': 'museum building', 'description': 'building that holds artifacts and other objects of scientific, artistic, cultural, historical, or other importance', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176', 'Q57659484']}
{'id': 'Q57659484', 'label': 'exhibition building', 'description': 'building built or used exclusively or primarily for exhibitions; may be a permanent facility or a temporary structure', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q42898444', 'label': 'round building', 'description': 'building that is round', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q112099', 'label': 'island nation', 'description': 'state whose primary territory consists of one or more islands or parts of islands', 'subclass_of': ['Q7275', 'Q6256']}
{'id': 'Q1783121', 'label': 'organic matter', 'description': 'matter composed of organic compounds', 'subclass_of': ['Q214609']}
{'id': 'Q150784', 'label': 'canyon', 'description': 'deep ravine between cliffs', 'subclass_of': ['Q39816', 'Q55462971']}
{'id': 'Q55462971', 'label': 'fluvial landform', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q271669']}
{'id': 'Q1322134', 'label': 'gulf', 'description': 'large bay that is an arm of an ocean or sea', 'subclass_of': ['Q165', 'Q39594']}
{'id': 'Q165', 'label': 'sea', 'description': 'large body of saline water', 'subclass_of': ['Q2507626', 'Q337567']}
{'id': 'Q1027879', 'label': 'graphics', 'description': 'visual presentation on some surface', 'subclass_of': ['Q340169']}
{'id': 'Q6936404', 'label': 'municipality', 'description': 'Palestinian Authority', 'subclass_of': ['Q15284', 'Q13221722', 'Q18324095']}
{'id': 'Q18324095', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Palestine', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q179661', 'label': 'therapy', 'description': 'medical treatment', 'subclass_of': ['Q796194', 'Q26256310']}
{'id': 'Q26256310', 'label': 'treat', 'description': 'to handle or behave towards in a specific way', 'subclass_of': ['Q3249551']}
{'id': 'Q1307337', 'label': 'social influence', 'description': "occurs when a person's emotions, opinions, or behaviors are affected by others", 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q13408009', 'label': 'French statute', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q820655']}
{'id': 'Q615150', 'label': 'land-grant university', 'description': 'institution of higher education in the United States designated by a state to receive the benefits of the Morrill Acts of 1862 and 1890', 'subclass_of': ['Q1849445']}
{'id': 'Q1849445', 'label': 'colleges and universities in the United States', 'description': 'Wikimedia list article', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q167037', 'label': 'corporation', 'description': 'separate legal entity that has been incorporated through a legislative or registration process established through legislation', 'subclass_of': ['Q7451779', 'Q783794', 'Q155076']}
{'id': 'Q7451779', 'label': 'separate legal entity', 'description': 'legal entity with detached accountability', 'subclass_of': ['Q155076']}
{'id': 'Q21503295', 'label': 'district with city status', 'description': 'UK local government district with "city status", encompassing a significantly larger area than the core urban centre from which it takes its name', 'subclass_of': ['Q717478']}
{'id': 'Q15707583', 'label': 'fictional taxon', 'description': 'group of one or more fictional organism(s), which a (fictional) taxonomist adjudges to be a unit', 'subclass_of': ['Q15831596']}
{'id': 'Q2772772', 'label': 'military museum', 'description': 'museum of military and war', 'subclass_of': ['Q33506']}
{'id': 'Q54928607', 'label': 'abnormally low value', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1790360', 'label': 'colonial empire', 'description': 'overseas possessions of a nation-state, usually a product of the European Age of Exploration', 'subclass_of': ['Q48349']}
{'id': 'Q48349', 'label': 'empire', 'description': 'geographically extensive group of states and peoples united and ruled either by a central authority or a central figure', 'subclass_of': ['Q3624078', 'Q3024240', 'Q1250464']}
{'id': 'Q30750835', 'label': 'draft weapon', 'description': 'weapon designed to discharge projectiles through a mechanical (not explosive) process', 'subclass_of': ['Q1194773']}
{'id': 'Q1194773', 'label': 'projectile weapon', 'description': 'weapon designed to discharge projectiles or other material', 'subclass_of': ['Q153556']}
{'id': 'Q153556', 'label': 'ranged weapon', 'description': 'weapon that can harm targets at distances greater than hand-to-hand distance', 'subclass_of': ['Q728', 'Q1183543']}
{'id': 'Q92107', 'label': 'quadrangular castle', 'description': 'type of castle', 'subclass_of': ['Q23413']}
{'id': 'Q13691604', 'label': "squatter's house", 'description': 'housing used by squatters', 'subclass_of': ['Q3947']}
{'id': 'Q2188827', 'label': 'hanging scroll', 'description': 'type of scroll painting', 'subclass_of': ['Q19969434']}
{'id': 'Q19969434', 'label': 'scroll painting', 'description': 'painting having a long, narrow scroll format', 'subclass_of': ['Q3305213', 'Q720106']}
{'id': 'Q720106', 'label': 'scroll', 'description': 'roll of papyrus, parchment, or paper containing writing', 'subclass_of': ['Q340169', 'Q87167', 'Q121916']}
{'id': 'Q87167', 'label': 'manuscript', 'description': 'document written by hand', 'subclass_of': ['Q18593264', 'Q49848', 'Q8205328', 'Q17537576']}
{'id': 'Q121916', 'label': 'writing implement', 'description': 'tool used to writing', 'subclass_of': ['Q875696']}
{'id': 'Q875696', 'label': 'stationery', 'description': 'variety of office supplies including paper', 'subclass_of': ['Q2383811']}
{'id': 'Q2383811', 'label': 'office supply', 'description': 'item regularly used in offices by businesses and other organizations', 'subclass_of': ['Q2424752']}
{'id': 'Q37756', 'label': 'alloy', 'description': 'mixture or metallic solid solution composed of two or more elements', 'subclass_of': ['Q169336', 'Q5447188', 'Q1924900']}
{'id': 'Q10827799', 'label': 'silk painting', 'description': 'painted artwork on silk', 'subclass_of': ['Q3305213']}
{'id': 'Q61708053', 'label': 'independent city of Saxony-Anhalt', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q22865']}
{'id': 'Q22865', 'label': 'independent city of Germany', 'description': 'city or town in Germany that does not form part of another general-purpose local government entity', 'subclass_of': ['Q42744322', 'Q15631850']}
{'id': 'Q42744322', 'label': 'urban municipality of Germany', 'description': 'municipality with town privileges in Germany (may e.g. legally prepend "Stadt" to its name)', 'subclass_of': ['Q262166', 'Q13539802', 'Q515']}
{'id': 'Q262166', 'label': 'municipality of Germany', 'description': 'the lowest official level of territorial division in Germany', 'subclass_of': ['Q11618417', 'Q387917', 'Q15284', 'Q14757767']}
{'id': 'Q15631850', 'label': 'districts and some cities of Germany', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q387917']}
{'id': 'Q10313934', 'label': 'intermittent lake', 'description': 'lake that disappears seasonally', 'subclass_of': ['Q23397']}
{'id': 'Q2242136', 'label': 'animal mummy', 'description': 'mummified animal', 'subclass_of': ['Q43616']}
{'id': 'Q43616', 'label': 'mummy', 'description': 'human or animal, whose skin and organs have been preserved', 'subclass_of': ['Q48422', 'Q10855061']}
{'id': 'Q48422', 'label': 'cadaver', 'description': 'dead body', 'subclass_of': ['Q170494']}
{'id': 'Q170494', 'label': 'body', 'description': 'physical body of a living thing', 'subclass_of': ['Q16686022']}
{'id': 'Q1322323', 'label': 'itinerary', 'description': 'route of a journey', 'subclass_of': ['Q83620']}
{'id': 'Q787113', 'label': 'promenade', 'description': 'type of road particularly suited for walking', 'subclass_of': ['Q83620']}
{'id': 'Q627603', 'label': 'cartoon', 'description': 'form of two-dimensional illustrated visual art', 'subclass_of': ['Q93184']}
{'id': 'Q1323642', 'label': 'transcontinental country', 'description': 'country whose territory spans more than one continent', 'subclass_of': ['Q6256']}
{'id': 'Q147545', 'label': 'accessory fruit', 'description': "type of 'fruit', in botany", 'subclass_of': ['Q1364']}
{'id': 'Q656720', 'label': 'workshop', 'description': 'room or building, with tools, used to repair or make goods', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979', 'Q628858']}
{'id': 'Q16889960', 'label': 'winter circus', 'description': 'venue for circuses', 'subclass_of': ['Q56195017']}
{'id': 'Q56195017', 'label': 'circus building', 'description': 'permanent structure housing a circus, used for circus or theatrical events', 'subclass_of': ['Q17350442', 'Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q875016', 'label': 'terraced house', 'description': 'style of medium-density housing that originated in Europe in the 16th century', 'subclass_of': ['Q3947', 'Q6807105', 'Q11755880']}
{'id': 'Q6807105', 'label': 'medium-density housing', 'description': 'term describing the density of dwellings', 'subclass_of': ['Q699405']}
{'id': 'Q56055944', 'label': 'art form', 'description': 'form of art distinguished by its medium of expression (e.g. literature, music, visual arts)', 'subclass_of': ['Q21146257', 'Q16889133']}
{'id': 'Q1973404', 'label': 'inland sea', 'description': 'enclosed part of sea', 'subclass_of': ['Q165']}
{'id': 'Q11681271', 'label': 'curatorial department of the Louvre', 'description': 'administrative entity tasked with conservation and exhibition of item of the collections of the Louvre', 'subclass_of': ['Q2982955', 'Q7328910', 'Q61781831']}
{'id': 'Q2982955', 'label': 'public collection', 'description': 'publicly accessible collection of works', 'subclass_of': ['Q7328910']}
{'id': 'Q61781831', 'label': 'curatorial department', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q2366457']}
{'id': 'Q2366457', 'label': 'department', 'description': 'organisation', 'subclass_of': ['Q9261468']}
{'id': 'Q16513904', 'label': 'Norse mythical character', 'description': 'class of mythical characters', 'subclass_of': ['Q4271324', 'Q24335044']}
{'id': 'Q24335044', 'label': 'Norse mythical entity', 'description': 'entity that exists in Norse mythology', 'subclass_of': ['Q24334685', 'Q24339990']}
{'id': 'Q24339990', 'label': 'Norse mythological concept', 'description': 'class of concepts that are part of Norse mythology', 'subclass_of': ['Q24339576', 'Q253855']}
{'id': 'Q24339576', 'label': 'Norse concept', 'description': 'class of ideas that are part of Norse culture', 'subclass_of': ['Q151885', 'Q24439885']}
{'id': 'Q24439885', 'label': 'Norse entity', 'description': 'class of entities that are part of Norse culture', 'subclass_of': ['Q35120']}
{'id': 'Q253855', 'label': 'mytheme', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q2198779', 'Q4070702']}
{'id': 'Q28133323', 'label': 'episcopal palace', 'description': 'palace of a bishop or archbishop', 'subclass_of': ['Q16560', 'Q607241']}
{'id': 'Q607241', 'label': 'clergy house', 'description': 'residence of one or more priests or ministers of religion', 'subclass_of': ['Q3947']}
{'id': 'Q1140527', 'label': 'emergency exit', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q19603939']}
{'id': 'Q20127274', 'label': "certain aspects of a person's life", 'description': "parts of a person's biography", 'subclass_of': ['Q36279']}
{'id': 'Q39715', 'label': 'lighthouse', 'description': 'structure designed to emit light to aid navigation', 'subclass_of': ['Q21550989', 'Q3565782', 'Q1146001', 'Q7321258', 'Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q21550989', 'label': 'signal towers (elevated structures)', 'description': 'towers (single built works), , , , single built works (built environment), Single Built Works (Hierarchy Name), Built Environment (Hierarchy Nam', 'subclass_of': ['Q12518', 'Q1183543']}
{'id': 'Q3565782', 'label': 'navigational aid', 'description': 'marker that assists a traveler in navigation', 'subclass_of': ['Q811430', 'Q7321258']}
{'id': 'Q7321258', 'label': 'sea mark', 'description': 'maritime navigation aid', 'subclass_of': ['Q17852731']}
{'id': 'Q17852731', 'label': 'mark', 'description': 'navigation aid', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1146001', 'label': 'light source', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q223557', 'Q31464082']}
{'id': 'Q21457810', 'label': 'Scottish district', 'description': 'lower-tier administrative unit in Scotland from 1975 to 1996, subdivision of a Scottish region', 'subclass_of': ['Q383493']}
{'id': 'Q383493', 'label': 'local government area of Scotland 1975 to 1996', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q461231', 'Q19953632']}
{'id': 'Q461231', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Scotland', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q717478']}
{'id': 'Q199403', 'label': 'tropical forest', 'description': 'specific ecosystem', 'subclass_of': ['Q1048194', 'Q9444']}
{'id': 'Q1048194', 'label': 'tropical forest', 'description': 'generic forest in the tropics', 'subclass_of': ['Q4421']}
{'id': 'Q9444', 'label': 'rainforest', 'description': 'type of forest with high rainfall', 'subclass_of': ['Q4421']}
{'id': 'Q185187', 'label': 'watermill', 'description': 'structure that uses a water wheel or turbine to drive a mechanical process', 'subclass_of': ['Q44494']}
{'id': 'Q204324', 'label': 'crater lake', 'description': 'lake formed within a (usually volcanic) crater', 'subclass_of': ['Q23397', 'Q29025902']}
{'id': 'Q3561331', 'label': 'vitrine', 'description': 'furniture', 'subclass_of': ['Q14745']}
{'id': 'Q146083', 'label': 'Ancient Egyptian deity', 'description': 'gods and goddesses worshipped in ancient Egypt', 'subclass_of': ['Q178885']}
{'id': 'Q1139665', 'label': 'political murder', 'description': 'murder of a person for political reasons', 'subclass_of': ['Q132821']}
{'id': 'Q132821', 'label': 'murder', 'description': 'unlawful killing of a human with malice aforethought', 'subclass_of': ['Q149086', 'Q83267']}
{'id': 'Q575759', 'label': 'war memorial', 'description': 'type of memorial', 'subclass_of': ['Q5003624', 'Q4989906']}
{'id': 'Q15911738', 'label': 'hydroelectric power station', 'description': 'facility generating electric power using hydroelectricity', 'subclass_of': ['Q159719']}
{'id': 'Q159719', 'label': 'power station', 'description': 'facility generating electric power', 'subclass_of': ['Q5302441']}
{'id': 'Q5302441', 'label': 'energy generating station', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q83405']}
{'id': 'Q15487029', 'label': 'patriarchal basilica', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q163687']}
{'id': 'Q1767829', 'label': 'comprehensive university', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q3918']}
{'id': 'Q3918', 'label': 'university', 'description': 'academic institution for further education', 'subclass_of': ['Q38723', 'Q4671277']}
{'id': 'Q4671277', 'label': 'academic institution', 'description': 'educational institution dedicated to education and research', 'subclass_of': ['Q2385804']}
{'id': 'Q2923911', 'label': 'empoldered inlet', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q491713', 'Q15893266']}
{'id': 'Q491713', 'label': 'sound', 'description': 'long, relatively wide body of water, connecting two larger bodies of water', 'subclass_of': ['Q37901']}
{'id': 'Q37901', 'label': 'strait', 'description': 'naturally formed, narrow, typically navigable waterway that connects two larger bodies of water', 'subclass_of': ['Q1267889', 'Q2507626']}
{'id': 'Q1267889', 'label': 'waterway', 'description': 'navigable body of water, including but not limited to rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, and canals', 'subclass_of': ['Q83620']}
{'id': 'Q11424', 'label': 'film', 'description': 'sequence of images that give the impression of movement', 'subclass_of': ['Q4502142', 'Q2431196', 'Q20937557']}
{'id': 'Q1123417', 'label': 'Refractory', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q24336031', 'label': 'mythical river', 'description': 'river that only exists in myth', 'subclass_of': ['Q24334893']}
{'id': 'Q262343', 'label': 'assemblage', 'description': 'art form and technique', 'subclass_of': ['Q28870066']}
{'id': 'Q29964144', 'label': 'year BC', 'description': 'any year item that is suffixed by B.C or B.C.E', 'subclass_of': ['Q3186692']}
{'id': 'Q3186692', 'label': 'calendar year', 'description': 'cycle of given calendar system', 'subclass_of': ['Q186081', 'Q186408']}
{'id': 'Q186408', 'label': 'point in time', 'description': 'position of a particular instant in time', 'subclass_of': ['Q186081']}
{'id': 'Q1378975', 'label': 'convention center', 'description': 'building that is designed to hold a convention', 'subclass_of': ['Q18674739', 'Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q1112950', 'label': 'horse-drawn vehicle', 'description': 'vehicle pulled by horse; mechanized piece of equipment pulled by one horse or by a team of horses', 'subclass_of': ['Q26281580']}
{'id': 'Q26281580', 'label': 'animal-powered vehicle', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q2120578', 'Q2328809']}
{'id': 'Q2328809', 'label': 'animal-powered transport', 'description': 'use of non-human working animals for the movement of people and goods', 'subclass_of': ['Q7590']}
{'id': 'Q7860962', 'label': 'road type', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q21146257', 'Q34442']}
{'id': 'Q212940', 'label': 'Islamic architecture', 'description': 'architectural style', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q11349558', 'label': 'soda lake', 'description': 'lake that is strongly alkaline', 'subclass_of': ['Q23397']}
{'id': 'Q30892578', 'label': 'music education organization', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1792623', 'Q32178211']}
{'id': 'Q591942', 'label': 'distributary', 'description': 'stream that branches off and flows away from a main stream channel', 'subclass_of': ['Q4022']}
{'id': 'Q1785071', 'label': 'fort', 'description': 'military construction designed for defensive warfare', 'subclass_of': ['Q57821']}
{'id': 'Q2699311', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q4351403']}
{'id': 'Q4351403', 'label': 'percussionist', 'description': 'musician', 'subclass_of': ['Q1278335']}
{'id': 'Q1278335', 'label': 'instrumentalist', 'description': 'person who plays a musical instrument', 'subclass_of': ['Q639669', 'Q16010345']}
{'id': 'Q639669', 'label': 'musician', 'description': 'person who performs or composes music', 'subclass_of': ['Q16010345', 'Q483501']}
{'id': 'Q16010345', 'label': 'performer', 'description': 'artists who participate in performing arts in front of an audience: actors, comedians, dancers, magicians, circus artists, musicians, singers', 'subclass_of': ['Q483501']}
{'id': 'Q748149', 'label': 'prefecture-level city', 'description': "People's Republic of China prefecture-level subdivision", 'subclass_of': ['Q9316670', 'Q515']}
{'id': 'Q162633', 'label': 'academy', 'description': 'institution of higher learning', 'subclass_of': ['Q4671277', 'Q955824', 'Q38723']}
{'id': 'Q955824', 'label': 'learned society', 'description': 'organization that exists to promote an academic discipline or profession', 'subclass_of': ['Q48204']}
{'id': 'Q1128397', 'label': 'convent', 'description': 'religious community', 'subclass_of': ['Q2742167', 'Q44613']}
{'id': 'Q55387456', 'label': 'aesthetic concept', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q151885']}
{'id': 'Q7862038', 'label': 'Táin Bó', 'description': 'The Cattle raid - a class of story in Irish Mythology', 'subclass_of': ['Q6071680']}
{'id': 'Q6071680', 'label': 'Irish mythology in popular culture', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q5058559']}
{'id': 'Q5058559', 'label': 'Celtic mythology in popular culture', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q15661340', 'label': 'ancient city', 'description': 'city in historical records', 'subclass_of': ['Q2974842']}
{'id': 'Q2974842', 'label': 'lost city', 'description': 'human settlement that has become extensively or completely uninhabited', 'subclass_of': ['Q74047', 'Q515']}
{'id': 'Q74047', 'label': 'ghost town', 'description': 'city depopulated of inhabitants and that stays practically intact', 'subclass_of': ['Q22674925']}
{'id': 'Q22674925', 'label': 'former populated place', 'description': 'settlement that no longer exists, e.g. because it was abandoned or it became part of another settlement', 'subclass_of': ['Q486972', 'Q15893266']}
{'id': 'Q567620', 'label': 'anonymous work', 'description': 'work that have an anonymous, undisclosed, or unknown creator or author', 'subclass_of': ['Q386724']}
{'id': 'Q1797187', 'label': 'artist society', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q48204', 'Q15911314']}
{'id': 'Q15911314', 'label': 'association', 'description': 'group of individuals (natural persons) or entities (legal persons) of all kinds', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229', 'Q155076', 'Q895526', 'Q16334295']}
{'id': 'Q687191', 'label': 'scaffold', 'description': 'execution site for public executions', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979', 'Q2151479']}
{'id': 'Q2151479', 'label': 'Execution site', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q2221906', 'Q13226383']}
{'id': 'Q2900244', 'label': 'covered passages of Paris', 'description': '19th Century shopping arcades in Paris, France', 'subclass_of': ['Q13634881', 'Q1320830', 'Q11315', 'Q369730']}
{'id': 'Q13634881', 'label': 'walkway', 'description': 'passageway between two streets or buildings', 'subclass_of': ['Q83620']}
{'id': 'Q1320830', 'label': 'covered passageway', 'description': 'part of building', 'subclass_of': ['Q13634881', 'Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q369730', 'label': 'pedestrian zone', 'description': 'area of a city or town reserved for pedestrian-only use', 'subclass_of': ['Q2516189', 'Q83620']}
{'id': 'Q2516189', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q12043905', 'label': 'pastel', 'description': 'artwork made using pastels', 'subclass_of': ['Q4502142']}
{'id': 'Q251355', 'label': 'slave ship', 'description': 'cargo ship carrying slaves onboard from Africa to the Americas across the Atlantic Ocean between the 16th and mid-19th centuries', 'subclass_of': ['Q105999']}
{'id': 'Q105999', 'label': 'cargo ship', 'description': 'ship or vessel that carries cargo, goods, and materials onboard from one port to another', 'subclass_of': ['Q848944', 'Q402092']}
{'id': 'Q402092', 'label': 'motor ship', 'description': 'ship propelled by an internal combustion engine, usually a diesel engine', 'subclass_of': ['Q11446', 'Q752870']}
{'id': 'Q8016240', 'label': 'trial', 'description': 'coming together of parties to a dispute, to present information in a tribunal', 'subclass_of': ['Q1190554', 'Q2334719', 'Q3922333']}
{'id': 'Q3922333', 'label': 'proceedings', 'description': 'legal filing, hearing, trial and/or judgment in the ongoing conduct of a lawsuit or criminal prosecution', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1074076', 'label': 'Chinese constellations', 'description': 'groupings used in traditional Chinese culture to organize the stars', 'subclass_of': ['Q4384751', 'Q8928']}
{'id': 'Q4384751', 'label': 'folk culture', 'description': 'traditional dance and song and stories both in traditional society and in modern revival', 'subclass_of': ['Q11042']}
{'id': 'Q11042', 'label': 'culture', 'description': "society's way of life within anthropology", 'subclass_of': ['Q3769299']}
{'id': 'Q830894', 'label': 'stoneware', 'description': 'vitreous or semi-vitreous ceramic made primarily from stoneware clay or non-refractory fire clay', 'subclass_of': ['Q11642']}
{'id': 'Q11642', 'label': 'pottery', 'description': 'craft of making objects from clay', 'subclass_of': ['Q2207288']}
{'id': 'Q2207288', 'label': 'craft', 'description': 'pastime or profession that requires particular skills and knowledge of skilled work', 'subclass_of': ['Q28640']}
{'id': 'Q264542', 'label': 'student club', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1685451', 'Q988108']}
{'id': 'Q1685451', 'label': 'student society', 'description': 'organization operated by students for students, traditionally at a university', 'subclass_of': ['Q48204']}
{'id': 'Q719592', 'label': 'local council of Malta', 'description': 'subdivision of Malta', 'subclass_of': ['Q15631694', 'Q10864048', 'Q15284']}
{'id': 'Q15631694', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Malta', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q474', 'label': 'aqueduct', 'description': 'structure constructed to convey water', 'subclass_of': ['Q12280', 'Q18870689']}
{'id': 'Q18870689', 'label': 'aqueduct', 'description': 'any system of pipes, ditches, canals, tunnels, and other structures used  to convey water supply', 'subclass_of': ['Q2466889', 'Q355304']}
{'id': 'Q1936384', 'label': 'area of mathematics', 'description': 'grouping by subject of mathematics', 'subclass_of': ['Q11862829', 'Q2465832']}
{'id': 'Q4201890', 'label': 'institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences', 'description': 'research institute', 'subclass_of': ['Q31855']}
{'id': 'Q185113', 'label': 'cape', 'description': 'headland of large size extending into a body of water, usually the sea', 'subclass_of': ['Q191992', 'Q93352']}
{'id': 'Q93352', 'label': 'coast', 'description': 'area where land meets the sea or ocean', 'subclass_of': ['Q468756']}
{'id': 'Q468756', 'label': 'shore', 'description': 'fringe of land at the edge of a large body of water', 'subclass_of': ['Q20719696']}
{'id': 'Q179630', 'label': 'syndrome', 'description': 'association of several clinically recognizable features', 'subclass_of': ['Q7189713', 'Q12136']}
{'id': 'Q26904132', 'label': 'visual arts technique', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q11177771']}
{'id': 'Q13377026', 'label': 'undernutrition', 'description': 'condition that results from not enough consumption of nutrients', 'subclass_of': ['Q12167']}
{'id': 'Q12167', 'label': 'malnutrition', 'description': 'medical condition that results from eating too little, too much, or the wrong nutrients', 'subclass_of': ['Q1361144']}
{'id': 'Q1361144', 'label': 'nutrition disorder', 'description': 'disease that results from excessive or inadequate intake of food and nutrients', 'subclass_of': ['Q18553699', 'Q55093063']}
{'id': 'Q18553699', 'label': 'acquired metabolic disease', 'description': 'Human disease', 'subclass_of': ['Q2351083']}
{'id': 'Q2351083', 'label': 'disease of metabolism', 'description': 'disease that involving errors in metabolic processes of building or degradation of molecules', 'subclass_of': ['Q18975470', 'Q12136', 'Q55093063']}
{'id': 'Q18975470', 'label': 'disease of biological process', 'description': 'human disease', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q55093063', 'label': 'nutritional and metabolic diseases', 'description': 'collective term for nutritional disorders resulting from poor absorption or nutritional imbalance, and metabolic disorders resulting from defects in biosynthesis (anabolism) or breakdown (catabolism) of endogenous substances', 'subclass_of': ['Q12136']}
{'id': 'Q131621', 'label': 'House of Wittelsbach', 'description': 'German noble family, 1180–1918 monarchs of Bavaria, 1214–1803 counts palatine of the Rhine', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1137809', 'label': 'courthouse', 'description': 'building which is home to a court', 'subclass_of': ['Q16831714', 'Q294422', 'Q52177058']}
{'id': 'Q3840711', 'label': 'pier', 'description': 'street along a river, a channel, or a lake, in an inhabited place', 'subclass_of': ['Q83620', 'Q468756']}
{'id': 'Q2075089', 'label': 'Rangatira', 'description': 'hereditary Māori leader', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q3393683', 'label': 'metalpoint', 'description': 'a traditional drawing technique', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q188443', 'label': 'micronation', 'description': 'small, unrecognized country', 'subclass_of': ['Q23037160']}
{'id': 'Q23037160', 'label': 'proto-state', 'description': 'political entity which does not represent a fully institutionalized or autonomous sovereign state', 'subclass_of': ['Q7275']}
{'id': 'Q6518196', 'label': 'Legislative Assembly of Brazilian states', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1752346']}
{'id': 'Q4671286', 'label': 'academic major', 'description': 'academic discipline to which a student formally commits', 'subclass_of': ['Q11862829']}
{'id': 'Q19573550', 'label': 'painted ceiling', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q221706', 'Q219423']}
{'id': 'Q221706', 'label': 'ceiling', 'description': 'overhead interior surface that covers the upper limit of a room', 'subclass_of': ['Q30327093', 'Q391414']}
{'id': 'Q219423', 'label': 'mural', 'description': 'piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a large permanent surface', 'subclass_of': ['Q3305213', 'Q2221906']}
{'id': 'Q19833170', 'label': 'town of Portugal', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q3957']}
{'id': 'Q12131640', 'label': 'city of district significance', 'description': 'Ukraine', 'subclass_of': ['Q203323', 'Q200209']}
{'id': 'Q203323', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Ukraine', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q200209', 'label': 'cities of Ukraine', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q7930989', 'Q203323']}
{'id': 'Q17279032', 'label': 'elected office', 'description': 'class of positions where the incumbent is selected by means of an election', 'subclass_of': ['Q294414']}
{'id': 'Q294414', 'label': 'public office', 'description': 'elected or appointed political position', 'subclass_of': ['Q4164871']}
{'id': 'Q41710', 'label': 'ethnic group', 'description': 'socially defined category of people who identify with each other', 'subclass_of': ['Q2472587']}
{'id': 'Q667509', 'label': 'municipality of Austria', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q361733', 'Q15284', 'Q11618417']}
{'id': 'Q151411', 'label': 'designation', 'description': 'representation of a term by linguistic or other means', 'subclass_of': ['Q3695082', 'Q1914636']}
{'id': 'Q489632', 'label': 'Andachtsbilder', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q12135', 'label': 'mental disorder', 'description': 'distressing thought or behavior pattern', 'subclass_of': ['Q12136']}
{'id': 'Q3652014', 'label': 'campiello', 'description': 'little square in Venice, Italy, smaller than a campo', 'subclass_of': ['Q174782']}
{'id': 'Q2132068', 'label': 'shaken idiophone', 'description': 'class of musical instruments', 'subclass_of': ['Q6025130']}
{'id': 'Q6025130', 'label': 'indirectly struck idiophone', 'description': 'class of musical instruments', 'subclass_of': ['Q5280486']}
{'id': 'Q5280486', 'label': 'struck idiophone', 'description': 'class of musical instruments', 'subclass_of': ['Q12639', 'Q133163']}
{'id': 'Q12639', 'label': 'idiophone', 'description': 'class of musical instruments', 'subclass_of': ['Q34379']}
{'id': 'Q133163', 'label': 'percussion instrument', 'description': 'type of musical instrument that produces a sound by directly hitting it', 'subclass_of': ['Q34379']}
{'id': 'Q1367500', 'label': 'marine protected area', 'description': 'protected areas of seas, oceans, estuaries or large lakes', 'subclass_of': ['Q473972']}
{'id': 'Q4688003', 'label': 'aerial bombing of a city', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q678146', 'Q2380335', 'Q841418']}
{'id': 'Q2380335', 'label': 'airstrike', 'description': 'attack on a specific objective by military aircraft during an offensive mission', 'subclass_of': ['Q2001676', 'Q471145', 'Q1190554']}
{'id': 'Q471145', 'label': 'aerial warfare', 'description': 'warfare and military operations conducted by, amongst, and against aircraft and other aerial systems', 'subclass_of': ['Q627716', 'Q12786121']}
{'id': 'Q627716', 'label': 'military aviation', 'description': 'use of aircraft by armed forces in combat or other military capacity', 'subclass_of': ['Q765633']}
{'id': 'Q765633', 'label': 'aviation', 'description': 'design, development, production, operation and use of aircraft', 'subclass_of': ['Q1914636']}
{'id': 'Q12786121', 'label': 'warfare', 'description': 'conduct of conflict', 'subclass_of': ['Q4026292']}
{'id': 'Q841418', 'label': 'strategic bombing', 'description': "military attacks by air aimed at destroying a country's ability to make war and will to fight", 'subclass_of': ['Q17912683']}
{'id': 'Q17912683', 'label': 'aerial bombing', 'description': 'dropping of bombs from aircraft against surface targets', 'subclass_of': ['Q2380335', 'Q678146']}
{'id': 'Q973861', 'label': 'factorial prime', 'description': 'prime numbers of the form n!±1', 'subclass_of': ['Q49008']}
{'id': 'Q49008', 'label': 'prime number', 'description': 'natural number greater than 1 that has no positive integer divisors other than 1 and itself', 'subclass_of': ['Q28920044', 'Q240651']}
{'id': 'Q240651', 'label': 'prime element', 'description': 'nonzero, non-unit element p in a commutative ring R such that, whenever p divides ab for some a and b in R, then p divides a or p divides b (or both)', 'subclass_of': ['Q379825']}
{'id': 'Q379825', 'label': 'element', 'description': 'any one of the distinct objects that make up a set in set theory', 'subclass_of': ['Q5358816']}
{'id': 'Q5358816', 'label': 'element', 'description': 'concept in category theory', 'subclass_of': ['Q1948412']}
{'id': 'Q11849395', 'label': 'waterworks', 'description': 'facility producing drinking water', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q649499', 'label': 'full communion', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q156112']}
{'id': 'Q156112', 'label': 'ecumenism', 'description': 'efforts by Christians of different church traditions to develop closer relationships and better understandings', 'subclass_of': ['Q380962', 'Q12021731']}
{'id': 'Q380962', 'label': 'cooperation', 'description': 'purposeful interaction of the actions of two or more creatures, people or systems', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q12021731', 'label': 'interconfessionalism', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q380962']}
{'id': 'Q12812139', 'label': 'technical term', 'description': 'word or expression with a technical definition', 'subclass_of': ['Q1969448']}
{'id': 'Q1969448', 'label': 'term', 'description': 'word or phrase from a specialized area of knowledge', 'subclass_of': ['Q151885', 'Q2944660']}
{'id': 'Q15105893', 'label': 'town in Croatia', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q3435941', 'Q13220204', 'Q3957']}
{'id': 'Q3435941', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Croatia', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q182985', 'label': 'voting system', 'description': 'method by which voters make a choice between options', 'subclass_of': ['Q1639378']}
{'id': 'Q2225003', 'label': 'special municipality', 'description': 'administrative division of the Republic of China', 'subclass_of': ['Q12084012']}
{'id': 'Q12084012', 'label': 'province level division of the Republic of China', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q50218', 'Q1048835', 'Q10864048']}
{'id': 'Q50218', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of the Republic of China', 'description': 'class of region within Taiwan', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q1481677', 'label': 'pleasure garden', 'description': 'garden open for recreation and entertainment', 'subclass_of': ['Q1107656']}
{'id': 'Q513359', 'label': 'biological life cycle', 'description': 'period involving all different generations of a species succeeding each other through means of reproduction', 'subclass_of': ['Q26001387']}
{'id': 'Q26001387', 'label': 'cycle', 'description': 'interval of space or time in which one set of events or phenomena is completed', 'subclass_of': ['Q185148']}
{'id': 'Q185148', 'label': 'real interval', 'description': 'in math, a set of real numbers in which any number that lies between two numbers in the set is also included in the set', 'subclass_of': ['Q36161']}
{'id': 'Q2556234', 'label': 'wine producing locality', 'description': 'town or village with some vineyards and winemakers', 'subclass_of': ['Q27096235']}
{'id': 'Q18559008', 'label': 'district of São Paulo', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1007114', 'Q4286337']}
{'id': 'Q3327862', 'label': 'urban commune of Morocco', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q2989400']}
{'id': 'Q2989400', 'label': 'commune of Morocco', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q4115671']}
{'id': 'Q4115671', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Morocco', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q171441', 'label': 'enclave', 'description': 'territory entirely surrounded by another territory', 'subclass_of': ['Q15621274']}
{'id': 'Q15621274', 'label': 'enclave or exclave', 'description': 'geographic descriptions of territories', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q19860854', 'label': 'former building or structure', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15893266', 'Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q4765290', 'label': 'anise drink', 'description': 'anise flavored alcoholic drink', 'subclass_of': ['Q154']}
{'id': 'Q154', 'label': 'alcoholic beverage', 'description': 'drink containing alcohols, typically ethanol', 'subclass_of': ['Q40050', 'Q10675206', 'Q12055130']}
{'id': 'Q40050', 'label': 'drink', 'description': 'kind of liquid which is specifically prepared for human consumption', 'subclass_of': ['Q11435', 'Q2095']}
{'id': 'Q11435', 'label': 'liquid', 'description': 'liquid object', 'subclass_of': ['Q102205']}
{'id': 'Q2095', 'label': 'food', 'description': 'any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for the body; form of energy stored in chemical form', 'subclass_of': ['Q2424752', 'Q2836947']}
{'id': 'Q2836947', 'label': 'animal feed', 'description': 'food for various animals', 'subclass_of': ['Q223557', 'Q837718']}
{'id': 'Q837718', 'label': 'energy storage', 'description': 'capture of energy produced at one time for use at a later time', 'subclass_of': ['Q2901875']}
{'id': 'Q12055130', 'label': 'water-ethanol mixture', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q169336']}
{'id': 'Q17522177', 'label': 'Age', 'description': 'longer period in the history', 'subclass_of': ['Q11514315']}
{'id': 'Q11514315', 'label': 'historical period', 'description': 'segment of time in history', 'subclass_of': ['Q186081']}
{'id': 'Q271716', 'label': 'personality psychology', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q4867047']}
{'id': 'Q4867047', 'label': 'basic science', 'description': 'subdisciplines within psychology that can be thought to reflect a basic-science orientation', 'subclass_of': ['Q9418']}
{'id': 'Q9418', 'label': 'psychology', 'description': 'study of mental functions and behaviours', 'subclass_of': ['Q34749', 'Q11862829']}
{'id': 'Q513847', 'label': 'diamonds', 'description': 'suit in a deck of cards', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q4167836', 'label': 'Wikimedia category', 'description': "use with 'instance of' (P31) for Wikimedia category", 'subclass_of': ['Q12139612', 'Q17442446']}
{'id': 'Q17442446', 'label': 'Wikimedia internal item', 'description': 'instance of this page are about some Wikimedia-only content and should not refer to external World entities', 'subclass_of': ['Q17379835']}
{'id': 'Q17379835', 'label': 'Wikimedia page outside the main knowledge tree', 'description': 'instance of this page should only describe a Wikimedia page, not the outside world concept described in the page', 'subclass_of': ['Q58494026']}
{'id': 'Q58494026', 'label': 'Wikimedia page', 'description': 'page on a Wikimedia project', 'subclass_of': ['Q15474042']}
{'id': 'Q15474042', 'label': 'MediaWiki page', 'description': 'page on a MediaWiki wiki', 'subclass_of': ['Q36774']}
{'id': 'Q36774', 'label': 'web page', 'description': 'single document that is directly viewable via the World Wide Web and web browsers', 'subclass_of': ['Q5358404', 'Q49848']}
{'id': 'Q5358404', 'label': 'electronic page', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1209283', 'Q1260632', 'Q386724']}
{'id': 'Q1209283', 'label': 'electronic media', 'description': 'media that use electronics or electromechanical energy for the audience to access the content', 'subclass_of': ['Q340169']}
{'id': 'Q1260632', 'label': 'content', 'description': 'information and experiences that are directed towards an end-user or audience', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1778235', 'label': 'territorial abbey', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q3146899', 'Q1492823', 'Q160742']}
{'id': 'Q3146899', 'label': 'diocese of the Catholic Church', 'description': 'see under the supervision of a bishop of the Catholic church', 'subclass_of': ['Q665487', 'Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q665487', 'label': 'diocese', 'description': 'Christian district or see under the supervision of a bishop', 'subclass_of': ['Q1492823', 'Q20926517', 'Q51041800']}
{'id': 'Q1492823', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q51041800']}
{'id': 'Q817056', 'label': 'Benedictine monastery', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q44613']}
{'id': 'Q41487', 'label': 'court', 'description': 'judicial institution with the authority to resolve legal disputes', 'subclass_of': ['Q895526', 'Q1412224', 'Q2668072']}
{'id': 'Q1412224', 'label': 'tribunal', 'description': 'person or institution with the authority to judge, adjudicate or determine claims or disputes', 'subclass_of': ['Q15708736']}
{'id': 'Q88372', 'label': 'esplanade', 'description': 'long, open, level area, usually next to a river or a (former) miltary building where people may walk', 'subclass_of': ['Q79007', 'Q369730']}
{'id': 'Q161524', 'label': 'mask', 'description': 'any full or partial face covering, whether ceremonial, protective, decorative, or used as disguise', 'subclass_of': ['Q11460']}
{'id': 'Q16521', 'label': 'taxon', 'description': 'group of one or more organism(s), which a taxonomist adjudges to be a unit', 'subclass_of': ['Q16889133']}
{'id': 'Q1254773', 'label': 'class of instruments', 'description': 'grouping of different but related types of instruments', 'subclass_of': ['Q16889133']}
{'id': 'Q204894', 'label': 'marginal sea', 'description': 'sea partially enclosed by islands, archipelagos, or peninsulas', 'subclass_of': ['Q165']}
{'id': 'Q21170235', 'label': 'iron bridge', 'description': 'bridge made of iron', 'subclass_of': ['Q3397572']}
{'id': 'Q3397572', 'label': 'metal bridge', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q12280']}
{'id': 'Q12039044', 'label': 'urban township of Taiwan', 'description': 'type of administrative division of the Republic of China (Taiwan)', 'subclass_of': ['Q2367508']}
{'id': 'Q2367508', 'label': 'township of Taiwan', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q12081657', 'Q515']}
{'id': 'Q12081657', 'label': 'township level division of the Republic of China', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q50218']}
{'id': 'Q3977918', 'label': 'mineral supergroup', 'description': 'rank of mineral taxonomy', 'subclass_of': ['Q16887380']}
{'id': 'Q61002', 'label': 'pseudonym', 'description': 'name that a person or group assumes for a particular purpose, which differs from his or her original or true name (orthonym)', 'subclass_of': ['Q82799']}
{'id': 'Q1547289', 'label': 'Luther city', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q515']}
{'id': 'Q4369513', 'label': 'sex of humans', 'description': 'biological sex as opposed to the gender identity', 'subclass_of': ['Q154136', 'Q290']}
{'id': 'Q154136', 'label': 'human sexuality', 'description': 'study of people sexual activity', 'subclass_of': ['Q4042967']}
{'id': 'Q4042967', 'label': 'sexuality', 'description': 'anything that is characterized or distinguished by sex', 'subclass_of': ['Q9332']}
{'id': 'Q290', 'label': 'sex', 'description': 'either of two main divisions (either male or female) into which many organisms can be placed, according to reproductive function or organs', 'subclass_of': ['Q4897819']}
{'id': 'Q1640361', 'label': 'climbing area', 'description': 'small geographical region with a concentration of opportunities for climbing', 'subclass_of': ['Q23764314']}
{'id': 'Q11173', 'label': 'chemical compound', 'description': 'pure chemical substance consisting of two or more different chemical elements', 'subclass_of': ['Q79529', 'Q20026787']}
{'id': 'Q20026787', 'label': 'chemical component', 'description': 'type', 'subclass_of': ['Q19478619', 'Q1310239']}
{'id': 'Q47018901', 'label': 'calendar month', 'description': 'one of generally twelve months of a specific calendar. Use with P31', 'subclass_of': ['Q5151']}
{'id': 'Q5151', 'label': 'month', 'description': 'unit of time', 'subclass_of': ['Q186081']}
{'id': 'Q1972', 'label': 'moon of Saturn', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q2537']}
{'id': 'Q2537', 'label': 'natural satellite', 'description': 'celestial body that orbits a planet or other smaller body in turn directly orbiting a star', 'subclass_of': ['Q1297322', 'Q3132741']}
{'id': 'Q1297322', 'label': 'satellite', 'description': 'object in orbit around another object', 'subclass_of': ['Q6999']}
{'id': 'Q1160546', 'label': 'inkwell', 'description': 'container used for holding ink', 'subclass_of': ['Q987767', 'Q121916']}
{'id': 'Q202875', 'label': 'negotiation', 'description': 'dialogue between two or more people or parties intended to reach a beneficial outcome', 'subclass_of': ['Q131395']}
{'id': 'Q131395', 'label': 'dialogue', 'description': 'conversation between two or more people', 'subclass_of': ['Q17584038']}
{'id': 'Q17584038', 'label': 'oral media', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q340169']}
{'id': 'Q15079786', 'label': 'ballet', 'description': 'theatre work that uses ballet dancing', 'subclass_of': ['Q58483088', 'Q17538722']}
{'id': 'Q58483088', 'label': 'choreographic work', 'description': 'work, like a ballet, having a story, plot or abstract idea devised or used for the purpose of interpretation by dancing and/or miming; see also "dramatico-musical work" (Q58483083)', 'subclass_of': ['Q17537576']}
{'id': 'Q17538722', 'label': 'performance work', 'description': 'creative work in the field of the performing arts (not to be confused with performance artwork)', 'subclass_of': ['Q17537576']}
{'id': 'Q741226', 'label': 'byōbu', 'description': 'Japanese folding screen', 'subclass_of': ['Q1144689']}
{'id': 'Q1144689', 'label': 'folding screen', 'description': 'furniture consisting of flat, hinged panels for dividing a room, sometimes with painted decoration', 'subclass_of': ['Q14745']}
{'id': 'Q133792', 'label': 'globe', 'description': 'scale model of a celestial body', 'subclass_of': ['Q1979154', 'Q4006']}
{'id': 'Q4006', 'label': 'geographic map', 'description': 'visual representation of a geographical area', 'subclass_of': ['Q5154109', 'Q1166770', 'Q47461344', 'Q61868351']}
{'id': 'Q5154109', 'label': 'Communication Research', 'description': 'journal', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q61868351', 'label': 'map', 'description': 'visual representation of a concept space', 'subclass_of': ['Q386724', 'Q1166770']}
{'id': 'Q23540', 'label': 'Protestantism', 'description': 'division within Christianity, originating from the Reformation in the 16th century against the Roman Catholic Church, that rejects the Roman Catholic doctrines of papal supremacy and sacraments', 'subclass_of': ['Q5043']}
{'id': 'Q5043', 'label': 'Christianity', 'description': 'monotheistic religious group founded in the first century, that believes Jesus being the Son of God', 'subclass_of': ['Q47280']}
{'id': 'Q47280', 'label': 'Abrahamic religion', 'description': 'category of religions considered as coming from the legacy of Abraham', 'subclass_of': ['Q19842652']}
{'id': 'Q19842652', 'label': 'monotheistic religion', 'description': 'system of faith which emphasises belief in a single deity, to the exclusion of others', 'subclass_of': ['Q9174']}
{'id': 'Q9174', 'label': 'religion', 'description': 'sacred belief system', 'subclass_of': ['Q5390013', 'Q7257', 'Q49447']}
{'id': 'Q5390013', 'label': 'belief system', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q58778']}
{'id': 'Q49447', 'label': 'World view', 'description': "fundamental cognitive orientation of an individual or society encompassing the entirety of the individual or society's knowledge and point of view", 'subclass_of': ['Q131841', 'Q20978643']}
{'id': 'Q131841', 'label': 'idea', 'description': 'mental image or concept', 'subclass_of': ['Q151885', 'Q2145290']}
{'id': 'Q20978643', 'label': 'point of view', 'description': 'standpoint regarding a topic; opinion, attitude, or judgment upon some matter; way that one looks at something', 'subclass_of': ['Q595523']}
{'id': 'Q595523', 'label': 'notion', 'description': 'reflection in the mind of real objects and phenomena in their essential features and relations', 'subclass_of': ['Q9081']}
{'id': 'Q82562', 'label': 'Anserini', 'description': 'tribe of birds, use Q16529344 for "goose"', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q201658', 'label': 'film genre', 'description': 'classification of films based on similarities in narrative elements', 'subclass_of': ['Q1792379']}
{'id': 'Q672729', 'label': 'Islamic republic', 'description': 'theocratic republic based on Islamic principles', 'subclass_of': ['Q7270', 'Q44405', 'Q4204060']}
{'id': 'Q44405', 'label': 'theocracy', 'description': 'form of government with religious leaders', 'subclass_of': ['Q28108']}
{'id': 'Q940462', 'label': 'music hall', 'description': 'type of British theatrical entertainment popular between 1850 and 1960', 'subclass_of': ['Q336181']}
{'id': 'Q336181', 'label': 'variety', 'description': 'entertainment made up of a variety of acts', 'subclass_of': ['Q35140', 'Q15416']}
{'id': 'Q35140', 'label': 'performance', 'description': 'performing arts event, single representation of a performing arts production', 'subclass_of': ['Q1656682', 'Q3800535']}
{'id': 'Q2667413', 'label': 'characterization', 'description': 'representation of persons (or other beings or creatures) in narrative and dramatic works of art', 'subclass_of': ['Q937228']}
{'id': 'Q2418495', 'label': 'independent school', 'description': 'fee-paying school in the United Kingdom', 'subclass_of': ['Q3238833']}
{'id': 'Q3238833', 'label': 'independent school', 'description': 'private, non-parochial school that is not dependent upon national or local government', 'subclass_of': ['Q423208']}
{'id': 'Q423208', 'label': 'private school', 'description': 'school type not administered by local, state or national governments', 'subclass_of': ['Q3914', 'Q23002042']}
{'id': 'Q56189325', 'label': 'spomenik', 'description': 'type of memorial built in Yugoslavia between the 1950s and 1990s', 'subclass_of': ['Q5003624']}
{'id': 'Q2276925', 'label': 'municipality of Galicia', 'description': 'administrative territorial entity of Galicia, Spain', 'subclass_of': ['Q2074737']}
{'id': 'Q189567', 'label': 'food additive', 'description': 'substances added to food to preserve flavor or enhance its taste, appearance, or other qualities', 'subclass_of': ['Q350176', 'Q25403900']}
{'id': 'Q350176', 'label': 'additive', 'description': 'substances mixed in small quantities with another product to modify its chemical or physical state', 'subclass_of': ['Q79529']}
{'id': 'Q2974552', 'label': 'city in New Jersey', 'description': 'form of municipal government in New Jersey, United States of America', 'subclass_of': ['Q54115138', 'Q1093829', 'Q6664400']}
{'id': 'Q843601', 'label': 'health science', 'description': 'applied sciences in healthcare', 'subclass_of': ['Q864928']}
{'id': 'Q864928', 'label': 'life sciences', 'description': 'branch of science about life', 'subclass_of': ['Q7991']}
{'id': 'Q7309306', 'label': 'region of Victoria', 'description': 'economic regions of the Australian state of Victoria', 'subclass_of': ['Q1973901']}
{'id': 'Q1973901', 'label': 'economic region', 'description': 'region of country, allocated on economic principle', 'subclass_of': ['Q15642541']}
{'id': 'Q42948', 'label': 'wall', 'description': 'vertical structure, usually solid, that defines and sometimes protects an area', 'subclass_of': ['Q2448108', 'Q391414']}
{'id': 'Q2448108', 'label': 'structural system', 'description': 'load-resisting sub-system of a structure', 'subclass_of': ['Q811430']}
{'id': 'Q48352', 'label': 'head of state', 'description': 'official who holds the highest ranked position in a sovereign state', 'subclass_of': ['Q372436', 'Q294414']}
{'id': 'Q372436', 'label': 'statesperson', 'description': 'politician in high government offices', 'subclass_of': ['Q82955']}
{'id': 'Q2511322', 'label': 'lycée', 'description': 'part of the French education system', 'subclass_of': ['Q57775519']}
{'id': 'Q57775519', 'label': 'upper secondary school', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q3914']}
{'id': 'Q156362', 'label': 'winery', 'description': 'place that makes wine', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176', 'Q4830453']}
{'id': 'Q784251', 'label': 'Heros', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q22988604']}
{'id': 'Q58180408', 'label': 'air', 'description': 'category of heraldic charges', 'subclass_of': ['Q58180068']}
{'id': 'Q58180068', 'label': 'inanimate charge', 'description': 'category of heraldic charges', 'subclass_of': ['Q3744880']}
{'id': 'Q3411290', 'label': 'smooth-sided pyramid', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q12516']}
{'id': 'Q12516', 'label': 'pyramid', 'description': 'structure whose shape is roughly that of a pyramid in the geometric sense', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q297163', 'label': 'oil mill', 'description': 'industrial mill that extracts oil from seeds or vegetable material', 'subclass_of': ['Q44494']}
{'id': 'Q174211', 'label': 'organic compound', 'description': 'chemical compound that contains carbon (except for a several compounds traditionally classified as inorganic compounds)', 'subclass_of': ['Q11173']}
{'id': 'Q1058795', 'label': 'body fluid', 'description': 'liquids originating from inside of the bodies of living people; include fluids that are excreted or secreted from the body, and body water that normally is not', 'subclass_of': ['Q11435', 'Q27983054', 'Q19388114']}
{'id': 'Q18535', 'label': 'allegory', 'description': 'figure of speech', 'subclass_of': ['Q843227', 'Q182545']}
{'id': 'Q843227', 'label': 'trope', 'description': 'use of figurative language – via word, phrase, or even an image – for artistic effect', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q12117', 'label': 'cereal', 'description': 'grass of which the fruits are used as grain, or the fruits themselves', 'subclass_of': ['Q2643145', 'Q2995529']}
{'id': 'Q2643145', 'label': 'cereals and pseudocereals', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q12117']}
{'id': 'Q2995529', 'label': 'grain', 'description': 'small, hard, dry seed used as food; may be ground into flour', 'subclass_of': ['Q736427', 'Q25403900']}
{'id': 'Q736427', 'label': 'staple food', 'description': 'food that is eaten routinely, and considered a dominant portion of a standard diet', 'subclass_of': ['Q2095']}
{'id': 'Q3257686', 'label': 'locality', 'description': 'place of human settlement', 'subclass_of': ['Q486972']}
{'id': 'Q321053', 'label': 'cenotaph', 'description': '"empty tomb" or monument erected in honor of a person whose remains are elsewhere', 'subclass_of': ['Q4989906', 'Q5003624']}
{'id': 'Q1321960', 'label': 'law school', 'description': 'institution specializing in legal education', 'subclass_of': ['Q38723', 'Q180958']}
{'id': 'Q2680845', 'label': 'Chinese temple', 'description': 'temples used for the practice of Chinese folk religion', 'subclass_of': ['Q44539']}
{'id': 'Q1803829', 'label': 'landscape type', 'description': 'ecosystem type', 'subclass_of': ['Q58778']}
{'id': 'Q188055', 'label': 'siege', 'description': 'military blockade of a city or fortress', 'subclass_of': ['Q273976']}
{'id': 'Q273976', 'label': 'blockade', 'description': 'effort to cut off supplies from a particular area by force', 'subclass_of': ['Q645883']}
{'id': 'Q22999537', 'label': 'vehicle family', 'description': 'set of vehicles which share common automotive components', 'subclass_of': ['Q16889133']}
{'id': 'Q672490', 'label': 'deme', 'description': 'administrative unit in ancient Athens', 'subclass_of': ['Q15623456']}
{'id': 'Q15623456', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of a defunct state', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q19953632']}
{'id': 'Q14660', 'label': 'flag', 'description': 'piece of fabric with a distinctive design', 'subclass_of': ['Q17335294']}
{'id': 'Q17335294', 'label': 'flag or coat of arms', 'description': 'class for all items that are a flag or coat of arms', 'subclass_of': ['Q220659', 'Q112110', 'Q386724']}
{'id': 'Q267995', 'label': 'constitutional convention', 'description': 'gathering for the purpose of writing or revising a constitution', 'subclass_of': ['Q625994']}
{'id': 'Q200538', 'label': 'party', 'description': 'gathering of invited guests', 'subclass_of': ['Q1656682']}
{'id': 'Q2535020', 'label': 'Vrchovina', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q12766313', 'Q271669']}
{'id': 'Q14915034', 'label': 'course', 'description': 'in dining', 'subclass_of': ['Q15989253']}
{'id': 'Q14770218', 'label': 'cantonal capital of Switzerland', 'description': 'capital or administrative center of a canton of Switzerland', 'subclass_of': ['Q5119']}
{'id': 'Q1191622', 'label': 'Special Area of Conservation', 'description': 'type of protected areas in the European Union defined by the Habitats Directive', 'subclass_of': ['Q15069452']}
{'id': 'Q29000394', 'label': 'liturgical costume', 'description': 'clothing associated with or used in the rituals of public worship', 'subclass_of': ['Q2490224', 'Q5064153', 'Q29000407']}
{'id': 'Q2490224', 'label': 'religious clothing', 'description': 'dress which has a special significance to a faith group', 'subclass_of': ['Q11460']}
{'id': 'Q29000407', 'label': 'professional wear', 'description': 'clothing associated with a profession or occupation', 'subclass_of': ['Q11460']}
{'id': 'Q1735471', 'label': 'box girder bridge', 'description': 'type of bridge', 'subclass_of': ['Q1055465']}
{'id': 'Q1055465', 'label': 'girder bridge', 'description': 'bridge built of girders placed on bridge abutments and foundation piers', 'subclass_of': ['Q12280']}
{'id': 'Q52058803', 'label': 'Hofbräu', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q131734']}
{'id': 'Q13414953', 'label': 'religious denomination', 'description': 'identifiable religious subgroup with a common structure and doctrine', 'subclass_of': ['Q1530022']}
{'id': 'Q21915411', 'label': 'hexaptych', 'description': 'six-part polyptych; work of art which is divided into six sections', 'subclass_of': ['Q1278452']}
{'id': 'Q15832079', 'label': 'fictional bird', 'description': 'bird appearing only in fictional story', 'subclass_of': ['Q3542731']}
{'id': 'Q18608583', 'label': 'recurring sporting event', 'description': 'sports event scheduled to recur within a decided interval', 'subclass_of': ['Q13406554', 'Q15275719']}
{'id': 'Q223689', 'label': 'Pietà', 'description': 'biblical and artistic theme of the Virgin Mary cradling the dead body of Jesus', 'subclass_of': ['Q3155356']}
{'id': 'Q3155356', 'label': 'lamentation of Christ', 'description': 'theme in Christian art', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q168678', 'label': 'legal name', 'description': 'name given to a company', 'subclass_of': ['Q82799']}
{'id': 'Q511056', 'label': 'solar deity', 'description': 'sky deity who represents the Sun', 'subclass_of': ['Q178885']}
{'id': 'Q7543083', 'label': 'avenue', 'description': 'type of wide road', 'subclass_of': ['Q79007']}
{'id': 'Q1565828', 'label': "appellation d'origine contrôlée", 'description': 'French protected geographic appellation', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q16884952', 'label': 'country house', 'description': 'large house or mansion in the  countryside', 'subclass_of': ['Q1802963']}
{'id': 'Q1802963', 'label': 'mansion', 'description': 'large dwelling house', 'subclass_of': ['Q3947']}
{'id': 'Q43483', 'label': 'well', 'description': 'excavation or structure created in the ground to access groundwater', 'subclass_of': ['Q15324', 'Q811979', 'Q1630622']}
{'id': 'Q1630622', 'label': 'drinking fountain', 'description': 'fountain designed to provide drinking water', 'subclass_of': ['Q483453']}
{'id': 'Q193430', 'label': 'heterocyclic compound', 'description': 'cyclic compound having as ring members atoms of at least two different elements', 'subclass_of': ['Q66194']}
{'id': 'Q66194', 'label': 'cyclic compound', 'description': 'chemical compound in which a series of atoms is connected to form a loop or ring', 'subclass_of': ['Q11173']}
{'id': 'Q1551015', 'label': 'group portrait', 'description': 'portrait of more than one person', 'subclass_of': ['Q134307']}
{'id': 'Q516114', 'label': 'king', 'description': 'playing card', 'subclass_of': ['Q3071680']}
{'id': 'Q3071680', 'label': 'face card', 'description': 'playing card depicting a person; e.g. the king, queen, and jack in the 52-card French deck; knave, knight, queen, and king in the tarot deck', 'subclass_of': ['Q47883']}
{'id': 'Q15304003', 'label': 'country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q5164076', 'Q1763527']}
{'id': 'Q1763527', 'label': 'constituent country', 'description': 'country that makes up a part of a larger political entity; items should also be tagged as constituent state (Q5164076) if it has its own local government', 'subclass_of': ['Q6256']}
{'id': 'Q1902440', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q52341833']}
{'id': 'Q52341833', 'label': 'state archives', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q166118']}
{'id': 'Q3172759', 'label': 'folk costume', 'description': 'expression of identity through costume, which is usually associated with a geographic area or a period of time in history', 'subclass_of': ['Q28854784', 'Q9053464']}
{'id': 'Q28854784', 'label': 'type of costume', 'description': 'type', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q348', 'label': 'time capsule', 'description': 'cache of goods or data secured for some time to be opened at a date in the future', 'subclass_of': ['Q21550481']}
{'id': 'Q21550481', 'label': 'commemorative container', 'description': 'container used for ceremonial celebrations or eulogies', 'subclass_of': ['Q56612157']}
{'id': 'Q56612157', 'label': 'ceremonial container', 'description': 'container having a primarily ceremonial or ritual purpose', 'subclass_of': ['Q987767', 'Q56627913']}
{'id': 'Q21073024', 'label': 'flammable solid', 'description': 'solid that may ignite in the presence of a source of ignition', 'subclass_of': ['Q11438', 'Q1115533']}
{'id': 'Q58339717', 'label': 'city of India', 'description': 'administrative division at the local government level in India', 'subclass_of': ['Q515', 'Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q1191702', 'label': 'constructed script', 'description': 'new writing system specifically created by an individual or group, rather than having evolved as part of a language or culture like a natural script', 'subclass_of': ['Q8192']}
{'id': 'Q1572875', 'label': 'Oneida', 'description': 'ethnic group', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1529', 'label': 'traffic circle', 'description': 'type of intersection that has a generally circular central island', 'subclass_of': ['Q174782', 'Q285783']}
{'id': 'Q285783', 'label': 'intersection', 'description': 'road junction where two or more roads either meet or cross at grade', 'subclass_of': ['Q1788454', 'Q34442']}
{'id': 'Q1788454', 'label': 'road junction', 'description': 'location where multiple roads intersect that allows vehicular traffic to change from one road to another', 'subclass_of': ['Q1777515']}
{'id': 'Q1777515', 'label': 'junction', 'description': 'location where traffic can change between different routes, directions, or sometimes modes, of travel', 'subclass_of': ['Q83620', 'Q2221906']}
{'id': 'Q3326717', 'label': 'literary movement', 'description': 'art movement in literature', 'subclass_of': ['Q968159']}
{'id': 'Q41014950', 'label': 'ChEBI Ontology term', 'description': 'term belonging to the ChEBI Ontology', 'subclass_of': ['Q1969448']}
{'id': 'Q12859788', 'label': 'steamship', 'description': 'type of steam powered vessel', 'subclass_of': ['Q11446']}
{'id': 'Q15334', 'label': 'municipality of Poland', 'description': 'administrative division of Poland', 'subclass_of': ['Q855451', 'Q15284', 'Q13221722']}
{'id': 'Q862597', 'label': 'musical form', 'description': 'overall structure or plan of a piece of music', 'subclass_of': ['Q15198957', 'Q1437361']}
{'id': 'Q13218391', 'label': 'charter city', 'description': 'type of city in California', 'subclass_of': ['Q13218357', 'Q604886']}
{'id': 'Q13218357', 'label': 'city of California', 'description': 'type of political division of California', 'subclass_of': ['Q1093829']}
{'id': 'Q604886', 'label': 'charter city of the United States', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1093829']}
{'id': 'Q11302705', 'label': 'Common name', 'description': 'Wikimedia disambiguation page', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q107', 'label': 'space', 'description': 'general framework of distances and directions according to a physical observer in its proper time', 'subclass_of': ['Q3054889']}
{'id': 'Q3054889', 'label': 'measurable set', 'description': 'an element of the sigma-algebra of a measurable space', 'subclass_of': ['Q177646']}
{'id': 'Q177646', 'label': 'subset', 'description': 'set A is a subset of a set B, or equivalently B is a superset of A, if A is "contained" inside B, that is, all elements of A are also elements of B. A and B may coincide', 'subclass_of': ['Q3965271', 'Q36161']}
{'id': 'Q3965271', 'label': 'subclass', 'description': 'class contained in some other class in the same way that a subset is a set contained in some other set', 'subclass_of': ['Q130901', 'Q64861']}
{'id': 'Q23015925', 'label': 'demigod of Greek mythology', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q466470', 'Q22989102']}
{'id': 'Q48498', 'label': 'illuminated manuscript', 'description': 'manuscript in which the text is supplemented by the addition of decoration', 'subclass_of': ['Q87167', 'Q4502142']}
{'id': 'Q44475', 'label': 'spear', 'description': 'pole weapon consisting of a shaft, usually of wood, with a pointed head', 'subclass_of': ['Q649107', 'Q768186']}
{'id': 'Q649107', 'label': 'pole weapon', 'description': 'elongated arms that have a metal tip', 'subclass_of': ['Q222405']}
{'id': 'Q768186', 'label': 'sports equipment', 'description': 'object used for sport or exercise', 'subclass_of': ['Q2184715', 'Q16798631']}
{'id': 'Q2184715', 'label': 'durable good', 'description': 'good that does not quickly wear out', 'subclass_of': ['Q28877', 'Q2424752']}
{'id': 'Q17489219', 'label': 'grave slab', 'description': 'horizontal tombstone', 'subclass_of': ['Q860861', 'Q203443']}
{'id': 'Q203443', 'label': 'headstone', 'description': 'sepulchral monument', 'subclass_of': ['Q56055312']}
{'id': 'Q56055312', 'label': 'sepulchral monument', 'description': 'type of funerary structure', 'subclass_of': ['Q6023295', 'Q4989906']}
{'id': 'Q12816129', 'label': 'béguinage', 'description': 'monastic community, common in the Low Countries', 'subclass_of': ['Q1348006', 'Q2742167', 'Q699405']}
{'id': 'Q1348006', 'label': 'city block', 'description': 'central element of urban planning and urban design; smallest area that is surrounded by streets', 'subclass_of': ['Q486972', 'Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q1310653', 'label': 'Swedish Royal Academies', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q955824']}
{'id': 'Q856584', 'label': 'library building', 'description': 'building housing a library', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q15978299', 'label': 'municipality with town privileges in the Czech Republic', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q5153359', 'Q3957', 'Q515']}
{'id': 'Q20643955', 'label': 'human biblical figure', 'description': 'human (as opposed to supernatural) character in the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible or New Testament', 'subclass_of': ['Q12405827', 'Q21070568']}
{'id': 'Q3397526', 'label': 'stone bridge', 'description': 'type of bridge design with stone or brick material', 'subclass_of': ['Q12280']}
{'id': 'Q169358', 'label': 'stratovolcano', 'description': 'tall, conical volcano built up by many layers (strata) of hardened lava', 'subclass_of': ['Q8072', 'Q8502']}
{'id': 'Q740437', 'label': 'pinacotheca', 'description': 'public art gallery', 'subclass_of': ['Q7328910', 'Q207694']}
{'id': 'Q906512', 'label': 'shipwrecking', 'description': 'event causing a ship to wreck', 'subclass_of': ['Q2620513']}
{'id': 'Q2620513', 'label': 'maritime disaster', 'description': 'serious maritime catastrophe', 'subclass_of': ['Q3839081', 'Q2235325']}
{'id': 'Q2235325', 'label': 'ship accident', 'description': 'maritime incident involving a ship', 'subclass_of': ['Q11549517', 'Q11822042']}
{'id': 'Q11549517', 'label': 'water accident', 'description': 'accident that occurs in a body of water, such as sea, river, lake, swimming pool, etc.', 'subclass_of': ['Q171558']}
{'id': 'Q171558', 'label': 'accident', 'description': 'unforeseen and unplanned event or circumstance, often with a negative outcome', 'subclass_of': ['Q3839081', 'Q18669875']}
{'id': 'Q18669875', 'label': 'incident', 'description': 'event that may cause an interruption or a crisis', 'subclass_of': ['Q1190554']}
{'id': 'Q11822042', 'label': 'transport accident', 'description': 'accident in transportation', 'subclass_of': ['Q171558']}
{'id': 'Q1797122', 'label': "artist's house", 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229', 'Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q26220', 'label': 'Vitaceae', 'description': 'family of plants', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q811683', 'label': 'proposed building or structure', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q170584', 'Q811979', 'Q3918409']}
{'id': 'Q20871353', 'label': 'cadastral area in the Czech Republic', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q253326', 'Q3507889']}
{'id': 'Q253326', 'label': 'cadastral municipality', 'description': 'A Central European type of municipality', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q2984138', 'label': 'pigeon', 'description': 'bird', 'subclass_of': ['Q5113']}
{'id': 'Q5113', 'label': 'bird', 'description': 'class of tetrapods', 'subclass_of': ['Q7239']}
{'id': 'Q1941820', 'label': 'mold', 'description': 'hollow form or matrix for shaping a fluid or plastic substance', 'subclass_of': ['Q8205328']}
{'id': 'Q475476', 'label': 'diptych', 'description': 'two-part polyptych', 'subclass_of': ['Q1278452', 'Q2621812']}
{'id': 'Q2621812', 'label': 'dylogy', 'description': 'set of two works of art that are connected', 'subclass_of': ['Q20936777', 'Q29431432']}
{'id': 'Q3502482', 'label': 'cultural region', 'description': 'aspects of culture associated with an ethnolinguistic group and the territory it inhabits', 'subclass_of': ['Q15642541']}
{'id': 'Q383092', 'label': 'art school', 'description': 'educational institution with a primary focus on the visual arts', 'subclass_of': ['Q3914', 'Q1792623', 'Q38723', 'Q162633']}
{'id': 'Q40080', 'label': 'beach', 'description': 'area of sand or small stones near the sea or another area of water such as a lake', 'subclass_of': ['Q19817101', 'Q468756', 'Q17350442']}
{'id': 'Q1898047', 'label': 'Marian devotions', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q13217644', 'label': 'municipality of Portugal', 'description': 'second-level administrative country subdivision of Portugal', 'subclass_of': ['Q13220204', 'Q380230', 'Q1633408', 'Q11618279', 'Q41791733']}
{'id': 'Q380230', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Portugal', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867', 'Q3775649']}
{'id': 'Q3775649', 'label': 'subdivision of Portugal', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1048835']}
{'id': 'Q1633408', 'label': 'concelho', 'description': 'municipality in Portuguese language countries', 'subclass_of': ['Q15284']}
{'id': 'Q11618279', 'label': 'LAU 1', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q163359']}
{'id': 'Q41791733', 'label': 'statistical territorial entity of Portugal', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15042037', 'Q3775649']}
{'id': 'Q1865249', 'label': 'literary museum', 'description': 'museum type that collect items about an author or a literary movement', 'subclass_of': ['Q33506']}
{'id': 'Q1413287', 'label': 'social skills', 'description': 'skill facilitating interactions in a society', 'subclass_of': ['Q205961', 'Q527091']}
{'id': 'Q205961', 'label': 'skill', 'description': 'learned ability to carry out a task', 'subclass_of': ['Q1347367', 'Q9081']}
{'id': 'Q527091', 'label': 'competence', 'description': 'ability and skill to solve problems and a willingness to do so', 'subclass_of': ['Q205961']}
{'id': 'Q16514343', 'label': 'Norse mythical animal', 'description': 'class of characters in Norse mythology', 'subclass_of': ['Q24334299', 'Q24336784']}
{'id': 'Q24336784', 'label': 'Norse mythical creature', 'description': 'class of being in Norse mythology', 'subclass_of': ['Q2239243', 'Q24335044']}
{'id': 'Q777120', 'label': 'borough of Pennsylvania', 'description': 'borough in Pennsylvania', 'subclass_of': ['Q4946305', 'Q6664406']}
{'id': 'Q1393480', 'label': 'Papal Order of Chivalry', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q18328106']}
{'id': 'Q18328106', 'label': 'religion-related award', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q618779']}
{'id': 'Q188869', 'label': 'field', 'description': 'agricultural field', 'subclass_of': ['Q82794']}
{'id': 'Q3529419', 'label': 'small river', 'description': 'Scandinavian term for a watercourse smaller than a river but larger than a stream', 'subclass_of': ['Q55659167']}
{'id': 'Q2887138', 'label': 'civil basilica', 'description': 'type of construction of the Roman Empire', 'subclass_of': ['Q10882966']}
{'id': 'Q10882966', 'label': '(commodity) exchange building', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q1548525', 'label': 'large independent city of Lower Saxony', 'description': 'local government', 'subclass_of': ['Q42744322', 'Q21451942']}
{'id': 'Q21451942', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Lower Saxony', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q387917']}
{'id': 'Q30014', 'label': 'outer planet', 'description': 'planet in the Solar System beyond the orbits of the its Main-belt asteroids', 'subclass_of': ['Q17362350', 'Q30250610', 'Q21857994', 'Q844911']}
{'id': 'Q30250610', 'label': 'object in the outer solar system', 'description': 'due to their greater distance from the Sun, the solid objects in the outer Solar System contain a higher proportion of volatiles (H₂O, NH₃, CH₄) than those of the inner Solar System because the lower temperatures allow these compounds to remain solid', 'subclass_of': ['Q6999']}
{'id': 'Q21857994', 'label': 'giant planet', 'description': 'massive and voluminous planet of low density', 'subclass_of': ['Q634']}
{'id': 'Q3329412', 'label': 'archaeological museum', 'description': 'museum specializing in archaeological artefacts', 'subclass_of': ['Q16735822']}
{'id': 'Q855270', 'label': 'religion in ancient Greece', 'description': 'collection of ancient Greek beliefs, rituals, and mythology', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q253030', 'label': 'major regional center', 'description': 'concept', 'subclass_of': ['Q20724715']}
{'id': 'Q20724715', 'label': 'regional center of Germany', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q387917']}
{'id': 'Q3706669', 'label': 'psychoactive drug', 'description': 'chemical substance that affects brain function or perception', 'subclass_of': ['Q8386']}
{'id': 'Q8386', 'label': 'drug', 'description': 'chemical substance having an effect on the body', 'subclass_of': ['Q79529']}
{'id': 'Q2245442', 'label': 'water pump', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q134574']}
{'id': 'Q134574', 'label': 'pump', 'description': 'device that moves fluids (liquids or gases) by mechanical action', 'subclass_of': ['Q39546', 'Q11019']}
{'id': 'Q619610', 'label': 'social state', 'description': 'state that acts for social security and social justice for its citizens and inhabitants', 'subclass_of': ['Q7275']}
{'id': 'Q1231896', 'label': 'painting technique', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q26904132']}
{'id': 'Q2915873', 'label': 'Royal standard', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q806880']}
{'id': 'Q806880', 'label': 'banner', 'description': 'flag or other piece of cloth bearing a symbol, logo, slogan or other message', 'subclass_of': ['Q429785']}
{'id': 'Q6058157', 'label': 'god', 'description': 'male deity, in contrast to female deities', 'subclass_of': ['Q178885', 'Q190']}
{'id': 'Q190', 'label': 'God', 'description': 'divine entity, supreme being and principal object of faith', 'subclass_of': ['Q178885', 'Q23847174']}
{'id': 'Q23847174', 'label': 'religious concept', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q151885']}
{'id': 'Q24384', 'label': 'season', 'description': 'weather-based subdivision of the year', 'subclass_of': ['Q186081']}
{'id': 'Q2100893', 'label': 'cup with stem', 'description': 'open bowl-shaped vessels, used chiefly for drinking, often having one handle', 'subclass_of': ['Q2453629']}
{'id': 'Q681092', 'label': 'The Happening', 'description': '2008 American science fiction thriller film directed by M. Night Shyamalan', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1760704', 'label': 'withdrawal', 'description': 'military operation', 'subclass_of': ['Q645883']}
{'id': 'Q735160', 'label': 'crude drug', 'description': 'unrefined medications in their raw or natural forms', 'subclass_of': ['Q169336', 'Q12140']}
{'id': 'Q12140', 'label': 'medication', 'description': 'substance used to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent disease', 'subclass_of': ['Q79529']}
{'id': 'Q1161185', 'label': 'high island', 'description': 'island of volcanic origin', 'subclass_of': ['Q23442', 'Q29025902']}
{'id': 'Q1723032', 'label': 'kamienica', 'description': 'Polish tenement building type', 'subclass_of': ['Q11755959']}
{'id': 'Q960522', 'label': 'basal shoot', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q23790', 'label': 'natural monument', 'description': 'natural or natural/cultural feature of outstanding or unique value', 'subclass_of': ['Q386426', 'Q35145263']}
{'id': 'Q7981903', 'label': 'Welsh Government sponsored bodies', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q305', 'label': 'corporal punishment', 'description': 'form of physical punishment that involves pain', 'subclass_of': ['Q186361']}
{'id': 'Q92062', 'label': 'motte-and-bailey castle', 'description': 'fortification with a wooden or stone keep situated on a raised earthwork', 'subclass_of': ['Q23413']}
{'id': 'Q856548', 'label': 'gas lighting', 'description': 'production of artificial light from combustion of a gaseous fuel', 'subclass_of': ['Q210064']}
{'id': 'Q210064', 'label': 'lighting', 'description': 'deliberate use of light to achieve a practical or aesthetic effect', 'subclass_of': ['Q391414', 'Q11271324']}
{'id': 'Q11271324', 'label': 'energy transformation', 'description': 'process of changing energy from one of its forms into another', 'subclass_of': ['Q3249551']}
{'id': 'Q26958661', 'label': 'naval museum', 'description': 'museum specialising in naval history', 'subclass_of': ['Q2772772', 'Q1863818']}
{'id': 'Q1863818', 'label': 'maritime museum', 'description': 'museum specializing in the display of objects relating to ships and travel on large bodies of water', 'subclass_of': ['Q2516357']}
{'id': 'Q653208', 'label': 'monolith', 'description': 'stone  block made of one single piece; object made of one single rock piece.', 'subclass_of': ['Q271669', 'Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q4392985', 'label': 'religious identity', 'description': 'type of identity create by a type of religious belief', 'subclass_of': ['Q844569']}
{'id': 'Q1778846', 'label': 'proving ground', 'description': 'military installation or reservation where weapons, military technology, or tactics are experimented with or are tested', 'subclass_of': ['Q245016']}
{'id': 'Q2921357', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1707610', 'label': 'war cemetery', 'description': 'cemetery in which people killed by a war are buried', 'subclass_of': ['Q39614', 'Q56190453']}
{'id': 'Q56190453', 'label': 'memorial complex', 'description': 'site, complex or area for commemorating a historic event or person', 'subclass_of': ['Q5003624', 'Q1497364']}
{'id': 'Q17412622', 'label': 'automobile marque', 'description': 'brand or make of a car', 'subclass_of': ['Q431289']}
{'id': 'Q431289', 'label': 'brand', 'description': 'identifies a good or service', 'subclass_of': ['Q16889133', 'Q167270']}
{'id': 'Q167270', 'label': 'trademark', 'description': 'recognizable sign, design or expression which identifies products or services', 'subclass_of': ['Q131257', 'Q3695082', 'Q80071']}
{'id': 'Q131257', 'label': 'intellectual property', 'description': 'legal concept', 'subclass_of': ['Q1146011', 'Q332624', 'Q6422240', 'Q427581']}
{'id': 'Q1146011', 'label': 'exclusive right', 'description': 'a non-tangible prerogative existing in law', 'subclass_of': ['Q780687']}
{'id': 'Q780687', 'label': 'rights', 'description': 'fundamental legal, social, or ethical principles of freedom or entitlement according to some legal system, social convention, or ethical theory', 'subclass_of': ['Q627436', 'Q321839']}
{'id': 'Q627436', 'label': 'field of work', 'description': 'particular area of activity in industry and science', 'subclass_of': ['Q1047113']}
{'id': 'Q332624', 'label': 'Erga omnes', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q7748']}
{'id': 'Q427581', 'label': 'intangible asset', 'description': 'asset that lacks physical substance and usually is very hard to evaluate', 'subclass_of': ['Q46737']}
{'id': 'Q46737', 'label': 'asset', 'description': 'economic resource, from which future economic benefits are expected', 'subclass_of': ['Q1554231']}
{'id': 'Q890269', 'label': 'Cardinal-nephew', 'description': 'nephew or relative of a pope appointed as a cardinal by him', 'subclass_of': ['Q45722']}
{'id': 'Q45722', 'label': 'cardinal', 'description': 'senior ecclesiastical official in the Catholic Church', 'subclass_of': ['Q611644']}
{'id': 'Q611644', 'label': 'Catholic bishop', 'description': 'ordained minister in the Catholic Church (for other religious denominations, use Q29182)', 'subclass_of': ['Q29182', 'Q250867']}
{'id': 'Q29182', 'label': 'bishop', 'description': 'ordained or consecrated member of the Christian clergy (for Catholic bishops, use Q611644, for Orthodox bishops, use Q15283040)', 'subclass_of': ['Q1423891']}
{'id': 'Q250867', 'label': 'Catholic priest', 'description': 'main form of minister in the Catholic Church', 'subclass_of': ['Q831474']}
{'id': 'Q831474', 'label': 'presbyter', 'description': 'profession', 'subclass_of': ['Q42603', 'Q1423891']}
{'id': 'Q42603', 'label': 'priest', 'description': 'person authorized to lead the sacred rituals of a religion (for a minister use Q1423891)', 'subclass_of': ['Q2259532']}
{'id': 'Q2259532', 'label': 'cleric', 'description': 'member of the clergy of a religion', 'subclass_of': ['Q4504549']}
{'id': 'Q28790362', 'label': 'ethnic community', 'description': 'in a specific country or region', 'subclass_of': ['Q41710']}
{'id': 'Q21745157', 'label': 'destroyed artwork', 'description': 'piece of art that has been destroyed', 'subclass_of': ['Q838948', 'Q15893266']}
{'id': 'Q1888604', 'label': 'two component glue', 'description': 'adhesive consisting of various components (resin and hardener)', 'subclass_of': ['Q500548']}
{'id': 'Q500548', 'label': 'glue', 'description': 'sticky material (usually a liquid) that can stick two or more things together', 'subclass_of': ['Q863583', 'Q131790']}
{'id': 'Q4140840', 'label': 'lost artwork', 'description': 'piece of art that once existed', 'subclass_of': ['Q838948', 'Q21752591']}
{'id': 'Q133182', 'label': 'superstition', 'description': 'belief in irrational supernatural causality', 'subclass_of': ['Q3769299', 'Q1914636']}
{'id': 'Q847027', 'label': 'grande école', 'description': 'French institutions of higher education', 'subclass_of': ['Q38723', 'Q3914']}
{'id': 'Q1189816', 'label': 'ethnic religion', 'description': 'religion defined by the ethnicity of its adherents', 'subclass_of': ['Q9174']}
{'id': 'Q1788716', 'label': 'military decoration', 'description': 'award, usually a medal of some sort, mark of honor', 'subclass_of': ['Q618779']}
{'id': 'Q46395', 'label': 'British Overseas Territory', 'description': 'territory under the jurisdiction and sovereignty of the United Kingdom but not part of it', 'subclass_of': ['Q717478', 'Q161243', 'Q1048835']}
{'id': 'Q13107770', 'label': 'archipelagic state', 'description': 'island countries that consist of an archipelago', 'subclass_of': ['Q112099']}
{'id': 'Q15742145', 'label': 'independence movement', 'description': 'movement working for making territory an independent country', 'subclass_of': ['Q2738074']}
{'id': 'Q2738074', 'label': 'political movement', 'description': 'movement to obtain a political goal', 'subclass_of': ['Q49773']}
{'id': 'Q1156854', 'label': 'policy', 'description': 'principle or protocol to guide decisions and achieve rational outcomes', 'subclass_of': ['Q211364', 'Q17537576']}
{'id': 'Q1878344', 'label': 'luxury train', 'description': 'special train, designed for elegance and comfort', 'subclass_of': ['Q870']}
{'id': 'Q162244', 'label': 'hero', 'description': 'person who displays characteristics of heroism', 'subclass_of': ['Q17573152', 'Q95074']}
{'id': 'Q17573152', 'label': 'believer', 'description': 'person who believes in something', 'subclass_of': ['Q215627']}
{'id': 'Q1416685', 'label': 'rampart', 'description': 'length of bank or wall forming part of the defensive boundary of a fortification', 'subclass_of': ['Q57346', 'Q1349587']}
{'id': 'Q57346', 'label': 'defensive wall', 'description': 'fortification used to protect an area from potential aggressors', 'subclass_of': ['Q42948', 'Q57821']}
{'id': 'Q1349587', 'label': 'earthwork', 'description': 'general term to describe artificial changes in land level', 'subclass_of': ['Q814254', 'Q19816755']}
{'id': 'Q814254', 'label': 'feature', 'description': 'archaeological term to describe a collection of one or more contexts representing some human non-portable activity', 'subclass_of': ['Q220659']}
{'id': 'Q12493', 'label': 'dome', 'description': 'architectural element that resembles the hollow upper half of a sphere', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q8514', 'label': 'desert', 'description': 'barren area of land where little precipitation occurs', 'subclass_of': ['Q107425']}
{'id': 'Q15310171', 'label': 'seaport', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q44782', 'Q27895381']}
{'id': 'Q27895381', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q121359']}
{'id': 'Q871419', 'label': 'district of Austria', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q361733', 'Q264441', 'Q13220204']}
{'id': 'Q264441', 'label': 'Bezirk', 'description': 'district in Germany, Austria and Switzerland', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q183272', 'label': 'frieze', 'description': 'wide central section part of an entablature', 'subclass_of': ['Q335261', 'Q391414']}
{'id': 'Q37038', 'label': 'advertising', 'description': 'form of communication for marketing, typically paid for', 'subclass_of': ['Q11028', 'Q17537576', 'Q7406919']}
{'id': 'Q11639', 'label': 'dance', 'description': 'dance as a performing art', 'subclass_of': ['Q184485', 'Q747883', 'Q45971958']}
{'id': 'Q747883', 'label': 'physical activity', 'description': 'bodily activity of humans, executed by themselves', 'subclass_of': ['Q1914636', 'Q6666023']}
{'id': 'Q6666023', 'label': 'motion', 'description': 'locomotor activity', 'subclass_of': ['Q79782', 'Q193514']}
{'id': 'Q193514', 'label': 'deformation', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1150070']}
{'id': 'Q45971958', 'label': 'performing arts genre', 'description': 'genre of the performing arts (such as drama, drama with music, opera, ballet, etc.)', 'subclass_of': ['Q1792379']}
{'id': 'Q49836', 'label': 'wedding', 'description': 'ceremony where people are united in marriage', 'subclass_of': ['Q2627975']}
{'id': 'Q178342', 'label': 'archangel', 'description': 'angel of high rank', 'subclass_of': ['Q235113', 'Q10822464']}
{'id': 'Q10822464', 'label': 'angel in Christianity', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q235113']}
{'id': 'Q2945282', 'label': 'documentation centre', 'description': 'organisation that deals with documentation', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229', 'Q2221906']}
{'id': 'Q24284226', 'label': 'agricultural deity', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q178885']}
{'id': 'Q182676', 'label': 'mountain hut', 'description': 'building located in the mountains', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q357375', 'label': 'secular building', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q10460934', 'label': 'artificial hill', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q54050', 'Q19816755']}
{'id': 'Q837249', 'label': 'marble sculpture', 'description': 'art of creating three-dimensional forms from marble', 'subclass_of': ['Q860861']}
{'id': 'Q857909', 'label': 'beer garden', 'description': 'outdoor area in which beer, other drinks, and local food are served', 'subclass_of': ['Q5307737']}
{'id': 'Q2927789', 'label': 'buitenplaats', 'description': 'summer residence for rich townspeople in the Netherlands', 'subclass_of': ['Q3694', 'Q1802963', 'Q7743']}
{'id': 'Q3694', 'label': 'vacation property', 'description': 'niche in the real estate market', 'subclass_of': ['Q11755880']}
{'id': 'Q838718', 'label': 'city fire', 'description': 'conflagration in a major city', 'subclass_of': ['Q168983']}
{'id': 'Q1187811', 'label': 'college town', 'description': 'community dominated by its university population', 'subclass_of': ['Q515']}
{'id': 'Q3393392', 'label': 'highest point', 'description': 'highest elevation of a geographical zone', 'subclass_of': ['Q10578722', 'Q271669', 'Q44946']}
{'id': 'Q10578722', 'label': 'maximum', 'description': 'greatest value, largest in a set', 'subclass_of': ['Q47517368']}
{'id': 'Q47517368', 'label': 'maximal element', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q379825']}
{'id': 'Q44946', 'label': 'point', 'description': 'fundamental object of geometry: locus within which we can distinguish no other locus than itself', 'subclass_of': ['Q1801244', 'Q36809769', 'Q211548', 'Q379825']}
{'id': 'Q1801244', 'label': 'zero-dimensional space', 'description': 'topological space that has dimension zero with respect to one of several inequivalent notions of assigning a dimension to a given topological space', 'subclass_of': ['Q1191433']}
{'id': 'Q1191433', 'label': 'Tychonoff space', 'description': 'type of topological space', 'subclass_of': ['Q1193403']}
{'id': 'Q1193403', 'label': 'regular space', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q179899']}
{'id': 'Q36809769', 'label': 'object of group', 'description': 'group object (of a group, which consists of objects)', 'subclass_of': ['Q17553950']}
{'id': 'Q902104', 'label': 'private university', 'description': 'university not operated by a government', 'subclass_of': ['Q3918', 'Q23002042']}
{'id': 'Q28328984', 'label': 'village in Armenia', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q532', 'Q3685430']}
{'id': 'Q532', 'label': 'village', 'description': 'small clustered human settlement smaller than a town', 'subclass_of': ['Q14788575', 'Q175185']}
{'id': 'Q175185', 'label': 'rural area', 'description': 'geographic area that is located outside towns and cities', 'subclass_of': ['Q2221906', 'Q82794']}
{'id': 'Q3152908', 'label': 'Iranian musical instrument', 'description': 'Wikimedia list article', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q170980', 'label': 'obelisk', 'description': 'tall, four-sided, narrow tapering monument which ends in a pyramid-like shape at the top', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979', 'Q4989906']}
{'id': 'Q893775', 'label': 'National Monument of the United States', 'description': 'monuments assigned protected status by Presidents of the US', 'subclass_of': ['Q473972', 'Q852446']}
{'id': 'Q20830276', 'label': 'group of mythical characters', 'description': 'class of groupings of mythical entities', 'subclass_of': ['Q24334685']}
{'id': 'Q29171', 'label': 'infantry', 'description': 'military service branch concerned with combat by individuals on foot', 'subclass_of': ['Q4793045']}
{'id': 'Q2651004', 'label': 'palazzo', 'description': 'type of palatial building in Italy', 'subclass_of': ['Q16560']}
{'id': 'Q52152418', 'label': 'grand staircase', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q12511']}
{'id': 'Q1499881', 'label': 'outdoor game', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q11410']}
{'id': 'Q573344', 'label': 'main stream', 'description': 'final large channel of a riverine system', 'subclass_of': ['Q355304']}
{'id': 'Q513550', 'label': 'hermitage', 'description': 'building, place where a hermit lives in seclusion from the world', 'subclass_of': ['Q1370598', 'Q11755880']}
{'id': 'Q45776', 'label': 'fjord', 'description': 'long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created in a valley carved by glacial activity', 'subclass_of': ['Q35116038']}
{'id': 'Q35116038', 'label': 'shoreline indentation', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q19817101', 'Q15324']}
{'id': 'Q47092', 'label': 'rape', 'description': 'type of sexual assault', 'subclass_of': ['Q673281', 'Q83267']}
{'id': 'Q673281', 'label': 'sexual assault', 'description': 'sexual act in which a person is coerced or physically forced to engage against their will, or a non-consensual sexual touching of a person', 'subclass_of': ['Q83267', 'Q558075']}
{'id': 'Q558075', 'label': 'sexual violence', 'description': 'sexual act or attempt to obtain a sexual act by violence or coercion', 'subclass_of': ['Q124490', 'Q43414']}
{'id': 'Q43414', 'label': 'sexual abuse', 'description': 'forcing undesired sexual behavior by one person upon another', 'subclass_of': ['Q83267', 'Q1075388', 'Q600571']}
{'id': 'Q1075388', 'label': 'sex and the law', 'description': 'how human sexual behavior interact with, and are regulated by, laws', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q600571', 'label': 'abuse', 'description': 'improper usage or treatment of an entity', 'subclass_of': ['Q3769299']}
{'id': 'Q15303838', 'label': 'municipality seat', 'description': 'location of the main elements of the government of a municipality', 'subclass_of': ['Q956214', 'Q1306755']}
{'id': 'Q11658', 'label': 'transformer', 'description': 'electrical artefact that transfers energy through electromagnetic induction', 'subclass_of': ['Q210729']}
{'id': 'Q210729', 'label': 'electrical element', 'description': 'smallest fundamental unit regarded as part of an electrical circuit', 'subclass_of': ['Q1310239', 'Q2424752']}
{'id': 'Q7810129', 'label': 'title of authority', 'description': 'official designation of a position held in an organization associated with certain duties of authority', 'subclass_of': ['Q216353']}
{'id': 'Q1802801', 'label': 'Landgemeinde of Austria', 'description': 'type of Austrian rural municipality', 'subclass_of': ['Q667509']}
{'id': 'Q3252884', 'label': 'Gau', 'description': 'German term for a region within a country', 'subclass_of': ['Q82794']}
{'id': 'Q15077303', 'label': 'landscape garden', 'description': 'naturalitic, park-like type of garden developed in the 18th century as a reaction to the formal garden', 'subclass_of': ['Q22698', 'Q1107656']}
{'id': 'Q197204', 'label': 'fur', 'description': 'soft, thick, hairy coat of a mammal', 'subclass_of': ['Q1074', 'Q629103']}
{'id': 'Q1074', 'label': 'skin', 'description': 'soft outer covering organ of vertebrates', 'subclass_of': ['Q24060765', 'Q629103']}
{'id': 'Q24060765', 'label': 'animal organ', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q712378', 'Q25570959']}
{'id': 'Q25570959', 'label': 'animal structure', 'description': 'organs and other anatomical structures of  vertebrate and invertebrate animals.', 'subclass_of': ['Q4936952']}
{'id': 'Q629103', 'label': 'animal product', 'description': 'material derived from the bodies of animals', 'subclass_of': ['Q28969293']}
{'id': 'Q36192', 'label': 'folklore', 'description': 'consists of legends, music, oral history, proverbs, jokes, popular beliefs, fairy tales, etc.', 'subclass_of': ['Q17537576']}
{'id': 'Q899409', 'label': 'gens', 'description': 'Roman family unit', 'subclass_of': ['Q874405', 'Q16334295']}
{'id': 'Q291177', 'label': 'rose garden', 'description': 'garden or park which comprises mainly of roses', 'subclass_of': ['Q1107656']}
{'id': 'Q510474', 'label': 'jack', 'description': 'playing card', 'subclass_of': ['Q3071680']}
{'id': 'Q178659', 'label': 'illustration', 'description': 'depiction made by an artist', 'subclass_of': ['Q478798', 'Q4502142']}
{'id': 'Q1637706', 'label': 'city with millions of inhabitants', 'description': 'city with a population of more than 1,000,000', 'subclass_of': ['Q1549591']}
{'id': 'Q1549591', 'label': 'big city', 'description': 'city with a population of more than 100,000 inhabitants', 'subclass_of': ['Q515']}
{'id': 'Q217438', 'label': 'demonym', 'description': 'name for a resident of a locality', 'subclass_of': ['Q10856962']}
{'id': 'Q256020', 'label': 'inn', 'description': 'establishment providing lodging, food and drink', 'subclass_of': ['Q27686', 'Q5307737', 'Q11707']}
{'id': 'Q27686', 'label': 'hotel', 'description': 'establishment that provides lodging paid on a short-term basis', 'subclass_of': ['Q655686', 'Q5056668', 'Q4830453']}
{'id': 'Q5056668', 'label': 'lodging', 'description': 'type of residential accommodation', 'subclass_of': ['Q699405']}
{'id': 'Q41614', 'label': 'constitutional monarchy', 'description': 'A type of monarchy in which power is restricted by a constitution', 'subclass_of': ['Q7269', 'Q5164076']}
{'id': 'Q1061151', 'label': 'massif', 'description': "section of a planet's crust that is demarcated by faults or flexures", 'subclass_of': ['Q107425', 'Q271669', 'Q1185892']}
{'id': 'Q1185892', 'label': 'geological massif', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1496967']}
{'id': 'Q38048707', 'label': 'historical cultural heritage site', 'description': 'class of cultural heritage site of Australia', 'subclass_of': ['Q2065736', 'Q2221906', 'Q358']}
{'id': 'Q1752223', 'label': 'cippus', 'description': 'Etruscan gravestone', 'subclass_of': ['Q178743', 'Q203443']}
{'id': 'Q178743', 'label': 'stele', 'description': 'stone or wooden slab erected for funerals or commemorative purposes', 'subclass_of': ['Q1885014', 'Q220659']}
{'id': 'Q900119', 'label': 'United Nations list of Non-Self-Governing Territories', 'description': 'document, maintained by the UN General Assembly, listing territories that are not self-governing and subject to decolonization, according to Chapter XI of the UN Charter', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q4387609', 'label': 'architectural firm', 'description': 'company employing licensed architects, offering architecture-related services', 'subclass_of': ['Q4830453']}
{'id': 'Q489357', 'label': 'farmhouse', 'description': 'main house of a farm', 'subclass_of': ['Q3947', 'Q10480682']}
{'id': 'Q2177636', 'label': 'municipality of Denmark', 'description': 'type of administrative division in Denmark', 'subclass_of': ['Q11618279', 'Q3976655', 'Q1048835', 'Q13220204']}
{'id': 'Q3976655', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Denmark', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q146728', 'label': 'water wheel', 'description': 'machine for converting falling or flowing water into useful power', 'subclass_of': ['Q446', 'Q2551094']}
{'id': 'Q446', 'label': 'wheel', 'description': 'one of the six simple machines, a circular item that rotates about an axial bearing', 'subclass_of': ['Q186713']}
{'id': 'Q186713', 'label': 'simple machine', 'description': 'device that changes the direction or magnitude of a force', 'subclass_of': ['Q517596', 'Q1183543', 'Q1310239']}
{'id': 'Q2551094', 'label': 'hydro power machine', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1254365']}
{'id': 'Q1254365', 'label': 'engine-generator', 'description': 'combination of an electrical generator and an engine in a single part', 'subclass_of': ['Q44167', 'Q131502']}
{'id': 'Q44167', 'label': 'engine', 'description': 'machine designed to produce mechanical energy from another form of energy', 'subclass_of': ['Q11019']}
{'id': 'Q131502', 'label': 'electric generator', 'description': 'device that converts other energy to electrical energy', 'subclass_of': ['Q951504', 'Q1753139']}
{'id': 'Q951504', 'label': 'electric machine', 'description': 'apparatus that converts energy through means of magnetic induction', 'subclass_of': ['Q11019']}
{'id': 'Q1753139', 'label': 'power source', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q31464082']}
{'id': 'Q2495862', 'label': 'congress', 'description': 'formal meeting of the representatives of different nations, independent organizations (such as trade unions), or groups', 'subclass_of': ['Q2761147']}
{'id': 'Q217164', 'label': 'floor', 'description': 'walking surface of a room', 'subclass_of': ['Q391414']}
{'id': 'Q7805266', 'label': 'time and fate deity', 'description': 'personification of time in polytheistic religions', 'subclass_of': ['Q178885']}
{'id': 'Q23905069', 'label': 'military unit type class', 'description': 'class of military formations defined by combat or service branch', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q12334344', 'label': 'legendary hero', 'description': 'heroic character that appears in legends that have some claim to be historical', 'subclass_of': ['Q13002315', 'Q162244']}
{'id': 'Q23905051', 'label': 'infantry brigade', 'description': 'military formation of brigade size built around elements of the infantry branch', 'subclass_of': ['Q102356']}
{'id': 'Q102356', 'label': 'brigade', 'description': 'military formation size designation, typically of 3-6 battalions', 'subclass_of': ['Q9392615']}
{'id': 'Q9392615', 'label': 'large unit', 'description': 'high-level military unit with a permanent table of organization', 'subclass_of': ['Q4005772']}
{'id': 'Q4005772', 'label': 'major military unit', 'description': 'organizational level unit, usually regiment or larger', 'subclass_of': ['Q176799']}
{'id': 'Q5084', 'label': 'hamlet', 'description': 'small settlement in a rural area', 'subclass_of': ['Q14788575']}
{'id': 'Q3927261', 'label': 'quarter of Naples', 'description': 'division of the city of Naples, Italy', 'subclass_of': ['Q5571369']}
{'id': 'Q5571369', 'label': 'quarter of a city in Italy', 'description': 'territorial subdivision of certain Italian towns', 'subclass_of': ['Q123705']}
{'id': 'Q34760007', 'label': 'mythological ship', 'description': 'ship occurring in mythology', 'subclass_of': ['Q20203727']}
{'id': 'Q4828724', 'label': 'aviation museum', 'description': 'museum exhibiting history and artifacts of aviation', 'subclass_of': ['Q2516357']}
{'id': 'Q3343298', 'label': 'non-departmental public body', 'description': 'classification applied to quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations in the UK', 'subclass_of': ['Q1940786']}
{'id': 'Q1940786', 'label': 'quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisation', 'description': 'organization to which a government has devolved power', 'subclass_of': ['Q2659904']}
{'id': 'Q48634', 'label': 'sarcophagus', 'description': 'box-like funeral receptacle', 'subclass_of': ['Q220659', 'Q184418']}
{'id': 'Q184418', 'label': 'coffin', 'description': 'Container for transport, laying out and the burial of a corpse', 'subclass_of': ['Q56612128']}
{'id': 'Q56612128', 'label': 'funerary container', 'description': 'ceremonial container used in the context of a funeral or burial', 'subclass_of': ['Q56612157']}
{'id': 'Q183342', 'label': 'federal city of Russia', 'description': 'Russian city which has a status of both an inhabited locality and a constituent federal subject', 'subclass_of': ['Q43263', 'Q18398645']}
{'id': 'Q43263', 'label': 'federal subject of Russia', 'description': 'official constitutional top-level political division of Russia', 'subclass_of': ['Q5164076', 'Q192287', 'Q10864048']}
{'id': 'Q1210725', 'label': 'secession', 'description': 'artist group that separates itself from official academic art', 'subclass_of': ['Q4502119']}
{'id': 'Q3917160', 'label': 'Pavo', 'description': 'genus of birds', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1276556', 'label': 'plantation', 'description': 'type of minor civil division in Maine, United States', 'subclass_of': ['Q1995480']}
{'id': 'Q1995480', 'label': 'minor civil division', 'description': 'governmental divisions of U.S. counties, such as civil townships', 'subclass_of': ['Q15042037', 'Q852446']}
{'id': 'Q1087471', 'label': 'relic associated with Jesus', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q187616']}
{'id': 'Q187616', 'label': 'relic', 'description': 'ancient religious object preserved for purposes of veneration', 'subclass_of': ['Q16842191']}
{'id': 'Q16842191', 'label': 'heirloom', 'description': 'is something, perhaps an antique or some kind of jewelry, that has been passed down for generations through family members', 'subclass_of': ['Q21029893']}
{'id': 'Q1211146', 'label': 'rock art', 'description': 'human-made markings on natural stone', 'subclass_of': ['Q838948', 'Q27096235']}
{'id': 'Q1759852', 'label': 'sculpture garden', 'description': 'outdoor garden dedicated to the presentation of sculpture', 'subclass_of': ['Q22698', 'Q7328910']}
{'id': 'Q926743', 'label': 'The Madonna in art', 'description': 'artistic theme', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q625298', 'label': 'peace treaty', 'description': 'agreement between two or more hostile parties which formally ends a state of war', 'subclass_of': ['Q131569']}
{'id': 'Q131569', 'label': 'treaty', 'description': 'express agreement under international law entered into by actors in international law', 'subclass_of': ['Q2635077', 'Q321839', 'Q49848', 'Q1151067', 'Q820655']}
{'id': 'Q2635077', 'label': 'sources of international law', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q846882']}
{'id': 'Q1468524', 'label': 'city center', 'description': 'commercial, cultural and often the historical, political and geographic heart of a city', 'subclass_of': ['Q123705']}
{'id': 'Q21777907', 'label': 'covered beaker', 'description': 'prized decorative cup with lid, often created for guilds or other societies, made of glass or precious metals', 'subclass_of': ['Q851782']}
{'id': 'Q2104247', 'label': 'transformer column', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q478986', 'Q13964']}
{'id': 'Q478986', 'label': 'distribution substation', 'description': 'small electrical substation, part of distribution networks', 'subclass_of': ['Q174814', 'Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q174814', 'label': 'electrical substation', 'description': 'part of an electrical generation, transmission, and/or distribution system', 'subclass_of': ['Q12144897', 'Q1183543', 'Q13226383']}
{'id': 'Q13964', 'label': 'advertising column', 'description': 'cylindrical outdoor sidewalk structures', 'subclass_of': ['Q21012159']}
{'id': 'Q21012159', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q4817']}
{'id': 'Q4817', 'label': 'column', 'description': 'structural element sustaining the weight of a building', 'subclass_of': ['Q16029504', 'Q811979', 'Q391414']}
{'id': 'Q22813672', 'label': 'two biblical humans', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q22813674', 'Q15618652']}
{'id': 'Q22813674', 'label': 'group of biblical humans', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q14514600', 'Q16334295']}
{'id': 'Q2141830', 'label': 'boating', 'description': 'leisure activity involving boats', 'subclass_of': ['Q351363', 'Q184872']}
{'id': 'Q351363', 'label': 'seamanship', 'description': 'art of operating a ship or boat', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q1048314', 'label': 'human hair color', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1075']}
{'id': 'Q2972684', 'label': 'Parisian cemetery', 'description': 'cemeteries maintained by the city of Paris (located inside or outside Paris proper)', 'subclass_of': ['Q39614']}
{'id': 'Q61297932', 'label': 'neighborhood in Manhattan, New York City', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q287414']}
{'id': 'Q287414', 'label': 'neighborhood in New York City', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q123705']}
{'id': 'Q17450342', 'label': 'envoi de Rome', 'description': 'artistic interpretation of Rome, delivered to the French Academy in Rome by those awarded the Prix-de-Rome', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q48075064', 'label': 'sea god', 'description': 'god connected to the sea in various mythologies', 'subclass_of': ['Q1916821']}
{'id': 'Q194070', 'label': 'facsimile', 'description': 'copy or reproduction of an old book, manuscript, map, art print, or other item of historical value', 'subclass_of': ['Q23013246']}
{'id': 'Q642861', 'label': 'holy water font', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q40287877']}
{'id': 'Q40287877', 'label': 'water basin', 'description': 'bowl like device that holds water, typically for washing', 'subclass_of': ['Q153988', 'Q7973769']}
{'id': 'Q153988', 'label': 'bowl', 'description': 'round, open-top container frequently used as tableware', 'subclass_of': ['Q851782', 'Q987767']}
{'id': 'Q23457088', 'label': 'arbor', 'description': 'light, open structure either formed from trees, shrubs, or vines closely planted and twined together to be self-supporting or formed from a latticework frame covered with plants; generally less extensive and less substantial than a pergola', 'subclass_of': ['Q5522423']}
{'id': 'Q5522423', 'label': 'garden structure', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q392928', 'label': 'geological period', 'description': 'subdivision of geological time; shorter than an era and longer than an epoch', 'subclass_of': ['Q26907166']}
{'id': 'Q189409', 'label': 'lottery', 'description': 'gambling which involves the drawing of lots for a prize', 'subclass_of': ['Q11416']}
{'id': 'Q11416', 'label': 'gambling', 'description': 'wagering of money on a game of chance or event with an uncertain outcome', 'subclass_of': ['Q3590573']}
{'id': 'Q3590573', 'label': 'game of chance', 'description': 'game whose outcome is mainly determined by random events', 'subclass_of': ['Q11410']}
{'id': 'Q1047698', 'label': 'superpower', 'description': 'superhuman ability of a fictional character', 'subclass_of': ['Q14897293', 'Q29604895']}
{'id': 'Q29604895', 'label': 'superhuman quality', 'description': 'quality that exceeds those found in humans', 'subclass_of': ['Q1207505']}
{'id': 'Q1416517', 'label': 'carton', 'description': 'life-size drawing on cardboard, used as a design for an artwork', 'subclass_of': ['Q2431125', 'Q5078274', 'Q3859830']}
{'id': 'Q3859830', 'label': 'modello', 'description': 'preparatory study or model, usually at a smaller scale, for a work of art or architecture, especially one produced for the approval of the commissioning patron', 'subclass_of': ['Q8205328']}
{'id': 'Q162875', 'label': 'mausoleum', 'description': 'monument enclosing the interment space or burial chamber of a deceased person or people', 'subclass_of': ['Q6023295', 'Q41176']}
{'id': 'Q5124045', 'label': 'city with special status', 'description': 'type of administrative territorial entity of Ukraine', 'subclass_of': ['Q200209', 'Q10864048', 'Q3348196']}
{'id': 'Q3348196', 'label': 'oblast of Ukraine', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q10864048', 'Q1048835', 'Q171308']}
{'id': 'Q171308', 'label': 'oblast', 'description': 'first-level administrative division in several countries', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q206122', 'label': 'sightline', 'description': 'landscape element', 'subclass_of': ['Q160402']}
{'id': 'Q828909', 'label': 'wharf', 'description': 'structure on the shore of a harbor or on the bank of a river or canal where ships dock', 'subclass_of': ['Q811430', 'Q283202', 'Q2466889', 'Q83620']}
{'id': 'Q283202', 'label': 'harbor', 'description': 'sheltered body of water where ships, boats, and barges can be docked', 'subclass_of': ['Q44782']}
{'id': 'Q7698317', 'label': 'temperance fountain', 'description': 'a type of fountain built to encourage temperance', 'subclass_of': ['Q483453']}
{'id': 'Q1160695', 'label': 'pithos', 'description': 'ancient Greek storage container', 'subclass_of': ['Q766983', 'Q738680']}
{'id': 'Q766983', 'label': 'clay pot', 'description': 'large storage vessel usually made from terracotta', 'subclass_of': ['Q178401', 'Q1207302', 'Q132397']}
{'id': 'Q178401', 'label': 'amphora', 'description': 'type of storage container', 'subclass_of': ['Q987767', 'Q738680', 'Q4502142']}
{'id': 'Q1207302', 'label': 'jar', 'description': 'rigid, approximately cylindrical container with a wide mouth or opening', 'subclass_of': ['Q987767']}
{'id': 'Q132397', 'label': 'pitcher', 'description': 'container with a spout used for storing and pouring contents which are liquid in form', 'subclass_of': ['Q57239348', 'Q851782']}
{'id': 'Q332285', 'label': 'Canopic jar', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1207302', 'Q960844']}
{'id': 'Q960844', 'label': 'funerary urn', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q11083119', 'Q56612132']}
{'id': 'Q11083119', 'label': 'urn', 'description': 'container', 'subclass_of': ['Q987767']}
{'id': 'Q56612132', 'label': 'funerary vessel', 'description': 'vessel used for a funeral or burial', 'subclass_of': ['Q56612128']}
{'id': 'Q674541', 'label': 'mittelgebirge', 'description': 'low mountain range, mostly in Central Europe', 'subclass_of': ['Q1437459']}
{'id': 'Q1260524', 'label': 'time of the day', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1190554', 'Q186081']}
{'id': 'Q2026833', 'label': 'garden square', 'description': 'open space with buildings surrounding a garden', 'subclass_of': ['Q174782', 'Q22746']}
{'id': 'Q22746', 'label': 'urban park', 'description': 'park in a city or other incorporated place', 'subclass_of': ['Q22698', 'Q1107656', 'Q294440']}
{'id': 'Q182603', 'label': 'Church Fathers', 'description': 'group of people who were ancient influential Christian theologians', 'subclass_of': ['Q1423891']}
{'id': 'Q1202402', 'label': 'townhouse', 'description': 'type of medium-density house', 'subclass_of': ['Q875016', 'Q6807105']}
{'id': 'Q1751757', 'label': 'rotor machine', 'description': 'genre of electromechanical encryption devices, used widely from the 1920s to the 1970s', 'subclass_of': ['Q3005961']}
{'id': 'Q3005961', 'label': 'encryption device', 'description': 'device used for encryption', 'subclass_of': ['Q1183543']}
{'id': 'Q31629', 'label': 'type of sport', 'description': 'specific sport', 'subclass_of': ['Q16889133']}
{'id': 'Q2604618', 'label': 'fishing tackle', 'description': 'equipment used for fishing', 'subclass_of': ['Q16798631']}
{'id': 'Q28742595', 'label': 'artistic figure', 'description': 'type representation in artistic domain', 'subclass_of': ['Q1166770']}
{'id': 'Q2544182', 'label': 'party decoration', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q6149036']}
{'id': 'Q9592', 'label': 'Catholic Church', 'description': 'Christian church led by the Pope, consisting of the Latin Church and 23 Eastern Catholic Churches', 'subclass_of': ['Q16970']}
{'id': 'Q184296', 'label': 'tapestry', 'description': 'form of textile art, traditionally woven on a vertical loom', 'subclass_of': ['Q22075301', 'Q28823']}
{'id': 'Q937330', 'label': 'kouros', 'description': 'free-standing ancient Greek sculptures', 'subclass_of': ['Q179700', 'Q3064465']}
{'id': 'Q3064465', 'label': 'heroic nudity', 'description': "concept in classical scholarship to describe the use of nudity in classical sculpture to indicate that a sculpture's apparently mortal human subject is in fact a hero or semi-divine being", 'subclass_of': ['Q40446']}
{'id': 'Q40446', 'label': 'nude', 'description': 'work of art that has as its primary subject the unclothed human body', 'subclass_of': ['Q1622217']}
{'id': 'Q207869', 'label': 'epithet', 'description': 'descriptive term', 'subclass_of': ['Q1200750']}
{'id': 'Q15149663', 'label': 'state of Mexico', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q107390', 'Q20528428', 'Q10864048']}
{'id': 'Q28060956', 'label': 'golden sand beach', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q18751767']}
{'id': 'Q18751767', 'label': 'sand beach', 'description': 'beach consisting primarily of sand', 'subclass_of': ['Q40080']}
{'id': 'Q57318', 'label': 'Free imperial city', 'description': 'self-ruling city that enjoyed Imperial immediacy', 'subclass_of': ['Q515']}
{'id': 'Q2634521', 'label': 'title of Jesus', 'description': 'designations for Jesus', 'subclass_of': ['Q216353']}
{'id': 'Q512187', 'label': 'federal republic', 'description': 'federation of states or territories with a republican form of government', 'subclass_of': ['Q43702', 'Q7270']}
{'id': 'Q43702', 'label': 'federal state', 'description': 'state consisting of a union of partially self-governing states or territories, united by a central (federal) government that exercizes directly on them its sovereign power', 'subclass_of': ['Q22676603']}
{'id': 'Q22676603', 'label': 'federal system', 'description': 'political system grouping several partially or totally self-governed political entities, united by a central (federal) government', 'subclass_of': ['Q28108']}
{'id': 'Q39486844', 'label': 'roman copy after a greek original', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q26987258', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q685204', 'label': 'gate tower', 'description': 'tower built over or next to a major gateway', 'subclass_of': ['Q82117', 'Q81917']}
{'id': 'Q81917', 'label': 'fortified tower', 'description': 'defensive structure used in fortifications', 'subclass_of': ['Q20034791']}
{'id': 'Q20034791', 'label': 'defensive tower', 'description': 'a tower serving as an element of fortifications, which can also serve as independent defensive functions', 'subclass_of': ['Q12518']}
{'id': 'Q506412', 'label': 'transporter bridge', 'description': 'movable bridge that carries a segment of roadway across an obstacle', 'subclass_of': ['Q787417']}
{'id': 'Q1160573', 'label': 'horse breed', 'description': 'selectively bred form of the domesticated horse', 'subclass_of': ['Q38829']}
{'id': 'Q1620908', 'label': 'historical region', 'description': 'geographic or cultural region which existed in the past, that may or may not still exist.', 'subclass_of': ['Q82794', 'Q15893266']}
{'id': 'Q28061934', 'label': 'couple of mythological Greek characters', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q28061975', 'Q21190845']}
{'id': 'Q28061975', 'label': 'group of Greek mythical characters', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q20830276']}
{'id': 'Q21190845', 'label': 'fictional duo', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q16705943']}
{'id': 'Q16705943', 'label': 'fictional couple', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q14514600']}
{'id': 'Q244326', 'label': 'salt evaporation pond', 'description': 'shallow artificial pond designed to extract salts from sea water or other brines', 'subclass_of': ['Q3215290']}
{'id': 'Q713223', 'label': 'artist-in-residence', 'description': 'artist who works at a specific venue or place for a period of time.', 'subclass_of': ['Q628858', 'Q4164871']}
{'id': 'Q954501', 'label': 'natural arch', 'description': 'natural rock formation where a rock arch forms', 'subclass_of': ['Q631305']}
{'id': 'Q631305', 'label': 'rock formation', 'description': 'stone mass', 'subclass_of': ['Q271669', 'Q35145263']}
{'id': 'Q49614', 'label': 'nickname', 'description': 'informal name of a person, place, or thing, for affection or ridicule', 'subclass_of': ['Q590490']}
{'id': 'Q590490', 'label': 'code name', 'description': 'word or name used, sometimes clandestinely, to refer to another name, word, project or person', 'subclass_of': ['Q82799']}
{'id': 'Q1970725', 'label': 'natural region', 'description': 'region distinguished by its common natural features of geography, geology, and climate', 'subclass_of': ['Q82794']}
{'id': 'Q1236680', 'label': "gentlemen's club", 'description': 'members-only private club of a type originally set up by and for British upper class men', 'subclass_of': ['Q17148672']}
{'id': 'Q17148672', 'label': 'social club', 'description': 'may refer to a group of people or the place where they meet', 'subclass_of': ['Q988108']}
{'id': 'Q609336', 'label': 'taproot', 'description': 'enlarged, somewhat straight to tapering plant root that grows downward', 'subclass_of': ['Q41500']}
{'id': 'Q41500', 'label': 'root', 'description': 'part of plant', 'subclass_of': ['Q24060707']}
{'id': 'Q8346700', 'label': 'cultural heritage site in Russia', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q358']}
{'id': 'Q18563360', 'label': 'Quranic character', 'description': 'character in the Quran', 'subclass_of': ['Q18563354']}
{'id': 'Q162602', 'label': 'river island', 'description': 'landmass or fluvial landform within a river', 'subclass_of': ['Q202199']}
{'id': 'Q1197685', 'label': 'public holiday', 'description': 'holiday generally established by law and is usually a non-working day for most people during the year', 'subclass_of': ['Q1445650']}
{'id': 'Q6266', 'label': 'nation', 'description': 'community of people who share a common language, culture, ethnicity, descent, or history', 'subclass_of': ['Q16334295']}
{'id': 'Q14748', 'label': 'table', 'description': 'piece of furniture with a flat top', 'subclass_of': ['Q14745']}
{'id': 'Q2578402', 'label': 'hand tool', 'description': 'tool equipment powered manually', 'subclass_of': ['Q39546']}
{'id': 'Q1484611', 'label': 'buurtschap', 'description': 'small inhabited place with its own name but often without a clear centre such as a church or market square', 'subclass_of': ['Q5084']}
{'id': 'Q47521', 'label': 'stream', 'description': 'body of water with a current, confined within a bed and stream banks, bigger than a ditch but smaller than a river', 'subclass_of': ['Q55659167']}
{'id': 'Q5281800', 'label': 'Discovered text', 'description': 'A written work (a composition of any type or length) that was made public only due to its discovery. It was discovered, by archaeological research, or through other means. Examples of such works are: ancient inscriptions and the Dead Sea Scrolls.', 'subclass_of': ['Q7725634', 'Q220659', 'Q18593264']}
{'id': 'Q7366', 'label': 'song', 'description': 'composition for voice(s)', 'subclass_of': ['Q207628', 'Q7725634', 'Q685884']}
{'id': 'Q3233636', 'label': 'sacrament of the Catholic Church', 'description': "seven visible rituals that Catholics see as signs of God's presence, consisting of those of initiation (baptism, confirmation, eucharist), of healing (reconciliation, anointing of the sick), and of service (holy orders, matrimony)", 'subclass_of': ['Q49703']}
{'id': 'Q49703', 'label': 'sacrament', 'description': 'sacred rite recognized as of particular importance and significance', 'subclass_of': ['Q628455']}
{'id': 'Q628455', 'label': 'rite', 'description': 'established, ceremonial, usually religious, act', 'subclass_of': ['Q2627975']}
{'id': 'Q3330843', 'label': 'museums of the city of Paris', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q209495', 'label': 'historical province of France', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1620908', 'Q34876']}
{'id': 'Q34876', 'label': 'province', 'description': 'territorial entity within a country or state', 'subclass_of': ['Q56061']}
{'id': 'Q821435', 'label': 'borough of Berlin', 'description': 'administrative territorial entity of Berlin, Germany', 'subclass_of': ['Q2740635']}
{'id': 'Q2581063', 'label': 'type of farm house', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q16889133']}
{'id': 'Q1400264', 'label': 'artist collective', 'description': 'group of artists who create works together', 'subclass_of': ['Q13473501']}
{'id': 'Q13473501', 'label': 'collective', 'description': 'group of entities sharing interest', 'subclass_of': ['Q16334295', 'Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q2550974', 'label': 'Wasserfrau', 'description': 'female water spirit', 'subclass_of': ['Q1936706']}
{'id': 'Q1936706', 'label': 'water sprite', 'description': 'elemental spirit associated with water', 'subclass_of': ['Q1786347', 'Q7973762']}
{'id': 'Q27766119', 'label': 'calcium salt', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q25403900', 'Q11173', 'Q12370']}
{'id': 'Q12370', 'label': 'salt', 'description': 'ionic compound', 'subclass_of': ['Q11173']}
{'id': 'Q24826340', 'label': 'josei manga magazine', 'description': 'magazine that publishes manga and mainly aimed at adult women', 'subclass_of': ['Q1059863', 'Q15296520']}
{'id': 'Q1059863', 'label': "women's magazine", 'description': 'magazine genre', 'subclass_of': ['Q2116411']}
{'id': 'Q2116411', 'label': 'general interest magazine', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q41298']}
{'id': 'Q15296520', 'label': 'manga magazine', 'description': 'magazine featuring manga', 'subclass_of': ['Q3185361']}
{'id': 'Q3185361', 'label': 'comic magazine', 'description': 'magazine featuring comics', 'subclass_of': ['Q1791899', 'Q1004']}
{'id': 'Q1004', 'label': 'comic', 'description': 'creative work in which pictures and text convey information such as narratives', 'subclass_of': ['Q1318295', 'Q4502142']}
{'id': 'Q2155148', 'label': 'polychoron', 'description': 'four-dimensional polytope', 'subclass_of': ['Q747980', 'Q38259376']}
{'id': 'Q38259376', 'label': '4-dimensional figure', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q815741']}
{'id': 'Q1620945', 'label': 'historically black colleges and universities', 'description': 'colleges and universities for African-Americans in the USA established before 1964', 'subclass_of': ['Q1849445']}
{'id': 'Q23828039', 'label': 'village in Lebanon', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q532', 'Q15644791']}
{'id': 'Q15644791', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Lebanon', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q30304302', 'label': 'National Park System unit', 'description': 'area protected by the National Park Service in the United States', 'subclass_of': ['Q852446', 'Q473972']}
{'id': 'Q3325510', 'label': 'plaster cast', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q860861']}
{'id': 'Q4349921', 'label': 'first human', 'description': 'first organized body of progenitors of mankind in a religious story', 'subclass_of': ['Q21070568']}
{'id': 'Q15727345', 'label': 'inorganic non-mineral compound', 'description': 'subclass of geological facies', 'subclass_of': ['Q742139']}
{'id': 'Q742139', 'label': 'facies', 'description': 'body of rock with specified characteristics, smallest unit in geology', 'subclass_of': ['Q8063']}
{'id': 'Q2041293', 'label': 'communist symbolism', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q7225129']}
{'id': 'Q7225129', 'label': 'political symbolism', 'description': 'symbolism that is used to represent a political standpoint', 'subclass_of': ['Q13391244']}
{'id': 'Q4618', 'label': 'carnival', 'description': 'festive season which occurs immediately before Lent', 'subclass_of': ['Q1445650', 'Q251777', 'Q288514', 'Q18574946']}
{'id': 'Q18574946', 'label': 'annual event', 'description': 'recurring event taking place once a year', 'subclass_of': ['Q15275719']}
{'id': 'Q12786684', 'label': 'Cantor number', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q10338607']}
{'id': 'Q10338607', 'label': 'Mersenne number', 'description': 'number of the form (2^n)-1', 'subclass_of': ['Q21199']}
{'id': 'Q842112', 'label': 'socialist state', 'description': 'state where socialism dominates political life', 'subclass_of': ['Q7275']}
{'id': 'Q898675', 'label': 'Eisenstein prime', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q49008']}
{'id': 'Q2532754', 'label': 'achievement', 'description': 'full display of all the heraldic components', 'subclass_of': ['Q494452', 'Q80071', 'Q17335294']}
{'id': 'Q16748888', 'label': 'advanced emotion', 'description': 'according to the theory of emotion', 'subclass_of': ['Q9415']}
{'id': 'Q4167410', 'label': 'Wikimedia disambiguation page', 'description': "type of page in the Wikimedia system. Use with P31 'instance of' for disambiguation pages", 'subclass_of': ['Q15633587', 'Q12139612', 'Q48522', 'Q17442446']}
{'id': 'Q15633587', 'label': 'MediaWiki main-namespace page', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15474042']}
{'id': 'Q48522', 'label': 'word-sense disambiguation', 'description': 'problem of natural language processing; identifying which sense of a word (has multiple meanings) is used in a sentence. The solution to this problem impacts other computer-related writing', 'subclass_of': ['Q621184']}
{'id': 'Q3685462', 'label': 'commune of Haiti', 'description': 'third-level division of Haiti', 'subclass_of': ['Q1779026', 'Q1907114', 'Q3266850']}
{'id': 'Q1779026', 'label': 'Administrative territorial entity of Haiti', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q1907114', 'label': 'metropolitan area', 'description': 'region consisting of a densely populated urban core and its less-populated but economically-linked surroundings', 'subclass_of': ['Q486972', 'Q15042037', 'Q1048835']}
{'id': 'Q1147395', 'label': 'district of Turkey', 'description': 'administrative division of Turkey', 'subclass_of': ['Q2916486', 'Q149621', 'Q13220204']}
{'id': 'Q54114', 'label': 'boulevard', 'description': 'type of road', 'subclass_of': ['Q79007']}
{'id': 'Q870455', 'label': '', 'description': 'some kind of detention center', 'subclass_of': ['Q40357', 'Q199895']}
{'id': 'Q40357', 'label': 'prison', 'description': 'place in which people legally are physically confined and usually deprived of a range of personal freedoms', 'subclass_of': ['Q13226383', 'Q16831714', 'Q178706']}
{'id': 'Q199895', 'label': 'Katorga', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q628505']}
{'id': 'Q628505', 'label': 'labor camp', 'description': 'prison', 'subclass_of': ['Q40357', 'Q152081']}
{'id': 'Q152081', 'label': 'concentration camp', 'description': 'camp in which people are imprisoned or confined, commonly in large groups, without trial', 'subclass_of': ['Q40357']}
{'id': 'Q2555896', 'label': 'municipality of Colombia', 'description': 'municipalities of Colombia', 'subclass_of': ['Q1763214', 'Q13220204', 'Q2824644']}
{'id': 'Q2824644', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Colombia', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q3152824', 'label': 'Institution culturelle', 'description': 'French cultural institution', 'subclass_of': ['Q178706']}
{'id': 'Q18119757', 'label': 'invention', 'description': 'the act of inventing something', 'subclass_of': ['Q174165', 'Q451967', 'Q1656682']}
{'id': 'Q174165', 'label': 'innovation', 'description': 'application of better solutions that meet new requirements, inarticulated needs, or existing market needs', 'subclass_of': ['Q451967']}
{'id': 'Q748611', 'label': 'finger food', 'description': 'food to be consumed without utensils', 'subclass_of': ['Q2095']}
{'id': 'Q11197007', 'label': 'ethnoreligious group', 'description': 'ethnic group of people whose members are also unified by a common religious background', 'subclass_of': ['Q41710', 'Q4392985']}
{'id': 'Q2659272', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q48204']}
{'id': 'Q37105', 'label': 'line', 'description': 'one-dimensional infinite geometric object', 'subclass_of': ['Q266237', 'Q36809769', 'Q211548', 'Q1228250']}
{'id': 'Q1228250', 'label': 'line', 'description': 'one-dimensional object in geometry', 'subclass_of': ['Q211548', 'Q36809769', 'Q16887380']}
{'id': 'Q141488', 'label': 'graph', 'description': 'mathematical structure; representation of a set of objects where some pairs of the objects are connected by links', 'subclass_of': ['Q246672', 'Q2642629']}
{'id': 'Q2642629', 'label': 'multigraph', 'description': 'graph which is permitted to have multiple edges', 'subclass_of': ['Q141488']}
{'id': 'Q101401', 'label': 'bell', 'description': 'sound-making device', 'subclass_of': ['Q55721729']}
{'id': 'Q55721729', 'label': 'percussion vessels', 'description': 'class of musical instruments', 'subclass_of': ['Q30038792']}
{'id': 'Q30038792', 'label': 'percussion idiophone', 'description': 'class of musical instruments', 'subclass_of': ['Q19462049']}
{'id': 'Q19462049', 'label': 'directly struck idiophone', 'description': 'class of musical instruments', 'subclass_of': ['Q5280486']}
{'id': 'Q54935786', 'label': 'medium district town', 'description': 'type of town or city in Germany which belongs to a district (Kreis) and has more 20,000 (NRW) or 25,000 (Brandenburg) inhabitants', 'subclass_of': ['Q42744322']}
{'id': 'Q3184121', 'label': 'municipality of Brazil', 'description': 'administrative division of the states in Brazil', 'subclass_of': ['Q10374536', 'Q1048835', 'Q15284', 'Q13220204', 'Q192611']}
{'id': 'Q7989796', 'label': 'emigrant trail', 'description': 'land route, generally a rough trail, used over time for human migration from one region to another, especially in westward expansion in the U.S.', 'subclass_of': ['Q83620', 'Q177626']}
{'id': 'Q177626', 'label': 'human migration', 'description': 'permanent change of residence of people', 'subclass_of': ['Q1800545', 'Q1190554']}
{'id': 'Q1800545', 'label': 'migration', 'description': 'displacement of a human or animal population', 'subclass_of': ['Q79782']}
{'id': 'Q40164', 'label': 'lever', 'description': 'one of the six simple machines', 'subclass_of': ['Q186713']}
{'id': 'Q13417114', 'label': 'noble family', 'description': 'family part of the nobility of a region or country', 'subclass_of': ['Q8436', 'Q1642895']}
{'id': 'Q1642895', 'label': 'lineage', 'description': 'kinship', 'subclass_of': ['Q16334298', 'Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q523166', 'label': 'gracht', 'description': 'Dutch waterway in the city with streets on both sides of the water', 'subclass_of': ['Q12284', 'Q83620']}
{'id': 'Q12284', 'label': 'canal', 'description': 'man-made channel for water', 'subclass_of': ['Q2466889', 'Q19816755', 'Q863944', 'Q1826691', 'Q83620', 'Q355304']}
{'id': 'Q1826691', 'label': 'line construction', 'description': 'construction where one dimension is considerable longer than the other dimensions', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979', 'Q1228250', 'Q360418']}
{'id': 'Q17888', 'label': 'sexual orientation', 'description': 'pattern of attraction', 'subclass_of': ['Q4042967']}
{'id': 'Q2911787', 'label': 'Cavalry tactics', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q207645']}
{'id': 'Q207645', 'label': 'military tactics', 'description': 'science and art of organizing a military force and techniques', 'subclass_of': ['Q2000344']}
{'id': 'Q2000344', 'label': 'tactic', 'description': 'conceptual action implemented as one or more specific tasks', 'subclass_of': ['Q1799072']}
{'id': 'Q11920938', 'label': 'marital status', 'description': 'indicates whether the person is married (examples: married, single, divorced, and widowed)', 'subclass_of': ['Q2628882', 'Q3505845']}
{'id': 'Q2628882', 'label': 'legal status', 'description': 'status in law', 'subclass_of': ['Q214339']}
{'id': 'Q1924249', 'label': 'measured quantity', 'description': 'what is being measured - physical aspect such as mass, power, temperature', 'subclass_of': ['Q107715']}
{'id': 'Q354025', 'label': 'intrusive rock', 'description': 'intrusive volcanic rocks', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q56242185', 'label': 'kohl spoon', 'description': 'Ancient Egyptian kohl spoons', 'subclass_of': ['Q81895']}
{'id': 'Q28936014', 'label': 'school for the blind', 'description': 'school specialising in educating blind students', 'subclass_of': ['Q28935764']}
{'id': 'Q28935764', 'label': 'special school', 'description': 'school focusing on the special needs of students with disabilities', 'subclass_of': ['Q3914']}
{'id': 'Q2985549', 'label': 'mononymous person', 'description': 'individual who is known and addressed by single name', 'subclass_of': ['Q215627']}
{'id': 'Q3112873', 'label': 'three-masted schooner', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q3539920', 'Q204577']}
{'id': 'Q3539920', 'label': 'three-masted ship', 'description': 'sailship with three masts', 'subclass_of': ['Q170483']}
{'id': 'Q204577', 'label': 'schooner', 'description': 'sailing vessel', 'subclass_of': ['Q170483']}
{'id': 'Q193837', 'label': 'bedroom', 'description': 'private room where people usually sleep for the night or relax during the day', 'subclass_of': ['Q180516', 'Q45422604']}
{'id': 'Q45422604', 'label': 'sleeping place', 'description': 'place or facility used for sleep', 'subclass_of': ['Q13226383']}
{'id': 'Q20793164', 'label': 'armor', 'description': 'protective covering or reinforcement for objects, persons, or animals that is used to prevent damage from direct contact weapons or projectiles, usually in combat', 'subclass_of': ['Q16798631']}
{'id': 'Q1978718', 'label': 'unit of length', 'description': 'way of measuring length or distance', 'subclass_of': ['Q47574']}
{'id': 'Q623525', 'label': 'rotunda', 'description': 'building with a circular ground plan', 'subclass_of': ['Q811979', 'Q190249']}
{'id': 'Q190249', 'label': 'central building', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q41176', 'Q391414']}
{'id': 'Q746310', 'label': 'stave church', 'description': 'Medieval wooden church with post and beam construction prevalent in Norway', 'subclass_of': ['Q744296']}
{'id': 'Q891723', 'label': 'public company', 'description': 'company that offers its securities for sale to the general public', 'subclass_of': ['Q6881511', 'Q134161', 'Q783794']}
{'id': 'Q134161', 'label': 'joint-stock company', 'description': 'business entity which is owned by shareholders', 'subclass_of': ['Q33685']}
{'id': 'Q33685', 'label': 'limited company', 'description': 'company in which the liability of members or subscribers of the company is limited', 'subclass_of': ['Q1796670', 'Q567521']}
{'id': 'Q1796670', 'label': 'private law corporation', 'description': 'term specific to German corporate law', 'subclass_of': ['Q167037', 'Q155076']}
{'id': 'Q567521', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1589009', 'Q328578']}
{'id': 'Q1589009', 'label': 'privately held company', 'description': "business company owned either by non-governmental organizations or by a relatively small number of shareholders or company members, and the company's capital stock is offered, owned and traded or exchanged privately", 'subclass_of': ['Q56876011']}
{'id': 'Q56876011', 'label': 'private corporation', 'description': 'any business not owned by the state', 'subclass_of': ['Q4830453']}
{'id': 'Q328578', 'label': 'merchant in legal code', 'description': 'legal entity', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q334383', 'label': 'abbey church', 'description': 'church of a monastery', 'subclass_of': ['Q16970']}
{'id': 'Q185836', 'label': 'age', 'description': 'period of human life', 'subclass_of': ['Q186081']}
{'id': 'Q21768299', 'label': '', 'description': '1918 poem written by Rainer Maria Rilke', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q575727', 'label': 'museum ship', 'description': 'usage (P366) of ship preserved and converted into a museum open to the public', 'subclass_of': ['Q1863818', 'Q11446']}
{'id': 'Q820254', 'label': 'mining community', 'description': 'community that houses miners', 'subclass_of': ['Q486972']}
{'id': 'Q22996476', 'label': 'Ayuntamiento', 'description': 'institution charged with local government and administration in Spain', 'subclass_of': ['Q6501447', 'Q19799234', 'Q20014246', 'Q10827272']}
{'id': 'Q19799234', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q20014246', 'label': 'public law corporation', 'description': 'juridical person in Spain', 'subclass_of': ['Q155076']}
{'id': 'Q10827272', 'label': 'ayuntamiento', 'description': 'general term for the council of a municipality, used in various countries', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q2647254', 'label': 'study', 'description': 'drawing, sketch or painting done in preparation for a finished piece of art', 'subclass_of': ['Q838948']}
{'id': 'Q13218276', 'label': 'Freie Stadt', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q8473', 'label': 'military', 'description': 'organized body primarily tasked with preparing for and conducting war', 'subclass_of': ['Q17149090']}
{'id': 'Q12131624', 'label': 'city \u200b\u200bin Ukraine', 'description': 'as an administrative entity', 'subclass_of': ['Q203323', 'Q7930989']}
{'id': 'Q56242250', 'label': 'anglican cathedral / episcopal cathedral', 'description': 'churches that are the seat of bishops of the Anglican communion', 'subclass_of': ['Q58079064', 'Q56242045']}
{'id': 'Q58079064', 'label': 'protestant cathedral', 'description': 'church that is the seat of a bishop of any of the Protestant churches', 'subclass_of': ['Q2977', 'Q56242063', 'Q24398318', 'Q1370598']}
{'id': 'Q56242063', 'label': 'protestant church', 'description': 'church building affiliated with a Protestant denomination', 'subclass_of': ['Q16970', 'Q24398318', 'Q1370598']}
{'id': 'Q56242045', 'label': 'anglican Church', 'description': 'temple dedicated to the worship of the Anglican churches', 'subclass_of': ['Q56242063']}
{'id': 'Q35749', 'label': 'parliament', 'description': 'legislature whose power and function are similar to those dictated by the Westminster system of the United Kingdom', 'subclass_of': ['Q11204', 'Q280783', 'Q1752346', 'Q18810687']}
{'id': 'Q11204', 'label': 'legislature', 'description': 'kind of deliberative assembly with the power to pass, amend, and repeal laws', 'subclass_of': ['Q1752346', 'Q895526', 'Q2324993', 'Q178706']}
{'id': 'Q280783', 'label': 'popular assembly', 'description': 'gathering of people to discuss important issues', 'subclass_of': ['Q874405']}
{'id': 'Q18810687', 'label': 'political institution', 'description': 'Part of the political system of a state', 'subclass_of': ['Q178706']}
{'id': 'Q12570', 'label': 'suspension bridge', 'description': 'type of bridge', 'subclass_of': ['Q17644823']}
{'id': 'Q40843', 'label': 'cross', 'description': 'geometrical figure', 'subclass_of': ['Q80071', 'Q207961', 'Q1229071']}
{'id': 'Q9698181', 'label': 'city hall and prison', 'description': 'buildings in the period of Brazil colony and part of the imperial period where the organs of the municipal public administration were installed', 'subclass_of': ['Q543654', 'Q40357']}
{'id': 'Q42310380', 'label': 'homotypic synonym', 'description': 'synonym with the same type', 'subclass_of': ['Q1040689']}
{'id': 'Q1040689', 'label': 'synonym', 'description': 'scientific name that also applies to a taxon (not the current name)', 'subclass_of': ['Q82799']}
{'id': 'Q55208590', 'label': 'extinct human group', 'description': 'group of humans who share something in common, such as a tribe, that has died out', 'subclass_of': ['Q3117863']}
{'id': 'Q3117863', 'label': 'isolated human group', 'description': 'group of humans living together isolated from other human beings', 'subclass_of': ['Q16334295']}
{'id': 'Q17444909', 'label': 'astronomical object type', 'description': "each instance is a subclass in the hierarchy under <astronomical object>(Q6999); such a subclass's instances in turn are particular identified objects in Our Universe", 'subclass_of': ['Q16889133']}
{'id': 'Q378907', 'label': 'ace', 'description': 'playing card', 'subclass_of': ['Q140703']}
{'id': 'Q1431958', 'label': 'State room', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1299240']}
{'id': 'Q1533007', 'label': 'statue of grace', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q179700']}
{'id': 'Q3497582', 'label': 'statue of Joan of Arc', 'description': 'Wikimedia disambiguation page', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q134390', 'label': 'province of the Netherlands', 'description': 'first-level administrative division in the Netherlands', 'subclass_of': ['Q15042137', 'Q10864048', 'Q34876', 'Q1048835']}
{'id': 'Q59358506', 'label': 'trip', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q180910', 'Q61509']}
{'id': 'Q180910', 'label': 'leisure', 'description': 'time that is freely disposed by individuals', 'subclass_of': ['Q3769299']}
{'id': 'Q286300', 'label': 'dress code', 'description': 'rules whether explicit or not setting out appropriate manner of dress for a place or event', 'subclass_of': ['Q205665', 'Q28955655']}
{'id': 'Q205665', 'label': 'social norm', 'description': 'group-held belief about how members should behave', 'subclass_of': ['Q1151067']}
{'id': 'Q28955655', 'label': 'dress', 'description': 'clothing as a cultural concept; costume  prescribed as appropriate for a specific social and cultural context', 'subclass_of': ['Q9053464']}
{'id': 'Q17489160', 'label': 'bust', 'description': "sculpture of a person's head and shoulders", 'subclass_of': ['Q28777669', 'Q241045']}
{'id': 'Q28777669', 'label': 'portrait sculpture', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q134307', 'Q860861']}
{'id': 'Q241045', 'label': 'portrait at bust length', 'description': 'representation of the upper part of the human figure, in picture or sculpture', 'subclass_of': ['Q134307', 'Q860861']}
{'id': 'Q589282', 'label': 'ward or electoral division of the United Kingdom', 'description': 'electoral districts at sub-national level represented by one or more councillors', 'subclass_of': ['Q717478', 'Q2064521', 'Q1195098']}
{'id': 'Q2064521', 'label': 'constituency in the United Kingdom', 'description': 'electoral area in the UK (do not use in P31; use subclasses of this instead)', 'subclass_of': ['Q192611', 'Q717478']}
{'id': 'Q1195098', 'label': 'ward', 'description': 'subdivision of a local government unit, used for electoral purposes', 'subclass_of': ['Q192611']}
{'id': 'Q29469577', 'label': 'LGBT historic place', 'description': 'LGBT places or monuments known for LGBT events and history', 'subclass_of': ['Q17884', 'Q2221906']}
{'id': 'Q17884', 'label': 'LGBT', 'description': 'initialism referring to sexual and gender minorities', 'subclass_of': ['Q589656', 'Q5110203']}
{'id': 'Q589656', 'label': 'sexual minority', 'description': 'social group differentiated by its sexual orientation or gender identity', 'subclass_of': ['Q30103']}
{'id': 'Q30103', 'label': 'minority group', 'description': 'sociological/demographic category', 'subclass_of': ['Q874405']}
{'id': 'Q5110203', 'label': 'sexual diversity', 'description': 'set of sexes, sexual orientations and gender identities', 'subclass_of': ['Q1230584']}
{'id': 'Q1230584', 'label': 'diversity', 'description': 'concept in sociology and political studies', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q18543139', 'label': 'central station', 'description': 'common name for a railway station', 'subclass_of': ['Q55488']}
{'id': 'Q16743958', 'label': 'genre of painting', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1792379']}
{'id': 'Q2860319', 'label': 'Greek theatre', 'description': 'theatre building built in Ancient Greek time', 'subclass_of': ['Q11183017']}
{'id': 'Q15925165', 'label': 'specialized agency of the United Nations', 'description': 'legally and financially autonomous organizations associated with the UN', 'subclass_of': ['Q484652', 'Q15285626']}
{'id': 'Q15285626', 'label': 'organization established by the United Nations', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229']}
{'id': 'Q855697', 'label': 'subcontinent', 'description': 'large, relatively self-contained landmass forming a subdivision of a continent', 'subclass_of': ['Q205895', 'Q82794']}
{'id': 'Q1413677', 'label': 'justice ministry', 'description': 'type of ministry responsible for justice', 'subclass_of': ['Q192350']}
{'id': 'Q1066288', 'label': 'figurine', 'description': 'small item resembling something, usually a person', 'subclass_of': ['Q179700']}
{'id': 'Q1319599', 'label': 'ice giant', 'description': 'giant planet primarily composed of elements heavier than hydrogen and helium', 'subclass_of': ['Q21857994']}
{'id': 'Q47451145', 'label': 'folktale type', 'description': 'unit of classification in the Aarne–Thompson classification systems', 'subclass_of': ['Q42109240', 'Q1221280']}
{'id': 'Q42109240', 'label': 'literary theme', 'description': 'abstract story that may be shaped in different works (e.g. the literary theme of Tristan and Iseult)', 'subclass_of': ['Q7184903']}
{'id': 'Q1221280', 'label': 'folk tale', 'description': 'traditional story that is passed down orally', 'subclass_of': ['Q20730955', 'Q7832362']}
{'id': 'Q35473', 'label': 'window', 'description': 'transparent or translucent opening', 'subclass_of': ['Q391414']}
{'id': 'Q636497', 'label': 'character type', 'description': 'literary or social stereotype used to create characters or determine their role in a story', 'subclass_of': ['Q4070702', 'Q4897819']}
{'id': 'Q1021711', 'label': 'seaside resort', 'description': 'resort town or resort hotel, located on the coast', 'subclass_of': ['Q27096235', 'Q875157']}
{'id': 'Q875157', 'label': 'resort', 'description': "self-contained commercial establishment which attempts to provide for most of a vacationer's wants", 'subclass_of': ['Q27686', 'Q12292478']}
{'id': 'Q12292478', 'label': 'estate', 'description': 'comprises the buildings and supporting farmland and woods of a very large property', 'subclass_of': ['Q845132']}
{'id': 'Q845132', 'label': 'landed property', 'description': 'property that generates income for the owner without the owner having to do the actual work of the estate', 'subclass_of': ['Q6422240', 'Q1496967']}
{'id': 'Q1047437', 'label': 'copyright collective', 'description': 'organisation that deals with collective rights management', 'subclass_of': ['Q43229', 'Q13473501']}
{'id': 'Q184949', 'label': 'hippodrome', 'description': 'ancient Grecian stadium for horse racing and chariot racing', 'subclass_of': ['Q11822917']}
{'id': 'Q3922583', 'label': 'health profession', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q28640']}
{'id': 'Q41979098', 'label': 'steel sculpture', 'description': 'sculpture made of steel', 'subclass_of': ['Q29382748']}
{'id': 'Q29382748', 'label': 'metal sculpture', 'description': 'sculpture made of metal', 'subclass_of': ['Q29382731', 'Q860861']}
{'id': 'Q29382731', 'label': 'metalwork', 'description': 'artwork or other made object of metal', 'subclass_of': ['Q838948']}
{'id': 'Q3889692', 'label': 'college of music', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q38723', 'Q30892578']}
{'id': 'Q143470', 'label': 'Horse behavior', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q5398426', 'label': 'television series', 'description': 'connected set of television program episodes under the same title', 'subclass_of': ['Q15416', 'Q15709880', 'Q431289']}
{'id': 'Q15709880', 'label': 'serial', 'description': 'continuing plot that unfolds in a sequential episode-by-episode fashion', 'subclass_of': ['Q7725310', 'Q2431196']}
{'id': 'Q891382', 'label': 'survival skill', 'description': 'skills', 'subclass_of': ['Q205961']}
{'id': 'Q1070521', 'label': 'alloy steel', 'description': 'steel that is alloyed with a variety of elements', 'subclass_of': ['Q11427']}
{'id': 'Q11427', 'label': 'steel', 'description': 'alloy made by combining iron and other elements', 'subclass_of': ['Q37756']}
{'id': 'Q11331347', 'label': 'calvary', 'description': 'complex of chapels and other architectural features, imitating Calvary in Jerusalem', 'subclass_of': ['Q697295', 'Q16887380']}
{'id': 'Q21073023', 'label': 'combustible powder', 'description': 'fine particles that may ignate', 'subclass_of': ['Q2908004', 'Q21073024']}
{'id': 'Q2908004', 'label': 'powder', 'description': 'dry, bulk solid composed of a large number of very fine particles', 'subclass_of': ['Q1155083', 'Q2259909']}
{'id': 'Q1155083', 'label': 'granular material', 'description': 'conglomeration of discrete solid, macroscopic particles', 'subclass_of': ['Q214609']}
{'id': 'Q2259909', 'label': 'dry bulk cargo', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q1359395']}
{'id': 'Q1359395', 'label': 'bulk cargo', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q2449671']}
{'id': 'Q2449671', 'label': 'transportable goods', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q337060']}
{'id': 'Q904802', 'label': 'cardinal virtues', 'description': 'set of four virtues recognized in the writings of Classical Antiquity', 'subclass_of': ['Q157811', 'Q58778']}
{'id': 'Q157811', 'label': 'virtue', 'description': 'morally positive trait or quality deemed to be morally good', 'subclass_of': ['Q15290', 'Q878143']}
{'id': 'Q15290', 'label': 'good', 'description': 'term in religion, ethics, and philosophy', 'subclass_of': ['Q211364', 'Q194112']}
{'id': 'Q878143', 'label': 'value', 'description': 'any determination of or method of determination of the worth, not necessarily monetary, of an item or a facet of it', 'subclass_of': ['Q937228']}
{'id': 'Q930752', 'label': 'medical specialty', 'description': 'branch of medical practice', 'subclass_of': ['Q44597158', 'Q2465832']}
{'id': 'Q44597158', 'label': 'health specialty', 'description': 'services that promote health, prevent diseases and deliver health care services to individuals, families and communities based on the primary health care approach', 'subclass_of': ['Q1047113']}
{'id': 'Q162919', 'label': 'seal', 'description': 'device or emblem', 'subclass_of': ['Q552345', 'Q112110']}
{'id': 'Q552345', 'label': 'insignia', 'description': 'sign of state, corporative or religious dignity, power and honor', 'subclass_of': ['Q80071', 'Q161439', 'Q7225129']}
{'id': 'Q161439', 'label': 'jewellery', 'description': 'form of personal adornment', 'subclass_of': ['Q1065579']}
{'id': 'Q14373', 'label': 'fishing', 'description': 'activity of trying to catch fish', 'subclass_of': ['Q36963']}
{'id': 'Q290460', 'label': 'Orisha', 'description': 'A spirit or deity that reflects one of the manifestations of Olodumare (God) in the Yoruba spiritual or religious system.', 'subclass_of': ['Q178885']}
{'id': 'Q341', 'label': 'free software', 'description': 'software for which certain user freedoms to use, copy, modify, redistribute it (including modified) exist', 'subclass_of': ['Q5500964']}
{'id': 'Q5500964', 'label': 'freely redistributable software', 'description': 'software that anyone is free to redistribute', 'subclass_of': ['Q7397']}
{'id': 'Q7217761', 'label': 'manned spacecraft', 'description': 'spacecraft designed to carry humans', 'subclass_of': ['Q40218']}
{'id': 'Q40218', 'label': 'spacecraft', 'description': 'manned vehicle or unmanned machine designed to fly in outer space', 'subclass_of': ['Q42889', 'Q7194062']}
{'id': 'Q7194062', 'label': 'flying machine', 'description': 'machine that can fly, including aircraft, spacecraft, rocket, missile', 'subclass_of': ['Q1183543', 'Q11019', 'Q42889']}
{'id': 'Q10262936', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q3154693', 'Q37002670']}
{'id': 'Q3154693', 'label': 'city council', 'description': 'legislative body that governs a city, municipality or local government area', 'subclass_of': ['Q11204', 'Q1752346', 'Q35798', 'Q13381310', 'Q4358176']}
{'id': 'Q13381310', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q6501447']}
{'id': 'Q37002670', 'label': 'unicameral legislature', 'description': 'legislature with only a single chamber', 'subclass_of': ['Q11204', 'Q10553309']}
{'id': 'Q677678', 'label': 'fortified town', 'description': 'town with fortifications such as defensive walls', 'subclass_of': ['Q515', 'Q57831']}
{'id': 'Q57831', 'label': 'fortress', 'description': 'large fort', 'subclass_of': ['Q1785071']}
{'id': 'Q54989186', 'label': 'mental state', 'description': 'psychological condition', 'subclass_of': ['Q813912']}
{'id': 'Q717040', 'label': 'Christmas tradition', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q82821']}
{'id': 'Q82821', 'label': 'tradition', 'description': 'belief or behavior passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past', 'subclass_of': ['Q251777']}
{'id': 'Q11488158', 'label': 'corporate title', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q216353', 'Q4164871']}
{'id': 'Q16335296', 'label': 'historical profession', 'description': 'job or profession that has ceased to exist', 'subclass_of': ['Q28640']}
{'id': 'Q146978', 'label': 'Zanni', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15632617']}
{'id': 'Q15632617', 'label': 'fictional human', 'description': 'human being that only exists in fictional works', 'subclass_of': ['Q95074', 'Q28020127']}
{'id': 'Q28020127', 'label': 'fictional humanoid', 'description': 'individual humanoid only appearing in fictional stories', 'subclass_of': ['Q30017383', 'Q2593744']}
{'id': 'Q12857432', 'label': 'Chinese dynasty', 'description': 'dynae kingdom', 'subclass_of': ['Q164950', 'Q3024240']}
{'id': 'Q164950', 'label': 'dynasty', 'description': 'sequence of rulers considered members of the same family', 'subclass_of': ['Q13417114', 'Q1642895']}
{'id': 'Q13218690', 'label': 'town status in Hungary', 'description': "town or city with status 'város'", 'subclass_of': ['Q515', 'Q14502790']}
{'id': 'Q14502790', 'label': 'settlement of Hungary', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15284', 'Q2520520', 'Q11618417']}
{'id': 'Q2520520', 'label': 'administrative territorial entity of Hungary', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q15916867']}
{'id': 'Q1825417', 'label': 'moveable feast', 'description': 'observance in a liturgical calendar with no fixed calendar date', 'subclass_of': ['Q375011']}
{'id': 'Q375011', 'label': 'religious festival', 'description': 'time of special importance marked by adherents to that religion', 'subclass_of': ['Q1445650', 'Q200538']}
{'id': 'Q58184346', 'label': 'Public Art in Israel', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q557141']}
{'id': 'Q2788607', 'label': 'triatomic molecule', 'description': 'molecule composed of three atoms, of either the same or different chemical elements', 'subclass_of': ['Q11369']}
{'id': 'Q11369', 'label': 'molecule', 'description': 'electrically neutral entity consisting of more than one atom (n > 1); rigorously, a molecule, in which n > 1 must correspond to a depression on the potential energy surface that is deep enough to confine at least one vibrational state', 'subclass_of': ['Q2393187']}
{'id': 'Q726826', 'label': 'ushabti', 'description': 'funerary figurine', 'subclass_of': ['Q1066288']}
{'id': 'Q1200957', 'label': 'tourist destination', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q82794']}
{'id': 'Q130693', 'label': 'porcelain', 'description': 'ceramic material', 'subclass_of': ['Q45621']}
{'id': 'Q8545897', 'label': 'national nature reserve in the Czech Republic', 'description': 'protected area in the Czech Republic', 'subclass_of': ['Q179049', 'Q1418124']}
{'id': 'Q1418124', 'label': 'protected area of the Czech Republic', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q473972', 'Q3507889']}
{'id': 'Q157031', 'label': 'foundation', 'description': 'type of organization', 'subclass_of': ['Q79913', 'Q155076']}
{'id': 'Q26997323', 'label': 'Wooden sculpture', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q860861']}
{'id': 'Q189445', 'label': 'bicameral legislature', 'description': 'legislature with two chambers', 'subclass_of': ['Q11204', 'Q6934578', 'Q29431432']}
{'id': 'Q6934578', 'label': 'multicameralism', 'description': 'parliament with two or more chambers', 'subclass_of': ['Q11204']}
{'id': 'Q779753', 'label': 'flagellation', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q2280977', 'label': 'hellhound', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q30307328']}
{'id': 'Q30307328', 'label': 'mythological dog', 'description': 'dog in mythology', 'subclass_of': ['Q30307315']}
{'id': 'Q30307315', 'label': 'mythological canine', 'description': 'canine in mythology', 'subclass_of': ['Q2239243']}
{'id': 'Q29553', 'label': 'sanctuary', 'description': 'sacred place', 'subclass_of': ['Q4588528', 'Q811979']}
{'id': 'Q4588528', 'label': 'holy place', 'description': 'sites that a religion considers to be of special religious significance', 'subclass_of': ['Q2221906', 'Q27096235']}
{'id': 'Q429795', 'label': 'mineral variety', 'description': 'mineral variety of a IMA-CNMNC valid mineral species', 'subclass_of': ['Q16889133']}
{'id': 'Q1347864', 'label': 'walking stick', 'description': 'stick used to assist with walking, especially one carried as a fashionable accessory', 'subclass_of': ['Q6887300', 'Q10971443', 'Q1065579']}
{'id': 'Q6887300', 'label': 'mobility aid', 'description': 'allows people with reduced mobility to be more moveable', 'subclass_of': ['Q6554101', 'Q688498']}
{'id': 'Q6554101', 'label': 'medical device', 'description': 'any instrument, apparatus, implant, in vitro reagent, or similar or related article used for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes', 'subclass_of': ['Q1183543', 'Q39546', 'Q6657015']}
{'id': 'Q6657015', 'label': 'medical equipment', 'description': 'equipment designed to aid in the diagnosis, monitoring or treatment of medical conditions', 'subclass_of': ['Q16798631', 'Q39546']}
{'id': 'Q688498', 'label': 'assistive technology', 'description': 'devices for people with disabilities', 'subclass_of': ['Q1183543']}
{'id': 'Q6465', 'label': 'departments of France', 'description': 'subdivision of a region of France', 'subclass_of': ['Q583865', 'Q13220204', 'Q13220204', 'Q13221722', 'Q583865']}
{'id': 'Q1255689', 'label': 'drame lyrique', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': []}
{'id': 'Q41863069', 'label': 'war deity', 'description': 'god associated with war in mythology or polytheistic religion', 'subclass_of': ['Q178885']}
{'id': 'Q31172650', 'label': 'moral quality', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q2393196']}
{'id': 'Q17781690', 'label': 'anatomical region', 'description': 'subdivision of the body', 'subclass_of': ['Q4936952']}
{'id': 'Q5464477', 'label': 'folk saint', 'description': 'spirit unofficially recognized by a group of people', 'subclass_of': ['Q5']}
{'id': 'Q2718886', 'label': '', 'description': '', 'subclass_of': ['Q465299', 'Q8432']}
{'id': 'Q8432', 'label': 'civilization', 'description': 'complex state society', 'subclass_of': ['Q8425']}
{'id': 'Q8425', 'label': 'society', 'description': 'group of people related to each other through persistent relations, or a large social grouping sharing the same territory, subject to the same authority and culture', 'subclass_of': ['Q874405']}
{'id': 'Q21032617', 'label': 'sea grant institution', 'description': 'members of US federal National Sea Grant College Program', 'subclass_of': ['Q1849445']}
{'id': 'Q12223988', 'label': 'sphinx', 'description': 'type of monumental sculpture', 'subclass_of': ['Q1779653', 'Q179700', 'Q34